Oh No! Not ANOTHER Foundation Review! (Um. Yes. It Is!)

I don’t know what it is about foundation that makes me such an addict.  Oh wait. I do know.  I’m always searching for a foundation that’ll be an asset to my collection.

And when I find a foundation that makes the cut–it is welcomed into my universe!!

Seriously.  I’m big on rotating my cosmetics—whether it’s seasonal or the fact I don’t want to overuse—there’s always room for another foundation to rotate.

Today I’m reviewing a foundation that I purchased at Sally Beauty.  It seems that there’s always something at Sally that I find and like.   The foundation is from the Sally Beauty Col-Lab brand and is getting a lot of love in reviews except from me.

It’s tough to find a foundation that works on mature skin and that is affordable.  And when I say affordable, I’m talking more about price per use.  My Fenty foundation may have cost $34, but such a small amount needs to be used that the price point is a great value.

And for the price, you would THINK the name of the shade would be SOMEWHERE on the bottle. It isn’t!  So I can’t even tell you for sure which shade I purchased!

The Col-Lab foundation comes in at $14.99—I think I paid $14.29 with my Sally discount.  Regardless, I think that’s a high price for a foundation that is more akin to a drug store brand.

There are two formulas.  The “Meet Your Matte” foundation and the more dewy “Bright Spark Radiant” Foundation.  I purchased the Bright Spark.

First of all, I had a bit of an issue with the range of shades.  This is why I prefer to buy some foundations at Sephora—you can try before you buy and see what the color looks like rather than play the guessing game.  Since I’m fair skinned, it is a challenge because the choice is either the palest shade, which is ghostly looking or a shade that ends up being too dark. I’m pretty sure I went with Sand, Number 3. Seriously–for $14.99 they can’t put the name of the shade on the bottle?


Here’s the range of shades.  There are no in-store testers either so it’s a complete gamble.

Before reviewing, I wanted to give this foundation a few tries before getting down to the nitty -gritty.  I wore this foundation three times before placing fingers to keyboard. So here goes.

When I opened the bottle, and pumped a small amount on my wrist, I noticed it was a bit “yellow”—and that’s why I can’t wear MAC or Bobbi Brown foundations.  The yellow washes me out.  But hey, I bought it, so let me use it. Besides, with color corrector, concealer, contour and highlighter, this could work.

This is the first time I used the Col-lab Foundation.  The lighting is weird but it looked yellow.

Again–from the first time I wore this foundation. Applied on my forehead. It’s very yellow

I applied the foundation on one side with a dampened beauty sponge and the other with a brush so that I could get a feel for it.  The sponge worked better.  Now—this particular foundation is low-to medium coverage and is buildable.  But—there’s something to remember when it comes to aging skin and “buildable”.  The more you build—the more the chance of foundation settling into the lines and creases on our faces.  That’s why I try to look for full-coverage foundation.

First time after applying to my entire face. I’m just not impressed …

…but with the contour, concealer, highlighter, blush, it was doable.  I don’t WANT to settle for doable.

Many of the reviews were giving this foundation love for the hydration factor. I’m sorry.  I didn’t notice any hydrating at all.  The finish had a very, very slight and subtle dewiness but not enough to “wow” me.

Here’s how it went on my third day of wearing this–actually Wednesday!

Good morning!  Hope I didn’t scare you!

Now you can REALLY see how yellow this shade looks when I apply it…

All blended into my skin and I’m still not impressed.  I ended up spraying water three times and blotting the foundation that settled into my many lines!

These were my assistants to try to make this foundation look decent.  Fenty Match Stix in Amber for contour.  Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl, a nice and very creamy highlighting cream, Chanel concealer,  I also used Nars Universal stick for blush and the Laura Geller highlighting powder to add a bit of extra highlights.

This photo was taken in the room where I apply my makeup.   I’m just not wowed by this foundation.  It is not hydrating at all..

In the light of my kitchen.  This is after two applications of the foundation. You can see the freckles on my forehead. I dared not apply a third time because it would have looked very caked upon. The lipstick and brighter eye shadow brighten up my face more than the foundation does.

I mean, it ended up not looking bad—but it just wasn’t great.

And for the price of $14.99—for less than six bucks I can get two bottles of Wet n’ Wild’s fabulous PhotoFocus foundation that has amazing coverage!

I love the Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus—as you can see, below are three bottles that I have. I blend two of them and the darker shade, I use for my YouTube videos. (when I remember to apply it).

I mix the Soft Beige with the Nude Ivory to get a nice shade. This is a matte foundation and is, hands down, fabulous!!!  I use the Peach Natural for the YouTube videos.  But the darker foundation will work well during the summer when I’m fake tanned!  At less than six dollars a bottle, this is the best buy ever!

e.l.f. Foundation, at six bucks still remains one of my go-to foundations.  My love/hate relationship with e.l.f. continues, but as long as this foundation is not discontinued, I’ll use it.

This color–Porcelain–it works.  And I like this for traveling because it’s so inexpensive, if I leave it behind I won’t freak out!

The Ordinary.  I have both the foundations and one of each that is on reserve.  This foundation is second skin!

