Shit Old Ladies Wear–And Don’t EVER Tell Me I’m Too Old to Wear Jeans!

Skinny jeans are my friend.  Skinny jeans with a bit of stretch are my very good friends.  And super skinny jeans with a bit of stretch and that fit tightly around the ankles are my very best friends!  And because I’ve lost some weight, I wanted to purchase a couple of pairs of new skinny jeans to get me through my weight loss  journey until I reach my goal.


My assortment of skinny jeans.  Notice the variation of sizes.  Up until a couple of weeks ago I could not fit into the 29’s or 28’s.  Now I need a belt to wear the 30’s.

And so, as I perused the internet to get some ideas of jeans that I might be interested in, I came across an article that was posted on the “” site.  The article was from the Daily Mail-a site that proves Brexit isn’t the most idiotic idea the Brits have ever had.  Uh Unh. This article (Click the purple print to read the article!) is just as idiotic. (CAVEAT: This is not an insult to my British friends!!!)

It’s bad enough the Brits, along with many Americans feel that women over a “certain age” should not wear bikinis or short shirts. And now there is an age at when we should stop wearing jeans!  That age is 53. WTF is this?  omfg

That’s right! OMFG.  NOW we are told the age we should be no longer wearing jeans!

And THIS—from the country that gave us the British Invasion, Carnaby Street fashions and the tightest pants that men could ever wear!  Now they dictate the age in which people should stop wearing a staple of clothing!


Brit Mick Jagger’s jeans are so tight he had to do some adjusting of his family jewels!


And the ever beautiful and tressly blessed Robert Plant wore jeans so tight they were bulge jeans. And I’ll bet both Plant and Jagger STILL wear tight jeans. They are way older than 53!

Look—I don’t blame the Brits exclusively for this moronic train of thought.  I place the blame on the fashion industry’s constant brainwashing  and dictating to the public of what we should wear, of what we shouldn’t wear, of what is “on-trend” (Ugh! I despise that phrase so much!) and of what is in and out.

And the fashion industry is also guilty of failing to place photos of older women in both editorial pages in magazines and in ads that run through their publications.  Ageism runs rampant throughout this industry. It is vile and disgusting and so far the only person to take action upon this is Ari Seth Cohen and his “Advanced Style” movement.


Ari Seth Cohen. The ONLY man on earth to start the revolution against ageism in fashion. Sometimes I get very annoyed with him, but overall, I gotta thank him–and he looks great in denim!


..and THIS is when I look at Cohen’s “Advanced Style” site and drool and smile with glee.  LOOK AT THIS ENSEMBLE!!! Proof that old ladies can wear this shit at ANY age!! I’m dying over the red leash and red lips. I love!!

 And while I really get annoyed at times with that movement because of the clownish attire that many of these women sport, I respect and thank all the participants for their stand against fashion ageism.  This young man is the only man to come to the defense of the older woman and I gotta hand it to him!

Telling me what I cannot wear because I am over a certain age fills me with rage.  (I promised Bonaparte that I would keep my cursing limited so I’m not going to write every form of the “eff ” word that I used when I read  the age we should stop wearing jeans. Use your imagination.)finally-a-bitmoji-that-is-angry-and-cross-eyed

It’s true. I become a madwoman whenever I read an article that tries to dictate what older women (and men) should and should not wear. Don’t get me started!

I am 61 years old—and yeah—the word is old.  I am not 61 years anti-aging nor am I 61 years ageless.  Like Popeye the Sailor , “I yam what I yam”.  And that is 61 years old!  And I can wear whatever the hell I want to wear.  And that includes jeans.


Looks like old Popeye likes jeans too–and he’s REALLY old!

And so I will show and tell you just how an older woman can rock the jeans at over 53!

First of all,  you need to know your body type.  If you are curvy  or have a bit of weight on the bottom, you may want to steer clear of a boot cut jean.  While I realize that a great many women love this cut jean, this jean looks absolutely horrific on me. From the hips down, I look like an hourglass and not in the good way at all!

Secondly, don’t pay attention to sizing.   A 29 in some brands can be loose, while a 29 in another brand may not make it above your lower thigh!


The size label from the Jolt Jeans I purchased yesterday.  A Jr. Size 9 with a 29 waist…


However, take a look at the size of the AG Jeans I purchased. Size 28.  And if you look at the first picture I posted, my jeans run the size gamut. You really need to try different sizes!

