HIkea! Mykea! Ikea! Byekeya! (Christmas Decorating Part Two).

We left off at me leaving Michael’s with a killer headache due to those scented pine cones. I popped three Tylenol into my mouth and since I forgot to bring water with me, washed the little helpers down with my spit!

Tis The Season Pinecones

The cause of my annual migranes.  (See previous posting!)

Before driving to Ikea, though, I decided to take a look-see at the offerings at Home Goods.  I mean, it was now 9:40 and Home Goods was opened for ten minutes. The lot was filled.  I guess the shoppers from Wegmans decided to make the same pit stop as I did.

Home Goods Early in the AM

My next stop left much to be desired. Home Goods in Collegeville was a fail!

Major disappointment.  Home Goods had pillows that were way overpriced and their Christmas and Holiday selection left much to be desired. I felt bad for my friends who celebrate Hanukkah—two measly shelves were dedicated to The Festival of Lights.  That isn’t right!

Back in the car, listening to “The Best of C. Jerome”, singing make-believe French and on my way.

Best of c. jerome

I promised a certain person (aka Bonaparte) that I would NOT listen to Christmas music till after Thanksgiving. (shhhhh–I lied. But I was too lazy to eject C. Jerome during my shopping trip)

HI-Kea!  Oh there is nothing like arriving at Ikea when it first opens! Empty parking lot.   No crowds—and if you’ve ever been at Ikea during the weekend, you know how pleasurable it is when the store is almost empty!


Just look at those empty spaces.  Oh, I love Ikea so much!

The good thing is that I knew what I wanted–a red sheet set, and duvet cover for the bed in the upstairs guest room.  I also saw a cute little red fleece throw for 3.99.


$3.99…and it is a great size. It’ll cover two people snuggled on the sofa!

  It would be perfect to toss over the arm of one of the sofas.  In my quest to decorate frugally, I also spotted red pillow covers for $4.00 each—the catalogue served me well and now I was armed and ready.

Gurli pillow cover. Ikea


I ended up purchasing six of these covers. At a grand total of $24.00, it was far less expensive than the price of two new pillows elsewhere.  The covers are a GREAT way to change up a look!

I got almost everything I needed with the exception of the duvet cover.  My local Ikea was out of stock in the twin size. Oh well, it’ll be money saved.

Through the process I picked up a rug then put it back. Three plants—then put them back as well. A couple of baskets that when in and out of the cart. Ahhh. Bonaparte would be so proud of me for sticking to my budget and not going off my list.

I did manage to pick up some crispbreads that come in at 45 calories each. While others are feasting on pigs-in-a blanket and other delights, I’ll stick to the crispbread rounds!

rye crispbread


I’ve already dug into this. Oops! Guess I’ll just have to return to Ikea for more!

After a successful trip, it was time to say “Bye-Kea”!!!!

Last stop. Walmart. I know. I KNOW.  Don’t judge because I shop at Walmart. Many of my friends refuse to shop there but Walmart has great prices and values.  And while I realize the Walmart parking lot is more dangerous than ISIS, I just cannot help myself.

Honestly, the shoppers at Walmart can’t or rather shouldn’t be driving a car. At all.  Many don’t know how to read signs and cruise right through the many stop signs located throughout. Many are texting—and most likely using emoji’s to get the message across because I’m sure they cannot spell (i.e. “stop” sign means to stop).  The remainder can’t see—those eyeglasses they are wearing are the non-prescription type. OK?

With my crossed eyes and balding head, I fit right in with the Walmart mix!

I came out with a bunch of beautiful poinsettias—and they are beautiful.

They are real and they are spectacular

As Terri Hatcher retorted in “Seinfeld” “They’re real and they’re spectacular”!  Yes. These poinsettias are real and spectacular! And DIRT CHEAP!!!!!

Back at home, I unpacked my goodies and got to work with the start of the decorating.

Packing the trunk

With a trunk full of Christmas goodies, I couldn’t wait to get home and unpack!

My decorating techniques are just about the same as my cooking and baking techniques. I’m sloppy.

Poor Bonaparte—he stresses during this decorating procedure and he is quite the pain-in-the-ass.


My poor Bonaparte. He is fighting a losing battle when it comes to my untidy and messy decorating!  It’s his Waterloo!

Constantly badgering me  with “Ahr ou dun yet?”  and “Wha eez zis mess, Cassee?  Ah nid tu clin an’ vec-uhm”

Yeah.  This year I’m going a bit rustic. Have a look….

Decorations . Stairway with ribbon

Lights still have to be added, but I’m draping burlap ribbon over the garland….

more decorations 001

I added another burlap bow to one of the staircases (K-Mart special..I have one on the outdoor wreath). Notice  Chippy looking back at Bonaparte who is stressing out even more due to the mess I haven’t even made yet!

Decorations.  Top of armoire

I love greens on the cabinets too. This is atop the armoire in the living room. I’ve made a burlap bow to fancy it up….

