Come Get Ready With Me! A Guide to the Over 60 Everyday Face.

Ok…I’ve gotten a few requests asking me to do a tutorial applying makeup.  I thought about doing a video and the thought is still lingering.

You can see how I went from plain, no brows, discolored skin to a more even and polished look.  

But in all honesty,  because of the unforgiving lighting in the little room where I get ready in the morning, I thought it would be so much better to do a blog post.  Frankly, I’m sick and tired of women over 50 and 60 and in general using filters when it comes to beauty.  Our faces are not filtered in real life and you know that I’m very transparent. I also jumped at the opportunity to do this while my face was affected by morning allergies.

No filter.  No great lighting. This is me before I apply my makeup.  

So—without further ado, brace yourselves because this is no five-minute makeup routine.  I take my time.  I’ll drink a cup of coffee while I’m getting ready and this is my “me” time before heading out to work—or on the weekends to run errands.  I like to look human.

First of all,  I apply serums and creams in the evening and in the morning, I only use warm water to wash my face.  Then I apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Any moisturizer will do and I follow up with a Primer.

Let’s do this ladies!

Today I used Hard Candy’s Primer. It’s around  $8.00 at Walmart and this is one of the primers that I repurchase regularly.  I apply it over my face and it sets in while I do my eyes.

With the primer applied to my face, I head for my holy grail of eye brightener.  Well-Rested by bareMinerals.  If you are a regular reader of the blog, then you know I’m never without this.  The funny thing is that I don’t have dark circles under my eyes, but I use this to get rid of the shadow above my lid and in the corner of my eyes.

bareMinerals Well-Rested.  I’m starting to run low–I’ll have to run to the mall next weekend and pick up some more. I apply with a medium sized flat bristled brush that I’ve had for years. 

I apply the Well-Rested in the corners of my eyes where my skin is a bit blueish.

And also all over my lid to get rid of any shadowing.  This also makes a great base for the shadows that will follow.

Now it’s time for shadow.  Today (actually it was yesterday when I did this), I’m using that cute palette that I made last week.  The shadows from Essence.



I’m starting off with “Cotton Candy” under my lid but any light shade will do. And contrary to what “they” say, a satin or slightly shimmery shade looks much better than a matte shade!

Next, I take a fluffier brush and apply a transition shade.  MAC Quarry is my favorite but the Essense Mauvie Time is an exact dupe!!

Always tap the excess shadow from the brush to prevent fallout.  When I apply the shadows I tap into my lid rather than swipe because of the crepeiness.  Plus, it’s easier to build up the color more by tapping the shadow into the lid or crease.

When I’ve built up enough shadow to my liking, I’ll go in with the Morphe blending brush and blend, blend, blend to get a softer look.This Morphe brush is great for blending.  In fact, I am pretty fond of all the Morphe brushes I have.

See?  All the shadow has been blended so softly and evenly!

For a little more definition, and because I wear glasses, I’ll go into the outter corners with a darker color.  I’m using Steel The Show which is a perfect dupe for Urban Decay’s Pistol and eighteen dollars less expensive.    But I still blend!

Steel the Show–slightly metallic, which is great because matte gray colors look dreadful on me!  This is a nice shadow.

Layering the shadows also creates depth and when you wear glasses, that helps!

Next up–Brownielicious.  I use a foam tipped applicator to apply this to line my bottom lids and add a touch to the outter corners as well.  These Essence shadows are really amazing and at such a budget price!!

Many pooh-pooh the foam-tipped applicator but boy, it is good for lining lids!

Lids almost done…

And it’s time to wipe any residue or fallen shadow from under my eyes. I always have either diaper wipes or cleansing wipes handy.

I’ll also spritz some of this facial spray both before applying foundation and after!

Brows are next.  Trust me, it’ll all come together.  I use Anastasia’s Dip Brow because, quite frankly, it’s the best brow gel product on earth and it lasts forever. I’ve had this little jar for over two years now!

The Dipbrow has seen better days but I have a brand new one that I’ll use when every bit of this is gone.

I love a dark brow but I don’t like a too-thick brow.  For me, doing the brows is the most challenging part of my routine!

Brows are done and things are starting to look better!

Time for mascara and liner.  She how blotchy my skin looks close up?

