Time To Do (Home) Work

Let it be known that I am not the most organized person on earth.  It’s weird because when I lived in New Jersey, I was very obsessive about the appearance and cleanliness of my home.  I’m pretty sure that it’s been mentioned in past blog posts that I vacuumed the house twice a day because of the dogs.

Twice a day baby. That was me. Vacuuming was even more important than getting my lip waxed!

 I also got down on my hands and knees three times a day to scrub the kitchen floor.

Just call me “momderella”!!

Those days are gone. I love a clean home—don’t get me wrong. In fact, next week I’ll be scrubbing all the baseboards in the house to prepare for Holiday cleaning.  But the fact is, I’m terribly disorganized.

This would be me. Too impatient to do things the correct way and my shortcuts never work out!

You can be clean and still be disorganized.  I’m a closet slob. No matter how much I try, the disorganization gene just overpowers any attempt to be perfectly organized.

But my disorganization came to a climax yesterday and I couldn’t take it anymore.  My closet hadn’t been seasonally purged in over a year.  Yes. It’s true.  And even though I’m not a capsule wardrobe woman, a good amount of my wardrobe needed to be encapsulated.  In bins.

It is true. I’m disgraceful.  I couldn’t even FIND clothes in this closet. Something had to be done!

Think about it.  Why would I get rid of future “vintage” clothing?

And now that I’m “Bullet Journaling”, I jotted down things that I had to do.

Like, get plastic bins to store the clothing away.  And go to David’s Tea to refill my Lapsang Souchong Black Tea.

Hands down, THE best tea on earth. It is so smoky and strong and delicious. I love this stuff!

With Chippy in the car, off we went to begin my transformation of disorganization.

I don’t think Chippy wanted to go to the mall–he’d rather be playing ball!

First stop was King of Prussia Mall—that’s where David’s Tea is located.  I parked the car in my usual spot in the covered parking lot by Nordstrom.  I rolled the windows down to a safety measure so that Chippy would have plenty of air. God forbid a do-gooder; dog police extremist should hear his bark.

And as I stepped out of the car, Chippy started to cry.  Trust me, I’ve been around dogs long enough to know the difference between a bark and a dog cry.  Obviously, my baby didn’t like the covered parking lot.

I needed my tea.  The only solution was to bring Chippy with me.  I could always use the explanation that he’s a service dog but ate his little “Service Dog” cover.

Luckily, dogs are quite welcomed at the KOP mall!  And I was thrilled that my little man was behaving.  David’s Tea is on the upper level.  Chippy refused to go on the escalator so we were elevated instead—which he loved.

My little flirt had the best time at David’s where he made a couple of friends.

Look how happy Chippy is.  Trust me,  the thought crossed my mind to have this nice woman from David’s dog sit while I went shopping with money I don’t have!

Tea in hand, I decided to see if he would be welcomed at J. Crew!  Oh. Happy. Day!  He was the center of attention at my favorite store.  Now I know that Chippy can be my new shopping partner!

Back in the car, Chippy satisfied because he was able to wrap the entire world around his paw and we were off to get my bins.

Ahhhh Walmart!  Black bins, which I’m assuming are to be used to store Halloween decorations and costumes, were in the Halloween clearance section for $5 each. I bought two.

These five buck bins held more than you would think.  I was so happy to place my future “vintage” clothing in these things!

Back home and ready to purge.

And what did I notice?  Jesus fell off the cross.

My buddy Jesus fell off the cross!  Look at the hole in his hand. NO WAY was I putting nails through his hands to attach him back on that cross.  Jesus–you’s a free man now!

Let me explain.  I have a very old crucifix.  It belonged to my parents.  When you slide the top of the crucifix down there is a hole on each side to place candles and there is a small bottle of Holy Water.  I never got around to hanging it because it is old and I’m afraid that I’ll bump into it, it’ll fall and get ruined.

The poor thing was no better left in the bowels of my closet.  I guess the nails were so brittle that they gave way and Jesus fell off the cross.  I’m afraid to nail him back onto it.  It’s that Catholic Guilt and fear.

We’ll get back to Jesus in a bit.

Anyway, I took all the summer clothes out and rolled some of them and folded others into the bins.  I also went into a chest of drawers and continued my purge.

Two bins–filled to the brim.  And they are now in the garage that I need to clean!

