Beauty IS The Beast! Atypical 60’s Guide to Packing Cosmetics–and Other Items Of Importance!

Bonaparte has been able to calm my anxiety down by demanding, insisting, kindly suggesting that I put all thoughts of my job search out of my mind until we return from France.

How selfish of him! He’s only suggesting this because he’s so afraid I’ll ruin our trip with my incessant worrying.

Ever the voice of reason, I have to admit that he’s right! So with a smile on my face, I’ll weather the gray, rainy weather we had last night and pump some serious sunshine into my otherwise cloudy spirit! the words of the GREAT Oscar Wilde:

Oscar Wilde Quote. Love it!

Now it’s time for me to concentrate on what’s really important—packing my cosmetics, and other miscellaneous items.

Figuring out what beauty products can be daunting. Forget “Beauty and the Beast”. Figuring what items to pack is more like “Beauty IS the Beast!”

Here’s how I look at it. I spend a small fortune on high-end foundation and makeup primer. When traveling, the good stuff is staying home. I’ll run to Walmart and pick up a bottle of L’Oréal True Match foundation. Back when I was going through my divorce, I had to scale back on the makeup. I was also a lot younger so I didn’t need as much “assistance” with the beauty products that I do now. Anyway, I really liked the True Match foundation. For the money, it was great! I was, if I can recall a “C-3″,” Cool Beige”. I’ll have to revisit because it’s been a long time since I wore this.

Look what I found at Walmart!

True Match in C-3 Cool Beige. Under 9.00, it’ll do fine. Chances are I won’t even be using it that much—just when we go out to dinner or someplace special.

Found it. Under ten!

C-3, third from the left!  Look at the price. Honestly, when traveling, it’s wiser to bring drugstore brands!

Since I obsess about not having enough eyeliner, I purchased yet another NYC Color Liquid Eyeliner. The price went up to $2.97. I’m glad I hoarded these at the old price of $1.99!  I also picked up  brow pencils and sharpener. I can tight line with them.

NYC color great drugstore make up

I’m always losing sharpeners so I’ll TRY to keep this in my travel cosmetics bag! NYC Color has great and inexpensive eye liners and pencils.

Look at this mirror. I got it in the “Men’s Grooming” area. I’ll tell ya, Walmart is upping their game! Anyway, the magnifying power is a bit stronger and will work very well for plucking those pesky chin hairs that seem to pop up overnight!

10X magnifying power.

This mirror will be great to help me see how crooked I’m applying my eyeliner. It’ll also be great for plucking those pesky chin lady whiskers. Note to self–get your lip waxed. ASAP! You’ll be called “sir” again if you don’t!

I’ll bring regular mascara rather than my lash extension kit. It’s just easier to pack.

This mascara and a couple of samples

I took this with me last year. There’s still plenty left because it stayed in my travel cosmetics bag. Yeah! I KNOW, I’m supposed to throw this out after three months. I like to think of make up the way people in the 1960’s thought of Maxwell House coffee. Good to the last drop! Waste whatnot! I’m using this!

I have my UD little Naked palette, which I love. The neutrals are fine and can be layered for a more intense effect for those times that we go out to dinner.

Naked Basics. I spent too much money to care about the broken mirror

The mirror broke but the shadows are fine!

See where Chippy ate it. I'm still using it.

Even Chippy’s bite marks can’t make me throw this in the trash!

I also have my supply of lip glosses and blushes and bronzer at the ready and all packed. I’m NOT repacking–well, at least not until tomorrow!

DUPE ALERT!!! There is no way that I’m bringing my good $48.00 primer. The Hourglass Veil primer.   I went through my “samples” of primer and the samples that I have are just too miniscule for three weeks. Look what I found. Hard Candy Primer. $8.00 and it is an exact dupe of the Hourglass Mineral Veil. For that price, the full-size is worth it! I have to say, I’m a bit pissed off that I spent a small fortune when I could have spent just eight bucks. Oh well, you live. You learn. Right???

 Check this out.  Here’s a pic of the pricey Hourglass primer. A dollup is on the right. It’s a bit more liquidy but when both primers are blended into my skin, they have the same texture and feel. 

I had to use a stock photo of the tube because the photo I took was so out-of-focus, but look at the dollop on the right.  It is not as liquid and more solid, but once blended you cannot tell the difference between the two primers. This is staying in my travel bag!

The Accessories.

