Just Another “Ordinary” Day! A Second Review!

When we last left off, I wrote a review about The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation.

Today, I am reviewing The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation. It’s fun to compare the two and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Coverage Foundation lasts and if the coverage is heavier, if the color difference is noticeable…. c’mon with me!

Today’s foundation is the Coverage Foundation. A High-Coverage formulation.

7:15 AM:

Coffee finished.  AM Skin Care routine finished.  I applied the neck solution so I’ll be keeping track!   Again, I applied the same e.l.f. primer as I did yesterday.   And today, I added the Hylamide Hydra-Density Mist before applying the primer.  This is from Deciem’s Core Series.  The price is $18 USD for 4 fl. Oz.   This is a decent price.  Remember—a couple of weeks back, I paid $7.50 for 1.7 fl. Oz. of Evian spray water.

Me. Before any makeup today.  Notice the uneven tone.  The photo on the right truly highlights my gorgeous redness and broken capillaries!

Before I go on, I must address the packaging of the Mist.  If you are a complete sucker for packaging, then this is right up your alley. It put a huge smile on my face!  The box has a pull tab.  And then it opens up like a front-door fridge.  Who doesn’t love that????

This packaging!  I can’t even.  Why can’t all items come boxed like this?  

Once again, I used a small amount of the blur and then added one pump of the Coverage Foundation after shaking the bottle.

The blur. And I have to say, this did manage to make my pores appear smaller. And I’ve got some huge pores.  Seriously.  When it rains, gnats use my pores as swimming holes!

The photo didn’t turn out very well but the blur minimized my pores.  My nose is crooked.

This color is slightly different than the 1.2P of the Serum Foundation.  Let’s compare.

1.1P  Slightly different than yesterday’s 1.2P.

The shades are slightly different but nothing so drastic that it’ll be too dark or too light. This foundation was also a touch thicker than the Serum foundation.  But—it wasn’t thick—it was still light enough for building up depending on the coverage you want.

A little blur and a pump of foundation to be mixed together and blended.

Today’s foundation, the Coverage Foundation, mixed with the blur, is on the left. Yesterday’s foundation, the Serum Foundation, is on the right.  There really isn’t that much of a difference. I would say that the Serum Foundation is more of a pink tone.

I applied with my Real Techniques blending sponge and the application was as smooth as yesterday.

I dotted the foundation on and then blended.

As a professional hypochondriac, I’m excellent at checking my skin for any oddities.  I checked my face like a woman checking 25 Bingo cards and I could not find any caking in my lines or wrinkles.  Again—this was like a second skin.

Two photos.  The photo on the left was taken in natural light indoors. The photo on the right was taken in brighter natural light–by the door leading out to the deck. I wanted to show you how the foundation looks in different light. Both foundations covered the redness. The only flush I have is my blush.

I did spritz with the Hylamide mist after I applied all my makeup.  And I held it about 12 inches from my face.  It not only gave me some extra hydration but also set the makeup nicely.

Here’s how it went during the day.

I went to get my nails done at 11:45. This photo was taken before I got out of the car at about 11:50 AM. Almost four hours after I applied.

Comparing today with yesterday.  The photo on the left was taken after I got out of the nail salon. At 1:00 PM.  The photo on the right was taken yesterday, a little after eleven in the morning.  Both foundations have been smooth as a second skin. No caked up product. That fang of mine loves to photobomb me!

Now. Today was much hotter than yesterday. And I was out and about walking at an outdoor mall in the heat.  The foundation didn’t streak and never caked up.

After 3:00 PM. Wegmans parking lot.  Still going strong!

My thoughts?  In comparing the two foundations, I would say that the Coverage foundation is a bit more matte than the Serum foundation.  Oddly, and this is weird—I think the Serum foundation had more coverage for my skin.  Perhaps it’s because my skin is so dry.  I dunno.

Both were like a second skin.  Both applied and blended beautifully.  Both lasted on my face all day!

4:30 PM.  Nine hours later.  Look at what came off my face!! You couldn’t tell I was even wearing foundation. Right?  The proof is, once again, on the cotton rounds!

