Forget the Village–It Takes a REAL Man! Duggar Male People–You Don’t Deserve To Be Called A “Man”!

Duggar, Duggar. Duggar. It’s just bothering me so much. The fact that the males in this family have to be so overpowering to the women just rubs me the wrong way.  They aren’t real men at all!

As the patriarch in a “Quiverfull”, fundie, Bob Gothardesque home, Jim Bob Duggar rules the roost. Actually a rooster probable rules his roost better than that creepy Jim Bob Duggar does.

jim-bob-duggar speaking

Here he is, pontificating his fake Christian beliefs again. Look how brainwashed Michelle is. He has her believing he’s superior to her!


 Oops! He’s talking about giving pedophiles and molesters the death sentence! Ohhhhhhhh…what about your son Josh???  Are you gonna kill him? Is Michelle going to gaze at you all starry-eyed while you do so? 

Jim Bob dictates what his wife and daughters will wear. Modest clothing. Never pants or shorts.


This fugly get up is probably too risqué for the Duggars.  The rips in the skirts are too revealing!  Or did Josh rip those shirts when he was trying to play with his sisters’ private parts?

Heaven forbid a peek at décolleté should eek out of a shirt—the horns of the devil would grow on the poor woman’s head!

It is also dictated, in the cult-like existence of the Duggars, that the girls will not have a career. The only purpose of a woman is to allow a man to play around with her private lady parts and to produce as many children as “god” allows!

Women have no authority. Women have no say. Women cannot have a career outside of the home. Women cannot attend institutes of higher education (unless it is a fake “Christian” college).

Why would a man treat a woman this way? Especially in America! America where we have freedom! Or do we? Not if you’re a woman under this fundie code!

In this America, where hundreds of thousands of military troops have given up lives and limbs and emotional health to protect us, the Duggar males and their ilk have made it a point to avoid the military, yet still pretend they are patriotic. They lie!



 No Duggars. You are NOT true Americans.  True Americans believe in freedom for all. You hold your women and children prisoners.  You HIDE behind your false god.  Our country was not founded on religious fundamental ideology.

So I thought deeper. And realized that with Josh Duggar sexually molesting his very own sisters, and with the creep of a father that he has who lies and spews hate against everyone but his own cult members, these are not men. They are cowards.


Josh sure had a big mouth when he was working in DC. He’s pretty quiet now!

Where is Josh Duggar anyway? This little snake who managed to get past his sisters’ modest dress (Note to Duggars—maybe the girls shoulda worn pants!) and molested them as well as a guest in their home, is now nowhere to be seen. Daddy and Mommy gave an interview. Two of his sisters have given interviews but Joshie seems to be like a lion in hiding.

In fact, his sisters, Jessa and Jill, are married to males who aren’t real men. How come these husbands didn’t speak out against Josh Duggar’s heinous crime against their wives?


 I had high hopes for Derrick. He went to a “real” college and had a real job. He recently left his real job as a tax accountant for Walmart. He should have come to the defense of his wife and not remained silent. What a wimp!


Ugh. Little Boy Ben. I see he attended the Jim Bob Duggar school of beauty. He has the same plastic hair.  Ben LOVES to bash Catholics, but yet, he won’t bash his incestuous brother-in-law, Josh.  He just enjoys being a Duggashian and wants the fame. Not a real man at all! Not even a real BOY!

Come out of hiding Josh, you cowardly lion!


Josh–the cowardly lion who loves to clown around with his family–and not in a good way!

 The Duggar Males (notice I refuse to call them “men”) need to read my listing below as to how a real man truly behaves.

The Atypical 60 Guide to Real Men

A real man treats his woman, and the women and girls in his life with respect.

 A real man listens to what the women in his life have to say, and thinks about those words and respects her words.

 A real man encourages his daughters and/or spouse to be independent. To seek an education and to reach for the stars in a career or in whatever occupation she should have.

 A real man appreciates an independently thinking woman.

 A real man appreciates a woman who can debate and argue and stress her point without having to timidly back down.

 A real man trusts the women in his life.

A real man may not like the way the women in his life are dressing, but instead of demanding they dress differently, that real man will “kindly” suggest that perhaps something of a more refined silhouette would be more flattering! And then shrugs his shoulders and smiles when he realizes that the woman is going to dress whatever way she damn well pleases!

 A real man doesn’t demand. He suggests.

 A real man doesn’t control. He guides.

 A real man is a feminist because he believes that women should have equal rights and equal pay.

 A real man is in touch with his feminine side.

 A real man knows the art of the flirt or the fun repartee without crossing the boundaries into the vulgar or offensive

A real man will defend the women in his life to the end—not hide in their skirts!

 A real man enjoys his children and spends time with them, nurturing them and advising them in an intelligent, respectful and loving way.

My grandfather was a real man. He came here from Ireland with nothing. He took a risk. He met my grandmother, who had also emigrated from Ireland in NYC and they married, raised a wonderful family and lived a simple life.  When my grandfather became ill, due to an injury in WWI, he was cool with my grandmother working. My grandmother was the strength of the home and he was fine with it. He WAS a true feminist!

grandma and grandpa

Thomas Wynne, originally from Roscommon, Ireland. He was an original feminist! Isn’t this wedding picture of my grandparents great?? My grandmother’s headpiece is to-die-for!  Margaret Crowley Wynne–the strength of a new American family!

