Here’s To the Men Who Love Women–The REAL Men!

I’m sitting here with hair dye plopped on my roots and looking out the window on this gray and rainy Sunday morning.  I may head out later on this afternoon to purchase tights or I may not; it depends on how the weather will hold up.


Notice that I have more dye on my SHIRT than on my HAIR! At least the roots will be covered!

It’s 8:25 in the morning and it’ll take a good part of the day to “do” my hair.  The rollers are set aside and so are the bobby pins.

I wore wigs on Thursday and Friday. They were a bit shiny and straight. I liked them but a certain someone who just happens to be a Frenchman, has now decided to give his opinion on the hair that I wear.  He wants to go wig shopping with me.  This is both great and not so great.  It’s great because he now realizes that my hair loss is severe enough that I can no longer rely on the hair fiber sprinkles.



Bonaparte did NOT like this look on me…


..nor did he like this.  He said it doesn’t fit my personality or my squared-angular face. Just what I always wanted. A French beauty and hair consultant! 

me-with-yaki-topperHowever, Mr. Bonaparte, beauty consultant, DOES love the natural way my Uniwig topper blends in with my bio hair.

My guess is that he will LOVE my new inexpensive Model Model wig–it is very wavy and I happen to think it looks very natural!  But moving forward, I will bring Mr. Bonaparte, Beauty Consultant with me to the wig store!

He told me that I need to find “hair” to match my face. He wasn’t talking about my upper-lip hair or lady whiskers either.


And NO Mr. Bonaparte, Beauty Consultant. I will NOT take you with me when I get my lip waxed!

He basically meant that I need to find a wig that is more like my personality and better suited to my facial features.  He does not like straight, close-to-the-head hair on me. He likes waves—which are more conducive to my bio hair.

But more than rolling my eyes and looking up at the ceiling over his latest efforts to be my hair “consultant”.  Something better dawned upon me.  Bonaparte loves and respects women!

I’m sure by now you have all seen or at least read or heard about the latest and not-so-greatest from the misogynist known as Trump.   Using the word “pussy” to describe how he grabs women.  Speaking about women as though they are nothing more than objectified sexual beings.  Not only is he hateful and disrespectful to all women, but as he described his antics, he was married and his wife was pregnant at the time. That is an all-time low!


This was NOT the pussy Trump was referring to…


Neither was this! OK??

A real man does not use these words. A real man is not a bully. A real man exhibits discretion.  A real man is respectful. A real man is kind and a real man is not a macho man.

I can’t wrap my head around why any woman—or real man for that fact would continue to support someone who displays such vile, vulgar, and disrespectful words, actions and thoughts toward another woman. I can’t wrap my head around the hate that Hillary Clinton receives from these women who support Trump.  My guess is that these are un-and undereducated women who grew up in households where women were treated like second-class citizens.  My thinking is that these are the women who need to depend 100 percent on men for their existence because they either refuse to do it on their own or—well, or whatever.  Do I hate these women? No. I don’t.  I feel sympathy and empathy for them. I feel that way because there has to be deep-rooted issues for these women to make them feel that way.


I am saddened by the women who don’t support Hillary–actually, I’m more saddened by the vengeful hatred they spew toward her. But–I’m not a hater of women. I feel sorry for the women who support Trump because there are deep-rooted issues that they face.

Regardless, I don’t want to go there…this post is more about the real man I share my life with and the men who genuinely love and respect women.


To Mr. Bonaparte! Fashion Consultant. Beauty Consultant. All-around decent Frenchman who loves women!

Bonaparte loves women. He doesn’t love them in a lewd and malicious way. He loves women in a genuine way. He is happy to be among the company of women.  He would rather compliment a woman on her successes rather than talk football with the guys.  (Although he does love his soccer!).

He finds women to be fascinating and intriguing.  When he speaks of his granddaughter and her capabilities, his eyes light up.  When he speaks of his daughter, he regards her so highly that I swear his feet lift up off the ground.

And when he speaks about how my own daughter, Oona, has reached success and has matured, his eyes tear up. He is proud of her and happy for her.

And during all of our visits to see Daniele, he always put her needs and wishes before ours, making sure she was always well-taken care of!