My mascara of choice these days is Get Big Lashes by Essence.  This stuff–it’s so fantastic.  It really thickens the lashes!

At $3.99 a tube, this is better than any high-end mascara I’ve ever purchased!

Let’s face it. As we age our lashes aren’t what they used to be. As long as the mascara thickens and darkens properly. I’m happy.  I don’t have time to putz around with false lashes during the week.

The ol’ broad is starting to look human again.

Time for liner.  I’ve stopped lining my lids because I’ve found it makes my eyes look smaller and on those “allergy” days when my eyes are puffy and more hooded, they just don’t look good.  Instead, I tightline.  That is going very close to the lash line UNDER the top lid’s waterline.

I use an e.l.f. eyeliner and shadow stick in Black Smoke. This is an excellent product.  I linked it on my page which I’ll link at the end of the post!

Eyes done. Now it’s time for the face!

Today I used the Wet n Wild Cushion Foundation. I’m such a fan of this because it is so incredibly hydrating and that is a delight for pro-aging skin!

To make it MORE hydrating, I add a drop of Argan Oil (The Josie Maran is a sample. I’m not spending $48 bucks on any oil. I just ordered The Ordinary Argan Oil from Amazon and paid twelve bucks!)

A drop of oil right onto the cushion..

I press a foundation brush into the cushion (the brush I use is from iT Cometics and I’m annoyed because the brush is separating from the handle)

And I apply!

Now–here’t the secret to getting the foundation to look like a second skin. After applying the foundation, I literally “buff” my face with a big buffind brush. It’s like buffing fingernails.

Buffing the foundation…

I’m not done yet….

After buffing I take that cleansing/diaper wipe..

And I press the wipe into my face to blot any excess.  Do you have any idea how hard this is to take a photo when the glasses aren’t on?  I’m friggin’ blind as a bat–LOL!!

Look at the excess that came off!

Now it’s time for concealer. I happen to like concealer because it gives my uneven skin more of an even finish and it brightens.  My hand to God–I swear this MAC concealer is the best I’ve ever used for coverage.  I have basically stopped using anything else during the workweek!

A half pump gives you..

All this coverage and trust me when blended it doesn’t look caked on.  I blend the bejesus out of this with a very damp blending sponge (sorry I forgot to take a photo). I use my Real Techniques blending sponge.

Now–take a good look-see. My wrinkles are still there.  They aren’t covered, yet the foundation still looks fine and my skin looks more even and brighter.  It’s about even and brighter looking skin.  You cannot stop the aging process so ’tis better to embrace it!

During the warmer months I don’t do a contour but with this new cream contour palette and with me showing you how I do my face, it seemed like a good thing to do.

This palette.  I can’t even because it’s just so damned great!  The creamy texture is a pro-aging woman’s best friend!

Because it’s so creamy, I applied this taupe contour with my finger..

And used this inexpensive three-dollar contour brush to blend.

The contour is applied right under my cheekbone and blended in very, very, very, very, very well.  You want a “shade” of color to create a slimming shadow!

Let’s get cheeky now!

Next a coral cream blush by Stila..

And ever-so-lightly I apply and brush in little circular motions on the top of my cheeks.

Almost done. I swear!

Next for fun, I’ll take a little highlighter and

Apply under my eye!

Almost done!  The only thing left is bronzer, which I passed on and lipcolor.  Lipcolor is applied after I put a wig on and after I get dressed because I’m a natural born slob and I get lipstick all over. I’m not kidding.

Why wear one lipcolor when you can wear four?  Seriously, I always mix colors. Today I’m going for a caramel/pink so we’ll see what comes out of this!

Hair on, dress on. I always line my lips in a neutral lip pencil.  It’s stops the lipcolor from bleeding.

And that’s it.  Overall, it takes me about twenty five minutes to do my face because I dawdle.  I drink my coffee and check my phone and I play Candy Crush Saga.  But the difference that makeup does for pro-aging skin is really a beautiful thing. I look like me but a better version of me. Isn’t that what we all want?

Look closely to the left of the bottom of my mouth. See what a slob I am?  Smeared lipstick. I have no idea how that happened either! But it did!

