Be Nice. All of Us.

Tis time to be niceI don’t know who created this lovely little painting. But it rings true.  It is time to be Nice..

I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday but the news of the latest attack upon innocent people is incredibly upsetting.

To those who questioned my traveling to France because it isn’t safe.  It IS safe. This incident of hate doesn’t make an entire country unsafe. It makes it stronger.

The incidents in Paris. Makes the French stronger.

Orlando, Columbine, Sandy Hook…all have made us stronger.

We need to find a way to destroy evil–but in the meantime. We all need to be Nice.

NIce. Hotel Negresco

..and two weeks ago we drove along this area. And next year we will drive along it again.

Thank you…and remember our world is changing for the worst. We need to change it for the better.

Love and Hugs,


About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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49 Responses to Be Nice. All of Us.

  1. hipchick66 says:

    I have been thinking of you and B since I heard the news. It’s devastating to the soul. Sending love and hugs to you, and prayers for peace and love for the world. Xoxoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori. Thank you. Thank you so much for your love and hugs. It is so hard for me to process what happened. I’m still in shock. We were there two weeks ago to calm and good vibes. I can’t…..XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. painterwrite says:

    Lovely post. My mother in law called last night basically trying to convince us to cancel our upcoming trip to France. I am a bit nervous (train trips especially), but terrible things happen here in the US much more often. All this violence is just ridiculous…little bully kids playing tough.

    • Catherine says:

      Painter. No. You NEED to go to France. I’m looking forward to our next visit. I am not afraid. In fact, I welcome my demise from a terrorist rather than from a bad disease. This is insane. Hollande needs to “up” the police department in France. He’s done nothing to help the situation. Do not let the recent incident change your plans. I’m so passionate about this. XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Terri Lee says:

    I thought of you last night as I watched the scene unfolding on CNN. I had only wished my goddaughter and her fiancé, another handsome young Frenchman like your Bonaparte, a Happy Bastille Day that morning and to hear and see the tragic turn of events left me outraged. While they live in D.C., he has many relatives in France and I wanted to make sure they were all safe and accounted for. Yes, the evil in this world MUST be stopped. Too many innocent lives taken by monsters disguised as human beings. I send my love out to France and to the world. And, of course, to you, Madame! XOXOXOXO

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Terri. I know. I know. The events are horrific. But we need to show the evil that the good is stronger. It’s hard. It is so very hard and Bonaparte and I are sickened by the events of last night. WTF kind of sick mind does shit like that??? It is just so awful and for once, I’m speechless! XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. iolacontessa says:

    I learned about it looking at INSTAGRAM!I did not turn the TV on to see more………….of course you will continue to go as I will just NOT as often as YOU GO!
    I found ALL your blog posts in my JUNK FOLDER!WHO THE HECK DECIDES WHAT IS JUNK and what is MAIL?I have A LOT of catching up to do……………just NOT Today!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Contessa. You bet your ass that we will continue to return to France. We plan on returning in a few months.!!!!! Girlfriend. You got a lot of readin’ to do! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Christine says:

    I’ve been thinking about you since I heard the awful news.I’m so sorry. France is in my prayers.

    • Catherine says:

      HI Christine. Thank you so very much. Bonaparte and I are home safe, but our hearts are with the people of Nice. This is so tragic. It’s hard to process what kind of mind would carry something like this out………….XOXOXO!!!

  6. Jane Martel Billman says:

    You were the first person who came to mind when I heard about this tragedy….
    Glad you are ok and took the time to check in with us.

    Take care

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jane. Thank you so very much for thinking of me. I wouldn’t NOT think of checking on my friends. I’m glad we are ok, but my heart aches for those who have met a worse fate. XOXOXOXO!!!

  7. Ali says:

    Never going to stop going to France….feel privileged to be able to. We will be going in October…yes to Nice as well. Can’t let…Them… win.

    Never commented before….but I had to today.


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ali. Thank you for commenting. It is so true. We cannot let them win. And we need to continue to visit and travel and not allow fear to keep us from moving foward. Each time I visit France I feel privileged to be able to go there. I did not grow up with the means to travel and it is even more special. Again–thank you so much for commenting and I hope it is the first of many times. XOXOXOXO!!!

  8. Thank you for this nice post. I have friends and family in Nice no worries they are fine. I know like you said the world is changing for the worst. Be safe.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Dude. You are welcome. I have a friend in Nice who decided not to go to the fireworks. Luckily,he and his better half are now safe–what a horror….You be safe too my friend…XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. mareymercy says:

    I have been thinking of you too…I know your heart must be hearting right now. 🙁

  10. Oh Catherine, this latest awfulness puts so much into perspective – be nice, be safe and love one another – that’s what we can do. My best wishes to you & Bonaparte. And of course France is safe. We visit it in September. Lots of love Penny xxxxx

  11. Jane Martel(totally French) Billman says:

    You were the first person I thought about when I heard the news. Glad you are safe and took the time to update us …. Take care XO. Jane

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jane. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Luckily we are home and safe and sound. But that really doesn’t mean much these days because no place is truly safe. Thank you again. XOXOXOXO!!!

  12. Judy says:

    So much pain and sadness; you are right, we all need to be much, much, nicer.
    Thanks. as always, for your post.

