The Shoes of Summer Are Out–And About That Suitcase I’m Packing!

Happy Monday—or should I say Shoesday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! The sun is shining but it’s still cool and April is almost at her end! I’m waiting for that heat!

My OCD is in high gear today. I’ve started Phase 1 of packing for our trip to France. The trip may be 6 weeks away, but I’ve started the pack list and actually started to place various toiletries and some clothing into the suitcase.

Razors, “moist” towelettes, toothpaste, toothbrush among the toiletries packed and ready–and of course my “Tan Towels” are just waiting to be used. Can’t forget those babies!

The packing has started.

 Bonaparte is convinced I’m not “well”. Every year he scratches his head in wonder at how I can start packing 6 weeks in advance. It’s a “Start” dear Bonaparte! A “Start”!

I’ve  some t-shirts. Listen. I have to tell you, those Old Navy Fitted T shirts are a must-have fashion basic for the summer. They are always on sale. I purchased some for $5.00 and the rest for $6.00. Three white, two black and one gray are now nested neatly into the suitcase.

ON fitted t shirts. Best bargain on earth.

The white t-shirts worn under a denim jacket with black skinnies and my metallic Ivanka Trump shoes will look great! These shirts are the greatest bargain ever!

Walmart Dollar Earrings. If I lose them..No big deal.

OH–These $1.00 earrings are also packed.  I’m not thrilled with the bevels in the hoops, but I don’t take good earrings with me on any trip. If I leave these behind or lose one it’s not going to make a difference. Hoops are my all-time favorite every-day earring. For a buck–you cannot go wrong!

I picked up this maxi at Loft for 40% off. It’ll be perfect for dinner at the clubhouse we go to in Theoule!


I love this dress. Now–I wouldn’t style it the way it is in this pic, but I would just wear a nice flat pair of sandals–or maybe a little heeled sandal and big hoop earrings. It’s simple and flattering! And..40 percent off!

The packing strategy for this year is challenging. I’m cutting down on the amount of clothing I bring. Since time is spent in both Paris and the Cote d’Azur, way too much is packed and only half of what I usually pack is worn. This year I’m being smart. Two pairs of skinny jeans–black and white..or  indigo and white. I dunno yet. Some maxi dresses, sun dresses, bathing suits….denim jacket, which blazer?

See what I mean. THIS is why I start my packing early. I’ll be changing up my mind for the next six weeks!

However, the most difficult decisions to be made are the shoes.

Yes. The shoes! The shoes of summer have been reviewed and I’m just trying to narrow down which pairs will be packed.

For starters: I have to pack my Rondini Tropéziennes. Chippy got at them and chewed one of the straps. See the pic below. I don’t know if they can be fixed but it’s worth a try. Actually, I think I’ll just send an email and a pic of the damage! I love Rondini sandals.

Rondini Website

They wear so well and get more comfy and softer with age.

On the left: Rondini Sahariennnes. Comfy leather flip-plops. On the right: Rondini Tropeziennes.  Look at the strap on the bottom left of my right sandal. Chippy got to it.  These conform to the fit of your foot –getting more comfortable and broken in with age!

This visit will bring me a new pair, but I’m not sure which ones I want! The fun thing about Rondini is that they make the shoes to custom fit. Your sole is measured, which is standard, but they add the leather straps in the small shop. It only takes a few minutes, but the shop gets incredibly crowded. Lines form out to the street later in the day—but, the sandals are definitely worth waiting on the line!

The only label I like!

Some want their “LV” logo. This is the only label I care to wear!

 These Cole-Haan Air Nike Ballet Flats will also be joining me. Geez, I’ve had these for five years now and they simple do NOT wear out! Hands down, these are the best sightseeing and tourist shoes of all time. They look great with anything from a simple dress to jeans and a T-shirt. I am not lying when I say that you can walk around any terrain, whether it’s the concrete sidewalks of a city or the rough, stony dirt of the countryside, and at the end of the day, your feet will not hurt! I purchased these at the Cole-Haan outlet in Limerick, PA for about $60 or $70.00 and they are worth their weight in gold!