See?  We don’t need fiters.  To the left is a popular filter that so many women use to rid themselves of any imperfections but you can’t see the face. I’ll take my bumps, spots and wrinkles and work with them!  

I wore the maxi dress from Marshalls and everyone at work loved it…

But—But….it was this dress that got a gazillion compliments today.  I am so glad I went back and got this striped bodycon midi!

This dress is definitely a crowd pleaser.  My Frenchman even pinched me!  Oh lala!!

Here’s the link to many of the products I used in this blog post:  Products On My Amazon Page

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you do want a video because I’ll definitely make an effort to film one this weekend!

Here’s today’s look which is basically the same as yesterday’s except I have on a lighter wig. I’m wearing Violet by Estetica Designs.  You know- I like the lighter color better for the warmer weather.

PS.  I want to thank everyone who suggested I do this post because it’s important to me to show off our aging skin. It’s important to show that you do not need filters.  It’s important to come to terms with the aging process so thanks for pushing me to to this.  I appreciate it and always love when I get suggestions from you!!!

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30 Responses to Come Get Ready With Me! A Guide to the Over 60 Everyday Face.

  1. Julie says:

    You look great. Thanks for all your tips, a video would also be good. I’m going to have to try the dip brow. Mine are no where as good as yours. I have a lot of trouble where foundations and powders go into my wrinkles. I’m forever rubbing it out. Any good ideas? Thanks

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Julie! Honestly, if you buff and buff and blot the excess the foundation should look more even! It also depends on the foundation. I find that The Ordinary liquid and serum foundations don’t settle into lines and neither does the wet n’ wild photo focus or the cushion!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    • Anne Nickol says:

      Do you use a primer? That helps so well (you put it on before your foundation) to keep the foundation from settling into your wrinkles and creases. Such a difference.

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Anne! Always! I have a photo of the primer I used at the top of the post!! It’s part of the routine !!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Debe says:

    That primer works well on you.

    Question your wipe for blotting you find that better then a blotting type paper?

    You do not lose any makeup doing That? Nice tip!!!!


  3. Mary says:

    Thanks for this post Catherine! I also like the way the Dipbrow makes your brows look full but not thick. Although I’m in my 50s, my skin is still so oily, and the powder I’m using on my brows just doesn’t stay put through a workday, none of my makeup does. Think I need to try the Dipbrow.

  4. debwlv says:

    I really appreciate this post. I know that I would benefit from wearing more products but I have always been very overwhelmed and intimidated by the volume of what’s out there!!!! This blog has helped me in that I can see that, while you have used several different products,, you still look like you and you don’t look over done or too made up. It also helps that you are very specific with your product recommendations—-while we all have different requirements to consider, it helps to have a place to start! Thanks so much!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Deb! Thank you so much! It’s true—I just want to look like me without going overboard. And the products I use—I use all the time! When I find something new and use it, I’ll know immediately if it’ll work or not! I’ll never steer anyone wrong!!lol!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏻👌🏻

  5. says:

    Hi Cathe,
    I’m wondering what you think of the Brit ‘ Fabulous Forever ‘ products. Excellent site and lovely sincere lady . All her products are made specifically for our age group and I would love to know if you think they achieve a better result than ‘ any age ‘ cosmetics. I have dry skin but a big problem with NOTHING staying put. Mascara gives me the dreaded panda eyes and lipstick ? give it about 20 minutes.
    SO glad you got that dress after all , it’s a real keeper.

    Jilly x

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jilly. I’m going to have to check that brand out. Do they sell in the US? I’m telling you, primer works to keep the makeup on!! My skin is very dry too! Oh…I’m thrilled that I ended up getting the dress!!!XOXOXOXOXO

    • Karin Staddle says:

      Hi! I live in UK and use look Fabulous Forever primer and foundation and can thorough recommend these products. Although expensive they last a long time. It is all sold on line and they ship to US. Just love Catherine’s blog and tips.

  6. Juliet says:

    Loved this, I am so nosey that all the detail really appeals to me. I’d love a video on this and I’d also love a wee video on fragrance at some stage. I know you have your faves but I’d love to hear what you wear in warm weather or cool weather and why you like what you do and what associations you place with them – the sad thing about Internet is that we can’t all pile into the same room and girly chit chat away about this stuff. I was watching Monique Parent on you tube last night – doing some super glam make up, she is a riot and between you and the Monique I may never need tv again (apart from the new series of Versailles – and the odd European drama) as you both on you tube made the evening for me.

