Booking My Plight

The past weekend was a lazy one.  Rain put a damper on any long walks my delusions would have me take with Chippy.  I had to do color my roots.

waiting for crumbs

Chippy can run around the house on those rainy days because I’m not leaving the house!

Dyed and set

I’m like a celebrity. I spent my Sunday preparing for beauty with a root dye job and a roller set!

We watched the narcissism of Hollywood rise to the top of the milk bottle—and trust me, it wasn’t all cream of the crop–at The Golden Globes on Sunday evening.  I’m tired of J.Lo’s Zoolander facial expressions—and that Angelina Jolie pose, not to mention the horrific color gown she wore.


Am I the only one who’s so freakin’ tired of J. Lo and her same Zoolander facial expression.  Am I the only one to realize that the beautiful Angelina Jolie CREATED that leg-sticking-out-of-the-slit pose?  It’s been done J. Lo!  I need ketchup to go with that mustard dress!

Amy Schumer, bless her heart, worse than that ill-fitting dress is now “besties” with the most annoying, cloying, ever-so-full-of-herself, one dimensional, Jennifer Lawrence. Blech! I just KNEW the popularity of “Trainwreck”  would destroy Amy as I knew her!


Thanks Amy, ya phoney.  Now you’re hanging out with HER????  She’s an obnoxious and arrogant, full-of-herself twit!

The saving graces were Ricky Gervais as host.


Ricky Gervais as the returning host for the Golden Globe Awards IS proof that God exists. Thank you, Hipster Jesus, for answering my prayers and having such a scathing sense of humor. Amen.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s win and Emily Rossum’s outfit. With an honorable mention to the beautiful Katy Perry’s wig!




Leo–he’s like fine wine because he just gets better with age.  Other celebrities should take a cue from him. He refers to his co-workers as “OUR”–not “MY”.  A great sign of character. Hope he brings Oscar home!


Emily Rossum was THE picture of simple elegance. Her look is just so refined and classic. One of the best looks of the evening!


I am pasting this to my fridge. THIS is the look I want to wear!  That wig is outstanding. I would need to inflate my saggy tits, but still, with a ton of underwire, and a 30 pound weight loss, I can dupe that look!

Then we woke up to the devastating news about David Bowie.

David Bowie Last Picture by Iman

The last photo of David Bowie taken by his wife, Iman. She took this photo two days before his transition to another universe.  This photograph is absolutely beautiful and it is the way I want to remember the ever-stylish Mr. Bowie.

I wanted to get away.  And what better place to sneak off to but a book store?  Book stores are that place.  A place that isn’t as quiet and somber as a library. Yet, a place that is bustling with people who enjoy not only to read, but to be surrounded by books with a more lively atmosphere.

The Boulder Bookstore located on the West end of the Pearl Street Mall Nov. 11, 2008. (CU Independent file/ Sam Hall)

The Boulder Bookstore located on the West end of the Pearl Street Mall Nov. 11, 2008. (CU Independent file/ Sam Hall)

I hope this bookstore is still in business.  This is my kind of hangout!

Have you taken a walk around your local mall recently?  Have you noticed the lack of book stores?  How come?  Malls will be home to shops filled with nothing but flip-flops. Some shops will have nothing to offer except bracelets in which to add charms.  Others will sell bean bag furniture and yet others will offer nothing but cheap posters and tee-shirts.  The only reading materials are the calendars in the kiosks and the brochures offered by both mall information and local real estate companies.

Oh yes. I know. I know.  E-books are available.  You can read an entire novel on your tablet.  Or—you can listen to an audio book while driving.  Something is missing there folks!

books on my tablet

The “books” that are uploaded to my tablet.  I haven’t read a one of them because I find reading on a tablet annoying! Gimme a damn book!

What about the act of turning pages?  What about reading  the author’ bio  in the jacket?  What about the cover illustration?  What about the smell of the paper in a book?  Why listen to an audio book when you can imagine your own voices?  What about bookshelves stocked with your favorite and not-so-favorite reads?

Books. Sci fi section

My least favorite genre of books–but to see the many books is more welcoming than unwelcoming!

Bookstores are never boring.  Barnes & Noble may be the book store of choice these days—and largely because smaller stores have gone out of business thanks to the electronic age.  Don’t get me wrong. B & N is a happy place for me.

Barnes and noble membership card

It’s the only membership I truly care about! Besides–the discount is fantastic!

