The Lioness (Me), the Bitch (My Thighs) and the Wardrobe (My “Transition” Clothing)

“May” I tell you about my busy week? (Yes. Happy May!! Can you believe it’s May already?) The computer skills class I’m taking is amazing. I thought I almost knew it all (with the exception of Pivot Tables). I’m inching closer and closer to becoming an expert, rather than just a user, at Excel. The logical aspect of the program is sinking in—thanks to Suzanne our teacher! I’ve been practicing and practicing.

Populaire poster

I’m a wiz with a keyboard…and would be the best Executive Assistant on earth. But I don’t think Bonaparte would appreciate my getting this close to a boss!

I’ll tell ya, the (ever-elusive) company that hires me will be getting a stellar employee!   I’ll be a corporate Lioness—jumping at the chance to get my hands on a workbook that nobody else can figure out. I’ll be creating tables and just eating those old programs up. Clawing and scratching!

OK…back to more fun stuff.  I finally had my hair colored yesterday. I was really beginning to look washed out and complete with thick “skunk” stripe of white, my hair was looking pretty nasty.  Adam did a great job–don’t you think?

feeling human with my hair colored

Not only has Adam done a stellar color job, but he’s allowed me to embrace my naturally wavy hair. I love Bleu Mousse salon so much!

I took my “summer” wardrobe out of hibernation. It’s not good. At all. Where I had ample space with shorts, I now have camel-toe and can barely get any bottom past my thighs. In fact, the cellulite on my thighs is a major concern. The backs resemble cottage and farmers cheeses.

Cheesy thighs

Hey, I know, it’s gross, but I put myself out there! My thighs are looking like cottage cheese these days–and not the low fat kind either!

Each night I have the same recurring dream. “Un vendeur de fromage” is running after me with a bucket because he wants to turn my upper leg area into a new cheese. An “AGED” cheese if you will.

Abbaye Citeaux. St. Germain de Pres Marche. Thank you Guy Martin!

Let’s hope my cheesy thighs will be placed next to my all-time favorite cheese–Abbaye Citeaux.  I’m more “aged” than this cheese, but it’s the best unpasteurized cheese I’ve ever had! I love it so much I actually took this picture of it! How sick is that???

I know—it took me five months to slowly add the weight on and I realize that it’ll take just as long to take it off. In the meantime….I need to “adjust” some of my wardrobe. I also need to fix it so that I don’t feel like a fat slob when I’m in the homeland of skinny French women.

Audrey Tatou. Skinny as all get out. Smoking keeps her that way.

Audrey Tatou–our little “Amelie” moves on to “Priceless” and gives away her secret to her lean body. Smoking. Blech. No thanks Audrey!


And then there’s the iconic and ever-thin Jane Birkin. 


Still as beautiful and lean as ever. I love Jane Birkin! She proves you can be stylish at any age. Love the Converse sneaks!

The frugal and budget-minded me went through clothing that I can still manage to fit into. These are great articles of clothing because there is some stretch and are great for transitioning during a weight loss.

This chambray dress from Banana Republic is from last year. I was afraid to try it on but it still fits nicely. Unfortunately, it’s wrinkled as all get-out from being packed away. Here’s how it looks in a BR ad from last year.


I loved this dress the moment I saw it last year……

br denim dress 002

From being packed away, it’s a wrinkled mess right now. But it still fits like a charm!

Another dress I absolutely love is this Tiana B dress from years ago. It doesn’t look like much, but it is so flattering. I’ve worn it during my “skinny” seasons and my “beefy” seasons. Throw it on, add a strand of pearls and you’re good to go.

My versatile LBD. Skinny through fat dress.

Probably, the most versatile dress I own. I can be ready for dinner in a flash. Throw the dress on, add pearls, a little heel or even flat and I’m ready to go! I’ve had this for years!

 My “uniform”while traveling in Paris will be this. The Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants are stretchy; with a white tee it’s going to be simple and chic. I can wear it with the J. Crew Dulci Kitten Heels or dress the look down with Repettos. It can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a light denim jacket. It’s a multi-purpose outfit. I also love the pants because they are a true “ankle” pant. It’s a look I love.

My uniform

 This “uniform” will allow me to pack light. I can wear a black tee and a large funky belt and have a completely different look.  Add a scarf…..or a sweater……it’s a good basic and chic look!

I did make a couple of new purchases—I purchased a ton of Old Navy Fitted T Shirts. I realize it’s a weird twisted thing, but the “Small” fitted shirts are a perfect fit for me. I dislike boxy tees, in my opinion, they add pounds. These fitted tee’s “hug”—they don’t “squeeze” your body. They are extremely flattering and yesterday they were on sale for $4.00 each! I actually have a gray one in medium and it doesn’t blend well for a polished look.

ON fitted t shirts. Best bargain on earth.

I’m reposting this pic because I cannot rave enough about these Old Navy Fitted Tees!

