You Can Have Your Graffiti. Alain Delon is MY Kind of Street Art Sweet Heart!

Faced with a challenge from a fellow blogger, Sylvain Landry, I decided to have a go at it!

Sylvain Landry’s Street Art Challenge

What actually prompted me to go for the challenge is simply this.

I equate street art with graffiti.  I’m not a fan of graffiti. Yeah. I know, it’s urban (and at this point in time suburban) art. In most cases, I look at it as a form of vandalism. ( I’m old school. I like my art to hang on a wall)

I’m so tired of seeing old subway cars being sprayed. I’m exhausted of counting the amounts of graffiti displayed along my ride from CDG airport to Paris Centre. I’m disgusted with seeing beautiful buildings and the less-than-stellar graffiti that adorns and ruins them.

It’s ugly. No. It’s FUGLY!

Wanna draw? Get a paper and crayons.

But I digress!

There IS a form of graffiti, if you will, that I’m rather fond of!. And it adorns a building in Cannes!

And here it is!!  I. Am. So. Hip!!!!!

Alain Delon-My kind of grafitti

Alain Delon!!! Who says I don’t appreciate street art????? I made Bonaparte drive past this at least once a day when we were on the Cote d’ Azur this summer!  Me-owwwww!!

Even better. Dalida’s duet “Paroles Paroles” with Alain Delon. His voice. Yum!

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8 Responses to You Can Have Your Graffiti. Alain Delon is MY Kind of Street Art Sweet Heart!

  1. Well done And Nice shot for the challenge

  2. BunKaryudo says:

    Not sure I’d want to live in that house in front with a massive Alain Delon looming over me morning, noon and night.

  3. BunKaryudo says:

    Poor Bonaparte! Competing with an ordinary-sized Alain Delon must be challenging enough, but an absolutely gigantic one…!

  4. Nice image & good personal thoughts on graffiti 😉

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