Paris. Fondation LV. Daniele and Vincent!

Bonaparte with Daniele–on our last visit with her before she passed.  Look how happy she is!  He always made sure she was taken care of!

And when he tells me that a certain outfit doesn’t look good on me, he isn’t telling me that because he wants to humiliate me or want me to feel bad about myself. He is being honest and he will suggest something that will flatter me.  Sometimes I listen to him and sometimes I do not listen to him.  And he doesn’t become angry if I don’t pay attention to his suggestions. He will always find something to compliment me on.


One of the outfits that Bonaparte would not like to see me venture out in public wearing! Don’t worry Mr. Bonaparte, Fashion Consultant. I won’t.  Well, maybe. Well, only if you aren’t around!

He understands my struggle with weight, but will tell me not to lose too much off my “boo-tee-feel” Renoir derriere.  And yet, he fully supports my efforts of weight loss—in fact, sometimes he supports it a bit too much!  But it’s all good.

A fat ass  Christmas

Only a real man would say something nice about an ass this wide. Merci!

When I get into the zone of darkness and doom, he doesn’t become angry with me. He allows it to ride out, but he also approaches me and very kindly asks me to let him know what is bothering me—I need to get it off my chest.


Well, CAN we?  I guess so!  Even when I close up (and you can ask my kids about THAT one), Bonaparte gets me to open up to him.

When we are out and about, he will notice a chic older woman and point her out to me.  He was equally fascinated by the infamous “Lady in Green” that we spotted in Ste. Maxime this past summer and it was he who tried to get better photos of her.  Bonaparte appreciates a well-put-together woman.

Ste. Maxime. Best dressed woman in France.BLOG GOLD

The infamous “Lady in Green”. Bonaparte was over-the-moon impressed with her ensemble!

As much as I love Renoir’s nudes, my favorites are the nudes by Gustave Courbet because they are more realistic and are what they are.


Real Man Gustave Courbet’s self-portrait portrays the shock of Frenchmen after hearing how Trump speaks about women! Courbet, one of the leaders of Realism in painting, is my favorite painter of nudes. I also love his other paintings. I LOVE Courbet!


Courbet’s “Nude With Parrot”. I love how beefy these women were. 

Bonaparte favors the ethereal nudes by Renior because he says the love of women shows through more.  Yes. A real man can appreciate the female body in all her glorious nudity in the right context.


Renoir’s Bathers. Seriously. How can you NOT love the softness in Renoir’s paintings. He is my favorite Impressionist. But Bonaparte absolutely adores Renoir’s nudes! Renoir is another real man with a love for a beefier female body! Right on guys!

He praises my cooking—especially when I present a French dish that reminds him of being back in his native France.  And he will clean the mess I made without complaint.  A true sign of a real man.


Last night I made Rognons a la Moutarde. Kidneys in a cream and cognac mustard sauce. It reminded Bonaparte of his life in Paris! And I’m a sucker for offal!

The world can take a lesson from the way a Frenchman looks at women in general.

Oh..I know all about the amorous adventures of Frenchmen—but a good number of these adventures are overblown and stereotypical.  Even in their dalliances on film and those of real-life, the Frenchman treats women with respect and with dignity.  Two of my favorite French film male characters are both characters created by Francois Truffaut—Antoine Doinel, portrayed by Truffaut look alike, Jean-Pierre Léaud, and  Bertrand Morane, played by one of my favorite French actors, Charles Denner.


Jean-Pierre Leaud, not only a Truffaut look-alike, but he is Truffaut’s alter-ego, Antoine Doinel.


Francois Truffaut–another man who TRULY loved women!


The great and handsome man of the sexiest speaking voice of all time–Charles Denner.  His portrayal of Bertrand Morane was honest and touching. A real man with faults but who loved women

Both characters aren’t perfect. They have faults. But they both love and appreciate women.  And because of that I highly recommend watching the five-part film series The Adventures of Antoine Doinel, beginning with The 400 Blows.  I also highly recommend Truffaut’s The Man Who Loved Women.

400 Blows. One of the best films of all time.

The 400 Blows–quite possibly one of the greatest films of all time–and an insight into the minds of both Truffaut and Doinel.