I think a flare is also difficult to wear if you aren’t tall and lean. A few years back, when I was a much lighter weight, I did have a pair of flares—the length was incredibly long and I could only wear the jeans with very high heels. And they looked fantastic. But I’m over that now. It has nothing to do with my age but it has everything to do with my comfort zone.  I’ve learned over the years that I’m more confident when I’m within the boundaries of my personal comfort zone.

In all honesty, I think that a great jean for a women who has gone through that stage of life where her body isn’t what it was years ago is one with stretch! (Um—for me it means a combination of childbirth and incredible laziness of refusing to go to a gym)   But beware of the stretch for sometimes these jeans will stretch out a bit too much—you may want to size down if you aren’t familiar with the brand.  Or you may want to wear a belt with the jeans. I’m not one for belts but I do find that with certain jeans, a belt is a must! Especially with weight loss–the pants will start to fall five minutes after you put them on. Belt ’em!



My visit to Nordstrom Rack yesterday proved successful.  I ended up purchasing this pair of Jolt Jeans. The rise is a bit higher and look at the ankle–it’s nice and tight. I love that. The cut of this jean is very simple–not fussy at all..


..and very ass-friendly. I love the plain back pockets!


I tried these dark wash legging jeans by SPANX and almost purchased them. The only reason I didn’t make the purchase is that I already have two pair of dark wash. I just could not justify a third at this time. I did love the fit though. They were extremely flattering around the tummy and waist!


For All Mankind jeans were a fail for me on every level. The fit just wasn’t good for my curvy hips. AND the bottom hem of these skinny jeans stuck out–see the pic? I do not like that.


My prize of the day was this skinny distressed ankle jean by AG. These jeans have JUST A HINT OF STRETCH–so they ain’t going anywhere and I won’t need a belt.  The jean is not too dark and not too light. Call me crazy but I love the rips–they add some character!


They are very ass-friendly with a bit of lift….


I am so in love with these jeans..and they look great with loafers. These jeans will be getting a lot of love from me!

The high rise jean.  It’s coming back.  These have a tendency to be very “mom jeans.” (what an awful label—they should just be  labeled “fugly jeans” instead)  The thing about the high waist is that it can actually make you look heavier if you have a belly. Take it from me.  I have a pair from GAP; and when I was heavier, I had to wear tunics with these jeans to cover the belly because these jeans just did not flatter my mid section!

mom-jeansEven with weight loss, I don’t find this high-rise jean to be flattering. What they are is extremely comfy and will be worn with longer sweaters during the winter!

The very low rise jean.  I do not own this type of jean.   There are reasons.  I like to keep the crack of my ass private and I do not have a bidet. I will not elaborate any further. Only incredibly well-toned women who own bidets should DARE to  wear these.


Keira Knightley in a pair of very low rise jeans. I’m sure she has a bidet in her home and will never have to worry about bending over in these low jeans. They do not look comfortable. At all.


Britney Spears in extreme low rise jeans. I’m sure she is waxed to make her as hairless as a newborn. I’m also sure she does NOT have a bidet. I don’t care WHAT age you are–these jeans are not flattering on anyone!

The mid-rise jean.  This is the “just right” bowl of porridge that Goldilocks ate! This is the rise that surprisingly is friendly to everyone!  It cuts the muffin top but not the body. You can wear a shirt tucked in with this kind of jean and your body will look longer. You can wear a longer sweater and be in your comfort zone. AND you can bend over till your heart’s content and keep your cheeks to yourself.

The Mid Rise Jean. See how flattering it is?  Not too high. Not too low. It actually elongates the middle of the body…



Trust me. My middle section is so out-of-shape that it’s a sin! But yet, the mid-rise jean is incredibly flattering! (as long as I’m dressed)

Anyway, I’m no expert but here’s a few ways I like to style my jeans!




The new Jolt Jeans. I love a lighter wash jean paired with a black turtleneck and boots. I love the look here because the black suede boots go way over the knee making my legs look longer!  I’m not big on accessories. If I venture out, I’ll throw on a scarf.


Same Jeans but with a color block shirt. This photo really sucks but the shirt is actually very flattering. I swear to you I cannot even take a decent pic with a selfie-stick!


