Two American Families: The Louds v The Duggars. And a Late ’60’s Make Up Kinda Vibe!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been almost a week of gray skies, on and off rain, dropping temperatures, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been inspired to throw a load of laundry in the washer.

You know how one thing leads to another and before you know it your thoughts are wayyyyyy off course?   Well…let me tell you something…

While doing my makeup this morning, I started to think back to the cosmetics I loved when I was a young teen and just being introduced to that wonderful world of beauty. Two brands that stick out in my mind were Yardley of London and Bonne Bell. I remember loving that pale lip look and the glimmer of the eye shadows.

More pot o gloss

Now that I’m older, I’m wondering–was Yardley’s “Wet Creams” a play on words for “Wet Dreams”? Who cares!  I LOVED these pot o’ glosses and wish they would make a comeback (ohhhh another play on words?). Hey–doesn’t the model look like Marion Cottiard?


Thanks to, I was able to once, again, enjoy this ad. I tried to channel the “Stop White” eye today!

I remember stinging cleansing my oily face with the incredible drying power of that magical Ten ‘O Six lotion.

ten o six

I remember this ad so well because the model looked really pissed off. I’m guessing she was still feeling the sting of the Ten O Six lotion. It worked but it stung!

I ended up doing a bit of the retro makeup today. I applied a glimmery copper shade from my Naked 2 palette, and over it, a thick swipe of my Stila eye shadow in “Snow” a liquid white that is hard to come by.

Stila Snow

Closest shadow to Yardley’s white Glimmericks. I love this so much I have a backup!

My version of tidy whitey

Tidy Whitey eye?

The 60s eye. Like the freckles.

Very Sixties. Oui?

My quick mind had me applying the white shadow to my lips, with a pink gloss over it.

Yardley1 lip slickers

Jean Shrimpton’s pale lips…….

The pale mouth

…my efforts at the same. I had to multitask the Stila “Snow” and apply it to my lips before using a pink gloss on top of it. Why don’t they just make that ’60’s kind of pale lipstick anymore?

Very 1960’s. Don’t you think?

Kiss kiss all done

I REALLY have to see my eye doctor. My eyes just won’t straighten out these days. Ouch! here’s where my train of thought really runs wild. All that retro makeup made me think of the late 1960’s then  on to the early 1970’s. THEN, the Loud Family popped into my mind.

Yes. The Loud family of PBS’s infamous documentary series, in actuality, the first reality series ever televised. The series, “An American Family”, covered the lives of parents Pat and Bill Loud and their children Lance, Grant, Kevin, Delilah and youngest daughter, Michelle.


The iconic “American Family”, The Louds. This was TRULY a reality show that every family could relate to. They were just like us–far from perfect!

“An American Family” had cameras following the everyday life of this upper-middle-class family for seven months in in 1971. The show was aired almost two years later. During that controversial programming, Lance, the eldest son came out as gay; he was the first person on television to openly do so. During the months filmed we also witnessed Pat ask for a separation from her husband Bill.


Lance Loud (RIP), right, with Andy Warhol. Lance Loud was one of the sweetest, loveable and charming people I’ve ever seen on TV.  He paved the way and should always be remembered!

We cringed with embarrassment and felt some voyeuristic guilt watching the all-to –real lives of this family unfold.

American Family Pat and Michelle being filmed

Youngest daughter, Michelle and mom Pat engaging in serious conversation whilst being filmed.  No sugar coating. Just real talk!

But you know what? They were REAL!  Bill and Pat drank. They smoked. They argued. The kids had normal teen issues.

Grant, the cutest, had a band—and on one of the episodes he covered The Kink’s “Apeman”. I’ll never forget that because I’m a die-hard Kinks fan and crushed on Grant!

grant loud

The famous “Apeman” episode. I always loved this episode because mom Pat was hanging out smoking while Grant was singing. It was just incredibly touching to me. 

Pat Loud engaged with her kids. The doors of communication were open. She actually “hung” with the kids! Pat Loud was a great mom!

The camera showed pimples and messy hair and all the physical imperfections the family had. We could relate.

The Louds didn’t pontificate about religious ideologies. They didn’t spread hate or bigotry. This was about the intertwining of a family. They were no more dysfunctional than many of us. We could relate and that is why they were so intriguing and interesting.

Louds on Newsweek

Newsweek may have called them “The Broken Family”, but in my mind, they were a hell of a lot more real than the crap that is called “reality” today! I loved this family!

