Chagall and Marché-ing to the Beat of My Own Drum! I Made Videos For You!!!

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Has it really been a week since we arrived?  Oh yes. It has.  Time goes way, way, way too fast when we are here.  I kind of wish it was the film “Groundhog Day” where each day repeats itself.

Uh oh. Today is cloudy. And—surprisingly humid. The humid days are few and far between but it happens.

We decided to spend this Saturday with an early trip to the Marché Forville to search for some fresh fruit and olive products.

No bathing suit for me today. I’m dressed for serious errand running and touring with my five buck shirt from Old Navy, white shorts and black Rondinis. I still have that pesky pimple on my chin!

We are also heading off to the Musée Marc Chagall.

No pool today.   No sireé!  Our plan is to get to Forville early, do some shopping, drop the goodies off at home then get back in the car and head to Nice.

Our drive to Forville early proved to be a smart move—the beaches along the Bord du Mer aren’t crowded before 11 AM. It isn’t the peak of the season yet, but the crowds will be here even with the clouds!

I don’t quite know what it is, but this market makes me really excited!  Believe me, the local farmer’s markets at home are fine—but not spectacular.  This market is spectacular in every essence of the word.  The colors of the product—vibrant and alive.  Everything is ripe—and sold as it should be.  Strawberries aren’t white in the middle. Melons aren’t watery when you cut into them.

If I did this correctly, you’ll be able to see little videos I did!

My Olive Man!  Every year we stop at this vendor to load up on the best tapenade of all time. All time! 

When I’m here, I want to make salad. Does that ever happen to you?  I mean, I’m not that crazy about making salads at home in the States, it’s such a chore.  But here, the produce is just so perfect that I could be very content living on salads.

Please don’t be upset with me for all these food pics but I couldn’t help it. Instead of eating healthy, I just snap pics of veg!

And everything is displayed so nicely!!!!

We bought a ton of fruit from this guy. The apricots were the best I’ve ever had!

Olive these guys!

I wish I was a mermaid so I could eat all this and float away instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean!

I could have shucked these oysters with my fake nails!!

Pate and foie gras. Yum!

I almost motorboated this nougat!

Peonies!!!!!!!  My favorite flower!

A bouquet for you my friend!

Free parking for the first hour–what’s not to love about this place?

And after the marche, we decided to walk across the street to Ernest–a great caterer who also makes wonderful desserts!

This place gets mobbed!

Look at those delights!  Those little birds were calling for me to eat them!

Proof that good things come in small packages!

Not so much for Bonaparte though.

We dropped our goods off at the apartment and headed to Nice to the Chagall museum.  Funny thing. We got lost in Nice!  The good thing is that we got to drive around and admire some very Belle Époque architecture.

This video is epic. Move over Sophia Coppola. You’ve met your match! My commentary is epic–but this was filmed on the way BACK from the museum!

The dreadful thing is that time is of the essence when it comes to parking spaces.  Luckily, I ran into a hotel to ask for directions and a very nice, very handsome and very French older man offered to drive me to the Chagall museum.   When I told him I was with my very own Frenchman, he took in in stride, told me my man was very lucky and proceeded to write down specifics.

Some beautiful entrances to buildings.

Socca Chips–I got hooked on these chickpea snacks to the point where I HAD to have bags of them.  Many bags of them! They are on my hips now!

And in no time, we were at the museum!

Chagall is one of the few modern artists I adore–his paintings make me very happy. Have a look….


I love his use of color too.

Some sculpture.


A film about Chagall.

And we were off..

And after a nice dinner on the terrace, we retired, turned the TV on and had the immense pleasure of watching “Les Vielles Canailles” translated into “The Old Rascals”.  This was a televised concert that Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc are currently on tour with.

And might I add, these “rascals” are still full of energy!

These three old rascals still sound mighty fine! And the stadium was filled to capacity. Old and young together singing along.  Man, I would have loved to have been there—but it was just as good to see it from the setting we were in—a cozy bed, doors to the terrace opened and the night air hitting our faces.

It was a fantastic way to fall into a dreamy slumber.

Sunday, June 25th

6:15 AM. There are some clouds dotting the sky, but they will be gone within the hour.  It’s going to be a lazy day today.

We’ll head to the pool, I’ll get some reading and writing done and sit under the parasol. Yesterday was a busy one and this Sunday will be our day of rest!

Vincent is a regular Le Marc Spitz!

We arrived at the pool at 9AM and it was the first time I’ve ever witnessed the place not quite ready.  The crews were working like racing Greyhounds to clean up after the big wedding reception that was held here.  It must have been some bash!

My knowledge of the French language must be improving because I pointed out to one of the cleaners that there was a bit of broken glass at one end. We both exchanged a few drôle remarks about the wild party and I received our matelas and parasol without asking!

It’s funny because the weather report called for clouds but here on the coast the sun wasshining and it was hot!!!

While Bonapart swam, and after my film making, I needed a rest!

