A Beauty Purchase That Didn’t Work—and A Couple That Did!

Did I mention I purchased an eyeshadow palette by Tarte? Yeah. As if I needed another eyeshadow palette. I picked it up the other day when I was at Sephora getting my Fenty on.

This seemed like a clever idea because I don’t have a true matte palette.  Sometimes mattes can appear to be ashy;  but I decided on the purchase anyway because I’ve heard good things about this palette. One of the YouTube vloggers I follow praised this—and she’s of the mature demographic so I figured why not go for it.

Let’s take a gander at how the shadows work. Shall we?

The packaging is quite nice.  The case is built very solidly.  This makes it excellent for travel.

I have to say, the overall packaging of this doesn’t get any better. The compact is strong and great for travel. The mirror is exceptional. It’s good quality and large!!!  A little instructional guide page is included too.  But sadly, this did not work for me.

The mirror is of very good quality and it is large—which is a good thing. I could never understand why tiny little quad palettes have tiny little mirrors.  Who can see themselves in a tiny mirror anyway?

The colors are neutrals with a couple of purple and darker colors thrown in for good measure.

As soon as I hit the first shadow with my brush, I had an “uh oh” moment.  There was a good amount of lift—and I didn’t go heavy handed.


I used the palette yesterday morning.

Here’s what I used.

I started out with super mom over my entire lid up to the brow bone.  This was applied after my beloved “Well Rested” concealer.

I followed with “free spirit” on the lid, then “force of nature” in the crease and “dreamer” at the edge of my lid.

I lined my eyes with Tarte’s eyeliner, which I love and forgot I had. The tip of the liner is ridiculously perfect! Then I realized my eyes needed a bit more so I applied “bombshell” with a foam applicator then went back under the brow with more “super mom”.

I do not think these shadows are highly pigmented.  Maybe mattes aren’t as pigmented as satins and shimmery shadows.  But I just wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.

I lined my bottom lids with the “shutout” color from The Balm’s Batter Up shadow stick. I liked it–a lot!!!!

And contrary to what many experts say about women of a certain age not wearing those satin and shimmery shadows—I digress.  For me, they work better.  I think a matte shadow is just too chalky for my taste.  It looks too one-dimensional despite the layering and blending.

The neutrals  are really nice but this just did not work for me. Perhaps it’ll work for you. If you are into mattes, I think this could prove to be a great palette!

The Tartelette Palette was a complete miss for me. In fact, I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before in my life. I’m going to return it.  I will exchange it either for a more satin finished palette or the Fenty Foundation.

See what I mean?   There is nothing outstanding about these shadows ON ME.  Proof that no two shadow palettes are alike or work for everyone!  Ohhhhh that lazy eye of mine is so turned in!!!

Tarte is one of those brands where either I love a product or it’s a complete miss.  I love the Lights Camera Lashes mascara—it’s one of the best.  And the Tarte cheek stain sticks are fabulous. I have had a couple that lasted for years (Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll exchange the palette for a cheek stain stick!).

Tarte Cheek Stains (from the Tarte Site)

I’ll tell you, I’ve had two of these and they lasted well over two years each.  A great value and a great product!

Tarte’s eyeliner is also very good. And I’ve got a few other products that I like as well.

Chippy ate the bottom of one of my favorite brushes—from Tarte, and I still use it.  The brushes are excellent.

But the Amazonian Clay Foundation was one of the worst beauty purchases I had ever made.  The foundation was way too pasty and thick. It just didn’t work.

Hands down, this was THE worst foundation I’ve ever purchased in my life. But the brush is one of the best ever. Chippy ate the bottom of this brush and I still use it!!

Allow my mistaken purchase of the eyeshadow palette to be a little lesson for you.  Just because an item works beautifully for one person, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for another.

Matte eyeshadows can age our aging eyes and I truly believe the slight shimmer of many eye shadows deflect the light and make our eyes appear more luminous and youthful.