It is time for me to revisit this film!

But I’m getting off subject here as I usually do.

Certainly my life with Bonaparte isn’t without ups and downs.  And he is incredibly grateful for the many times, the few times, the times, when I always apologize that one time I apologized after an intense argument!


As much as it damn near killed me, I apologized. Once. I believe it was one of Bonaparte’s happiest moments ever!

It is also the little things he does—like filling my car up with gas simply because I’m obsessed that a drop of gas will get on my clothing or my good shoes and some dope with a cigarette will approach me and I will go up flames.

Yes. It is true. I suffer from Zoolander Gas Station Explosion Syndrome!

Or the way he will bring flowers home because every home should have fresh flowers—how many real men do that?


When I come home from work and plop my bag on the counter, I’ll be surprised with flowers like this!

And the way he still opens the car door open for me.

But he isn’t the only real man I know.  The two other real men are my sons, Jake and Roman. They treat women with the respect we so deserve and are huge proponents of their sister.   The highest compliments I’ve ever received were not how great my sons performed in sports or academically. The highest praise I, as a mother received, was from mothers of girls who expressed their appreciation of how my boys treated their daughters.  What mother would not be proud of that?


My sons have grown from kind and respectful boys into real men. I am proud and thankful for that!

So today I want to ask you to leave a comment in celebrating the real men in your life!  This is a time when we need to pause and remember that there are decent men out there and not lascivious, lewd, lecherous, filthy animals such as the male who is running for president of these already GREAT United States of America.


Although I don’t say it often enough, thanks to all the real men out there who treat us women with respect and thank you to my sons and Bonaparte. You are a rarity!

Here’s Barbra. As Fanny Brice. Belting out one of the great songs celebrating her man Nick.

Here’s to all the good and real men out there. Fathers. Husbands. Sons. Brothers. Friends. You know who they are!




About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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46 Responses to Here’s To the Men Who Love Women–The REAL Men!

  1. Terri Lee says:

    I teared up reading this post. Since my husband’s passing, I’ve been afraid that I will be alone forever—even though I’m only 57 now (58 at month’s end, but I’m not rushing it! HAHA!). After being lucky enough to have a husband for 34 years who was a REAL man and who truly loved me, I’m worried that there now seems to be a genuine dearth of real men left out there in the world! No doubt good men exist, but as they say, the good ones are also most likely taken. At this point, I will never settle for anything less! My husband raised the bar extremely high. I’ll find myself a circle of wonderful female friends rather than have to tolerate sexist, disrespectful bullies, with the mentalities of frat boys.

    I’m so happy for you to have a wonderful marriage to the handsome, dashing Bonaparte! Appreciate every day and revel in it! Much love to you, sweet lady!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much Terri. I had to go through some very, very, very bad experiences before meeting Bonaparte. It’s funny but Oona says the same thing as you. She is always saying that her brothers’ treatment of her raises the bar so high that she compares the behavior to many young men she meets to her brothers. I think that is a wonderful thing to have the bar raised.
      Whether or not you meet someone as wonderful as your late husband doesn’t matter. You have fantastic memories of 34 years with him. And you are right to raise that bar. You are also blessed to realize you have wonderful women friends! I am honored to have you as a friend! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Terri Lee says:

        I am honored to consider you my friend, as well, Catherine! We still have to have our party night, when we show up outside Saramai’s house and proclaim our undying admiration and devotion. HAHAHA!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. As a woman, as the mother of two daughters, as the mother of a son that may one day marry or love a woman….I cannot fathom how anyone (but particularly women) can support Trump or truly the Republican Party at all. Especially here in the (formerly) great state of Texas, it seems the elected officials are bound and determined to legislate all female parts back to the dark ages. I just don’t get it.

    • Catherine says:

      Nelson–I don’t get it either. I’m sure in my favorite Texas City, Austin, those college kids are keeping it weird–and real and respecting women! The biggest issue is that the former Republican Party cowtowed to the TeaParty and allowed that malignancy to spread and choke the old republican party. It is now a bunch of self-righteous, female hating, fake Christian bigots. And it needs to change. I’m broken-hearted over the large number of women who support this filthy pig of a man. And I have female family members (NOT MY DAUGHTER) who support this vile shit of a human.

