OMG!! OMG!! I Made It To Buzzfeed! I Made It To Buzzfeed!

It happened this morning.  Just before my husband (I love calling Bonaparte that!) brought me my morning coffee, I grabbed my phone from the nightstand to see if anything in my self-important life was happening.

I was shocked that I did not spill my cawfee all over the sheets after seeing the surprises that awaited me on my phone this morning!

After all, yesterday was a dreadful day.  I was incredibly pumped to attend the website-building class that Bonaparte signed me up for.  I got dressed.  I even wore one of my schoolboy blazers so that I would appear studious.

I did NOT  wear the scarf because it was too hot, but I DID wear my navy schoolboy blazer to class!  I need to look like a smart person!

Honestly, I felt like a kid going off on her first day of school because Bonaparte handed me my class confirmation email and went over the directions to the class location with me.  All that was needed was my Barbie lunch box!

Why didn’t I save my favorite lunchbox?  I could have taken it to class with me!! (photo from pinterest)

I’m that pathetic!

I arrived at the parking lot and decided to make sure I had everything.  I looked at the confirmation and noticed that Bonaparte had the right date but the wrong month.  And so, I sighed, got all misty-eyed because I could feel a slight pity-party hour coming on, and drove home.

I had my big pity party over the weekend when I became unemployed. This was an hour of pity akin to a cocktail hour…a pityhour!

The weather sucked. It was hot, cloudy, humid and by the time I arrived home, all I wanted to do was wallow in “On Demand” shows like “Bringing Up Bates”  (don’t judge–I realize I am at the opposite end of everything this family stands for–but I can’t stop watching them!) and “Dance Moms”.  My beloved “Billy on the Street” was  far too intellectually stimulating for me at this point.

I lovBilly Eichner and “Billy On The Street” always makes me laugh–but yesterday, even my buddy Billy was just too MIT/Harvard/Smart Person School for me!

And so, the rest of the evening had me even more depressed over the white supremacy “TrumpCare” because I’m out of a job and will be losing my Obamacare i.e. AFFORDABLE HealthCare and need to stop now because I will become so upset that I will not be able to continue to write!

Back to this morning…

And when I turned my iPhone on, I noticed that there were an awful lot of new Instagram followers on my feed.   This was an “uh oh” moment for me!  If you follow me on Instagram, you are well-aware that I am no fan of the “follow-to-unfollow” movement.  I have no time for that. It is dishonest. It is not the proper way to gain followers.   All I could think of was a bad “follow-to-unfollow’ joke was being played on me!

Hmmmm. Could my son Roman have put his boss in on the delusional joke I thought was being played on me?

I could not figure out, for the life of me, why people were suddenly following me.  It was great—but I was a bit wary of BOTS.

Then I received a Facebook notification.  One of the women on a private page that I follow asked me if I saw the latest BuzzFeed post because I was in it!  Sweet Mother of Jesus—that was all I needed to see!

Click the link below to see the article.  It’s 40 shades of beauty!!

This is What 40 Shades of Rhianna’s Fenty Foundation Looks Like On 40 Different People

Yes. That is ME. On BuzzFeed.  I am Number 8. Shade 170.  Rihanna created a diverse cosmetics line but it took BuzzFeed to add an old lady to the mix. Thank you BuzzFeed!

Immediately, I clicked on the link, and there in all my lined glory was my face included in a post about Fenty Foundation.  I was shocked.  I was excited. So excited, in fact, that I thought I would either need an entire box of Depends or I would have a heart attack.  At my age, either could happen!

But most of all, I was thrilled!  I was as happy as a clam.  And it wasn’t so much because I was chosen to represent Fenty Foundation Shade Number 170, Light Cool, (It was –I’m being humble), but it was because BuzzFeed recognized an OLDER WOMAN!  It took BuzzFeed to include a mature woman to represent a foundation whereas none of the cosmetics companies include us!

I’m telling you, I’m sitting on Cloud 9 with my  lime soda (my diet), I’m thrilled that li’l OLD me was included and can represent my demographic!

This was one small step for women and let’s hope one giant leap for womankind.  Perhaps we  mature ladies will begin to be included. in beauty/fashion tidbits on a regular basis!

It starts with one small step.  I haven’t worn these shoes in ages.  Please God, please let me have someplace to go in these shoes.

Thank you BuzzFeed.  Thank you Michelle Rennex! for writing the article and including this mature woman!

Flowers to all the other 39 people who represented shades of diversity and flowers for BuzzFeed!

Speaking of beauty (I am supposed to be tweaking my resume now), I don’t know about you, but it just seems that lately it’s becoming more difficult to do my eyes.  They are hooded.  I shudder to mention crossed.  The skin on my upper lid is getting droopy and I can’t afford Botox or eye lift.

But—it just seems that all the eye shadow is collecting in one area and my shadow is looking too heavy-handed. Partly because I do have a heavy hand.