Well-worth the less than eight bucks each, a little goes a long way!  This foundation IS truly like a second skin!

Fenty Pro Filt’r foundation.  At $34, this is the most expensive foundation in my collection and is worth every cent and more.  When and if I ever become hired again, I’ll be wearing this to the office every day!

This–I love the Fenty foundation tons.  And the selection of shades–everyone can find their shade and if you go to Sephora, you can try before you buy!

Laura Geller’s Baked foundation is the only powder foundation I’ll use. It is so finely-milled and gives a gorgeous finish.  You can always find a good deal on QVC or on Geller’s site.

This Balance-n-Brighten Foundation is a fantastic summer foundation. Man–I love this!!!

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel foundation.  Don’t get me started. This was an absolute favorite of mine and it was discontinued.  I’m not sure if it has been rebranded as Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate, but I know I’ll most likely end up making the purchase and comparing it to the Genius Gel.

Image result for marc jacobs foundation

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. At $55, this better be full coverage. And I don’t know why the brand discontinued the Genius Gel–it was the best higher end foundation I ever had!!

Finding that “right” foundation is a challenge and I was looking forward to Col-lab’s foundation being one of those “right” ones that I could put into rotation with the others.   I’ll use the rest of the bottle but I won’t be repurchasing.

I just cannot, for the life of me, recommend this foundation.  There is nothing spectacular about it and the shades are just not fair-skinned friendly nor darker-skinned friendly.  The shades are just somewhere in the middle and are too yellow.

Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation and your thoughts. You know—I could be wrong.  This could work for others.  We all don’t have the same skin type.

Sally Beauty just missed with this—I may try something else from the line, but at this point, I’m not sure.

My grade would be a C Minus.  And that is because it does give a subtle dewy finish.

I’m curious–and not curious yellow like the foundation. I’m curious to find out if any of you have tried the new Marc Jacobs foundation. I’m so upset that the gel foundation was discontinued.  But if you’ve tried the Col-lab foundation, please comment on your thoughts!

Thanks!! Let’s discuss!!!

Here’s my YouTube review!

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25 Responses to Oh No! Not ANOTHER Foundation Review! (Um. Yes. It Is!)

  1. hipchick66 says:

    I agree, that foundation is not good on you! I wouldn’t want to even try it. I’ve seen much better on you, in fact, whatever you’ve been wearing recently is great! I love your makeup reviews, by the way. Lately I’ve been really liking the new Wet n Wild cushion foundation. Not dry and good coverage. I use the second shade, cream ivory. My search lately has been for the best concealer for me. So far, my top contenders are Benefit Boi ing Brightening and the newer fat stick concealer from Wet n Wild. I tried a bunch of high and low end and they either didn’t work or were way to drying. This shouldn’t be so hard, should it? Xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      OMG. Lori. Don’t try this. It is one of the worst foundations I’ve ever put on my face and I’m confused as to why so many bloggers and video reviewers love this!!! Ugh. And to not put the shade name on the bottle??? That’s downright cheap and for the $14.99 price. Get out of here! Did you try the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer? It’s great!!! Boing is excellent too. Finding the right shade is so daunting at times!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

      • hipchick66 says:

        Yes, I tried the Maybelline a few times, and a few shades, and it just didn’t work for me so I finally gave up on that. I know it works well for many others though.

      • Catherine says:

        Too bad. I’m not a fan of Maybelline in general but for me that age rewind concealer is very hydrating. It’s so funny how things work and don’t work for us!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. The Lakewoman says:

    Love that Wet n Wild…goes on like butta’ with a brush!
    Cathe, if you can’t get a foundation to go on, it is a dog (sorry, Chippy, no offense).
    Keep your reviews coming.

  3. jilly says:

    Yay ! I thought, yellow tones ! Ces’t totally moi ! But then, NO .Almost every foundation I’ve tried ( ( and I’ve tried a few since about 1962 ) has left me with a face one size too small after an hour or two and almost every mascara left me with Racoon eyes, not a good look or feel.
    A newish brand called Collection does a mascara for a few £’s that works better i.e. doesn’t settle in under my eyes within twenty minutes, than anything I’ve tried from any range, whatever the price.
    I once spend a small fortune on a ‘tubing’ mascara only to have my date lean forward over dinner and ask what were all those tiny black flecks under my eyes. Thanks Dior.

    Here in UK no Sephora boohoo. I miss it a lot after 14 years in U.S. Wet & wild and Outdoor girl hard to come by. A recent line called MUA is very good for some stuff and does their own version of those sort of marbled Laura Geller powders that is way out of my league . I really miss Target and Walgreen’s. Sadly many of the good things you recommend are unavailable here and online post and packaging can make you think twice.
    The Ordinary is wonderful but P& P puts the price way up unless you spend about £ 20/ $25.

    You are an International blogger now Catherine, you need us to remind you of this stuff.