  3. Juliet says:

    Ok, a comment about Trevor…. hmmm let me think. We are chalk and cheese – I don’t know how it works but it does, he is a serious, super-smart academic of staggering brain power and minimal words. As you can probably tell, I never shut up, I’m flakey, I love people watching but also knotted-gut wrenchingly shy/awkward, how the hell we two are still together is anyone’s guess. He like sense, order and geomorphology, he likes mathematical stuff and common sense and everything in its place yet somehow he is still with me and I’m with him. We spent today exploring the Duomo in Modena, I obliged him by climbing the tower, and while I was photographing every angle, he was happily exploring the stones for fossils, while I was delirious over the inside he was outside counting and considering ancient worm holes made however many million years ago. Can’t remember the last time we said I love you, bought flowers for each other – but he is as steady as a rock and like your Bonaparte, an decent and steady guy. What a wonderful thing to ask about – I am looking forward to all the responses

    • Catherine says:

      Juliet–I loved your comment!! Bonaparte and I are also polar opposites in many ways. He’s the calm to my emotional storm. He’s quiet. I’m loud. And we make it work. I’m so diggin’ your response–it is great–and I hope to read more great responses like this ! XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. LA CONTESSA says:

    BONAPARTE for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVED THIS…………again I too have a hubby who brings FLOWERS home just because.I too have TWO TERRIFIC SONS I got compliments all the way through high school on and still do!I was told LAST night to change my outfit before going out to dinner…….NICELY so I listened!SOMETIMES I DONOT!
    AS FOR THAT ASSHOLE I wondered about the fact he was MARRIED at the time and YOU DID YOUR FACT CHECKING!!!!!!!!MARRIED AND EXPECTING A DOUBLE NO NO!!!!
    I just DONOT GET it EITHER………….MY thinking is MIDDLE AMERICA thinks because HE has money he can CHANGE things!!!!!!!!
    WE are an EMBARRASSMENT over in EUROPE…………I would imagine you know that being married to a TRUE FRENCHMAN!
    THANKS for the reminder about TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Elizabeth! I think it is the way European men must be raised. I think they are raised to be in touch with their feminine sides or just to treat everyone with respect and as an equal! Middle America needs to take their heads out of their asses and wake up–this con artist isn’t going to save things nor is he going to change. He is about one thing only–himself!! I don’t want to be an embarrassment any more!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  5. hipchick66 says:

    I am standing an applauding you! Let’s hear it for the real men, the ones that respect themselves, respect other real men and most certainly respect all females, young and old. I a man who I am today because of the real men who loved me, respected me and taught me to not accept less. My Pop, and my Dad!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Lori. You are 100 percent spot on and I forgot to mention my own dad and grandfather–thank you for that reminder. It is nice to read about the real men and even better to know that we DO have decent men out there! XOXOXOXO!

  6. Brilliant post, as usual! Bonaparte sounds like a real gentleman – not that I expected anything else. And you sons sound just as wonderful! I agree, it’s important that men treat women with respect – we do treat men with respect, so why wouldn’t we want or expect the same. My husband is a true gentleman too. He always fills the car with petrol (I think the last time I did that was in 2001…), he does the heavy lifting, he deals with creepy crawlies (he;’s my dragon slayer – and he doesn’t even moan when I wake him up at 3:00 am to… slay a dragon), he compliments me, he knows the only right answer to “Did I get fat?” is “What? I didn’t notice it at all – you always look stellar!” 😀

    My husband treats other women with respect too, he offers help when he sees a woman struggling with her baby buggie and her heavy shopping – but he would not assume women are weak. It’s just… sometimes it’s fairly obvious when someone else – man or woman – needs a helping hand. 😉

    So yeah, real men treat women with respect. And I’m so glad you found your real man! xx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Strawberry! Your husband sounds like a doll of a real man! I like what you said about his not assuming women are weak–that’s the thinking of a strong man. But it’s true–sometimes people do need a bit of help and it doesn’t mean they are weak. Woman or man! And trust me–after last night’s debate, I need to read about these wonderful men we have in our lives!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  7. Momcat says:

    Celebrating Thanksgiving up here, north of the border. Had dinner with three men I am ever grateful for, my own Frenchman and our two sons. Interestingly dinner conversation turned to Trump and his idiotic, sexist, disgusting comments. My sons are shocked that his wife would even stand by him never mind Republican supporters. My boys are 25 and 20 they are disgusted that someone who is in the running for leader of the free world is such an unmitigated asshole. My youngest opined that Trump thinks he was just talking locker room but ( in my child’s words) ” as if me and the homies sit around the locker room discussing ways of sexually molesting innocent women, sorry that is NOT locker room talk I ever want to hear.” But I honestly think this kid’s comments reflect how many millennials feel about D.T. As for his women supporters, don’t get me started I read a comment on line from a woman who said that if he was her husband she would ask God to forgive him and she would do the same. Right above another woman succinctly replied that if he was her husband he’d be dead. God, when that dyed in the wool Republican, Ben Stein is pulling his support Trump might as well call it a night…
    SNL was having a field day with D.T. and comments were made how he had earlier branded Mexicans as rapists and here he is now bragging about himself sexually harassing a woman!
    All you ladies with wonderful, loving, respectful, considerate partners give thanks…because out there is a very, very rich lady who has everything but……
    See, Mom was right, money doesn’t buy everything…

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Momcat! You have a couple of stellar and respectful sons there. And they got that way from your values. Melanoma Trump will never leave that dirtbag husband of hers because he is her bank account. I’m keeping fingers crossed that Marla Maples comes out with a ton of dirt on her filthy pig of an ex. I posted last night on my FB to my friends that “Trump is more full of shit than a constipated elephant”. And I hold true to that statement. The idiot women who support Trump also support sexual harrassment, verbal, emotional abuse from men and have no self-respect.
      Don’t even get me started on the women in my very own family. I come from a ridiculously large Irish Catholic family and I can count 5 women out of over 50 who are voting for Hillary. Yeah. 5 of us are the “wacked out Liberals” in my bigoted family. I thank God that my daughter is an independently minded liberal–such as my sons are.
      My neck hurts from the stress of sleeping poorly last night after watching that shit show of a debate. Look. I’m a Bernie fan–and Hillary isn’t the greatest candidate–but she IS a very pragmatic choice. She knows DC politics. Her husband was POTUS and did a decent job. She will be gettiing my vote for sure. I need to stop now! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  8. Oh Catherine, what a great post about the male of the species! So first of all, you’re not the only country to have had (or in your case about to have) a political disaster. The Brits have gone ape shit over Europe but apparently we can never undo this dreadful decision. Over where you are, in November, you have a chance to get rid of that person. I do hope the best person wins!!!!!! Because it’s not pleasant being a laughing stock as we are over here. The U.K. is in for a tough and rough ride for many years but it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

    Second, my other half, sitting in bed next to me (it’s 6.45am) head buried in phone as I am (!) has got up first as always to get me a cup of tea. We’ve been married for over 42 years and it’s NOT amazing because he’s my best friend, partner, lover, husband, companion etc etc etc. And looking forward to spend the rest of my life with him!

    I love hearing about Bonaparte – it’s so good you met him xxxxxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Penny. What bothers me more than shit bird Trump is the fact he has supporters that equal half of the USA. WTF???? When did Americans become so ignorant, entitled, angry, bitter and just plain stupid???? Trump is Hitler with a bad fake tan. I still cannot wrap my mind around this ridiculous campaign.
      Your husband sounds like a great guy. Getting up earlier to make that cuppa is true love and I love your words of admiration for him! We need to hear about these good men at this distressing time!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. Rachel says:

    My boyfriend, then husband, now soulmate of 15 years is a gentleman. He embodies equality without even realising and always puts others first. We had my Mother staying for six weeks recently and he looked after her so well and with such love.
    There are many wonderful men in this world.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rachel–and the sign of a really, REALLY good and real man is how they treat mothers. Yours is a gem!! There are many wonderful men in this world and they need to shine moreso than the dirt who abuse and disrespect! Thank you! XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. SusanD says:

    I too am married to a wonderful man in touch with his feminine side, except when he thinks I am late! He’s a marvellous cook and certainly likes to offer his opinion on how I look- sometimes I listen sometimes I don’t. I know I have his love and respect and that he would do anything for me – let anyone do or say anything he’s not happy about regarding me and he would fight to the death. He’s my knight in shining armour, my rock, I feel safe in his care.