Same jeans, color block shirt and this time with pointy-toed shoes. This is a nice look for a casual dinner out with Bonaparte or the kids!


Nuthin’ like a good pair of toe-cleavage bearing pointy toed heels. I was NOT going to say the brand of the shoe due to my politics and my extreme, intense dislike of Trump. But these are Ivanka Trump shoes. I hate to admit it but I love her shoes. I have a few pair. I’m still voting for Hillary!


Different jeans. Different look. I’m wearing my GAP legging jeans. The belt is sorely needed to keep the pants up. And even though I’m not an accessorizer, I love this leopard horse-hair belt. I got it so long ago I can’t even remember where it is from.  The cotton shell has GOT to be over ten years old from Talbots.  Worn with a black blazer from J. Crew and black suede ghillie flats from Unisa, this is a look that can go from the office to a night out or a lunch with the girls.  Despite the fact that I took this pic in my kitchen, I would NOT cook in this outfit!


A closer look proves how great that mid-rise is–so flattering!


The shoes. Seriously. The shoes!  I can’t stop thinking about Oona’s Irish Dance days whenever I wear these pointy-toed lovlies!!


And now for an edgy look to the classic “White Tee, Loafers, and Blue Jeans” look.  The delightfully distressed AG Ankle Skinny Jeans!  I’m in love with the jeans but the bane of my blogging existence is this friggin’ Selfie stick!


Little details such as clean hair can help the look to be a bit more presentable!

more-jeans-022My old Bass Weejuns get a  new life with these jeans!



A striped Breton shirt from J. Crew and pewter heels give these jeans a completely different and more sophisticated look.  I swear my selfie-stick use is becoming worse!


A navy Schoolboy blazer from J. Crew turns this look into my favorite!  I wore this to Wegmans to buy ground turkey! It is a classic look.  Those shoes are by you-know-who and I’ve had them for years and love them!


Jeans. Boots. Blazers. Scarfs. Just some shit old ladies wear–and should always wear because NOBODY should ever dictate what old ladies should wear. Not now. Not ever. Never!  In fact, I would say that the ladies over 53 look a lot better in jeans than many of our young ladies do!

And remember—jeans are versatile.

*They can help to curb your appetite. Wear an extra-tight pair while eating a holiday dinner and you’ll know what I mean.

*Did you run out of clean panties? No worries!  You can comfortably go commando with jeans and not worry about the see-through factor.

*Jeans can be worn these days on any occasion. Dress ’em up or down. It’s all good.

*Jeans have been mentioned in  many a song..and today I bring you.. Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”..starts with “Blue Jean Lady”….this is my all-time favorite Elton John song. From Tumbleweed Connection..

And so ladies over 50, 60, 70 and above. WEAR THOSE JEANS AND WEAR THEM WELL. And never allow anyone to tell you what you should or should not wear! XOXOXOXO

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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52 Responses to Shit Old Ladies Wear–And Don’t EVER Tell Me I’m Too Old to Wear Jeans!

  1. Judy says:

    A ridiculous article produced by a delivery company – just doesn’t make sense. Why the daily mail bothers to print such trash is beyond me.You look great in jeans, and I love your styling. Not very keen on ripped jeans on anyone but I am probably in the minority! I have some fabulous black skinny jeans which keep my tummy in, elongate my legs and make me feel great! I live in them, and don’t plan to stop wearing them just because I am over the cut off age, according to that article, of 53. Long live old ladies in jeans!

    • Catherine says:

      Yes Judy!! Long live old ladies in jeans! Can you believe that bullshit article? WTF thinks of this anyway? And what pisses me off to no end is that the fashion industry continues to ignore us! And about the ripped jeans. I dunno. I think you may be in the majority on that one. I just like the unusual! Regardless of whether or not we like our jeans ripped or not, NOBODY has the right to tell us when we should stop wearing jeans or anything else!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  2. doodletllc says:

    Old ladies my butt…my jean-covered butt…Ha! Jeans are classics, right up there with Pearls and White Tees and Cashmere Scarfs and Toe-Cleavage Leather Flats. Amen. 🙂

