A New (Car) Lease on Life!

I got a new car. That’s right! Dumbass me with no job now has a higher monthly payment!

Seriously, you really need to listen to this one, OK?

The lease on my much beloved Scion was ending.

My Ice Cream Truck Car

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder and this car was just beautiful to me!

Apparently I’m the only one who loved this car because it reminded me of the old-school Good Humor and Bungalow Bar ice cream trucks!

Bungalow Bar

OK..so my Scion didn’t have a roof like this…and didn’t have a fence!


And it may not have had a freezer, but to me, it resembled an ice cream truck!

Bonaparte hated the fact that the interior of my Scion looked like a hurricane hit it.

Three-Day Old Vente Skinny Chai Latte

Three day and older Skinny Chai Lattes were common in my old Scion!

Car Junk Drawer

So was a mess like this!

Remember post from January?  BTW, I don’t know why the pics from that post are missing–just a heads up!


Oona hated the fact that I loved the fact that the Scion did, in fact, resemble an ice cream truck!

The boys—well, they really didn’t care as long as they could use the Scion from time to time when they visit.

Chippy is the only one who seemingly liked the car—and I think it was because he felt safe shedding all his hair on the seat because I shed all of my hair on the seats too!

Chippy in car

Chippy and I are a lot more alike than you could imagine. We shed at the same rate!

Ok—so we arrive home from France and the Toyota Financial people call to let me know that my final lease payment can be “waived” since I had paid up to the month before the lease was ending and if I got a new lease now it would be fine and blah….blah…blah..

Bonaparte drove dragged my lazy fat ambitious ass down to the dealer to “LOOK” at cars!


MY Bonaparte has his hand in his coat too–only my Bonaparte is reaching for his wallet–and he has the same sad look!

Off we drove to Sloane Toyota in Malvern, PA to see Mohammed, quite possibly the best car salesman of all time. Between Bonaparte, me, and Oona, we’ve gotten at least 5 cars from him—soon to be six!

sloane staff

Staff of Sloane Toyota in Malvern, PA. Mohammed is in the front row. Second from right. He has the biggest smile–that’s because I swear he sells the most cars! 

Anyway, I went with every intention of coming out with another Scion. The Scion price is right, the car never needed servicing except for oil changes and I was happy.

Then I found out that Scion is slowing production on the line due to poor sales. WTF???

Bonaparte suggested we look at the (in his words) “Ahr Vee fouh”

R.V. 4 Ii think not

Monsieur Bonaparte needs to know the proper name of the car wanted. I do NOT want an R.V.!  Not now. Not Ever. Never!

After explaining to him that it was “RAV 4“, which is entirely different than an “AHR VEE”, we continued our search. Basically the search was looking at silver RAV4 and taking a test drive. Mohammed’s eyes lit up because he loved the fact I was upgrading to a more expensive monthly payment. Bonaparte was sweating bullets because he wanted to negotiate.  And negotiate he did!   I just wanted to get the stinking process over and be done with it.

Why can’t you just go into a car dealer and say “Can I have THAT one?”…and go!

What can I say? The car is nice. It’s really nice. But, I feel like an ass because the payment is more expensive. But it’s a better car. Right???

Nice view of the side

In all seriousness, the car is really great.  It wasn’t that much more in monthly payments than the inflationary price of a better car!

The air conditioning is stellar so my hair will always look good—even on those extra humid or rainy days when I have to run the three seconds from the house to the car—I can be comforted knowing that the AC will never let me down!

The CD player/radio has great sound. In fact, when I’m driving on highways, I don’t have to pump up the volume because the car rides very silently.

Look. A safety message from my car. I'll smash this baby up if I keep reading this!

Look–the car even has a safety warning on the screen for me! It cares about me!

There is plenty of room in the back for all my “stuff”. In fact, Bonaparte was very proud of me because I purchased a little gray and white printed cube to put all my stuff in so the trunk area stays nice and clean.

Stuff in the new cube

For now, it’s nice and organized…

Groceries all nice and organized.