There is such a feeling of accomplishment when organization takes place—even when you are of the organizational-challenged group of people in this world, you can still get that special feeling!

Look how nice my closet is now!  Dresses, pants, and skirts on one side and shirts on the other.  Can you see how much I love plaid?

It hasn’t stopped there either.   I decided that we need to purge our garage.  We moved into our home three years ago.  And to date, we have not tackled the garage.

I’m seriously tempted to call the Junk Man and have him take everything away!  Ugh.  The thought of tackling this makes me want a few shots of Bourbon!

Today I went out and purchased a heavy-duty work light because the lighting in the garage sucks.  It’s going to be an all-day chore to purge this non-room but the good thing is that’ll be great exercise!

The nice man from Walmart was so kind to me. He told me to MAKE SURE I keep the receipt and RETURN the light after I use it and say that it didn’t work right!  I love the kindness of strangers!  This is true. Gotta love Walmart!

It’s now late Friday afternoon.  Bonaparte just arrived home and tonight after aperitifs, I will attempt to make home-made pizza.   Tomorrow’s feast will be Magret de Canard with an Orange sauce and for dessert, I’m giving the French dessert, Paris-Brest a go.  (Click the name–its the Epicurious recipe and I’m using it!)

My Paris-Brest won’t look as good as this!!! But–I’ll try until I get it right!

Stay tuned…….

In the meantime, I made a video yesterday about styling skinny jeans. And if I keep cooking like this, I won’t be wearing skinny jeans for long!

OH!!! Back to Jesus.  He’s lying on his cross—not nailed!  And he’s resting atop one of my J. Crew shoeboxes!

He is now at rest watching over my shoes! 

Tell me.  Are you a closet slob?  Are you as disorganized as I am?  Please let us know!!!!

Enjoy the weekend!! XOXOXOXO  And enjoy my ill-fitting wig as I style skinny jeans!!!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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22 Responses to Time To Do (Home) Work

  1. hipchick66 says:

    Nice job organizing the closet! Doesn’t that feel good? Can’t wait to see the garage 🙂

  2. Debe says:

    I just read an article called “Swedish Death Cleaning”. It advises you to really pare down things you really do not need anymore. Do you want to leave the clean up for your family??? Are you really using it?

    So last week by chance I rented a dumpster as we have a storage unit with stuff. I was a wild woman! Four hours later….done! All for 250.00 dollars and it was a huge dumpster!

    I feel good! I heard Home Depot has dumpster bags , you buy them ,fill them, call waste management they pick it up! They are not in Wisconsin at this point mainly East coast!

    P.S.Same tubs on sale 3.00 here at Shopko!

    • Catherine says:

      Debe. OMG. I’m going to have to get thee to Home Depot for those Dumpster Bags, pronto! I’m feeling so …..inclined to throw everything in the garage out. Bonaparte has asked me to refrain and we will do it together!!!!
      $3.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was robbed!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

      • Debe says:

        Well we are in the Midwest! Yes check out those bags! My friend lives outside of NY in Orange County did a bathroom remodel. Put in the sink, tub,and toilet!

        She said it was interesting they come with a huge claw to pick up the bag. Supposedly the bags are eco friendly!

  3. Oh, can I relate.
    i will tackle my closet after Thanksgiving. It is so bad!!! You vacumed twice a day? Then washed your floors three times a day? No way. How did you have time to work? BTW what did you do? What is bullet organizing? I’m always looking for another way to get organized. I always fail.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandy. Oh when I was a Stay-at-home mom, that’s when I vacuumed twice a day and cleaned the floors three times a day! Contrary to what many believe, I LOVED being a SAH Mom! It was fun!!
      But the bullet journaling–you gotta Google “Bullet Journaling” and check out youtube videos. It’s a very fun way of being organized. So far for the past four days it has been working. I think you would really like it!!!!

  4. Jane Billman says:

    I also have one of those last rites cross kits left by my parents along with ten extra crucifixes one can never have enough!!

    • Catherine says:

      Jane. Is it really “Last Rites”..or do we do the old school “Extreme Unction”? Those kits are downright scary!!! But it’s true. I also have a huge old crucifix from the convent that my aunts lived in. Those iconic Catholic items…….XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  5. Michele says:

    I love your skinny jeans pairings! Especially the lady jacket. I have several blazers and just not sure if the shoulders are too much. ( from 10 years ago. How do you know A if they’re out of style?? )Keep those videos comin….