  3. Jean says:

    That’s insane. I’m older than you and I wear jeans. Not much opportunity here in the sunshine state but always look forward to taking my jeans to Chicago fall and winter visits. That is so annoying. Can imagine what they’d put out about some of my attire. I’m pushing 70, have worked with a personal trainer for almost a year decked out in, yes, spandex Athleta workout pants. Perhaps worse yet,I play on a tennis team and wear, horror of all horrors, a tennis skirt. Sigh. On a more positive note I saw in a Chicos catalog I got yesterday (not a fan of their clothes but their pants fit me well) and spotted a much older model than I’ve ever seen in their catalog. This is a good thing 😎

    • Catherine says:

      Jean, I’ll bet you rock that *shock* TENNIS SKIRT better than many younger women!!! I’ve got to check out Chico’s (I’m not a fan either), site to catch the beautiful older woman! And yes–it IS a good thing. I’m so tired of “clothing for mature women” being advertised with women who are very young and who would never give mature clothing a second thought! I’m on my way to Chico’s site now!! XOXOXOXO!!

  4. Rhonda says:

    What the EFF!!! Who are these people and what do they suggest we wear? Jeans, (skinny, boot cut and yes, even some flare– aka, bell bottoms!!!!) will always be in my wardrobe-along with leggings that I wear with long tops and boots! I’m pushing 60 and I have to admit, there are times when I wonder when should I stop perusing the junior Dept for my affordable, trendy wardrobe!? Some of the clothing in the ladies Dept reminds me of my grandma!! 🙊 I’m not there YET!!🙈 BTW, your jeans and YOU are looking GREAT!!!👖👏🏼👍🏼

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rhonda. And a big Thank You!! I still hit the junior department from time to time as well, but my go-to clothing store is J. Crew and I only buy on sale. I’ll be that 80 year old lady with the walker and the pointy toed heels and skinny jeans!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. I love my jeans and they are always my go to for just any old time. You made me laugh and I really appreciate your honesty. You look fantabulous in all of your jeans and they ways you styled them. You are a rockin’ hot 61 year old! Ha, ha. – Amy

  6. Susan says:

    Catherine, I want to be just like you when I am 60ish!!!

  7. Jean says:

    I love my jeans and I’m 73. But I do have a philosophical problem with the “distressed/ripped jeans” look. Generally we don’t want to wear a jacket or blouse with a missing or dangling button, or a skirt with the hem hanging down, or a shoe in disrepair. I just don’t understand the charm of holes in the jeans when there are some people in the world who dream of having a pair of jeans in good condition. But I enjoy your blog!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jean. I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog–and feel free all the time to voice your opinion on any kind of jean. That’s what we are all here for and we are a great group because we disagree and agree with class and respect!!! XOXOXOXO!!

  8. Momcat says:

    The Queen is cute and all but not really a progressive fashion icon for the average old broad. Maybe she wears jeans and heels in private? Some great fashion comes out of Britain but style…well….the Europeans have that wrapped up. Where the Brits shine is in the bra department!! Oh yes, being large of bust and small of chest (32G) very hard to find in American bras(Canadian too) No problem finding those sizes in the UK! Oh and very pretty too not your average 18 hour bras! My fave, Fantasie ( which you can find on this side of the pond but usually at specialty boutiques although there are some great on line stores and of course Nordstrom’s)
    When I think of it I have rarely seen an older woman wearing jeans who did not rock them! Maybe we are more mindful of the butt crack exposures or we just spend the time to accessorize. I have two friends in their seventies, enviously slim of hip and belly who look fabulous in jeans!
    I say, wear what feels good and don’t dis’ the girls in jeans or fishnets or stilettos or double knit anything. My self more of a black tights/leggings/tunic/boots babe. Might go back to jeans but not those high waisted kind. All I can think of is the Mom jean skit from SNL ……

    • Judy says:

      Hello Momcat, would just like to say that the Queen is not at all representative of us old ladies here in England! Her style is very definitely her own and will die with her. Think more Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley (when she’s not being Patsy!) Helena Bonham Carter, perhaps too quirky for some but definitely still stylish. The Europeans certainly have the edge on chic elegance, agree with you there.

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Momcat, that SNL skit is still one that makes me laugh continuously over the years! I can’t lie! But it’s true about the bras–well, I’ve never purchased one in the UK, but those bras and panties in France are so pretty that I could wear them swimming!
      But you are right–we all should dress as we please–and that is one of the reasons that I never make fun of Walmart shoppers!!!