I took this pic after I loaded groceries in the car. But I made a sharp turn and everything went flying around. BUT–I made sure that I cleaned the mess up before unloading!

Chippy’s gray blankee is in the car and the gray looks nice against the silver exterior. Bonaparte cleaned the one I had in my Scion. You don’t think I would have even the slightest notion to clean it before draping it into my new car—would you?

Chippy's blanket as good as it gets

We’ll see how long it takes till the blankee is full of hair—and not mine!

The new car even gave me cause to stop and organize my CD collections. Yes. I spent two hours—two hours—organizing and categorizing my CD’s!

Front drivers seat so nice and clean

Take a good look–this clean car is what memories are made of–because the cleanliness WILL only be a memory in a little while!

No marks on the dashboard from my dirty feet.

Lookit the clean dashboard on the passenger side.  Bonaparte goes nuts because when he is driving, I always put my bare feet up and make marks….

Theoule. My feet on the way back from Italy. pic 2

He went nuts when I put my feet up on the dashboard of our rented car when we were on vacation. My feet were clean. No marks.  I like to be comfy!!!

But the best thing about the car is that it has one of those little cameras to help you back up into a parking space. Due to my crossed eyes, I have no depth perception—and it’s always been difficult to back up into a space.   Parallel parking is my forte, but backing up is a danger.

Thanks to this camera, I’ve been backing up like a child who has just learned to ride a bike. I cannot stop!

Back of car from outside

For the first time ever, I’ve been backing up into spaces at the mall and at Wegman’s. At home, I’ll still parallel park. It’s what I DO!

Bonaparte has been inspecting this car on a daily basis since it came home.

Bets are on! How long will it take before this car’s interior becomes even more disgustingly filthy than my last car. I give it a month. Honestly–it’s either a clean home or clean car. I opt for a spotless home!!

After a month, Bonaparte will be tired of the daily inspections and he will be annoyed at tidying up my car!

BTW—I had a job interview earlier this morning. It’s for a part-time office position, but it looks promising. I also have a phone interview tomorrow. I have no expectations!

Have a great evening. I’m off to ponder why some recipes work and some just don’t..stay tuned for that………………………………

And—because the subject is cars, here’s another Beatles one—Drive My Car! XOXOXOXOXO!

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4 Responses to A New (Car) Lease on Life!

  1. angela ambrose says:

    It looks so nice Cathy!! I think I should go to Toyota but why I never leased a car ? don’t I like the idea? I mean I keep my cars from 6-10 yrs. I ether smash them to smithereens ( total ) or they take a crap……I had my Chevy for 14 yrs before I smashed it into a tree 8 yrs ..ugh! So I just like the idea of owning it and not having payments …I guess……the Santa fai was 7 yrs old the one I just almost had a head on an rolled over playing stunt woman! So I stay home a lot now.. …..that way I don’t have to get in trouble!

  2. Catherine says:

    Ang, it really is a nice car. I’ll tell you the leasing isn’t bad. A car is a car is a car! I miss taking the subway cars on a daily basis. Cheaper and comfortable for me because the subway was filthier than any car I would drive!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!

  3. Margaret says:

    Congrats on your new car, may you drive it in good health! We have a 7 year old Rav4 in the family, it’s a great car, very reliable. Your last post made me cry. I also have a daughter in her mid 20’s in the city, and we also shared many of the things you spoke about. We absolutely love the Madeline story (well, me more than her, she didn’t want to wear a red beret when she was little). We had good times, bad times, fun times and sad times, but like you, I wouldn’t trade the experience of having and raising her for the world. Thanks for another wonderful post.

  4. Catherine says:

    Thanks Margaret. It’s good to know that I have a car that’ll last me well into my old(er) age–LOL! Glad you could definitely relate to the mommy/me post. I’ll tell you, every time I channel surf and see that Madeline movie where Frances McDormand plays Miss Clavel, I stop and watch it. You are most welcome and I’m so happy that you and your daughter are close–makes me happy! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!

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