The Esthetics of Wigging Out—My Visit to Estetica!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to follow through on an invite to Estetica Designs!  You have no idea how happy I was.  It was a chance to give feedback on the types of wigs I like, what I look for in a wig, styles I like and it was the chance to meet great people!!

Classique Collection - Pure Stretch Cap Wigs

The Pure Stretch Cap wigs ARE comfortable!

In addition, I was also looking forward to gaining some education about wigs.  That’s right—education.  My hair loss journey has been an ongoing one for years.  From combing over thicker hair to the thin areas, then using Toppik and other fiber enhancers, then toppers and finally to full-on wigs!  It’s been a process.

And I’m no expert.  Everything I’ve “learned” about wigs has been from either watching YouTube videos, hours of perusing the many online wig vendors and reading about different textures and types of wigs. There’s been a window of trial and error for me.  I’ve learned that the lace front wigs are the ones I prefer and I have a strong tendency to stick to wigs that aren’t shiny and are very much like my bio-hair in texture.

And it also comes down to finding the styles that best flatter your face, coloring and features!

My big decision yesterday morning was what wig to wear to the wig experts? It was easy.  I settled on my FreeTress Equal Swami wig—a shoulder-length “lob” (long bob) that is one of my favorites.  And off I went!

Swami, by FreeTress.  A longer bob in a lighter color was perfect for my visit to Estetica Designs!

The headquarters is tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Conshohocken’s business district. This was a dream to me because it meant that I didn’t have to look for a parking space and I gleefully drove into the company’s parking lot.

Estetica Designs.  Here’s where the fun happens!

Be comfortable. Be Beautiful. Be You.  Nice words to remember–at all times!!

This unassuming brick building has the trademark sign in the robin’s egg blue—the Tiffany and Company of hair!  I entered and didn’t even wait a minute to meet Grace, the Director of Marketing and Development.  She’s a bundle of cuteness and energy and immediately I felt as though we were old friends!

We sat and chatted for a while and I was able to look around the showroom at the wigs which looked so much better IRL than you could ever imagine.

Here’s the Orchid Model, which I had been eyeing!

Mackenzie is another style, similar to Orchid that I thought was very pretty as well!


Hey!  Gray haired readers–click on the name of this wig, Emma, and check out the great grayness of colors!!  This is the perfect gray wig, IMHO!!

And before we went into a room for some wig try-ons, I met Erin, Estetica’s Graphic Designer and Tae who is in Research and Development!

Erin, (left), left, Estetica’s Graphic Designer, and Grace,  Director of Marketing and Development!  Look at those adorable faces–we should all be so lucky to be as happy as they are at work!!!

Did you know that it takes quite a bit of time to create a wig?  A design will be drawn up with detailed specifications and then sent to the factory that produces the wigs.  They’ll send one or two models back.  The tweaking will begin.  Then when perfected, the order will be placed.  And it’ll take a few months to create and ship.  It’s just like a fashion collection with the seasonal clothing!  I was fascinated by that!

It felt really good to give my honest feedback of wigs in general.  Questions were asked and I answered them honestly.  I explained that my biggest challenge was finding wigs that match my bio-hair’s texture of dull, wiry, coarse and porous.  I also explained that’s why I gravitate towards Yaki-Texture wigs. And I also gave my honest opinion of the wigs I do wear.  I went on to explain that after a while, on some of the wigs, the ends get super dry, the texture changes when you apply heat and some of the wigs I purchase need to be trashed after washing because they don’t dry the way they should.  But I also explained that the affordability was also a key point—especially with older women on a budget.

I also added that it would be great if all wig companies could produce units with different textures.  Grace, Erin and Tae listened to every word I said.  They were very interested in the feedback I gave.  It was also nice to hear that my Swami wig was a well-made one!!

When the subject of styles was broached, I almost floated off my feet when Tae knew very well about the most beautiful, iconic bob of all time.  The one Vidal Sassoon created for Nancy Kwan!  I’m telling you, ever since I was a child with that unmanageable mane of mine, I coveted that infamous bob!

Tae made a friend for life just knowing about this iconic bob.  I swear, Nancy Kwan’s bob has been on my mind since childhood!

And, knowing my fondness for longer hair, the Orchid model was brought out and I tried a few colors on.

Me in the many faces of Orchid!   Top Row l. to r.  Color RT330RT4–getting my Julia Roberts on; R48, a nice deep brown; Carmel Kiss–my favorite!  Bottom Row–these colors were my least favorite but Bonaparte liked the darker the best on me (I texted him pics!) Color: Left to Right R1B; I think this was RT613/27–I can’t remember but it was too shiny.