I am completely blown away by this foundation.  Look. I’ve written about e.l.f. and Rimmel foundations—both of which come in at $6.00. And for a drugstore foundation, both are a great value.  However, neither has that “second skin” feel or appearance.  You can tell you are wearing foundation. And at some point, the foundations break up.  This does not happen with The Ordinary’s foundation.

It is a fascinating thing.  A foundation that stays on all day but blends in so well that you can’t tell you are wearing it!  And cruelty-free!!! I forgot to mention that!

The Ordinary does not test on animals. None of Deciem’s products are tested on animals. This makes my Chippy very happy!  (And me too!)

The Ordinary truly is an affordable, downright inexpensive, high-end foundation. And this is important. It’s important because there are many women our age—and even younger, who are on a fixed income.  We have single mothers. We have women who have lost jobs. We have women who are disabled and abused and many women just do not have the money to spend on high-end products.

All women should have the right to feel pretty and The Ordinary offers that right.  It’s to be admired!

Well done, you Deciem and The Ordinary!  Well done, you!  And thank you!

I’ll be reviewing the other products that I received in a few weeks.  Since the products are skincare, I like to give them a while to test and report back!

It’s just another day–but delightfully Ordinary!  Sir Paul!






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8 Responses to Just Another “Ordinary” Day! A Second Review!

  1. RachelW says:

    You look gorgeous!! 😀

  2. Susie says:

    I will have to try that “Ordinary” pink toned foundation sometime. I have a hard time finding pale, with pink undertone foundation products. I don’t buy high dollar cosmetics. I am sure that would make my search for pale with pink undertone foundation easier. I think the “Ordinary” foundation seemed within my budget and it looks like a nice pink, not orange-y undertone. Most of the less expensive foundations that I find at the drugstore either have a too yellow undertone, have a strong fragrance, accentuate every pore and wrinkle, or all those problems combined.

    Just this week I tried a Neutrogena foundation that was pale with pink undertone, but even though it has “hydro boost” and very good pink toned color match, it looks a little dry, but feels moisturizing. I think I will mix it with some moisturizer to give it even more of a boost.

    Thank you for makeup posts that always have great information and are very helpful. Your skin color and texture are very similar to mine.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Susie!
      It definitely sounds like we have very similar skin color and texture! There are a ton of foundations that I can’t wear because of the tendency to turn orange or even yellowish. Years ago, I wore L’Oreal’s True Match in C3. I wore it through my 40’s and loved it. Then my skin changed when menopause hit and my skin became so dry! Sadly, True Match stopped working for me. We go through different stages of life and what worked for us when we were younger, doesn’t necessarily work for us as we get older. That’s why the skin care routine is so important these days. I’m sitting here writing this and it is just after noon. I have to run some errands and will be leaving soon and I’ve had the serum foundation on since 7:30 ish and it still looks great! I’m really impressed with this!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Liz McGarry says:

    This serum foundation might be the thing I am looking for….I think I took you about my tarte foundation disaster but unfortunately I didn’t keep the receipt and I also threw the box away because I had such faith in the Sephora staff…This might be a better option for me than the Fenty foundation

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Liz! (the lobster hat!!!) Oh. Don’t even mention Tarte foundation to me. That’s the worst stuff I ever put on my face!! I’m still a huge fan of the Fenty Foundation but for the money and value, I am hooked on these Ordinary Foundations. Place an order and try to best match your skin tone. I’m still blown away by this!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  4. Bridget says:

    Another really useful review – I think I may have to give one of the foundations a try, probably the serum one. It seems almost unbelievable that it’s so good and so reasonably priced, you know?

    And I always like seeing Chippy show up! (Even though I saw on Instagram a photo of his recent … “work” …)

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Bridget! I try to be as detailed as I can. I’m not a fan of reviews that say. This is good—and then nothing else! The price is crazy!!! I’m telling you, this foundation is everything and a bag of chips!!! Oh. Chippy is coming with me when I run errands. No more staying home. I think he did that dirty deed because he is so used to my being home now that he was not happy to be left home alone!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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