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Michele. If the shoulders look too much like a linebacker, then it is time to take the shoulder pads out. I’m not big on shoulder pads in the first place. I like a more natural slope to the shoulders. But again, it is what you are most comfortable in!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  6. fiona says:

    I can so relate to this as I am quite unorganized too. Last week I did the same, went to Poundstretcher, bought two under bed boxes and packed my entire summer wardrobe in them and filled a bag for the charity shop. Haven’t unpacked my winter wardrobe yet (told you I was disorganized!) as am living in transitional pieces which stay in the wardrobe all year round. Hey, I did get a bloke round today to change the shower mixer tap on my bath, it’s only been faulty a year! I have to make lists to get anything done but … oh the feeling of satisfaction when the tasks are complete. Anyways, I don’t trust people whose homes are immaculate all the time! Don’t they have a life?
    I’m having to hoover several times a day at the moment due to a black foster cat who has a skin complaint and keeps scratching at her fur. xxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona!!! I’m with you on the immaculate home. I need to take a break every now and then. I also need to get to the garage and take out my winter scarfs. The weather is a bit chilly today!! Maybe I’ll just put it on my list!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. calensariel says:

    Great post! You sound way more relaxed in this one. You always make me smile. And I’m pretty sure Jesus was laughing right out loud! 😀

  8. J Cdm says:

    Well done! I’m kinda sorta organized. However, my home is currently bursting with groceries to be put away, a full sink of dishes, summer clothes to be stored, Halloween decorations to be put away, and my bed isn’t made yet (it is 3pm). My plans? Watch Alias Grace and knit, and have tea with my daughter…

    • Catherine says:

      LOL!! J!! I just put the summer clothing away and cleaned the baseboards in the house. All this because when Oona comes home for Christmas, all I will want to do is hang out with her and the boys!!!! Enjoy that tea–and I’m going to have to check out Alias Grace. I’ve been bingeing on Mind of a Chef–season 5. It’s the best season yet. Chef Ludo Lefevre!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. J Cdm says:

    Oh dear. I did make the bed earlier. Which is worse: not making the bed until the afternoon or not remembering that I made it? 😏 In my defense, I did clean up a mess on the carpet from the kitty cat being dramatically sick. Do not worry about the kitty though. He bolts his food and does this unfortunate regularity.

    • Catherine says:

      Ugh. J! That’s why I despise carpeting. Chippy threw up on the carpet yesterday and I was so angry–not at him, but at the person who invented wall-to-wall carpeting. It’s vile and disgusting. To replace the carpeting throughout the house would be too pricey for now. I’m just glad we do have rooms that have hardwood! Not remembering you made the bed is worse!!! LOL!! I hope kitty is ok!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. Juliet says:

    Lovely work on the closet! I am organisationally impaired – thats partly why I ended up studying library and information science back in the day, so my tiny brain can slough off boring and uninteresting snippets of information as to where stuff should be kept, I figured I would kind of learn where to find it instead. sadly that doesnt work with household items or the “stuff” people assume the prime female should “look after” – you dont want it??? Why do I want it? is my usual refrain. Swiftly followed by “I am done with being the adult, its someone elses turn… I gave up on the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I have persuaded myself that a curated closet is better – that way I have things I like and I can actually be bothered to look after, although it needs its summer stuff put away soon as it is getting pretty cool in Scotland.

    Chippy is so cute and you two are such a double act

    I saw “the Justine” had a thing on journalling – I have bought the journal and bought the pens and some washi tape and pretty things like that. Now I keep gazing at this pristine notebook unsullied by my crappy writing and wondering if maybe I might just keep it this way – blank. I am so lazy

  11. Yvonne says:

    Hi Catherine I everything to be neat and out of sight. I regularly clear out drawers and cupboards but my husband loves to hoard. He moved to the US before my visa came through and I’m sure he’ll forget he owned the huge amounts of stuff I disposed of whilst he was here and I was in Australia. I’m pretty sure he won’t ever watch the videotape of the highlights of the 1996 Olympics probably because video recorders no longer exist. I even took photos of the bags of rubbish I was so excited. Anyway you are so self disciplined in writing so regularly and I feel guilty that I should be sending more correspondence back to Australia but can never find the time.

  12. Andrea says:

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