This color–Caramel Kiss, was outstanding.  The blend was perfect and the wig looked dense and not shiny like the blond.  If you are looking for a long and blended look, might I suggest Orchid!

It’s funny because the blonde wig was way shinier than the others—and the density of the blonde gave a lighter appearance than the darker colored wigs.

The wigs with the blending of colors—they were my favorites!  The texture wasn’t doll-shiny and appeared to be denser.

The cap construction of  Estetica’s wigs really blew me away.  There’ are no combs and yet, the stretch factor of the caps fit so well that the wigs are completely secure.  Yesterday I wore a wig grip, which was insurance for the wig to stay put. But, today, as I write this, I’m not wearing a wig grip and the wig that I’m wearing (which I’ll tell you about later on in the post) isn’t slipping at all!

Inside out. The lace front is cut so meticulously!

And the comfort stretch cap.  It literally feels like nothing! Light as a feather!

The wig cap is ridiculously comfortable. As snug as the fit on the wigs I tried on was, not once did I feel as though I was wearing a wig.  The other incredible feature is the ear tabs.  Ain’t gonna lie.  The ear tabs on a good number of the wigs I do have are large and hard—and sometimes getting my glasses to “fit” right can be a challenge to the point I’ve had to cut a portion of the ear tabs. Not so with these Estetica wigs.  I did bring up the point that the wigs were very eyeglass friendly.

Feedback also included how synthetic hair behaves when rubbed against various textures of fabric and shedding and tangling.  It felt so good to be able to contribute a little something something!

Let’s look at some of the other wigs I tried on. Okay?

Sky—I saw this layered bob online and featured in YouTube reviews. This is truly a gorgeous unit.  A more layered and edgy medium-length bob. But, it looks better on women with a longer neck.

Sky looks gorgeous both online and on a few of the reviewers I saw…

Here I am wearing Sky in the color  R4/6. This is proof that not every style is for every person.  I think Sky is far more beautiful in the lighter colors or in the blended colors.  My neck is too short and the effect of the edginess is for naught on me.  Trust me–I do NOT do this unit justice by any means!

Violet.  Now—the cut of this is adorable! It’s such a great wavy bob—and much like my own hair when it was bobbed and not blown out.   I would wear this in a blended, highlighted color and would wear it all summer if I owned Violet!  It’s so beachy and “summer fun” looking!  I also think this is a great wig for women of all ages!

Violet–a cute wavy bob with a beachy and summer vibe!

Violet on me. This is  the color  “Vogue”.  This isn’t my color and I would love to see this in a more blended  color like Caramel Kiss–I honestly loved this style!! It was a fun summer look!

And then came Jamison.  I’m gonna tell you something.  I’ve seen this wig reviewed many, many times.  Here’s where you never know what a wig will look like until you try it on.  From the reviews I’ve watched and read, Jamison is one of those wigs that either looks off-the-charts great……or it doesn’t.  It depends on who is wearing her.

Jamison in Caramel Kiss.  Hmmmmmm.  She was very intriguing to me!

When I saw Jamison on the mannequin, I was very intrigued because she looked beautiful IRL.  So, when Grace brought her out to me, knowing I love bobs, I was a bit excited while at the same time wondering how she would look.  I tried the color CKISSRT4, Golden Brown with Copper Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Roots.  She’s a front lace line wig.

Shove over  ladies–Jamison was made for me!!

The heavens opened when I tried Jamison on.  In the first place, the Estetica front lace line wigs don’t need any trimming. The lace is so finely cut to the hairline that it’s nearly impossible to see where the wig begins.

Back to Jamison.  When I tried her on I was floored!  First of all, this color combo was so well-blended it looked like a salon job.  Secondly, the actual cut of the bob was very natural—it wasn’t a “done” look. In fact, it was more like what a cut looks like after about two or three weeks—it falls very naturally. I swear I thought the wig would be so thin and sparse but it wasn’t.  Jamison had a great amount of volume and with a flick of the fingers, could be changed into a more tousled look.


This wig.  I was bowled over!! She’s so natural and gorgeous!

The best part—I was gifted with this wig!  And boy, do I wish I had a backup.  Let me tell you about the rest of my visit.

We chatted some more—and had quite a few laughs!  It’s always more comfortable when you are with people that have a sense of humor! And these guys did! I even expressed my love of dirty hair—and dirty wigs! (i.e., hair looks better when it’s gone a few days without washing—many wigs also look better if they aren’t washed often!)