The Loud family went about their lives fully aware of life’s issues and worked those issues out themselves. They didn’t need Jesus to help them. Instead they used the minds and consciousness that Jesus gave them. (Note—to my Atheist friends, I’m not dismissing you. I’m comparing to the Duggers. Don’t be offended. Please.)


Cool Jesus, most likely looked down from above and appreciated the fact that the Louds worked out their own issues–giving THIS guy a break!

The Louds treated life like a chipped class. We’re all like a chipped glass and either have to live with those chips or try to fix them ourselves.

Clare's and Rial's wine glass. Large lamp shining through white translucent acrylic. Glass tabeltop used (even though it's not included in the photo).

Then we have the ever-self-righteous and fake “Christian” Duggars of “19 Kids and Counting.”

19 kids anc counting the ones who have been molested

19 Kids and Counting How Many  Others Josh molested!

We are all well-aware of the way this hypocritical family sugar-coats life. On air, they appear perfect. They never say a bad word against any of their family members.

,michelle looking at jim boob

With no mind of her own, she has to look to her barbaric husband if she wants to talk..who’s the boss?

Why, even in the present state of the Duggar affairs, they refuse to say anything against the actions of their son Josh.


Wow! Like father, like son. Like Mother-In-Law, like Daughter-In-Law!  Joshie’s wife, Anna, has that same look as Michelle does. Ya think Josh learned MANY ways to put a woman in her place from his daddy?

It’s funny though, as much as this family uses sweetened language, I’ve never heard any of them use the word “love” in describing their feelings toward each other. They use the word “awesome” instead.

That’s so awesome!

The Duggar family doesn’t go through “stressful” times. They go through “seasons”.

The Four Seasons

Oh sweet hateful Jesus no!  The Duggars don’t go through THESE musically evil seasons…


I don’t think they go through this pretty image of The Four Seasons either. Come to think of it, I don’t know WHAT the hell kind of seasons they go through!

The Duggar kids don’t suck teeth and eyeroll when they perform their “juristictions”, better known as “chores”. Actually, the Duggar children have every right to suck teeth and eye roll because “jurisdictions” is the spin on chores that the parents gave them so that lazy Mommy Michelle Duggar could get out of housekeeping.

crazy michelle duggar fox interview

Momma Dugger looks like she’s been through one rough season here! Oh. It’s the season of lying that I’m assuming she went through!

Say. What does she do anyway? Besides play with Jim Bob’s private parts, do you think she locks herself in the bathroom and smokes and drinks booze? After all, her Jesus saves, so maybe her Jesus can save her!

Is this what Michelle Duggar REALLY does all day

Personally, I think Michelle would rather have a stiff one of these rather than have a stiff Jim Bob!

They have been all over the news lately trying to downplay the fact that their son, Josh, sexually molested some of his sisters.  I refused to watch these bozos trying to do their best at damage control, but have read and seen some of the interview on the internet.

They blame police for having an agenda against them. They blame girls for not dressing modestly enough. They pontificate about all the evils of the world. The call transgenders and gays child molesters but they don’t blame themselves or their son for his vile actions. They are NEVER accountable!

As I’ve stated in a previous post, my hippie/hipster Jesus may forgive Joshie, but he sure as shit ain’t gonna let him into Heaven:

Josh Duggar’s Final Judgement

So. What say you? Who wins the battle of the “real” and “honest” families?

MY vote is with the still-relatable Loud family of the first-ever reality show. “An American Family”. Quite possibly one of the greatest TV shows to ever hit the air!

Grant and bill now.

Years later, dad Bill and son Grant still make a happy picture…

Delilah and Pat now

And the ever-classic Pat is hanging with daughter Delilah. Note to self-Delilah and I are the same age. Find out what beauty products she uses because she looks awesome!

I’m off to obsess about 1960’s makeup and The Kinks—AND Grant Loud singing “Apeman”. I’ll watch the you tube clip all day long.

For your pleasure, a clip of Pat Loud hanging with Grant–and he’s singing “Apeman”. Oh the memories……..XOXOXOXOXOX!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  1. Leslie Orrston says:

    Loved Yardley! The best part of watching the Monkeys TV show was the Yardley commercials! We are right in step! Love your Hippie Jesus!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Leslie. Don’t you wish that Yardley cosmetics were still around??? I have to admit, I was so star struck by the Monkees that I didn’t even notice the commercials! I remember so many of the Yardley print ads so much more vividly. I’m going to pray to my hippie Jesus to bring back Yardley! XOXOXO

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