Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails? Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice? I’m All That!

Remember that nursery rhyme–about little boys and little girls?  If you don’t then you are too young!

Move over Chuck!  I’m made of that too!

So then, if little boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.

Me and Chippy. We’re ready for the snails and the frogs.  Bring ’em right here!

And if girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, then what the hell am I made of?

Yeah.  I’m sweeter than sugar too!

The reason I ask this is simply because I’ve been cooking—and last weekend I made snails. And I loved them.  And I’m thinking of making frogs legs as an appetizer for Christmas week.

Ohhhh…Frogs legs!  I’m so lustful after some Frog legs that I just may bite Bonaparte’s legs!!

And if Chippy goes after any of my cooked goods, I’ll be dragging him away from the table by the tail.

Keep wagging that tail Chippy–but don’t get any ideas to eat my frogs legs or snails. OK?

And I’m not a boy.

And yeah.  I’ve been doing a ton of baking and using quite a bit of sugar and spice—but not necessarily am I made up of everything nice.

I’m a woman—not a girl.  And for the record.  I like frogs and snails better than the sweet stuff!

But fear not. I’ve got a couple of recipes for you.

I made Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s Escargot recipe last Saturday.

Photo Credit: Krista Kennell/Sipa Press.

Chef Ludo.  I think he is, quite possibly, America’s greatest gift from France!  His recipes are great!

Because of Bonaparte, I did end up tweaking the recipe.  He did not want the cognac incorporated into the recipe (I did want it) and he did not want the shallots incorporated into the recipe (I did want it). And so I left them out.  Although the snails tasted spectacular with the omitted ingredients, they are going in next time.

Here’s the scoop:

Chef Ludo’s Snails in Parsley Butter (From Food & Wine)


  • 1/4 cup minced parsley
  • 2 sticks of unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons minced shallot
  • 1 tablespoon dry white wine
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon Cognac
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg
  • Rock salt, for baking
  • 24 snail shells, rinsed and dried
  • 24 canned giant snails, drained and rinsed
  • Crusty bread, for serving

Blend the butter, parsley, shallot, dry white wine, garlic, kosher salt, cognac, pepper and nutmeg together.

Empty shells,  finished parsley butter, and snails waiting to be stuffed.  Shells and snails  were purchased from the Gourmet Food Store

NOTE:  I used my food processor to chop the parsley and shallots and then mixed the remaining ingredients in my Kitchen aid.

Preheat the oven to 400°. Spread a 1/4-inch-thick layer of rock salt on a rimmed baking sheet. Pack 1/2 teaspoon of the butter into each escargot shell and stuff a snail inside. Fill with the remaining butter. Nestle the shells in the salt, butter side up.

NOTE:  I didn’t do the rock salt.  I just placed the stuffed snail shells into the snail plate and cooked it.

Snails were cooked and served in these plates.  The weird looking thingy holds the snails as you pick out the snail with the little snail fork!

NOTE:  I also brought the butter to room temperature, spooned into a pastry bag and piped the butter into the shell, then added the snail, then finished off with more butter.

Left pic:  Piping the butter into the snail shells.  Right pic:  Ready for the oven!

Bake the snails for about 10 minutes, until the butter is bubbling. Serve hot with crusty bread.

Freaking amazing!  This is the greatest recipe!  Thank you, Chef Ludo!

Out of the oven, piping hot and delicious and the melted butter is great for dipping bread. I froze 12 so we have more for this weekend!

If you are a regular reader, then you are aware that every Christmas I make a traditional Buche de Noel.  The cake itself is a genoise sponge cake and is rolled and frosted.

2015 Buche de Noel…

2016 Buche de Noel

This year, I made the cake ahead and wrapped it very well and it is now in the freezer.  I’ll thaw it out and frost it on Christmas Eve.  It’ll be decorated with meringue mushrooms and it is the one dessert I look forward to.  The filling and the frosting will either be a chocolate butter cream or ganache.  I haven’t decided yet.  But here’s the recipe for the genoise cake:

Genoise Cake for Buche de Noel’s Link from The Spruce:  Genoise Cake.

Genoise freshly baked and out of the oven..

Rolled and wrapped in a towel until completely cooled off!

Wrapped up in plastic and foil. Let’s hope it thaws out well!

I’m hoping this plan works because the only cakes I freeze are pound cakes—but there’s a reason that I froze this one.  I started a job on Monday and I’m trying my best to prepare everything ahead that can be.

Yes.  I was hired and it didn’t take that long.  But I will say, I’m happy to be employed again because being in an office is a great diet aid for me.  I’m nowhere near a refrigerator or cabinets filled with food.  I can focus on work and not get up every ten minutes for a piece of cheese or bread!

And God knows that I need that.  I gained about ten pounds being home since September.  As soon as Christmas is done with, I’ll be back on Weight Watchers!

I’ll be living on butternut squash after the Holidays!

But the good thing is that my clothes still fit. And here’s what I wore so far this week.   My apologies for not writing posts since the weekend, but I’m finding my groove with the timing of my hours and with the Holidays inching up—it’s been tough!

So, here’s what I wore so far this week!

Monday was my first day. Plaid pants and heels!

Our office is casual–so I was able to wear these cute velvet pants, flats and a bright sweater.

I dressed for comfort in a plaid skirt and boots today!  OMG. It’s so much fun to get dressed again!!!