Fun times with Grace and Tae!  Look at the unit from the side–it’s so natural looking and Jamison is nice and full!!!!!  Just what I love!!!

The day wasn’t over yet.  Grace, Erin and I went to a local café for lunch and you know, I haven’t had such a great girly time in a while.  It felt like I was with my daughter Oona and her friends.  Lunch is grand when you are in the company of women who enjoy each other and we had a blast.

And when we returned, I was given a Goodie bag. Who doesn’t love a Goodie bag?????  Boy was this one chock-full of goodies.

Best Goodie bag I’ve ever received!

My morning coffee was enjoyed in this mug today.  And Erin and Grace must have read the blog post about my laptop turning me into a monster!  Remember the planner that I threw and broke?  Well—I got another one.  This one shall not be thrown.

This morning’s coffee was enjoyed from this mug I received…

This lovely planner/datebook will replace the one I destroyed while angry with my laptop’s printer…

I’ve already started to fill in the dates…

I also received a stand-up calendar—both of which are next to my computer on the dining room table/my office!

…a sturdy stand up calendar that won’t keep falling over is well-needed.

And a handy color chart and catalog!  I’ve been studying!

The planner, pen, calendar are placed upon my LaRamade menu-as-mousepad.  I’m very classy with the Sriracha sauce in the background!

Overall, I had such a wonderful time. I also learned something.  You don’t have to stick to one particular texture in a wig.  The right style for your face and the most flattering and realistic cuts matter too.  It was a great day of give and take suggestions and feedback.  And I welcome the chance to return to give more feedback and to visit with Grace, Erin and Tae!!!

Here’s today’s looks at Jamison!

Look at that parting space and hairline.  I didn’t even have to manipulate..

…a little tousle from the fingers and she’s looking mighty fine!  This color though!!!!

Sleeked down a bit with the fingers–look how natural she is!!!

Ohhhhh the more I look at Jamison the more she is my favorite bob!  She doesn’t look “done” or like a helmet.  She moves beautifully and the color!!!!!!

And Bonaparte LOVES the style. I think he may be coming around to the color too!

So, ladies, in my mission to attempt to normalize wigs, I hope you enjoyed my visit as much as I did.  Remember, wigs are confidence and esteem builders for women who suffer hair loss.  They put the “pro” into pro-aging!

But they are also a fun and easy way to change up your look. And for vacations—they should be a necessity. After all, who wants to spend precious time spending on your hair when you are away?  Plop on a wig and you are off for some exciting touring without worrying about the tresses!

I’m off to take Chippy out in the snow!  And it’s a wet, heavy snow. I’ll need a hat to cover this beautiful head of hair of mine!!! XOXOXOXO

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29 Responses to The Esthetics of Wigging Out—My Visit to Estetica!

  1. You are really winning me over on the wig thing. Must go and have a wee shop – your point about bringing them on holiday is a great one – my hair always looks crap on holiday as I’m in and out of the pool/sea etc. Going to find me a holiday wig!

    • Catherine says:

      Oh–Warrior! Wigs are the greatest vacation accessory ever! After a morning at the beach or pool, who want’s to spend time on their hair??? Throw a wig on and your hair will be perfect–and the comfort level is so different from years ago. These are lighter than air and the heat won’t affect you! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. Julie says:

    Sounds like the best day ever, I’m glad that at least I get to read about it. The Jamison wig looks great on you, love love that one.

  3. hipchick66 says:

    What a fun and great opportunity for you, and them! That wig looks absolutely fab on you, in fact it doesn’t even look like a wig!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori! Thanks–right, though???? It looks so natural!!!! I need this in a slightly darker color!!! This is a great summer wig too!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  4. Christine D says:

    Such fun! And aren’t you the brave one being so open about a common problem.
    I do have some thinning, but ok for now. I feel comforted by your sharing that I can do wig if I want/need to. Looks like wigs have so changed since yrs ago., the comfort and texture and esp the sheen. Nice to know I can turn to your advice and experience as needed. Thanks for sharing this adventure!
    Chris D

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Christine! It is a common problem. And one that women really need to address because if we keep silent about it, women’s hair loss will remain a stigma and so will wigs. The more I wear wigs, the more I enjoy the change up of styles and color!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Debe says:

    They should hire you as their model!!! Love the violet one!!!!