The lady selling bathing suits at the pool hasn’t been here. I miss her. I miss her sashaying around the pool in the swim apparel.  I miss her tan.  I miss her little booth. I’m sad because I hope she comes back!  I planned to buy a suit from her this year—then I discovered the 11-euro bikinis at the hypermarche instead!

See how quiet it is on a Sunday morning?

The wind picked up during the afternoon. A lot!!  To the point that someone got hurt by a flying parasol and we had to close them.

Never fear.  I’ve had enough shade for the day anyway!

Guess what store is now opened on Sunday?  Yeah –we went back!!

And yes. I did buy the little ceramic cicada. Bonaparte still needs to hang it on the wall.


© 2017


No music video today.  I figured you would all be very overwhelmed emotionally with my videos!!






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22 Responses to Chagall and Marché-ing to the Beat of My Own Drum! I Made Videos For You!!!

  1. KEWLM0M says:

    Love the videos!

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for the virtual tour. I had to cancel my summer in France due to my husband’s health and your blog makes me feel like I am there! Merci mille fois!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Karen. Sorry to hear about your husband’s health. I hope he gets better!! But I’m happy that I’ve made you feel as though you are with me!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. 3C Style says:

    I enjoyed your videos. OMG I have to go back in France, it’s been too long already.

  4. Judy says:

    Your videos are great! It’s great to hear you as well as see you. The Chagall museum looks wonderful, now on my “must see” list. I know what you mean about loving supermarkets in France, they do have a certain something. but you know what. Catherine ? I could spend days in American supermarkets!! I am so loving all your reports, thank you!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Judy!! Oh. You definitely have to go to the Chagall museum. It’s a very happy and pleasant place! I think its so funny what you said about American Supermarkets—I guess we take what we have for granted sometimes!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Those ceramics are gorgeous, just what I want, and your videos are great. They bring it all to life and make me feel like I am there with you. Bonaparte is a lovely swimmer, very smooth and it must be enjoyable to be the only one in the pool on such a beautiful morning.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jenny! Yeah. Bonaparte really is a very good swimmer. I’m envious because all I do is splash and laugh!! Thank you for your kind words about the videos and the posts–I appreciate it!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  6. fiona says:

    Génial! Love the videos! Haven’t got a clue how to do it myself, did you get instructions from the web? Laughed when Bonaparte corrected your French, I know that feeling!
    I love a marché, the food ones seem so exotic compared with any we have in the UK, especially the fruits de mer and the abundance of artisan cheeses. The nougat is divine and so much better than than the pink processed crap I see here. The hypermarchés are also brilliant, although I do have to rein in my spending as they tend to be bloody expensive for most things. Thank God for Lidl.
    What a treat to be able to visit the Chagall museum. I don’t want your holiday to end.

    • Catherine says:

      LOL–Fiona. No instructions just figured it out on my phone. But up/downloading them was another issue. Lots of naughty words came out of my mouth–teehee!! Oh..the French nougat is sinful it is so good!! I didn’t want the vacation to end either!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  7. The photos of the market are fantastic! Wish we could find Langoustine here in the states.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Suz–aren’t the market photos the best? If I lived anywhere near Marche Forville all of the vendors would know me by name!! I wish we could find langoustine here too!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. Yolanda says:

    “I never want to return to America. Never. I just want to stay in France and go grocery shopping every single day.”
    I hear you. You and me both.

  9. TURNER says:

    That cicada doodad is hilarious (and surprisingly cute!) I hear that sound all the time these days here in Italy. The other day I purchased a lovely swim coverup… at the local supermarket… for about $8. I thought of you and your bargain bikinis! 👙

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Turner. Don’t you just love that sound? I know it is summer in the South of France the second I hear that sound–I love Cicadas. I’ve been playing with my ceramic one since I came back!!! Enjoy Italy!!!! Especially that 8 buck coverup!!! XOXOXOXOXOX!!!

  10. Juliet says:

    I LOVED your videos – you have such a nice speaking voice and to me your accent is just lovely and easy to listen to, you sound so friendly (please keep doing them on all sorts of topics). That market was phenomenal, I think we are all moving to France with you (sorry Bonaparte – things could get a little crowded, but my husband says that’s fine by him, which is odd as I am a joy to live with, so what he is trying to hint at I will never know). Are you watching any of the Tour de France? (we get highlights in the early evening) I absolutely love their helicopter shots so I get a good look in peoples back yards – how terrible is that? but I want to know how people live anywhere I go, so it is perfect for an inquisitive sort like me

    • Catherine says:

      Juliet. That is such a sweet compliment –usually people BEG me to keep quiet!!! Come on over–there’s always room for more!! Yup! We are watching the Tour de France–in face, B is watching it while I’m writing!!! Oh, your not terrible at all. Somewhere is a video of me complaining about the French and their damned fences–I’m nosy–I wanna see their homes!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. Yvonne Gray says:

    I loved hearing your voice it adds that final dimension to getting to know you. You have a great US accent. The zucchini (courgettes) look delicious and would be great fried. And that pool with the view and the trees and the soft colours – tres tres magnifique. I would love to go to the Chagall museum and particularly liked the whimsy of the sculptures.

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