Winterize Me!

I started this post a couple of days ago. The weather was nice and cool and bordering on cold. Now we have the leaves falling and the temperature is rising. I hate that.


The leaves are falling and the temperature is rising. We are expecting highs of  80+ this week. Ugh!

The summer clothing is packed away. I went off a no-buy this weekend and bought a new pair of boots and a skirt. I wanted to wear both today but it got too hot and I ended up unpacking a tee-shirt dress.


Yeah. I bought this skirt at J. Crew Factory for 40% off and those boots were also a steal.  I really would have settled for wearing those black suede heels that are murder on my feet. I’ll have to wait a week or so until the weather gets cooler. Again!

But you know what?  I don’t care. I’m still going ahead with this post.

And you wanna know why?  It is simply because my skin has gone overnight from summer mode right into winter mode.  The first sign of cool weather and my skin goes berserk.

This is disgusting—but have I ever held back personal information from you? No, I have not. And I don’t plan on it either.  But—my skin is so dry that I have face dandruff.  Yeah. Little flecks of my dry skin are just flaking off. It’s so gross.   Honestly, my skin is like flaky pie crust!


You certainly cannot see the peeling skin from this unprofessional photo I took, but see where the blotchy redness is? See where that shiny strip of skin is?  It peeled off.

I’m a peeling—and it ain’t appealing!  But then again, maybe the wrinkles will peel off too!

My skin is dry as the Sahara.  Not just on my face either. ‘Tis the season to start slathering my body in the only body lotion I use—Original Scent Jergens. I’ve traded in the fake-tan Jergens lotion for the good old standby. The good thing about Jergens is that it doesn’t feel “filmy”–I hate that feeling under jeans and tights. Ewww!

I’m also using a ton of moisturizer on my face.  I’m cocktailing it with my  Vivant creams, Skin Actives and old-school Olay. Which reminds me– I need to order more of the Skin Actives Serum.


I kid you not.  This is my morning and evening ritual.  What a sight! This is 61!

And you know how they say to drink a ton of water to stay hydrated?  Well, whoever they are, I am drinking a ton of water!  This weight loss journey has me drinking water all damned day! And no matter how much water I drink, I’m still not hydrated enough! And I spend way too much time in the bathroom!

I’m winterizing me.

I’m also winterizing my makeup. The powders have been placed into hibernation until the Spring.

Let me explain.

I have various contour/highlighter sets. They are powders. I can’t do powders on my face when the  Fall and Winter weather dries my skin out.  This isn’t counting eye shadows. I’m talking about the cheeks, the nose—everywhere a contour would be placed.


This is a highlighter and contour palette by NYX (a company that does NOT use older women in their ads. I wrote to them and they did not answer me. Just sayin’!). I’m now using this palette as eyeshadow.

Instead, I’m using these palettes of contour/highlighter powders as eyeshadow palettes.


Marc Jacobs Highlighter/Contour powder duo. It is now an eyeshadow duo for me!


A shimmery highlighting palette from Wet n’ Wild. It is now going to be used as eye shadow for special occasions–like Christmas!

Both eye looks were done using contour and highlighter as shadow.  Creative cosmetics!


The lighting stinks but here’s a good view of contour as eye shadow in the crease of my eye.


No more bronzer till May or June. I do have to say, though, that the Guerlain Terra Cotta Bronzer lasts forever as does the Wet ‘n Wild bronzer.  A little goes a long way.  

I also have one powder blush that I use from time to time. It’s put away.


I’m not much of a coral cheek gal, but every now and then I’ll pull this out during the summer.  I’ve had this palette for years–and I’m sure the beauty police would arrest me for using such “past their expiration date” makeup–but this stuff isn’t cheap! I want my money’s worth!

The cream blushes and my Lip Vitality as blush are now in the front of the line.

I’ll be going through Chapstick and lip balm the way a “woman of the evening” goes through “Summer’s Eve”!


I use Chapstick as a blur (I’ve written about that more than once!) as well as a lip balm BUT, this lip balm that I’m holding is the best I’ve ever had in my life!  It costs less than one euro and I’ll be bringing a supply home if CityPharma in Paris sells it! I used the last of it today!

I pulled out the cream contour–well, I don’t really know if this is contour or a dark foundation stick but I’m using it as contour AND a make-shift bronzer.

Oh. It is foundation. It’s Maybelline FIT me! Shine Free + Balance foundation stick. The color is coconut or Number 355. Very smooth and creamy and incredibly blendable! Good for mature skin! (Even though Maybelline doesn’t SAY so!)


This is NYX Mineral Stick Foundation in MSF01. It’s very light. This is also extremely creamy but I would never actually use this as a foundation–it would be wayyyyy to cakey on my flaky face. Instead, I’m using it on my lips.  OK–let me explain. My lips are VERY pigmented and in the winter they become even more pigmented. I use this under lipstick/gloss to get a better finish..


See?  It’s my winter lip primer!  If you have a lot of natural color in your lips this is great to prep for lipcolor!


Here’s the finished look. All shadows are contours. The blush is the NARS Multiple Stick in Riviera.  I did contour with the Maybelline Fit and it blended beautifully.  I used the NYX foundation as lip primer and over that I have a couple of no-name glosses and finished it off with Lip Vitality! I’m going super-light handed on the foundation–just a bit on the cheeks. My skin is just to dry right now!