Cole Haan Air Nike Ballet Flats. The Holy Grail of Touring shoes!

At five years old, these shoes have done major sightseeing and touristy stuff and are still going strong!

What they lack in toe cleavage they make up in comfort and wear.

These Cole Haan Air Nike Ballet Flats may lack toe cleavage, but they make up for it in comfort and wearability!

These Ivanka Trump metallic pumps will be packed as well.   These are a beautiful pair of shoes in that the metallic is very versatile. They can be used to dress up a pair of white skinny jeans to make the switch from daytime to dinner. They are also comfortable as all get out. The heel isn’t too high either. I don’t know how Parisian women can walk around all day in sky-high heels—especially on the older cobblestone side streets. I’d be in an ER trying to explain to the French McDreamy how my clumsiness caused me to break a foot! This shoe is the highest I can go. In addition, there’s lots of toe cleavage in these shoes and I love me some serious toe cleavage!

Ivanka Trump metallics. I really take care of these. I stuff them with tissue.

My favorite heels. I LOVE dressing jeans up with these. The toe cleavage from these shoes is epic. Epic! I love them so much that I stuff tissue paper in them when I’m not wearing them!

 The rest are up for grabs. Come along with me as I show you the shoes and perhaps you can give me a suggestion or two of what to pack!

Black Repettos Will Be picking up another pair during the sales.

Black Repettos–prettier on the foot than the Cole-Haans, but definitely not the shoe to wear all day. They do look pretty though!

Orange yellow Repettos

Orange-yellow Repettos remind me of the Crayola crayon of the same color! I love these–and am glad I’ll be in Paris during the summer sales! Navy Repettos would be a nice addition!

Sigh. I wish I had a job so I could wear these again!

They may be suede but this is also a great summer heel. It may be too high a heel for vacation though!

Ten year old strappy black sandals. They still have the price on the bottom.

This ten-year old strappy pair is a possibility. Look–the price sticker is still on the sole. I don’t wear these much but I love them!

Calvin Klein Navy Sandals. I love these because Navy is so difficult to find.

These Calvin Klein’s were a find. It’s very difficult to find Navy sandals. These are extremely flattering and comfortable! I got these about three years ago at Marshall’s!

Black clunky wedges. I'll leave behind

Even though they are wedges, they are still kind of high for me. I think these will stay home!

Favorite wedges. Crown Vintage. Got them maybe four years ago.

This pair of wedges from Crown Vintage is a favorite! The wedge isn’t that high–and they always look good.  I got these four years ago at DSW.

The Jacks. I gave all my other pairs to Oona because they stretched out and slid off my feet.

These Jacks won’t be anywhere near my suitcase! They are not comfortable and they stretch out like nobody’s business! Oona now has all my stretched out Jacks. They DO look cute with Lilly Pulitzer dresses though.

Sperry slippers that I wear as regular shoes!

 These Sperry Top-Sider Slippers are so plush inside. I wear them as errand shoes and they look good with shorts!

My first ever pair of Birkenstocks. Am I becoming a Hippie in my old age.

My first-ever Birkenstocks! They are the rubber ones that cost $29.99–and they are pretty fugly–but comfortable! Mommy is an old-lady hippie! Pass the granola and the brownies please.

ON Flip flops...the greatest summer footwear.

One can never have too many Old Navy Flip Flops, now, can one?

My three musketeers of flip flops. Just a bit fancier.

My “Three Musketeers” of summer shoe wear. These are worn endlessly and will be in the suitcase!

When  push comes to shove, and despite how many pairs of shoes I  have, I still love barefootin’ the best

My old feet still prefer to be like this.

My old feet like being  nekid the best!

XOXOXOXO! Enjoy the evening!

Since shoes are on my mind, here’s an old one by “Nu Shooz” –remember this song?

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