Decorations. Cabinet detail with deer ribbon

Off the kitchen, I have this burlap ribbon with stag heads atop another cabinet. I LOVE this ribbon…..

Decorations. Downstairs pillow with tag from last year

Look! The throw from Ikea is draped behind this pillow. Ooooohhhh take another look at the pillow–it’s from last year but I never took the tag off. I’ll get a scissor….

Decorations. Very Merry

Back to the staircase. Isn’t this cute?


One of the sofas in the upstairs living room–I love the white sofa with the red pillows. Check out the red covers from Ikea–they really are great!

Pillows on the loveseat

More pillows on the sofa in the sun room……

Decorations. Sunroom coffee table

The rustic coffee table in the sun room is also dressed for Christmas–I couldn’t help getting tiny poinsettias either!

Decorations. Side view sofa with pillows and throw

I’m going a bit overboard with the throws as well, but I love snuggling up with hot tea or cocoa and throwing a blanket over me–especially since my hot flashes have me in minimal attire!

Decorations. Downstairs guest room.

The downstairs guest room gets a touch of  Christmas decor too!

Adorable bowl from Target

This cute bowl is from Target–I don’t know what I”ll be putting in it, but I can tell you that those scented pine cones will NOT be in here! They will not be anywhere near my house either!

more decorations 002

A top filled with poinsettias. I have to turn the sticker on that plant around to the back. 

Decorations sheet set

The red sheet set from Ikea is on the Ikea daybed.  I figured since I couldn’t get the red duvet cover, I would just use the black checked one that I have–from Ikea no less.  I mixed in pillows with the red covers from Ikea with OTHER pillows that I had–and you can guess where the other pillow covers are from (can’t guess? I’ll give you a hint–it starts with “I” and ends with “a”)…..

more decorations 003

Look at this flannel plaid “ribbon”. OMG. I am going to use this on the boys’s gifts. I love this!!!!!!!

My mess.

See?  My mess is dwindling down.  Hey, there’s the hair roller I snagged from Chippy’s mouth right next to my plaid flannel ribbon!

I still have to wrap gifts and make an attempt to clean the mess I made, but ….for starters, I think I did pretty well!

Have a blast with your decorating—and just to put you in the mood early, here’s a little Christmas music from Dean Martin for you to get you in the mood! XOXOXOXO



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17 Responses to HIkea! Mykea! Ikea! Byekeya! (Christmas Decorating Part Two).

  1. mariaholm says:

    I so enjoy your post on IKEA and Christmas home decoration

  2. Little Voice says:

    Is that Byekeya or BuyKeya?

  3. spearfruit says:

    Lovely decorations! So glad you shared this – it gets me in the spirit of Christmas! 🙂

  4. Haylee says:

    All looks beautiful – I want that reindeer ribbon! I have such a things for stags and deer in general, but especially Christmas! Ikea is lethal though. The times I’ve gone for one thing and come out with goods adding up to three figures! :/
    My all-time favourite Christmas song too – I want to watch Die Hard now!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Haylee. I stumbled upon that reindeer ribbon by chance and snagged it right away!! I need a few of those plaster deer heads on my walls!! LOL. I”m changing the name of “Die Hard” to “Buy Hard” because that’s what I’ve been doing! XOXOXO!

  5. BunKaryudo says:

    Your Christmas decorations look great! I’m impressed at how super-organized you are. I’ll probably get round to mine by about the 26th as usual. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Bond—but I’m not really THAT organized. I try to be, but for some reason, I manage to screw it up. I’m procrastinating wrapping the gifts I’ve already purchased……..XOXOXO!

      • BunKaryudo says:

        Well, I think what you’ve done so far is great! It’s a lot more tasteful than the hastily put up bit of tinsel and odd flashing light that I manage.

        By the way, I must admit, the Bond thing’s not quite official yet. I’ve still got to go through the minor formality of a contract (and, indeed, a call) from MGM.


  6. Jane Billman says:

    I was at Target today ….looking for that wrapping paper … I think that they decided Ohio was not worthy 🙁
    I saw some scarey pink wrap in a display and made a fast u turn and went to Kohls and got some cute holiday towels with my Kohls bucks!!!!
    Love your decorations !!


    • Catherine says:

      Jane. Fear not. I do believe that you can order that wrapping paper online! I was thinking the same thing about PA not being worthy until I spotted the last roll–actually it may have been the ONLY roll our local Target had…but now–I’ve got it! Ohhhh….I’ll have to check out the holiday towels at Kohls–Home Goods did not have good deals! XOXOXO!

  7. calensariel says:

    Now I’m in the mood to pull all my stuff out. Already ordered a stocking for new granddaughter Lydia. The kids’ gifts are usually on their way to Maryland by now. I’m lagging behind a little this year. Btw, the picture on Dino’s recording up there is one of my favorite Christmas prints of all time. It was painted by Jesse Barnes. I have a collector’s plate with it on. If you like rustic, Barnes is your guy for prints. His stuff is early Americana. I love it!

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