      • Momcat says:

        Someone once sent me a link to People of Walmart thinking it was pathetic. Some of the outfits were downright lewd but there was some interesting style going on as well. I am not a fan of people showing off their privates in public ( we’re talking no panties and a very short skirt :0 as seen on P of W) but you wanna go full on glittery Lycra with massive platform shoes at 3:00am to purchase eggs at Wallyworld, I say you go for it. Life is a party, come as you are and ENJOY!

    • junedesilva says:

      Hey Momcat – us Brits are still Europeans! Guess how I voted?! I agree about bras. I’m 32F and have recently started buying bras from Rigby and Peller. They are very expensive, I know, but now I wouldn’t wear any other. Great sales, too!

      • Momcat says:

        I agree 100%! What a difference a really good bra makes..I should say a properly fitted bra! We used to have a wonderful on line store here in Canada run by an expat Brit. Sadly she has closed down and moved back home but I have discovered a few excellent buys on Amazon! Many women cringe at paying more than 100.00US for a bra but will fork out 300.00on a pair of shoes. Your clothing fits so much better and a well supported bosom shaves years off;) check out Panache, Fantasie, Freya, Empreinte($$), Prima Donna et al.

  9. Paula Brink says:

    You look great in all of your jeans. The ripped ones too.
    I am your age, love my jeans, love clothes in general and NOBODY better tell me what I can and cannot wear.
    I have had good taste all my life, have managed to be well dressed on every kind of budget and no snotty brat in a magazine gets to tell me what to wear.

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Paula! I love the way you think!!! It’s true–the snotty brats all seem to be experts these days and one day they will all be old and be told what to wear by another generation of snotties!! What a cycle!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. Harriet says:

    Embarrassing piece of journalism, a ‘story’ out of dodgy stats and obvs a no news day……it’s a terrible news paper anyway, full of sensationalist rubbish.


    With best denim wishes from across the pond!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Harriet. You have given my some stellar advice–to ignore. I’m hoping to ignore my TV set tomorrow evening because I’m afraid to look at the election results!!XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. Jenny says:

    I am 73 and love my 2 pair of jeans, although they are not tight, fashionable ones like yours. I am 5’3″ and a bit overweight but I love my jeans because they make me look slimmer, are very comfortable and make me feel less of an old lady. They are straight cut and just cover my tum so they are perfect for me. As for the Daily Mail – that is a rubbish paper, fit only to wrap up your fish and chips in (not that they do that nowadays).

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that Trump gets trumped this week.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jenny! And keep wearing those jeans!!! Oh…I don’t think the fish would even WANT to be wrapped in that paper!! And keep your fingers crossed. I’m losing faith and am really getting scared that Trump will be our first US Dick-tater!!! XOXOXO!!!

  12. Rachel says:

    I didn’t read all of this post (will go back later) because I had to run here to say that you speak the truth!
    1. The Daily Mail is an abomination. Any time I accidentally read it (via an unmarked link for instance) I feel like I need to then go and do good deeds. It’s horrible – women are too thin, too fat, too pretty, too ugly, too human…. All in the same day.
    2. I read a call to arms somewhere recently to get people to come up with a term to replace old. As in, I’m 36 years old, but not old – instead the wonder term that will make people not feel they are ageing. I thought, what the actual f%$©! Children say they are two years old… Quirky people say, 98 years young…. Overall, people should be privileged to be alive, not forlorn for yesteryear. Really gets my goat.
    3. Totally agree with some of the “clown” outfits – almost makes me feel bad for wearing my style, and then I get a grip!
    Wishing you lots of patience for the next few days vis a vis the unmentionable (election).

    • Catherine says:

      HI Rachel. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THE CALL TO ARMS OVER A TERM TO REPLACE OLD?? What politically correct overly sensitive moron started that one? My god. The older it gets, the better wine is. The older cheese gets, the better it tastes. Old broken-in shoes are far better than spanking new ones. Old flowers are heirloom flowers. I’m shaking my head over that one!!
      You are so spot on about the Daily Mail. It is, hands down, THE most ageist publication I’ve ever not had the pleasure of reading!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  13. Miss Bougie says:

    Well, I would have to go nekkid if it weren’t for jeans. I have them in all colours. Different shades of blue, black, red, greens and beige. I think I’ll wear them beyond 80! Vive Le jean!

  14. Bridget says:

    I love jeans! Yours all look great.