My father was a real man. He always told my brothers to treat all women and girls with respect and to never raise a hand to a girl or a woman. He also told my brothers if they EVER laid a hand on me or my sisters, there would be Hell to pay. He wasn’t kidding!

parents wiwth the grandkids

My dad–his grandkids were his pride and joy!  He always had a great time with them!

dad and the kids

This was taken right before my dad passed away!  He’s up there with my Hipster Jesus now, looking down on us. I do believe he and Hipster Jesus make big wages during their Friday evening Poker Games!

 My father also told my sisters and me that if a guy ever raised a hand to us, to get him immediately. I have never, EVER witnessed my father treating my mother with disrespect. Nor did he ever treat me, my sisters, his sisters or his mother with disrespect.


My dad put the message out at a young age to never EVER let a boy or male raise a hand to us or to treat us disrespectfully

He may have put the law down in connection with my wearing hot pants, but anything else I wore that he couldn’t stand just received an eye roll and a shake of the head.

My dad helped us with homework. He coached our teams. He, along with our mother, gave us a priceless set of values to live by. Those values were passed along to my own children.

So right now I would like to honor more of  the real men in and outside of my life!

My sons, Jake and Roman–Two of the finest examples of real men that I know!

Me and thekids

 My men, Jake and Roman. They treat me, Oona and all other women with the utmost respect.  They ARE real men! (l. to.r. Me, Oona, Jake, Roman)

 My brothers, Pete and Tommy–they have always been examples of great bros and are wonderful dads and husbands.  I couldn’t find a picture of my brother Tom, but he’s a true real man! Pete and Yanela

My brother, Pete, and my sis-in-law Yanela. The best couple!  He served our country in the Air Force—a real American!  He also has the greatest daughters whom he encourages to be their best!  Pete is the sweetest real man I know!

Bonaparte–The man who encourages me to reach higher. He listens to me and is generous to a fault!

me and Bonaparte NYC 2010

 Bonaparte! He cringes when I post his pics, but, like a real man–he knows that I’ll do what I want! Seriously. He truly is a real man. This was taken a couple of years ago in NYC! We were downtown at one of Roman’s gigs!

 Mark Ruffalo– He may not be in my life, but just the fact he is a feminist makes me love him!

Director Mark Ruffalo arrives for the screening of "Sympathy for Delicious" at the Sunshine Landmark theater on April 25, 2011 in New York City.     UPI /Monika Graff.


 Not only a real man, but what a handsome tabby!

 Nick Offerman—His character, Ron Swanson may be a guy’s guy, but have you ever heard the way Offerman speaks of his wife, Megan Mullally? He respects, loves, and basically adores her. It takes a real man to gush about his woman the way he does. Kudos to you Nick!

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson may be a man’s man–and a rather sexist one, but Nick Offerman is a total real man!

Chippy–My Doggie loves and respects me unconditionally! Need I say more?

Chippy another real man

add to that–Chippy is extremely protective of me. No. Really. He is!

My Hippie/Hipster Jesus– He IS a real man. He friggin got nailed to a cross—not only for men, but for all us women! He was totally cool with Mary Magdalene and treated her kindly and respectfully when others flamed her. He treated his mother right! He’s smart. He forgives all right, but he’s nobody’s fool. His heavenly gates will slam on those who did nasty shit—like molesting. Hear that Joshie? Hipster Jesus can spot a hypocrite a smile away!


The original ORIGINAL feminist and real man.  He’s nobody’s fool!

  Today, I give you “In My Life” by the Beatles. My ex-husband proved his real manliness by taking the time out of his day when the kids were younger to put them to sleep with this song as a lullaby! A ritual that the kids still remember! Thanks Al!

XOXOXOXOXOXO! Feel free to add to the real men guide!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I have your hipster Jesus as my wallpaper. I’d like to make it into a t-shirt. Can I use the image?

  2. Margaret says:

    Love your Real Men Guide and would like to add that real men don’t lie, blame others for their mistakes, or act cowardly. Sounds like you came from a wonderful family who took the time to teach and love, and the photos are so sweet. You look like one of the kids in the one with your children too!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Margaret! I love your additions! So true about the blame! We need to make a generic listing for ALL people out there to see what a real man truly is! Best! XOXOXOXO!

  3. Maureen Aupperlee says:

    Why are you looking for a job when you could be sendng your writings to top magazines. Pursue your talent! Get your ex-husband to tap into his contacts.

  4. Catherine says:

    LOL! Thanks Maureen! I appreciate that so much. Bonaparte feels the same way. I do believe when I return from vacation, I’m going to get some writing samples together and send them out! XOXOXOXO (PS. I think I will be able to get some great writing out of our upcoming Gorman party in December!)

  5. Lynnette says:

    Well said Cathrine !!!
    My fav Beatles song luv it …..

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