  6. fiona says:

    This is such an interesting post for me, I struggle to get my hair to look decent these days.
    I’m concerned though that wigs will be too full and dense for me, as my hair has always been very fine and lacking volume. If I started to parade around with bouffant hair it would be a dead giveaway, I want to look natural. However these Estetica wigs don’t look too shiny, some I’ve seen look like dolls hair…. not a good look! I’m loving the Violet style, I wish I could get my own hair like that but it holds a curl for about five minutes tops! The Jamison is superb on you, not only the style but the colour also, really natural. Great giveaways too! xxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona! Yeah. I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that most of the wigs at Estetica were not shiny but lusterous. And that’s a great thing. I still find that the blonde wigs just are shiny in general! That Violet–huh???? Man is that a great summer wig!!!! I’m very happy with Jamison!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. Mary says:

    Thanks for this, and all, your amazing detailed posts on wigs, Catherine. I’ve experienced some thinning, not too bad as yet, but you’ve helped me see there’s something to be done as it progresses. I really appreciate all the work you do to educate your readers! The Jamison is amazing on you, the colour really lights up your face!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much Mary. I love writing about wigs because it brings forward the issue that so many of us have and don’t want to talk about. Putting on my daily hair is like putting mascara on these days!!! Thank you again for supporting me with this journey!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. bone&silver says:

    Great informative post, and that wig looks FABULOUS ON YOU! Thanks x

  9. Arabella says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to spend your day with such knowledgeable and artistic women. Thank you for sharing your day with us. The more you write about blond wigs, the more I am easing myself into trying them out. My bio hair even at age 62, is still 99% dark so I guess I am used to seeing myself with dark brown hair, I love all the varying shades you wear.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Arabella! Glad you enjoyed the visit! Hey. I’m very dark haired naturally and I am loving the lighter colors so very much!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!! Try a lighter color!!!

  10. Liz McGarry says:

    I love the Jamison on you…the shorter length and lighter color are so flattering…and, remember, just change one letter (“e” for “i”) and you have a fine Irish Whiskey! I think it’s a sign…this one was made for you…Slainte!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Liz!!! Yeah–I’m loving Jamison so much. LOL!!! I thought of that–with the “e”! Did I ever mention that I spent time at the Jameson distillery in Ireland? Back when Oona competed at the All-Ireland’s Irish Dance competition and we were there, a few of us moms took the tour and got to sample. I was “Slainte”ing all day after that one! It was fun!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  11. You are the wig Goddess! The Jamison is a gorgeous style. Is it natural hair? Do wigs feel hot? Do people ever ask if you are wearing a wig? They appear really natural looking on your pics. It would be so amazing to have such beautiful hair like that…I had no idea they were so affordable, either.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Beloved! It is natural synthetic hair. I’ll tell you, synthetic wigs are so well-made these days that it’s hard to tell the difference at times. And no–I don’t feel hot when wearing these wigs–they are light enough that wearing them is just second nature. I’m wearing a wig that cost twenty bucks and it’s great–even if it lasts but a few months–the cost is still less than what I paid to have my bio-hair blow dried!!! XOXOXOXO

  12. Am enjoying your posts about wigs. i’ve wanted to have a wig, but my head is small and most wigs overpower me. Just haven’t found a wig that is right for me.

  13. Michele says:

    Love the Bob style on you! Have you tried still stay all day liquid lipstick? Stila

  14. Marsha Wilson says:

    I’m in the process of trying to find out why my hair is thinning on top. My hairdresser says she doesn’t see any bare spots, but I am wondering if she is just being kind.

    The texture of my hair is changing too, and I just can’t stand to look in the mirror any more. My dermatologist gave me a referral to another dermatologist who does hair replacement. I just don’t know if I even want to find out if I am a candidate or how extremely expensive it is bound to be.

    I really don’t want to wear a wig, but you make them look so great. I’m afraid they will just look like a hat of hair plopped on my head and that I will constantly be touching it to make sure it’s not crooked or about to come off.

    The Jamison, from your description, sounds as if it might be a good first wig because of the cap construction. I watched some videos of another wig reviewer who used an adhesive, and that just sounds so involved and uncomfortable.

    Do you think the Jamison would be a good wig for someone who has never worn one? Can it be returned if I don’t like it? Do you know about how much it is?

    You are so kind to talk about this and share what you know. All the doctors I’ve talked to don’t seem to have a definitive answer.

    Thank you for your generous spirit.

  15. Vivella says:

    I like the style of the Violet on you, it looks youthful but the Jamison is incredibly flattering on you and is a winner! It somehow brings out the light in your eyes and skin – am so glad they gifted it to you. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing all this wonderful info with us!

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