    I can’t get myself to buy distressed jeans though. Growing up, sometimes all we had to wear were “distressed” jeans, and it was a treat to get new ones without holes – so I just can’t buy them for myself!

    I wish people weren’t so hung up on who should wear what and when. Granted, I’ll see someone and think, “WTF?” but then I have to give them credit for wearing what they like and not worrying about what I or anyone else thinks!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bridget. Yeah, that distressed look is one of those things where you either hate it or love it!!
      And I think we all have our “WTF” moments when we see someone wearing something out of the usual–but we have no right to tell them they shouldn’t wear it–so you’re right we do have to give others credit!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  15. LA CONTESSA says:

    ALL I have to say is you are LOOKING pretty S K I N N Y!
    We can wear what we want………………..NO ONE can tell us what to wear.The sad FACT is WE realize at a certain age or body shape when WE NO LONGER can wear what we use too!!MOST women SEE that……….then there are a few who SHOULD SEE THAT.DO YOU FOLLOW ME?!!

  16. Anna says:

    I could not agree more about low-rise jeans! They don’t look good on anyone. Ever. Your jeans look great! That reminds me that I need to schedule a serious window for Nordstrom Rack when I’m back States-side! Keep rocking those jeans – you look fantastic!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anna. Right?? Those low-rise jeans are just so incredibly unflattering–and every move has to be carefully thought out or the poor women will be showing off their “origins of the world” to all at one end and their back door at the other end. Just an all around no!!! Nordstrom Rack has some good prices on jeans but I was actually a bit disappointed in their shoe collection!! XOXOXOXO!!

  17. tvonzalez says:

    The only jeans I own are pajama jeans. If there is no stretch, I won’t wear them. I like your skinny jean look but a flare flatters me.
    PS: There is something going on with your site – a security alert certificate keeps popping up. Maybe something needs updating?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi TV. Hmmmmmmmmm…there’s nothing going on with the site as far as security is concerned. My updates are all in order. I will have to check it out further. Thanks for the heads up!!!XOXOXOXO!!!

  18. Anne says:

    I am almost 69 and own 5 pairs of jeans and wear them all the time except when we go to church and in the summer, when I wear capris. Jeans used to just be for casual wear, but now you can wear them out almost anywhere. And look very smart!

    I am overweight, but I still believe a good pair of jeans flatter my figure the best. They hold most of the fat in! Lol! I do have 2 pairs of long cotton cargos I sometimes wear, but jeans are my favorite. I used to dress fancier. But I have 2 grown daughters with families and they all wears jeans 90% of the time (except for my fashionista 3 and 4 year old granddaughters who are into twirly dresses and tunics with stretch capris/pants. ). I always looked out of synch with everyone in my knit pants. Since I no longer work, I have no need to dress up any fancier. So, I just decided to join my family and be comfortable in my jeans. Still seems a little strange to wear jeans at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that is the way we roll in this family.

    I am not one who likes holes in their jeans. I feel you are paying good money for something that is headed for the ragbbag. But I know others do not share this opinion. I like you much better in the jeans without holes, but I say, wear whatever floats your boat. Lol!

    I really enjoy your posts on your visits to France, your daily life, wardrobe, weight journey, product evaluations, etc. So nice to be reading about life as a more mature woman and not 16-30 year olds!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words about my posts. I appreciate that–a lot!! But yeah, Bonaparte definitely likes the jeans without the holes as well. I told him they were air conditioned for my hot flashes!
      Jeans flatter most of us when we find that great fit–and I’ve been known to wear jeans to Mass when I go on Saturday evening! Thanksgiving, I’ll usually wear a skirt for the comfort of the vast amount of food that I eat–but Christmas. That’s another story. We all stay in our pajama bottoms till dinner. Then we get dressed!! It’s a crazy tradition!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  19. JulietC says:

    You are looking fantastic, as for this nonsense of old ladies being told what to wear – pffft like hell – and not this (52yr) old lady. Just wonder for a minute – who? just who should we seek to ask permission… yeah right – end of discussion really. To be honest there are plenty of fashion crimes out there, oh those low rise are just vile in my humble opinion (I guess those young women either have staff to pick up dropped items or are used to just leaving stuff everywhere) or. my other pet hate those really, really tiny daisy Dukes (the ones that look like your butt has eaten your shorts – oooooeughhhhk – hygeine….. no they don’t give your bum a peachy look – they look like your butt cheeks have dropped down from where they were and are now hanging by a thread, yuck, yuck yuck, who wants doughy, dimply, dangling squelchy butt cheeks on show…)… but generally these heinous crimes are not usually committed by our age group. If anything our age group are maybe a little guilty as a group of being too conservative and hanging back from wearing what the hell we like – so I’d say wear what feels good, wear what feels right for you, check your angles and the one basic/fundamental rule is… don’t ask silly young women for permission (and in case you are even tempted to ask – no, our daughters are not in that group, if anything I’d consider them way too smart and well brought up to do anything as dumb, if anything the 21yr old while totally honest is also totally up front for encouraging this old lady to try new things ).

    …and in a completely unrelated aside – I recommend trying different looks to the rather wonderful Zaz (very french and very gorgeous), if you haven’t listened to her gorgeous voice before I recommend starting with her singing “Coeur volant” which is lovely and swoony

    hugs to all

    • Catherine says:

      Juliet. I have one of ZAZ’s CD’s! She is great!!! Her voice is that sexy raspy kind of voice that lends itself well to jazz but sometimes she sounds like Edith Piaf too. I love her–and she is a cutie!!
      Oh don’t even get me started on those Daisy Duke shorts–I’m sure they are a breeding ground for yeast infections of all kinds. Ugh. I can’t even!
      But I do think you have a point–many of our age group gets that conservative vibe because they feel that’s what older women are supposed to wear..We gotta change that!!! XOXOXOXOX!!!

  20. Juia Poulos says:

    You are lookin great. I am your height and weight; but those 10 lbs to 140 are a killer. It is a good weight for a 5 6 er. It is hard stayin there. Thanks for the Robert Plant pics- WOW! And thanks for the jean review. I have trouble when sizing goes by waist size (for jeans and pants) and the legs . are too big. Is the mid rise a good choice?

    • Catherine says:

      Julia. Those last ten pounds are definitely a killer!! But yeah. Robert Plant was just so amazing looking when he was younger. I saw a recent pic of him and ….well, he looked better a few years back!!
      I think mid-rise jeans are actually the best choice for sure!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  21. calensariel says:

    What a ridiculous article. Who writes this crap? Some 12 year old? I’m good with jeans, and you look smashing in yours… (Yes, you sense a but — not a butt!) I don’t like distressed jeans on women over 20. They just seem really junior highish to me. And to see women in their 30’s, 40’s and up wearing them? I always think, what are they trying to prove? You did look good, however, in the parts that were still intact! 😉

  22. junedesilva says:

    I hate, HATE, loathe, the Daily Fail, with a passion. I cannot put into words my opinion of that disgusting excuse for a paper 😡. However, I love your jean photos and will be buying some mid-rise for my next pair.

  23. Yvonne Gray says:

    You look wonderful in your jeans and I wish I could figure out what is the best style of jeans for my body shape. I think these types of articles are written solely as click bait and expect no better from the Daily Mail. There are different styles and shapes of jeans for everyone so that there is no limit to the age jeans can be worn or how they can be worn. However, an absolute no no is for men, particularly Dads, standing on the sideline watching kids’ sport wearing a tshirt tucked into belted jeans. This look should definitely be banned.

  24. maidsdayoff says:

    I saw a segment about that article on the Today show the day after – can you guess?? My 53rd birthday. What a load of crap! To paraphrase Chuck Heston: They can have my jeans when they peel them off my old flabby ass! hahaha!

  25. Mia says:

    with all due respect – that two toned top and the white/black striped t shirt does your figure no justice. and also thanks for posting your jeansphotos. your butt is precisely like mine at age 58!

  26. Pamm says:

    You go! I just ran across this article and love it 🙂 I’m 63, and still wear a 22 jean (though at least one brand is too loosed, I need a belt!), and a 28 top as I prefer them loose. I still wear leggings, ripped jeans, faux leather biker jackets, and spiked boots (From Ugg, check out the Lindy boots!), my ears are double pierced and I have a nose piercing. After my shoulder replacement next month, I’m planning a double helix in my right ear. Oh yeah, my hair is currently blue 🙂 You wear what you want, what you feel good in and tell anyone who complains that someday, they’ll be your age too!

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