I know once I enter, that I will be entertained for hours.  I can take a look-see over at the large selection of bargain books and perhaps pick up a fun cookbook or maybe get around to reading “that former best seller that I wanted to read but didn’t want to spend the money on”,  of which price has been lowered to $5.98!

Books. Cookbooks

You never know what new kind of cookbook you can find–and they are fun to read!

I can saunter through various sections; you never know what treasures one can find.

The children’s book section IS a treasure chest of memories for me.  All three of these books have been read to and by my kids.  True classics!

If my attention span is a bit on the shaky side, I can flip through magazines or coffee-table books.

Do I need a bookmark or a journal or a pen?  Perhaps a greeting card.  All can be found within the confines of this large department store of all things literary!

disorganized crime 049

I never tire of this glorious sight as I make my descent down the escalator and B & N!

If I need respite from my frustration of unemployment, I find a table and chair over at the Starbucks area.  In that little alcove, I can enjoy a Nonfat Chai Latte and join others who are seeking the same comfort that I am.

Books. A place to sit

Or, if you prefer some little tucked-away corner, you can find a seat and read without interruption for hours!


I remember various visits to New Orleans in past years—way before Katrina.  It was a blast rummaging through old books at Crescent City Books on Chartres Street.  The musty scent of old books was like a fine perfume and perusing through old and out-of-print books was a lesson in history.

Cresent City Books

Crescent City Books–while others are enjoyinga drink of Brandy Milk Punch or a Hurricane drink, I could be found in here enjoying the musty scent of old, worn out books more than a the scent of a dark roux!

Whenever we are in Paris, we love—absolutely love to spend time lazing around in book stores. I’m telling you, the French adore their books and reading—and the proof is in the tremendous amount of book shops scattered throughout the city’s arrondissements.


Shakespeare and Company may be the most infamous bookstore in Paris but we prefer the unknown, out-of-the-way book shops and, while walking, …..

Les bouquinistes Paris.jpg.824x0_q85

….les bouquinistes of Paris.  Makes walking incredibly enjoyable!

When we moved to Pennington, there was a book store in a little strip mall up the street from where we lived.  It was there that I got to spend “an evening with James Lee Burke”.  One of my favorite detective writers, close up and personal.  The store closed a few years later—I’m pretty sure it was because the video store that opened took much of the business away.  Video games were more popular than the act of reading a novel.

It was such a pleasurable experience to meet the man behind the great stories!

Do you remember the now defunct “Borders”?  I cannot even begin to add up the hours I spent there while Oona was at dance classes.  For two hours two and sometimes three times a week, I would be in my glories perusing, reading and enjoying coffee. It was much better than sitting in the sweaty waiting room of the dance studio and gave me quality “me” time!

Borders logo

It was sad to see Borders close. It really was a very decent bookstore!

Books bring memories.  Over this past Christmas, Oona and I were shopping.   She randomly mentioned that one of her favorite childhood memories was whenever I took the kids to Barnes & Noble.   The conversation went something like this:

Oona:  “Remember when we were kids and on rainy days during the summer you would take us to Barnes and Noble in Princeton?”

Me:  “Hell, yeah.”  “Market Fair in Princeton. That was a great Barnesan”.

 NOTE:  The kids and I, especially me and Roman, would often speak in our own language of “Abreev”—we abbreviated lots of words and phrases.  Barnes and Noble was oftentimes referred to as “Barnsan”—just as J. Crew was often, and still, is known as “Jacrew”.

Oona: “I loved that whenever we went there you would never say “no” if we wanted a book. You always bought us tons of books”.  “It’s one of my best memories because books were so much better than toys.”

Me:  Thanks Oonz (more abreev)—that makes me happy!”

 I can thank “Barnesan” and the many books I purchased for the kids to help me in my journey of child-rearing!

I can also thank the book stores I’ve visited for allowing me to enter the world of travel, self-improvement, the lives of others and many other subjects and genres.

 Books. Living Your Best Life

Yup! Sometimes reading is better, and much less expensive, therapy!

Without the bookstores that housed so many books, I would have never been able to secure my full love and admiration for reading.

Bookshelf 2

One of the bookshelves at home.  There is never a shortage of reading material in Chateau Bonaparte!

Without the books to read, I would have never been able to perfect my wild imagination.  Without my wild imagination, I would have never been able to write.  Without the ability to write, I would have never started blogging.

Thank you Barnesan, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Strand Books, and all the other book shops, large and small, opened and closed that I’ve spent time in throughout my life.  You are more influential than you could have ever imagined.