My hair needs to be winterized too! And I completely forgot about the Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum that I’ve been using on my hair for YEARS!!!


(Forgive my slob look but I just took my makeup off and changed into my slob clothing) I completely forget about this and I’ve been using it faithfully for years. Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum. I use it on dry hair–it tames any frizz, keeps hair manageable and I need to buy more! This is a great product to winterize your hair against the elements!

Let’s admit it. Humidity is a bitch for the hair, but is great for the skin! And I am sick and tired of balmy, humid days. I’m ready for crisp, cold air at this point.

Speaking of “winterizing”, I think Ballard Designs has gone too far with the winter theme. We were at the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday.  Well–I almost fainted when we passed Ballard–the entire store is Christmas ready. I’m sorry, Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I go nuts with the red pillows and the theme throughout Chateau Bonaparte, but to see this in stores when Christmas is two months away and the weather is friggin’ hot outside. No. Just. NO!!!!


I just could not believe this–talk about commercialism and rushing the season…..

Let’s winterize our music today with Vivaldi. Winter from the Four Seasons!


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15 Responses to Winterize Me!

  1. Miss Bougie says:

    Colder weather can be very taxing on the skin. I find that the cold outside and warm and dry inside the house plays havoc with my skin, too. Have you considered applying hydrating facial masks more often? That’s what I do and I find it helps a lot with my dry and sensitive skin. Also I don’t use foundation, just a light primer or a BB cream. And no powder whatsoever.
    Christmas is already in some shops? Wonder if Lord and Taylor or Bloomingdales have already decorated their show windows. Hope to see some when we come over. I remember Lord and Taylor’s were just stunning.

    • Miss Bougie says:

      Actually I used the wrong term. It’s not a primer but an even skin tone illuminator. I also use a tonic lotion by Avène and the Super Restorative Wake Up Lotion by Clarins to keep the moisture in. For your red patches you could try the Anti Redness Cream (crème anti-rougeurs) by Placentor Végétal you’ll find at CityPharma. It’s around 10 euros, I think. It does work wonders to my skin, as I have a tendency to red patches as well. It’s worth a try. Placentor also has other products worth investigating. Otherwise I also use BioDerma, which is a great brand; also at CityPharma.

      • Catherine says:

        Hi B! I’ve already written down the names of the products you are using. I cannot wait to get back to CityPharma next month. I actually purchased some items from BioDerma last year. XOXOXOXOXO!!!

      • Miss Bougie says:

        Maybe also worth mentioning is the fact that I don’t use tap water on my face to rinse or cleanse. It dries my skin out you wouldn’t believe; red and itchy! Since years I’ve been using Evian, Uriage or Avène (my favourite) thermal spring water. They come in big (300ml/10oz) or small (very convenient for travelling) spray bottles. I spray the water on and then use eau micellaire on a cotton pad to clean. You’ll find Evian spray at every big supermarket. Uriage and Avène will be sold at CityPharma.

  2. Lori says:

    I saw the first Christmas commercial of the year yesterday, Hershey’s kisses. It’s not even Halloween yet!! Good tip, using the NYX foundation stick on the lips. I use an e.l.f. nude gloss stick (not glossy, just light and smoothing) to tone my lips down.

    • Catherine says:

      Lori–I”m thrilled I didn’t see that Hershey’s ad yet. Honestly–rushing the seasons drives me up a wall. e.l.f. has some great lip products too. I have a couple of their sticks and like them. I’ll be on the lookout for that nude gloss stick! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. LA CONTESSA says:

    I have that TARTE COMAPCT TOO!Their product has NO GLUTEN IN IT!
    YOUR LIPS ARE LOVELY………….I shall TRY that TIDBIT as an NYX store just opened up here.

  4. doodletllc says:

    Hi Catherine…I thought it was only my skin that gets crazy dry at the immediate change in the seasons…My fingers start cracking – I’ve resorted to the construction man hand cream (in the green tin – O’Keeffee’s Working Hands)… and it helps a bit. I tried finding your lip balm on Amazon and no go…is there somewhere in the States, other than a trip to Paris, to get the stuff??? It sounds wonderful. I have had fairly good results for body lotions with regular old Ponds Cream. Thanks for a fun post and one that tells me I’m Not Crazy…my skin really is drying and flaking off. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Jeanne. You are NOT crazy!! Our skin is crazy!!! Oh..I USE O’Keeffees on my feet too! Bonaparte’s hands get extremely dry and cracky so I picked some of the Working Hands for him and he’s a faithful user! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. mareymercy says:

    I love early Christmas decorations, they don’t bother me a bit! But this WARMTH, yuck! I want some sort of cold front before Christmas, please!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Cynthia. I dunno. Christmas deco this early gets me a bit depressed. I’ll be fine after Thanksgiving–but the heat–it was 85 degrees today–not good for mid-October!! XOXOXO!!

      • mareymercy says:

        Early Christmas decor doesn’t depress me, but you know what does? LATE decorations – like, when the wreaths and trees are still up after New Year’s! Ugh!!

  6. Charlotte says:

    I have that same Marc Jacobs highlighter/contour, I never thought to use it as eye shadow. I’m trying it tomorrow! Yea! thanks for the great tips!

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Charlotte! Let me know how you liked it as a shadow duo!! As a contour/highlight due it is fantastic but when the dryness hits, I just have to switch to a cream. Hope you like it as shadow! XOXOXO!!!

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