    • Catherine says:

      LOL. Susan! My water just went down the wrong pipe over your husband’s reaction to being late!!! Is he related to Bonaparte? I’m mopey and it drives B. up a wall. Your words show a very strong and true love for your man! Brava! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. doodletllc says:

    And oh so lovely post, Catherine, and right on target as usual…Real Men…yes…I have known a few…my father, for one…and my husband, for two. (Uh, husband #2, #1 not so much) All the political nonsense could be fueling this…so done…so done…Ready to Choose. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jeanne. Uh, yeah. I know what you mean–the first time around can be a challenge for sure! But there is a light at the end of that tunnel! I think if we are raised with a loving and respectful father we are more sensitive to how a man should treat a woman, daughter, wife, mother, aunt….I’m ready for the election to be over–it’s really taxing!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  12. calensariel says:

    Amen! I’ve got me one of “them,” too! And I honestly get a big head when I see how women react to his being so gentle. (Even though he does have his moments!) The day we renewed our wedding vows on our 35th anniversary we planned to have the reception outside where we could just mill around, but it was raining like crazy and we had no table decorations for the tables indoors. Unbeknownst to be he got up at 6 a.m. and went to Walmart where he bought an assortment of pots, soil, ribbon, and violets and made the cutest decorations for the tables. I think that’s the nicest thing he’s ever done for me. What a surprise! 😀

  13. Rhonda Wagner says:

    You’re right, Donald Trump is disgusting! However let’s not be hypocritical – Bill Clinton was and is a sleazy man and there are some very disturbing comments that Hilary has made! We deserve better.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rhonda! We are all free here to give our opinions and I completely respect yours. And yeah, Bill Clinton did a really sleazy thing with Monica Lewinsky–but the fact is, it was consensual. And the other thing is Bill is not running for POTUS. Hillary is. I honestly don’t think anyone is being hypocritical if they don’t bring Bill Clinton into the equation. It’s just that he isn’t in the running. Either way, I still think Bernie would have been a better candidate. At least he spoke about policies! Policies weren’t even spoken about last night–just spinning!

  14. Maleandro Le Male says:

    If I may, I would like to chime in as a guy, I’m European, and my mother, grandmother and sisters taught me how to behave towards, not only women, but to everybody. In my country we are being taught that men and women are equal in everything!

    For me or any of my countrymen it would be impossible to see women as only something pretty and not taken seriously! Of course we have idiots as well, but thankfully they are very few and speak very quietly about their opinions.

    The Spanish men are just as courteous like your Bonaparte! Compliments, flowers and so on, they even carry their girlfriends or wives handbags, no matter how small and feminine the bag might be, the same thing with the shopping bags, for the men here the women are queens regardless if it is the wife, girlfriend or a total stranger.

    In the old country some of our friends are women who are absolutely brilliant and very successful in their fields, mostly science as that is my hubby’s working field. And in my old field that is more artistic I have female friends that are superb in what they are doing, some of them have even become very famous as producers, actors, painters etc.

    Spain, the country we live in for the moment has the same kind of view, there are women in every field imaginable. If I am not mistaken the government has more or less an equal an amount of women working? Our Vice President is a woman and definitely not to play with!

    I don’t like the politics the current government is having but that’s how a democracy works, people vote and you live with the result.

    What I think about Mr. Trump is impossible to write without literally setting your blog on fire, but in my opinion the man is a shame to the male part of the human race. Sadly I think you are right in that Europe is laughing at you, or rather the way your politics is organized. And are shocked how someone like Trump seriously can be considered as an option for presidency! The man is a joke and so egocentric that he sometimes comes off as a sociopath.

    What I do find odd is that he dislikes immigrants, but all his wives have been immigrants, not to mention the fact that USA is a country filled with immigrants even if it was a long time ago since their ancestors came.