Still thinking about David Bowie, I wanted to revisit Major Tom. XOXOXOXO! The ORIGINAL version for you:


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25 Responses to Booking My Plight

  1. hipchick66 says:

    Ahh, the smell of books. New ones, old ones. The feel of different papers and covers. There is nothing like it!

    • Catherine says:

      Lori–right??? Bonaparte has some books that are older than he is! And they smell so great and musty–he smells like Guerlain’s Veviter! But like you, I love the feel of the different paper and some of the really old books have raised letters that you can feel. Those ebooks just are not the same! XOXOXO!

  2. spearfruit says:

    I am calling ‘E Online’ and telling them you need to be on the red carpet next year! And personally if I saw you on the street, I most likely would mistake you for Katy Perry. Another great post as usually, thanks Catherine. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Spear–this is so sick–but before the Golden Globes, I actually made Bonaparte sit down while I acted out a “make believe red carpet event” with ME interviewing the stars! He was greatly entertained and afraid at the same time! It was epic! LOL!! And yes–I am working on my inner Katy Perry. Maybe she will see me and ask me to play her mother in a music video!

  3. I can see that ‘cleavage’ now GF😉.

    I Love bookstores…I’m the Book-Nana to my grandkids….they always get at least one book as a gift for any occasion!

  4. Haylee says:

    Agreed on all things book related. And I filled up with that photo of Bowie – only two days before? Wow, that baffles my brain. But I’m glad he looks so happy in the image 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Haylee. I was thinking the same thing–it’s wonderful that he looks so happy in that photo..he also doesn’t look ill. I think that photo is just the greatest one ever! XO

  5. We couldn’t agree more about the pleasure that holding a book in your hands brings when you are reading. Our family room and offices are literally lined with bookshelves for all of our favorite books.

    • Catherine says:

      I love that. Books warm up a home! The NJ house had built in bookshelves that I loved. Each of the kids’ rooms housed bookshelves stocked with a great supply. We still have not yet unpacked all our books from our move to our current home, but the bookshelves in the downstairs family room just make it so cozy and inviting! There really is nothing like a book! XOXOXO!

  6. Annamarie Campbell says:

    Catherine, my husband and I both share your love of “real books!” We go to B&N at least twice a month! In fact, we babysit for my daughter-in-laws niece and nephew one weekend, and as a treat we took them there to pick out books and a couple of other treats at B&N…anyway, they looked at us and said; “I thought we were going somewhere fun!” Well, it was at that point we both realized that this was something WE considered fun! Oh well, todays kids will never appreciate the smell of a new/old book, or know the excitement and thrill of walking into a library or a book store where there are books galore just waiting to come alive…!!

    • Catherine says:

      Annamarie. Whenever I’m in BS I stop at the B&N over by Target–I love that place. You’re right. I think kids today are too attached to their ipads and electronic games to appreciate reading. It’s sad because reading can bring these kids to a place of using their brains and imaginations. Oh well…maybe I’ll run into you at B &N when I’m back in BS! XOXOXOXO!

  7. I love Emma Rosum’s look and Katy Perry’s too! Yea, a 30 pound weight loss should do it for me too…LOL 😀
    That bookstore….Wow…that’s where I want to live! That is soo inviting.
    P.S: You look amazing in the new picture!

  8. BunKaryudo says:

    It was a shame about David Bowie. It was nice to see him look so happy near the end. I agree with you about Ricky Gervais — he can be very funny. I also agree about Leonardo DiCaprio. He does come across as a thoroughly decent guy. I saw a thing on YouTube where a bunch of times the interviewer seemed desperate to have him bad-mouth other celebs and their movies. Leo very adroitly and classily avoided doing it every time.

    • Catherine says:

      Right? That picture of Bowie was incredible. Oh…the media LOVES to stir the shit. Instead of trying to bring DiCaprio down, they should STOP paying attention to Z list celebs like the Kardashians–don’t even get me started! LOL XOXOXOXO!!

      • BunKaryudo says:

        I like Leo. I’m a bit of a kid, I’m afraid. Although I know I should judge an actor or a singer’s performance on its own merits, if I happen to know the person involved is an insufferable big-head or utterly selfish, it really puts me off them.

        I guess I do tend divide performers into goodies and baddies. Based on the little I know about him, I have Leo in the goodies camp at the moment.

  9. I enjoyed your commentary on the stars and your photos are popping. That picture of Bowie is beautiful.

  10. calensariel says:

    So glad to see that someone else’s bookshelves are stacked two deep and piled high. There’s just never enough bookshelves!

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