Something had to be done.  I went to YouTube and found an informative video on brushes and another video on applying shadow to hooded eyes.

Take notes ladies and gents!!  This video from Whitney Hedrick is great!  I learned so much….

This is another video from Ms. Whitney on applying the shadow. It worked for me!

And wouldn’t you know?  My man Wayne Goss published a video today on makeup for hooded eyes.

Wayne Goss gives great advice too.  I need a makeup artist to greet me in the morning!

Anyway, this morning I took Whitney Hedrick’s advice. I went through my brushes and found the ones closest to those she mentioned in her video.   I used them to apply my eye shadow just the way she advised to do.

I felt like such a good student. I went lightly and love the look!

I also listened to Wayne.

Proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!!   The hints in the videos are valuable in every sense of the word.  As we age, we really do need to change the way we apply our makeup.  And both beauty experts agree that less is, at times, more! I’m running with that!

A much better view of the eyes!!  I’m so glad I watched those videos!!! I’m also glad that I’m wearing burgundy hair today!  Konis by It’s A Wig!! I have my Fenty foundation and Match Stix in Amber as well as a touch of Trophy Wife on the eyes and cheeks and Gloss Bomb!  

Have you changed the way you apply makeup as you are aging?  Comment with your tips—it’ll be a fun share!!!

I can’t wait to read your make up changes!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!





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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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43 Responses to OMG!! OMG!! I Made It To Buzzfeed! I Made It To Buzzfeed!

  1. Always nice to read good news.

    May new doors open for you.


  2. hipchick66 says:

    First, I am THRILLED for you, that Buzzfeed mention is so cool, and you deserve to have more followers! Now, about that eyeshadow (you look great and I’m glad you found tricks that work for you!)….I have slightly droopy, very puffy hooded ROUND and big eyes. My artfully applied eyeshadow wasn’t showing on camera, so I watched hundreds of YouTube videos. I tried it their way, only to find it looked awful. I looked like I had a big smudge of color on my puffy hood, lol. So I went back to my usual technique which is much like the dolly eye technique from the 60s. I now embrace my roundness, and the colors and makeup look great in real life. I also gave up on trying winged liner because the puffy hood makes it disappear. I’m a firm believer that we all need to discover and embrace what works for each of us individually. Again, I must say, you look fantastic!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori. I’m with you on the liner. No matter how much I attempt to do a wing, the tip gets caught in the wrinkles. It’s not even worth the extended use of eyeliner! I’m going to go back to round!!!!! Thank you so much for the BuzzFeed congrats!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. Ann E says:

    Wow! What a fantastic surprise – just when you needed the lift too. Well deserved and directly due to your fabulous blog! Enjoy your cloud 9 – I am! 🙂

  4. Alok Singhal says:

    Great, you rocked it, lady! I am on Instagram too, and not a fan of follow-unfollow on any social media site (i hate to not be genuine).

    Happy for you, enjoy this bliss…and the new followers too 🙂

  5. Wow! So happy about Buzzfeed! Congrats and I’m with you! We need more older women rockin’ these sites! We’re awesome! I hope this is the start of something big!

  6. HelloIm50ish says:

    Congratulations Catherine!

    So happy you are representing the older women and getting a spot on Buzzfeed.
    How cool is that!
    You’re hard work at writing your blog is paying off!


  7. How exciting is that? Way to go!!!! Melanie from Bag and Beret just discovered she is all over online fashion mags overseas. She didn’t even know.
    Keep on representing for us gals over 50!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Tami!!! It was a fun and exciting moment–I’ll tell you that!! Melanie has the best clothing–it is no wonder she has been all over the overseas fashion mags–that is so cool!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. angelin2014 says:

    I´m not on Instagram, but congratulations! Anything that brightens a day is good stuff!
    As for makeup changes you just reminded me that I am really needing one, I go for a very neutral Scandinavian look, and only do smoky eyes for a party. But recently I´ve found my dark circles are getting darker, I need to fix my brows and the skin of my eyelids look really reddish against my fair skin. What to do? I have no clue, but will certainly check out those you tubers and see if they have any trick up their sleeves, thanks for the tip!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Angelin!! Have you ever tried Well-Rested from bareMinerals? I swear by that stuff. It’s the greatest at hiding those circles. But the YouTube beauty Gurus are loaded with fantastic tips and advice. Happy Tubing!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  9. Jane Billman says:

    Congratulations on your marriage!! That is such wonderful news!!!
    I had to let you know I am rather addicted to the Bates too kind of mind numbing better than Xanax.
    I shared your blog with my beautician last Saturday/ she does a lot of makeup consultations and was wanting to read your reviews of the new products AND the wig recommendations- you have a new follower!