    To be a bit provocative the only true Americans in my eyes are the native ones that lost their land to the people coming from different parts of Europe to start a new life, just like the ones coming now from countries that have been destroyed by war or other things. And I really can’t see the difference between someone escaping hunger and poverty 100 years ago and someone doing it now with the dream and hope of creating a new life for themselves.

    I’m not sure but I think I read that Trumps ancestors are from Germany and Scotland and came to start a new life less than a century ago bc of poverty…

    But fortunately men like Trump belong to a dying species, and just like the dinosaurs they will be buried and forgotten

    I feel sorry for USA but at the same I am time scared, because IF Trump would win I am convinced he will start a war! I have jokingly said to my hubby that if Trump wins and starts a war we will pack our bags and return to my country that is neutral

    And once again I have to apologize for writing an essay instead of a simple comment

    • Terri Lee says:

      If you think YOU are scared, just consider how WE feel! (At least, we Americans who still have our sanity and intelligence left.) I agree with all you’ve said and you accurately described how ludicrous this election truly is. I’m not so sure Trump ISN’T a sociopath. He’s a big, orange bag of flatulence, I do know that!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Maleandro. Your husband is so lucky to have you and I”m sure he is as wonderful and the same real man that you are my dear! Bonaparte and I had a dinner conversation last night before the debate about how men in many European countries are definitely in touch with their feminine sides and therefore know how to treat women.
      Here in the States, all the progress we worked for has been flushed down the toilet with the present republican party and especially with the likes of Trump. There was a time when the republican party was more bi-partisian–but they only have themselves to blame for allowing the malignancy known as the Tea Party to take over. That holier-than-thou conservatism is a disease. It is a bigoted, racist, sexist, ageist disease that is Hitleresque. Bonaparte’s family was severely affected by WWII, and Bonaparte has said many times that Trump as president would destroy our world as we know it. His supporters are the new Nazi party. They are just as vile as he is. Don’t even get me started on his women supporters.
      I wish I was independently wealthy because if I were, I would purchase property either in Monaco or Lichtenstein. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my country. And America IS great because of the freedoms we have and in a double-edged sword way, that greatness is also the worst thing ever because that greatness allowed the disease known as Trump to become a Presidential candidate!!
      LOL…you didn’t write an essay–you wrote a great comment–and I love your comments!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  15. Elaine Chromeck says:

    Beautifully said!

  16. mareymercy says:

    I agree- thank you to all the men who are as far from Trump and as appalled by him as women are, and thank God they are speaking out against him, too.

  17. Judy says:

    What a brilliant post, Catherine! You said it all. Your Bonaparte is a gem. I have a gem too, we are complete opposites – he is tidy, I am not; he considers every move carefully before deciding, I rush into everything; he likes straightforward food, I love to experiment…..but for 49 years he has been my everything. This side of the pond we feel for you and the threat that is Trump. You deserve better, a whole lot better, than that. It is frightening to see him in action; let us hope reason prevails on the day.

    • Catherine says:

      Hu Judy. Isn’t it funny how opposites attract? Bonaparte and I are polar opposites in so many ways but we fit like a puzzle! I’m delighted to hear that your husband is a great guy!! I’m hoping that Trump digs a deeper hole and takes his supporters down with him. XOXOXO!!!

  18. Judy says:

    Great post as always, Catherine! I totally agree with you, and you are very lucky to have Bonaparte, and he is lucky to have you! I, alas, am single and always have been! (well, yeah, I’ve had some boyfriends, but not many long-term and not for ages.) It can be lonely. But there aren’t many good men out there, and especially not in NYC for me (and btw I am not fat and told I look a good 10 years younger, but no matter…! just had the 62nd bday so feeling a bit sorry for myself, sorry!)

  19. Anne says:

    I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by real men all my life (68 now) who always treated me with love and respect. And I know it is a blessing. They may not open my car door, but I have always felt cherished by them. I am lucky to have an awesome family and wonderful male friends.


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne–and we need to hear that. We need to hear about the good and supportive male relatives and friends. Love and respect–is there anything better??? XOXOXOXO!!!

  20. Yvonne says:

    Great post about respect for women from true men and full of very handsome examples especially your two sons. I will definitely try to find the French films you recommended.

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