    Jilly X
    P.S Thankyou for trying this stuff Catherine, so we don’t have to. x

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jilly!!! If you order The Ordinary from their site, it isn’t as expensive and there is free shipping over twenty five USD. Please–don’t ever try this foundation if it ends up overseas. And mascara—I’ve given up on the bottom lashes. It’s a never-ending game. If I put any sort of cream like a moisturizer or color corrector under my eyes, the mascara just smears. And if I don’t wear mascara, I look odd. I’ve found that high-end mascaras are just as flaky and smear as much as low end so I don’t spend money on mascara anymore!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  4. junedesilva says:

    I’m scared of foundation…! 😂

  5. Juliet says:

    Oh yellow foundation – arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So frustrating – where are the cooler / pink-y ones? As women age our skin tone cools and for those of us with pink skin to start with, this is so frustrating. Dont even tell me that yellow will neutralise my colouring – why do I want to “neutralise” myself – and especially when it means my skin looks grubby. I like foundation – I feel it is important for me and one of the important things I look for is SPF, no SPF equals potential sun damage for me and my very sensitive skin. Also the grubby look is NOT what I want. The right foundation is out there, and the hunt seems to go on and on and on and …

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. Yellow will NEVER neutralize our coloring!!! It’s fake news that it will!! I’m telling you–try The Ordinary. I love their foundations!!! No yellow!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  6. Kasie D says:

    I’ve just spent the entire morning reading your blog! Your writing style is just so enjoyable to read! Have you ever tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation? I am a massive fan as I think it’s a great “your skin but better” product. When I’m not tan it can be a little yellow, so in the winter months I mix it with the Etude House Face Blur and I swear they are meant to be together.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much Kasie!!!I’ll be on the lookout for the Neutrogena foundation!I’ll have to be on the lookout for the Etude House Face Blur–I’ve never heard of it. Thanks!!!!!! XOXOXOXO And thank you for enjoying this blog!!!!

  7. Momcat says:

    One of the comments was about the ongoing search for a good concealer. I tried Nars from Sephora. It’s pricy but you can order the trial size which I actually prefer. There are only two or three colours available in the small size and I ordered the lightest which is more pink than yellow. It also works as a low key highlighter. I don’t wear foundation maybe for special occasions but I do use BB or CC creams which give me some colour and sun protection. I like Garnier and Vichy or Marcelle and Lise Watier which are Canadian companies.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Momcat!! I’m a fan of NARS Universal Stick! I was using BB creams for a while but I needed more coverage!! Hey. Hope you are snuggled up in bed and taking care of yourself with trashy TV!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. You might not like this because it’s not thrifty but I’ve been happy with Makeup Forever. I now realize that the thing that makes it work is that the colour just works on my face. I hate yellow. I haven’t tried Wet and Wild but I will. I’ve been on a search for the perfect foundation. So far the Makeup Forever with (don’t hate me) Guerlain gold primer seems to work well. My daughter looked at my skin and thought it was perfect. It’s not! But the makeup made it look really good. It also works for filming in that it isn’t shiny and I don’t feel it on my skin. So many things to worry about. The smart thing I’m doing is getting samples as opposed to buying a new bottle. Always searching.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandy! Oh.btw, I tried to answer on your blog but that foursquare or whatever it is that allows you to comment did not work for me. NYQUIL!!!! I take NYQUIL for winter colds and flu.
      OK. Back to foundation! I USED to only wear the Makeup Forever HD foundation and suddenly the formulation changed!! It no longer worked for me. I was extremely upset!!
      I love guerlain. I have quite a few of Guerlain’s products–like perfume and the Terra Cotta bronzer and eyepencil and lipstick–I like shopping at CDG airport for Guerlain duty-free!!!!
      I’m so glad that you are feeling much better!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. Christine D says:

    Thanks for the review. I have been using Bobby Brown stick foundation. It has good coverage.
    What works for me is putting sunscreen on my clean face, then a few drops of Acure facial oil, let that soak in for a few minutes, then do primer (smashbox), then bb stick foundation. Without the oil, it would be too dry.
    You look marhhhhhhhvelous!
    Chris D

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Christine. BB is just too yellow for me. I’ve never found a shade that worked. And sunscreen–I’m on the search for a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my eyes when it gets near them!!!!! Thank you!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

      • Christine D says:

        I use Neutrogena clear skin spf55…….because I’m older than you! Don’t leave home without it……..my husb had skin cancer 4x……so we take it seroiusly

  10. I found the name on the back label. I have Sand 03. I like it. I have always liked Wet and Wild also.

  11. epicthollis says:

    I actually love this foundation. it leaves my face looking very dewy but if I don’t powder it it doesn’t stay. I’m 42 and not too creased yet! I could totally see this getting burried in creases on more mature skin.

  12. Che says:

    Thank you. I recently started wearing
    Make up; I am 36. I do not like this foundation.
    I used the matte finish and as you said
    It settled in all of my fine lines and about 5hrs in
    It looked ashy and dry and made me look much older.
    I love Fenty Hydrating foundation, and am on the search
    For the best one -low end and high. I thought
    I could apply it lighter, use a different setting powder, etc
    But it still looked bad. I will not purchase this brand again; hopefully
    I can mix it with something to make it work. Or maybe
    Fenty just has me spoiled.

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