The next time you go in search of an eyeshadow palette or a single shadow, try it before you buy it!  I should have listened to my own advice.

On a livelier note, I received a package in the mail today. The two items from Fenty Beauty I ordered last week were delivered.  The Trophy Wife highlighter and the Match Stix Contour in Amber.

Both items were neatly cocooned in bubble wrap and wrapped in tissue paper.

Riri sent me a little postcard too. To remind me that my imperfections are perfect!

I’m excited to try the Match Stix because the Amber color is the perfect taupe for cool toned skin.

Oh boy!  The Match Stix package design is so photo-friendly. The honeycomb “tube” allows the item to sit on a surface without rolling all over the place!

This.  The perfect cool taupe for contouring!

The Trophy Wife—I had to put it on. And I applied it over the matte shadow, proving to me that a bit of sparkle does bring a luminescence to the eyes! This will be well-used!

Oh. This is gorgeous!  Gorgeous!

The eyes! And just a hint on the cheeks.  This is what I’m talking about people!  A shimmery and glittery eye that WORKS for the older woman!  

And that’s about it in the beauty department for today!!!

I managed to jump on the scale and at 145, my goal is to lose 7 pounds.  It’ll come off slowly but as long as I’m not gaining, it’s cool!

No song today. I’m on me way to run some errands. And I’ll be talking about some  personal changes in my next post!

Have a great day my friends!!!!



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20 Responses to A Beauty Purchase That Didn’t Work—and A Couple That Did!

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    There are lessons to be learned from every mistake. I see you’ve learned yours 🙂

  2. Momcat says:

    I HEAR you about the matt eyeshadow…I looked like I had gone a few rounds in the ring and not slept for a month. In other words they made me look tired and worn out:( not wanting to pitch them out I just use a little shimmer to give them some life. I have a Lise Watier eye stick in a colour called moonglow ( sort of yellow-y) I use that on the inside corner of my eyes…it really elevates the look. I bought the Urban Decay Basics2 pallet, and I find it too needs a bit of punch although it has good lasting power. Also an eye primer makes a big difference ie for those afraid the shimmer will settle in the lines.
    We are finally getting summer here in the North! Have a great weekend, hope the sun is finding you too!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Momcat! Summer and the sun are back in the Philly area. I’m in shorts and a tee shirt as I write this! I refuse to put the A/C on though. I’m down with opened windows. Ugh. As much as I remain pissed off at Urban Decay for their exclusion of older women and that idiotic patronizing and condescending email I received from them, the brand’s Basic’s palette is the best little palette of mattes I’ve ever had. It’s in my travel kit and when I go away, it’s the only palette I use. The mattes in that palette have more of a satin finish. Your idea of adding a bit of a layer of shimmer is a good one. Man. I wanted to love that palette but it just didn’t work. Oh well!!! Have a great weekend!!! XXOXOXOXO

  3. hipchick66 says:

    I’m so glad that YOU reviewed that palette, because I’ve seen it recommended and had considered buying it many times, but something always stopped me. I agree, it’s hard to find good matte shadows anymore (although it used to be easy, and years ago it was the shimmer shadows that lacked pigment). That’s why I love those LA Colors matte quads, they are good! And yes, you are correct again, good shimmers and glow products can make a face look youthful! I also agree that that Tarte foundation is awful! It goes on nicely but literally breaks up on my face. Live and learn!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori. You were smart to not make the purchase. I’m telling you, you would have regretted it. And the price of $46 –those shadows should have been much better. I need to check out the LA colors. Those Maybelline Ultra shadows were matte and pigmented!! We certainly do live and learn–the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation gets a lot of love from many but it was horrific for me too!! XOXOXOXO

  4. angelin2014 says:

    I actually like matte eyeshadows, and think they look good on you! But I also think the goldy sparkly one looks great:) And in the end it is when you FEEL good that you look good, so what ever rocks your boat…:)) At the moment I experiment with different eyeliners, haven’t found one to replace my favorite Lóreal super liner that has changed and is not as super as it was. Any ideas?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Angelin. You hit the nail on the head by stating that its what makes us FEEL good that counts!! As far as eyeliners go–I have to say the Tarte “lights Camera Lashes” precision eyeliner is excellent. I’ve had mine for a while and the tip is long and thin making application easy and the product is nice and dark!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  5. Juliet says:

    Well I think you look great in both but the subtle sheen of the golden glow looks really nice – I think the reflective properties of a bit of shimmer really helps us – it opens us up and looks nice and dewy. I can admire matte on others but really the colours I suit (the bluish colours) just look dirty and a bit like a sodding great bruise on me. Some looks really work on us and others we just have to let go and admire on others 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Juliet–you are so correct in saying that some colors work and we have to let others go. It’s weird because “they” say that all shades of purple are flattering to everyone, but when I apply purple eye shadow, I look like I went ten rounds in the boxing ring! That’s why I stick to neutrals. But I love a good shimmer!

  6. Q.D says:

    The Trophy Wife looks amazing!

    I almost never do a matte eyeshadow (corporate dress code be damned), but I love a good matte lippie!

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Q. See–now I love a great lip gloss. My lips are too dry for matte lipsticks. I can wear them if I have a layer of gloss applied over it!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. bluetulips says:

    I have to agree with the matte eyes shadows. I need a bit of shimmer even it is just on the outer edge. Mattes make my creased eyelids look worse!!
    Please explain how you can return a product when you have opened it and used it. I always read this on blogs or watch beauty youtubers in the USA say this.
    This just does not happen here in Australia. Pretty much all the beauty counters and drugstore types have testers. So I always try before I buy. Mascara is the only thing that you really can’t test unless you are in a high dept store beauty counter and the sales assistant will give you a mini or apply directly. (Once I had a full makeup done at the Armani counter and the next day I had pinky eye)
    What does the store do with the returned product? They obviously can’ resell it.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Dianne. OK. Here in the States, customer service is the most important thing. Many people take advantage of this as most stores have ridiculously generous return policies. This was the first time in my life I had ever returned a beauty product and was on the fence about it, but–when I took a good look at the palette, it was in immaculate shape.
      It made me realize that all mattes are not created equal and that I definitely feel and look much better when I have a bit of shimmer on the eyes!!
      You get it too–mattes can age us!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. I am also of a certain age and although I use some matte shadows, I need a bit of shimmer, too. I think it highlights the eyes. I love your Fenty products, though. I might have to splurge on them.

    • Catherine says:

      Exactly!!!– We need a bit of shimmer!! Oh–definitely make the splurge and trust me a little goes a long, long way on the foundation–you only need a bit so the value is tremendous!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  9. Laura says:

    Hi Catherine,
    I think you look gorgeous in that last photo, could you tell me what color lipstick you’re wearing? I like it a lot.
    Thanks for the heads up on the new products. I recently tried Rimmel’s Magnif’Eyes Shadow Palette and they are all shimmer. I was pleasantly surprised because they aren’t what I expected in a shimmer.

    • Catherine says:

      Laura. That’s the Gloss Bomb from Fenty Beauty. AT $18.00 it’s a great price–especially with the higher cost of well-known drugstore brands these days. I went out and purchased a backup. That’s how much I love this color!!!! It’s amazing!
      Hmmmm. I’ll have to check out that Rimmel shadow Palette. I purchased a Rimmel foundation a couple of months ago and am very pleased with it!!! Thanks! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Laura says:

        Thanks Catherine! Just read today’s post, a tip on the razor use, use on a dry face and only go in upwards strokes.

  10. LA CONTESSA says:

    I REMEMBER 145………….that was in my 30’s!I was 124 when I wed.I am now 164 on a GOOD DAY!That is 40 pounds MORE!!!!!!!!XO

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