  13. spearfruit says:

    Thank you Catherine – so true – be nice all of us. 🙂

  14. Nancy says:

    Thought of you immed. when I heard the news, glad that you two are safe…won’t say OK because I am not sure any of us are”OK ” right now, so much sadness in the world

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy. I think you nailed it. I don’t think any of us are truly “OK” with this shit that has been going on..This hatred needs to stop. It’s just awful…XOXOXO!!!

  15. It’s getting out of control ,sorry 4 people ,all.
    Heartbroken ..j.:(

    • Catherine says:

      Windwhisperer. It IS getting out of control. Something needs to be done. And right now I can’t stop thinking of “Stop the world. I want to get off”. I want a better place……..XOXOXO!!!

  16. Anna says:

    Cathe your posts from France are truly beautiful and a joy. They are a reminder of the peace and simplicity we crave amidst this madness. Today I will plant a beautiful rose in my garden for all to see. Love and kisses to all.

    • Catherine says:

      Anna.. The fact that such a simple but beautiful action such as planting a rose in your garden has brought me to tears, makes me so happy that we can be filled with hope. Thank you. XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  17. I was hoping you would post something today as Frank and I are out of words…

    • Catherine says:

      Maribeth. I can’t even. We are both numb. Bonaparte and I literally got no sleep last night because we were just overcome by the events. And the COWARDLY way this shitbird carried out the murders…there are no words….XOXOXOXO!!!

  18. Sharon Daly says:

    Like others, I thought of you as soon as I heard the terrible news. Glad you are safe and your courage and good sense are undimmed!

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Sharon. Can you believe it??? We were just saying how lucky we were to be in the “safest” part of France. Actually it IS safe. It is just that we cannot allow one incident–or a few incidents to pass judgment on an entire country………..It hurts. XOXOXOXO!!!

  19. theturtle says:

    Thanks to your beautiful posts , a lot of us feel like we have traveled to this part of France with you . As I arrived home last night around 11 the news were just coming on the TV and of course immediately I thought of you and how sad Bonaparte must be .
    This is pure evil madness and such a waste of lives . Let’s not give credit to the saying that it takes only one rotten apple … There are way more good healthy apples , we will be strong and be good and we will change this World for better and not worse .

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Turtle. There is so much going on in my mind right now. We’ve been watching the USA news and, naturally, these idiots bring it back to Trump (really???). Bonaparte becomes increasingly upset because (no balls) Hollande does nothing but speak out of both sides of his mouth. France needs more policing. Period. But it isn’t just that. This evil needs to be stopped. Politically correctness needs to be stopped in order to stop the evil. The cycle goes on…………..XOXOXOXO!!!

  20. Ali says:

    Thank you for your wonderful travelogue, which I had just finished reading the day this horrible thing happened. Much love to you and Bonaparte,

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ali. Thank YOU. Thank you for sending love to us. I do have more of our trip to write about. And I’ll continue. But I just need a moment to reflect on what happened in Nice. It’s beyond awful. Ali–I thank you again for your good karma. XOXOXOXO!!!

  21. Margaret says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s so much easier to love than to hate, why can’t everyone grasp this?? I am so glad you and your husband had a safe trip, and hope that you’re coping as well as can be after just returning from that beautiful country. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I hope to visit too someday. Sending prayers to France…

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Margaret. Thank you for your thoughts. We did have a safe trip. And it makes me put things into perspective. Here I was bitching and complaining about the strike, and delays and weather–when there are other incidents that occur….We need lots of love right now…XOXOXOXO!!!

  22. Anne says:


    I was so upset when I heard of the tragedy and evil that occurred in Nice. As others who follow your blog, I immediately thought of both of you and Bonaparte and was concerned for your safety, as well as any family or friends you have in France. I was so happy to hear you had not traveled up for the celebration. So happy you both at OK.

    My one daughter and family live in Austin, TX. Hearing of the loss of life of the father and son from Austin gave me chills.

    At 68 years of age, I am having a hard time dealing with all the evil and violence in our world presently. The stress is hard on me as I have fibromyalgia and stress makes it worse. I do not want to listen to the news, expecting reports of more carnage of innocent lives. I have no idea of how we can stop this evil from reoccurring. And it is happening more and more frequently. I know the good people out numbered the bad in our world, but the bad can ruin so many lives. I hope our leaders make the right decisions in trying to combat the violence that is happening.
    On a happier subject, I am loving hearing of your French adventures! 🙂


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts for Bonaparte and me. I want your stress level to go to the basement so that your fibromylgia will be eased. Sometimes it is just so hard to see the good because evil has a way of shoving itself to the front—and our news media certainly loves sensationalism and will report the bad till kingdom come.

      I will be continuing with our adventures, hopefully this evening or tomorrow. The retail hell hours of late are killing me! XOXOXOXO!!!

  23. junedesilva says:

    Salut Catherine! I do feel the world is going mad. I cannot put into words my sadness at what happened in Nice. We are in the process of buying a house in SW France, completing at the end of August. It has been my dream forever. People ask me if we are still going through with the purchase. Of course, why wouldn’t we?! I’m still feeling very depressed at the cruelty of the Bastille Day events but your down to earth attitude and sassy comments always bring a smile to my face. Xx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi June. Oh. By all means go through with the purchase of that home. I’m home now and listening to news of two police officers murdered in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Multiple homicides in Philadelphia. More shootings here in the States and people actually have the balls to “tell” me how “dangerous” France is. These are people who have never left the confines of these 50 States. I can’t even…. We are all upset about the recent chain of events. However. We need to march forward ….XOXOXOXO!!!

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