Toupee O’ The Mornin’ To Ya Ladies! Let’s Talk Fake Hair!

Be warned. My car was broken into last night and I’m waiting for the police to come. Ugh. My registration is gone. So are a bunch of my coveted French music CD’s. Quite a few cars in my neighborhood got broken into last night. I’m warning you because the photos I took of me look kind of sucky—whatever. I had to get that off my chest.

So–Good Morning!!!  We’re gonna talk about fake hair today. Hairpieces. Wigs!  Let’s dish…

A few years back, when I started to notice a significant loss of hair, I started to look for solutions. This was before that infamous plane ride when I read about Toppik. OK?


I always have a steady supply on hand!

 Anyway, I had this brainstorm that wigs would help. So I ordered a simple little hairpiece that was attached to a headband. I ordered it from I wore it a couple of times, but it just looked too “fake” against my real hair. A Great Place to Purchase Wigs and Hairpieces for Women

This loss was still bugging me so I went a bit bolder and ordered two of the Revlon “Scorpio” wigs. One in my natural color of black and one in a chestnut color. I wore my hair in a bob at the time, so I figured these would suffice.

Toupee of the morning to you 036

Revlon’s wigs came in cute red boxes and wrapped in strong hair netting.

short bobbed wig

Revlon’s “Scorpio” wig. I liked my hair in a bob, but there was way too much maintenance involved.   For a change up, I would wear this now!

I wore the wig for a weekend to visit my sister in Long Island. She thought I had gotten a keratin treatment to straighten my hair because it was so shiny. When I told her it was a wig she almost needed a diaper from laughing so hard.

Intimidated, the wig went back in the box.

 Oops—the police officer is here. I’ll be right back…(Ok. Filled out a report. The officer was really nice. Tomorrow I’ll go to the fast tag place to get a replacement registration. It’s all good). Continuing where I left off..

Then I ordered a longer, shoulder length wig. It too, was way shiny. So into the closet it went. But I’ll tell you—the shoulder length wig—I like it. A lot!

wig with bangs

I can’t remember the name of this wig, but it was under $100.00. Wearing it is making me miss my bangs! It’s just a bit too shiny!

I really like this!!!

On second thought–I’m going to spray this baby down with dry shampoo! This wig is great for those “bad hair” days! Whadya think?

Then I ordered a “Crown Volumizer” from Hair-Do. Hair-Do was a line from “Hair U Wear” that was developed by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson. That being said, I thought this little volumizer would be a good fix.

Crown volumizer in package

I ordered this over five years ago.  Revisiting this makes me glad I saved it!

Fact is, it didn’t work on my shorter hair. I could never get it just “right”.

None of the fake hair was ever trashed. I decided to keep it because my hair just kept falling out.

Although I’ve learned to disguise my loss with products such as Toppik and DermMatch—along with a great comb over, I decided to “revisit” the volumizer.


Along with Toppik, DermMatch is my other “go to” hair loss coverup!

Why? It’s because I LOVE big hair. That’s right. I’m a true Long Island girl. Big hair is beautiful and lush. And to tell you the truth, the fact that my crown area is no longer “big” bothers me.  I still feel weird when I wear my hair down.

my regular hair a bit flat on top.

You can see that my crown is a bit on the flat side. ( I should have worn face makeup today)

I read that if you spray a hairpiece or wig with dry shampoo, it’ll dull the shine. I sprayed my crown volumizer with dry shampoo.

Suave dry shamp

Suave dry shampoo. Less expensive than other brands and did the job!

It worked.

Volumizer made dull from dry shamp

The dry shampoo really dulled the shine. And that’s a good thing!

Next, I played around with this little piece of synthetic hair. I finally figured out how to place it on my head and get the best effect.

Underside of volumizer

It took some playing around, but once you find that happy spot, the clips stay nice and secured.  For extra security, a couple of bobby pins can be used as well.

I sectioned my hair from the back of the crown and just above my ears. I pulled the sectioned hair into a high pony tail and clipped it to keep it out of the way.

Hair sectioned into high pony

I gathered the front section of my hair, and the hair above my ears and put it into a high ponytail..then…

Clipped in place

Clipped the hair in place so I could see what I was doing. Hey. I’m no expert. LOL!

I then placed the piece more to the back of my crown and clipped it tightly into place with the four little clips.

Next, I took my hair out of the pony tail and combed the sectioned off hair over the volumizer.

another back view

Sorry that it’s out of focus, but see how well it blends?

Looks good! It blends well.

side view

Here’s a side view. It really does blend pretty well!

combed it a bit.

Another back view. Looks nice and voluminous!


Here’s how it looks from the front. See–there’s volume but it isn’t exaggerated. It’s just enough! (Damn, I look like Hell today. Stress–it sucks!)

It looks even better when putting hair into a nice “Bardot” type pony tail. I like the volume on top!

good volume for a pony

I’m telling you–this little piece is amazing. I’m a bit upset, though, because I don’t think it is any longer available since the big “split” between Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves! I Googled and it doesn’t appear to be around.  Now I’ll be on a mission to find another one!

better side view

See how good it looks from the side? You cannot even tell I have a lady “toupee” on! Ugh. Look at my roots. Thank goodness I’m getting my roots done Friday!

The volumizer is packed for my trip. I think I’ll use it for some extra “oomph” when we go out to dinner.

I’m also thinking of taking the longer wig too. I sprayed it down with dry shampoo and it is looking rather good!

I’m thinking of getting my New York on and tonight sitting out on my driveway in a lawn chair. Baseball bat in hand!  Just in case any little bastids decide to break into my car again!

Look at this ad. Can you believe this?  Um…I have a bridge to sell ya buddy!  Only in the ’60’s folks!

Weird ad

I’ll stick to a wig!

My real hair used to be jet black—but my real dyed hair is black. My fake hair is black. Here’s Nick Cave singing about “Black Hair”! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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  1. Jane Billman says:

    I have the 5 wigs on a table – my sons gave me the fish eye and backed out of the room when I modeled them. I have a box of Exfusion and Topax …. Headbands … Of course my little skin cancer thing was on top of my head which they shaved put in eight staples and three stitches it was a lovely look for the holidays. I enjoy your blogs immensely I am 61 and it makes my day.


    • Catherine says:

      Jane! I’m really happy that you are enjoying reading the blog!If my skin cancer had been any higher than my forehead, I would have been in the same boat! I hope you are using lots of sunscreen these days! My baby oil and iodine days have ended! But seriously I wish wigs and hairpieces were more the norm! xOXO! Wear those wigs beautifully and well girlfriend;)!

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