So anyway, while at Old Navy, I saw a light gray and white chevron skirt, on the dressing-room rack. I asked the S/A where I could find this particular skirt and she said it was maternity. Since I have no shame, I sauntered over to the Maternity department, grabbed a “Medium” and tried it on. So I haven’t been pregnant in 25 years—but it fit nicely and I made the 50% off purchase. 14.99. Since I’m a giver, when that “special” time comes around for my Oona, I can hand the skirt down to her! How’s that for a repurpose!

gap maternity skirt

Ladies. I wanted to show you that I still have that flabby belly some 25 years later–but this maternity skirt fits beautifully! Hey, ya never know–right?

I also picked up this skirt from Gap. I call it a “Mixi”. It’s a cross between a midi skirt and a maxi, and it looks great on. It is slimming; the unique length lends itself well to both sandals and shoes. (I’m weird with Maxi skirts. I’ll only wear flip-flops or sandals with them. Never a closed-toe shoe.)

Navy skirt

This is a great skirt for the money. On sale at $19.99, it’s definitely worth more! Go online and check it out!

Looks boxy but isn't

I think this shirt will also look good with the navy skirt!

 In my efforts to update my “mature” wardrobe, I revisited a little jacket that I purchased a few years ago. She was a sale item at the Bass Outlet in Limerick, PA. All of $39.99. She was calling to me to try her on. She told me we could be great friends. She could give my classic clothing a bit of an edge—especially for casual wear. And…She did. But the wear time was limited because she was just a bit heavy for the late Spring-early Summer wear.

Bass denim jacket 001

I especially love the side pockets in this jacket.  I’ve been wearing it in place of a blazer!

Enter my daughter, Oona. She was wearing a beautifully fitting denim jacket. The jacket was a lighter wash but was much fitted with a bit more stretch. The fabric was also much lighter than my Bass jacket.

She couldn’t say enough about this “Kut from the Kloth” jacket. Unfortunately it was so popular that it sold out in many stores.   She did tell me that Bloomingdales may have some left. I hit pay dirt. Not only did Bloomies have the jacket, but it was on sale for $53.50 (plus shipping). Because I love to layer, I purchased the Large. It runs a bit snug. The “Amelia” jacket may be difficult to track down, but wasn’t too difficult finding the Large.

Kut from the Kloth denim jacket

Kut From the Kloth “Amelia” jacket. I LOVE this jacket. It’s lighter weight makes it a year-round staple!

 The greatest thing is the denim jacket knows no age limit. It is a versatile wardrobe basic. She looks fantastic on kids—adorable, in fact. She looks great on teens and young women. Lest we forget how wonderful her mate looks on men! In all honesty, I think a fitted denim jacket can be the new blazer. Plus, it adds a bit of an edge to a classic wardrobe. Don’t you think?

Me in denim jacket, j. crew factory gigi pants and small ON t hsirt

Wearing the Kut From the Kloth “Amelia” jacket, J. Crew Factory GiGi pants, J. Crew Artiste Boat-neck Tee (which I’m not fond of because it stretches out beyond reason). Longchamp bag and Repetto ballet flats. Dollar Store hoop earrings.

My finger is still hurting me and it’s not easy to type today. I was stabbed by an artichoke yesterday. Yeah. Artichokes are great to eat. Steam them in some water with lemon and garlic till the leaves get nice and soft.   They take a bit of time to eat because of the amount of leaves you need to consume by “scratching” the inside off with your teeth, but at 68 calories per artichoke—it’s my kind of meal!

artichoke stabbed me

 I love artichokes, but they are dangerous!  I couldn’t wait to cut the leaf tips off! OUCH!

 I’m leaving you with a cute song by Jacques Dutronc. “Mini, Mini, Mini”. Just because!

XOOXOXOXOXO. Enjoy the weekend!

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12 Responses to The Lioness (Me), the Bitch (My Thighs) and the Wardrobe (My “Transition” Clothing)

  1. Susan G says:

    I love you! You are so brave and honest and adorable! Your French wardrobe is very ooh-la-la!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Susan! I truly believe honesty is the best policy. Bonaparte doesn’t always agree with me though. I KNOW he’s going to be upset with my “thigh” photo and the belly photo. I just “Oui, oui, oui” him all the way home!

  2. nousquatrenat says:

    please please please : DON’T WORRY !!!!! you will see, french women are like us women !!! you can see thin ones and others are “rondes” ! and you are BEAUTIFUL !! more than most women of any age !! come and you ‘ll see !!!!!!bon voyage!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nathalie! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! I cannot wait to get back to France–no matter what size I am..LOL! Bisou!

  3. nathalie says:

    i’ve forgotten to sign :

  4. mmmm cheese!
    I love your uniform! And I may or may not have a few Old Navy fitted tees with a boat neck…so very flattering.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks! I’m always appreciative when my uniform is appreciated! And if you don’t have those ON fitted tees–you need to hurry and get some!! XOXOXOXO!

  5. Jean says:

    I am going to hurry to old navy. Who’d have known!

  6. Love this post, especially the ‘Mini’ clip – I like to incorporate clips into my posts too – here’s one that is a tribute Lee Remick

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