I’m not big on jewelry. But when I travel, I refuse to bring with me any jewelry of worth. (Trust me; I don’t have much good stuff anyway!) I don’t need to worry about good earrings being lost or leaving something behind. My lesson was learned the hard way.

Some years ago, I had two really expensive gold chains that I wore constantly around my neck. I loved them. One was a dainty little cross and the other a plain thin gold chain. I went swimming in the sea and, after a rough and tumble time of playing in the water; I realized that my chains were not on me. Somewhere in the Mediterranean, a big fish had a nice American snack or those broken chains floated ashore and are in someone else’s hands—or on someone else’s neck right now.

I get the Walmart and Forever21 specials to bring with me.

Cheap. Cheap. But from afar who cares.

Listen, nobody is going to come up to me and tsk-tsk me because of my “cheap” costume jewelry. If I lose these, who cares?  Three necklaces for a buck????? All those hoops! I’m telling you, it’s the only way to go on a vacation!

F21 special

Another cheapie from F-21!

I’ll bring a belt. Only to keep my jeans from falling down. NO. I haven’t lost weight but the jeans with “stretch” always seem to stretch out at the waistline. The belts can also work as an accessory for my t-shirt dresses.

ON belt

Brown is my favorite neutral. This Old Navy belt was on sale and looks fine with jeans as well as the t-shirt and maxi dresses.

The Fake Tanners. Need I explain? We all know just how obsessive I am when it comes to fake tanners. Yes. They are packed!

everglow skin darkener

I actually funneled some of this into an empty tube. It is a great moisturizer, BUT see how it says “Gentle Skin Darkener” rather than self tanner? It is a bit lighter but with continued use gives a nice hue to the legs and arms. Under five bucks at Walmart..and it smells like “Creamsicle”!

The Chargers. I have to remember to pack my chargers. My tablet is used only for the purpose of playing those dopey games like Cookie Jam and Candy and Soda Crush. It’s too much of a pain in the ass to get Wi-Fi overseas. At least for me it is.

Bonaparte HATES when I play these games. And when I tell him they relax me, he starts mumbling his disapproval in French. I KNOW what he is saying!

My phone needs to be charged too. Ever the helicopter mom, I still have the need to speak to at least one of the kids while away. That wonderful “jurisdiction” (I’m so Duggar), goes to my daughter!

Hair Rollers: Listen. My priorities are a bit different this time around. I’ve always treated myself to a couple of blow-outs while away. I’m cutting back due to my “situation”.   I’ll have to DIY on the hair. Luckily we have extra blow dryers at Aunt Bonaparte’s!

roller wrapped in paper towels add more volume

Don’t judge. Rollers wrapped in paper towels give more volume to the hair that I lack! As long as I don’t walk the streets in Paris with these, I’ll be ok!

The Longchamp Bag: I’m not messing around with the bags while I’m away. This LC bag carries everything under the sun. It doubles as a beach bag. The brown color is pretty neutral. The only thing I cannot stand is that my phone always falls out of the useless little pocket—so I’m constantly searching for my phone within the mess that is in this bag.

Only bag Ill bring

This bag holds a ton of stuff. I keep the scarf tied in case I need to cover my hair..reminds me that I need to get my umbrella!

The Journals and pens: I swear to god, I could write a book about my trip adventures. Every year I journal my France trip. Every year I write more and more—usually about nothing; but it’s all there! I have volumes! It’s all good though, because if Bonaparte cannot remember what we did five or six years ago, I can go to any one journal, look it up and tell him what we did. Journals are great points of reference.


Not kidding. I have about 15 volumes of my journals. And yes, it does hurt to hand write all those words!

I need more journals like ths.

I wish I could find more journals like this. Little pockets were great for keeping papers and brochures in place!

My Satin Pillow Case: Hey. It follows me everywhere. The satin pillow case keeps my hair in better condition and keeps the style put!

Satin pillow case nice and clean

Washed and all clean and ready to be packed…but wait…

Oh look! I tried to be so professional by taking photos of some of my makeup and using this pillow case as a backdrop and got black shadow all over! This goes in the laundry. I’m such a slob!

Already filthy

Back in the laundry. I tell you, the ONLY thing I’m perfect at is being a slob!

That’s it. For today. I need a mani-pedi.

Today’s song is so beautiful. I love ANY song that has an ethereal vibe. This is one of the most ethereal songs ever—and it’s related to my trip! Rufus Wainwright’s “Leaving For Paris”. XOXOXO Bisou!

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