    Have Great week!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jane!! Oh Thank You So Much. I now know that I am not alone in my world of Bates. Funny thing–my GRANDMOTHER came from a family of 19 kids–in Ireland. Back then it was just called being Catholic or–having enough children to work on the family farm!
      Thanks also for sharing with your beautician!!! Thank you!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. Yvonne says:

    Thank you for always doing such thorough research for your followers. Every recommended-by-you product. I’ve purchased has been stellar. My last purchase was Laura Geller’s Body Frosting and it is fabulous! You’re a great resource and a delight to

    Congrats on your marriage and the Buzzfeed mention.

  11. doodletllc says:

    Fabulous – BuzzFeed! Excellent. Love the new make up on you – it looks very fresh and light. Sorry, but I can’t add anything to the dialog on make up…I wear eye liner…that’s it…oh, and day cream…but that’s really it. Maybe I should try a bit…I’ll be sure to use you as the model/reference. 🙂

  12. Margaret says:

    Hooray and congratulations on your Buzzfeed mention, it is so well deserved!!! What a great surprise for you and your family! Well done Catherine! Your skin looks so fresh and dewey here and your makeup application is spot on, Riri would be so proud if she saw that pic, she definitely made a great makeup line. My tips for applying makeup are to experiment until you find what’s right, make sure to apply it using a good, lighted and magnified makeup mirror, and then check your face in daylight before leaving the house (I learned that the hard way).

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Margaret!! BAM!! Your tip about checking your face in daylight before leaving the house is the best tip ever! Like you, I’ve learned that the hard way too. But boy oh boy, daylight is the most HD light of all. Very unforgiving and if there’s too much stuff on the face–watch out!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  13. altogirl2 says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome!

  14. Amelia says:

    Woohoo Catherine! Congratulations and kudos to you for being highlighted on Buzzfeed. Your hardworks are starting to paying off! This recognition is not only on you but also for the under-represented “mature woman”. You are such an unselfish giver and sharer of information, never hold back when you find infos that could help a woman felt better and confident. That is awesome! Thank you!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Amelia! Wow! Thank you so much for your encouragement!! I want to be a warrior in the war of ageism and just bring the mature demographic to the frontlines!!!!! Thank you so much!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!!

  15. Carolyn says:

    Great news! Way to go! xoxoxo

  16. KEWLM0M says:

    Hi Cathe, I thought I’d repost my comment from the other day because I’m not sure if you saw it:
    September 18, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    So very sorry about the job 😦
    I have found a ton of information on AskAManager. She covers resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc. Also search the archives for ideas about opportunities in writing, where to look, and sometimes advice from others already in your field. Hope this helps! You can do it- you have talent, experience, great sense of humor, and a strong work ethic!

    • Catherine says:

      Kewl! Thank you!!! For some reason I never saw that comment! I’m so sorry. I’m going to check out AskAManager right now. Thank you so much!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  17. patricia blaettler says:

    Congrats on Buzzfeed. You’re relevant! haha
    Re makeup: All my life I’ve not worn much– blush, eyeliner, lipgloss. When I hit 60 I realized my good looks were disappearing so I needed some enhancement. My makeup-applying skill set is weak, so for a black-tie wedding last week I had a pro do it for me. Best $50 I ever spent!
    And now, I’ve bought eyeliner.. Wish me luck!

    • patricia blaettler says:

      ‘liquid’ eyeliner. Yikes!

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Patricia! Liquid Liner!!! Go lightly my child. Go lightly. Holly Go-Lightly! Try the felt-tip liners they are good to work with. But I’m glad that you hired a pro–those MUAs know what they are doing. And it’s so true when we get older we really need a little bit of product to enhance what we had. WHY CAN’T COSMETICS COMPANIES SEE THIS?? WHY DO THEY KEEP IGNORING US?? OK. Back to my normal voice!!! LOL–yeah. The BuzzFeed recognition was so much fun. Ahhh for my 15 seconds!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  18. calensariel says:

    Hm… Maybe there’s a new career waiting for you in there somewhere! Lord knows you have a passion for all this! Maybe you won’t need a resume! 😉

  19. Cathe, I love this post! I love that you made it on BuzzFeed! I love that they featured you in this series! I love it all so much! I love that I can say, “Hey I know her and she is freaking fabulous!


  20. Juliet says:

    Brilliant news to featured on Buzzfeed, thank goodness the rest of the world are catching up with us. Seriously I think older women’s style is like some sort of “in” secret, it is time we shared!

    Btw it is totally ok to have a slump day but if you are going to have a pity party I will bring wine and nibbles as we will need sustenance for a long session 🙂

  21. Carolann says:

    Hey Catherine, what a thrill to wake up and see yourself on BF. The only *mature* woman featured amongst all those youngsters, and the compliments flowed in too. So exciting!
    That tune/those words “Moving on up, moving on up, nothing can stop me, da da doo da da…” came to mind. 🙂 XXX

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