I’ve been listening to Christmas music to and from work.  I have a CD–Christmas With The Rat Pack–it’s basically Frank, Dean and Sammy.  Here’s a more unusual but total Rat Pack Sammy Davis Jr. Song:  Christmas All Over The World! I can’t help it but I’m very much entertained by this song!

About Catherine

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33 Responses to Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails? Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice? I’m All That!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Very happy to hear about your job, Catherine. I have missed so much lately, so I’m not sure if you’ve said what you are doing. All the best as you juggle a new work environment and the holidays!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Elizabeth! Administrative Assistant with a lot of Accounts Payable work. Better than being idle. Thank you so much–time to get back to time management. I work till 6PM so it means a later start for blog posts, but I’ll figure that out!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. Debe says:

    The snails look awesome I have not had them in ages!

  3. Momcat says:

    I’m not so big on snails and frog’s legs but my Frenchman adores les escargots and, get this, my MOTHER loves frog’s legs!! But at 91 she still steals anchovies off my plate ( I encourage this!) and adores Scandinavian pickled fish.
    Big congrats on the job!

  4. Renee in Northern California says:

    Congratulations on your new Job!!! Thanks for the recipes they look yummy and your work outfits are so lovely!!
    All the best and Merry Christmas!!

  5. Gastradamus says:

    I would try the snail. Writers block is waiting for you beautiful. Keeping my fingers cross for you.

  6. KEWLM0M says:

    New job! CONGRATS!!! So happy to hear that! YOU ROCK!!!♡♡♡

  7. bluetulips says:

    Congratulations on the job Catherine, your outfits are very stylish. I have tasted snails in Paris when I did a Contiki tour back in 2001. I just thought well, “when in 🇫🇷 “. It is something I have not ordered ever again. Lol 😆 xxx

  8. Jean says:

    I thought Bonaparte was America’s greatest gift from France!

  9. fiona says:

    Big congrats on the new job Cathe, what is it that you do now?
    I am a rubbish cook but not too bad at baking, I rather fancy having a stab at a Buche but it’ll have to wait until next year as I’m going to be working right over xmas and new year. Those meringue mushrooms are a masterpiece! xxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona. AA position with focus on Accounts Payable. It’s nice. For some bizarre reason, I always get a kick out of making those little meringue mushies!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. So pleased to hear about your job. I have eaten snails once and, while not repelled was not impressed. I think the flavour is all in the sauce and they provide the rather rubbery texture.
    But I love your blog. So keep writing. Snails, Bonaparte and all.

    • Catherine says:

      Christine! I’m glad that you tried the little snails–and much of it is in the sauce!! Thank you…and don’t be a stranger to adding your opinions!!!! OXOXOXO

  11. angelin2014 says:

    Congratulations on the new job!! I love those snails, they look delicious. Just wondering if I can get hold of the ingredients over here, or I will try it for the weekend. Only tried frog legs once, but remember it as a lot of crunchy bone?? The cake is an idea for Xmas I might try. Son and I will not be doing a traditional Scandinavian smörgåsbord, we will do a turkey:)) and Sticky Toffee pudding…

  12. Amelia says:

    Congratulations Catherine. I hope you like your new job and the working environment is to your liking. Very clever cook you are to tie the children verse to your dinner menu, knowing Mr. Lartique enjoyment of escargot and frog legs. I can only imagine the aroma when you took out those sizzling buttery snails. Yum! I enjoy seeing your weekly work wardrobe and the shoes too. Classic with very creative twists. Like a well made martini. XO Amelia

  13. Ellen says:

    Congratulations on your new job Catherine. I love escargot but cannot do the frog legs. Since my childhood I have an irrational fear of frogs!

  14. Ellie says:

    Good luck on your new job!

  15. BritDetectives says:

    Congrats on your new gig. Love your blog. And the Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

  16. The last time I made a Buche de Noel was in eighth grade French class. Yours came out a lot better. Happy holidays!

  17. Sandra says:

    Best of luck with your new job, Cathy. I knew you would find something quickly. I love escargots, but it looks too complicated for me. Joyeux Noel!

  18. HelloIm50ish says:

    You are the only woman I know who loves escargot like me.
    The recipe looks delicious but I’m very impressed with your Buche de Noel cake. Lots of love and patience goes into that dessert.
    I also enjoy listening to italian men sing Christmas carols while I’m cooking.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. Judy says:

    Fabulous news that you have found a great job – they are so lucky to have you! Those snails look fabulous, I could eat them all, The more garlic the better for me. I hope Christmas preparations are going well. Love your outfits!

  20. Juliet says:

    Oh my word – a new job, that is fantastic (an early Christmas present!), I am so chuffed for you. I’m with you on the savoury front – if given a choice I am always the gannet that would aim herself face first towards a starter, one of my most favourite ones in recent memory was a smoked octopus salad in Paris – so simple and so delectable. My pal looked a bit unsure at the idea of smoked octopus but seriously it was sublime, I will definitely be investigating your recipes when I am finally over this damn lurgy, yup it still got it, so in the mean time no cooking and sadly no baking (it is the small child in me that loves the mud pie element of baking – way more than the eating), I have a Christmas cake sitting in the cupboard and I have made a glass plate for Christmas but really nothing is done but hey ho thats how it is. I really would like to try snails sometime, anyone that turns their noses up at things like snails, frogs legs, offal etc should just think what is in some of the processed food out there – yeah, exactly

  21. Juliet says:

    And I forgot to mention your outfits, you are just the cutest – I just LOVE those wee shoes, adorable!

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