    I also really enjoy when you have styled outfits – those videos are great (and the recipes – you’ve created a monster – ME – as some light WW friendly summer recipes filmed would be great too 🙂)

    Actually I love you tube videos and hearing/seeing people do things – inspiring

    • Catherine says:

      LOL! Juliet. I just subscribed to Parent’s YouTube Channel. You got me started on her now!! And I think a Fragrance video would be a great idea!!!! You’re inspiring me there dearie!!! Oh..I cannot WAIT for the next season of Versailles to start. I’m waiting impatiently about it!! XOXOXOXOXO

  7. Anne Nickol says:

    Catherine, I am SO, SO glad you went back to buy that striped dress! When you said you decided not to get it, I was like “NO, NO, NO! Why didn’t she buy that dress!” I thought it looked fabulous on you and showed off your beautiful figure so well. And I guess a certain pinching French man thinks so, too! 🙂


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne! Thanks!!!! Yeah–I’m just glad that the dress was still there! That dress is so grea because when the weather cools I can wear it with a sweater. It can be dressed up or down. And the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!

  8. Bridget says:

    My makeup routine during the week is very simple and relatively quick, but I always use sunscreen! Do you not use it regularly?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bridget. I……………………………donotusesunscreenregularly. Ohhhhhh..there’s a reason. It hurts my eyes. My crossed amblyopic eyes are very sensitive to whatever it is that is put into sunscreen so I wear it when I’m outside in sunny weather. I wish someone would make a sunscreen that isn’t sensitive to the eyes. It’s really bad and many moisturizers also bother my eyes too!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  9. DGGYST says:

    mama you need a youtube channel! I will subscribe!

  10. Mels says:

    Ohhhhhhh…..I have so many questions! I always put my concealer first and then my foundation. We are supposed to put the foundation first?? Who knew. Whenever I use eye shadow, it seems to move up higher towards my eye brow, maybe because that skin hangs down a bit with age? Do you know what I mean? I never knew how to contour – thank you for that! And, ps, I took notes!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Mels. Think of it like this. Foundation is just that–a foundation or a base for everything else. The concealer goes over the foundation for a bit of extra coverage and brightening. Once you start doing that you’ll have a makeup ephiphany!!! With the eyeshadow, don’t go higher than a little bit above the crease and blend, glend blend. And you are very welcome!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  11. bluetulips says:

    You look amazing, I am so lazy!!!… I struggle with eye makeup, I don’t have the patience when applying eye shadows. I have to say you do an amazing job on the brows love them. Great job on this blog post. xx

  12. This Main Line Life says:

    OMG, you are so funny. I loved this post and you look awesome. I’ve been debating the whole “should I use a filter” thing myself so thanks for this. You’re giving me the confidence to go unfiltered.

    • Catherine says:

      Don’t do it. Honestly. Don’t do the filter. I have been tempted but then I wouldn’t be me. You don’t need it anyway!!! XOXOXOXO

  13. So interesting. highlighter under your eyes? Also wiping off your first layer of makeup. We definitely need a video, wether you can see or not. Whats the brand of your bronzer palette?

  14. Great tutorial Catherine….really.
    Love your face with and without makeup.
    But you do look good with it.
    I’ve been slacking off and with my white hair and pale Irish face……
    I look like a corpse. Just to honor your authenticity and the hard work you put in…. tomorrow morning I’m spending time on me face. I want to look as good as you!
    Love the navy dress……very cute.
    I seemed to have missed the girly gene that masters makeup and fashion… I’m glad we’ve met here. I have been forgetting that makeup is a tool….love your pro-aging approach. Have great weekend……..I’m packing and painting.
    Chris D on

  15. Colleen says:

    Catherine-Great post! Concealer under the eyes is something I’ll try tomorrow and I’m looking for your Get Big Lashes by Essence. Currently I’m using Lancome, which I love but if 3.99 buys a great mascara I’ll give it a try. I’m like you in that while doing my makeup I check Instagram, DailyMail and the weather while enjoying my coffee. It’s a relaxing way to start the day ;-).

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