The Wigs for the Heat–Best of Summer 2018!

We’re into July already—where is the summer going anyway?  Before we know it, it’ll be Labor Day weekend and the weather will begin to change.

Ahhhh July. Shorter shorts and lightweight Tee shirts to make us a bit more comfy in the heat!

But that’s for later.

I want to talk about summer hair—or rather, summer fake hair–summer wigs!

And there’s always a beautiful surprise within these boxes!

For what it’s worth—I do have hot-weather preferences for wigs.  Where I enjoy a longer length in the winter, during the hotter months, I’m far more comfortable in a shorter wig.

Bobs are my main choice and the summer choices are wonderful.  I like a curl and a wave because it just seems more natural and a more relaxed look for the time between Memorial and Labor days!

The shorter lengths are also very hot-weather-friendly because there’s no sweating involved—and if you do sweat, the wig won’t get matted.


And might I add that a lighter weight wig will NOT cause your head to sweat.  I wear wigs in the hottest of weather and am never uncomfortable!

And the thing is, a wig for summer wear can be your best friend.  If your hair misbehaves and turns into a bundle of humidity-born frizz, a wig can disguise that steel-wool pad of tresses!

loop understand GIF

I cannot count the times I’ve said that!!!

Going on vacation and don’t want to spend precious time fussing with your hair?  Invest in a wig! You can go swimming, let the air dry your hair while you are getting ready for a dinner out then plop a wig on.  Much better time management than slaving over a blow dryer and curling iron!

blow dry makeup tips GIF by Redken 5th Avenue

Do you really want to spend vacation time doing this then as soon as you go outside it puffs up like a chia pet?

Let’s take a look at my choices for Best Summer Wigs of 2018!

Emery by Estetica Designs.  This shade is CaramelKissM.  Emery is a graduated bob –the back being so short it barely touches the collar and elongating in front to under the chin.  She’s a bob with an edge and I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear with her this summer. No shedding and she washes beautifully.  If you are looking for a more modern bob–this is it!

Violet by Estetica Designs.  I love Violet so much that I have four.  This is the newest in the shade R14/8H–Golden Brown with Dark Blonde Highlights on top!

Here’s Jamison–also by Estetica Designs.  A classic bob, she’s beautiful for all seasons but lends herself very well to the summer weather.  I wear her when I want a polished office look! Another member of the CaramelKiss family!

Lacey by Envy Wigs.  This is my beach wig!  She became drenched with salt water from the Atlantic last week.  I meant to wash her and I didn’t and she’s looking better than ever. I think the next beach trip, I’m filling a spray bottle with salt water to use on wigs!  The color is Toasted Sesame and the amazing thing is that this is not a lace front wig!  It’s crazy because she looks so natural….

Here’s Lacey in Amaretto & Cream, a bit darker but just as lovely.  This length is so perfect for the hot weather and I love the fullness and volume.  She’s very affordable due to the non-lace front!  

Another big summer favorite of mine is Isla by Tony of Beverly. I’m blown away by the hairline on this and this is just one of those wigs that gets a ton of compliments.  The color is Rooted Sandstone! The layering on this really softens a square and angular face!  Trust me. I know!!

A longer bob but still summer-worthy is Chloe by Envy Wigs.  Here she is in Frosted.  She’s another lightweight–but beware if you have a larger head (such as I do)–she’s a bit snug–she has the stretch but she is a bit on the snug side!

Here’s Chloe in Chocolate-Cherry.  This is the wig that my husband got me for my birthday!  I have not worn her during the summer–the color of more autumn to me.  But–I wanted to show you the same wig–different color!

And for the budgetminded–Lyna by Bobbi Boss is a fabulous summer wig!  A middle-parted bob, she’s under $40 and is incredibly well-constructed!  TT48613 is the shade.  Truth be told.  Bobbi Boss makes a sleeker version of Lyna and I like this one better because it looks more natural!

Thursday, I received two more gorgeous wigs from my friends at Estetica Designs which I’ve added to my “Best of Summer” listing.  The newest delight from Estetica, Wren.

She’s got cascading loose spiral curls a bit more of an intense beachy wave.  The softness factor is incredible–the hair fibers feel like freshly-washed hair!  I have to say–she’s summer in a wig!

Meet Wren in RH12/26RT4, Light Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Roots.  I feel like a California Girl that the Beach Boys sing about when I’m wearing this.  I’ve been wearing her all day and absolutely love her!

This is the back of the wig.  Look at that curl pattern!  The cascading waves are more separate and not as dense as other wigs but the layering keeps it full. This is a beauty!

She moves beautifully too…but there’s more…

Here’s Wren in R4/6 a Dark Brown and Chestnut brown Blend..

Isn’t she stunning?  She’s me with my natural waves…

I wore the darker Wren to work yesterday and received a ton of compliments.  My work girls who also wear wigs loved the way she felt so soft to the touch.  But there’s more–when I put this darker Wren on for the first time, I had a moment.  I got very emotional because it reminded me so much of my bio hair when it was cut into a bob and I wore it natural….take a look..

Me in my bio hair 1988.  I was 33 and my hair hadn’t started to fall out yet.  I was pulling but there was no damage. 

The color is a great match to the Wren wig and so is the curl pattern.  I’m telling you–I became very emotional! It’s as though Wren was made specially for me!

And those are my best wigs for the summer.  I made an idea list for you.  Jett, an adorable pixie is added.  I’m not a pixie person but I think Jett is so adorable.  And the stock photo of Isla is atrocious.  She’s so much better in person! Best Wigs of Summer 2018!!  

Wigs are a great way to change up your look and as we pro-age, our hair changes.  Even those of us with a full head of hair will notice that it isn’t as full as when we were younger.  It’s dry and brittle and in all honesty,  wigs can look better than bio hair at times and give us a more youthful vibe!

Here’s a new video review of Wren that I added to my YouTube channel.  Watch and have a few laughs on me!!

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26 Responses to The Wigs for the Heat–Best of Summer 2018!

  1. Debe says:

    ❤❤❤❤ Love the chocolate cherry!!!!!

  2. Sue says:

    You look beautiful in that chocolate cherry Chloe!!!

  3. calensariel says:

    OML! You look like Sandra Bullock in your pix with your bio hair! Wow! I’m going to be having to stop by for some advice. This stupid prednisone has left me with HALF as much hair as I had a year ago. I was just asking his nibs if he thought it was time for a wig yet… The only one I don’t love of all of these is the one that’s parted so severely down the middle. Doesn’t suit your perkiness. (JMO 😉 )

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Lady Calen! OMG. Of course you can always stop by for advice. I have to agree that I do like a side part better!!! But damn, I hope you aren’t having to take those meds for a long time!!! XOXOXOXO

      • calensariel says:

        Been on the prednisone for over a year now since my diagnoses of Myasthenia Gravis. The neurologist is stepping me down off it very quickly now. I should be totally off by October or so. But the gal that does my hair says it won’t grow back after that long. I look at myself in the mirror and feel like I’m 90…🤥😢

  4. Liz McGarry says:

    Jameson and chocolate cherry Chloe are my faves…with 😘😘😘 from your elderberry friend…

  5. Lise says:

    Most of these wigs really suit you but I have to add that Bonaparte made a superb choice with Chocolate Cherry ! Lise

  6. You wear these wigs so well! I swear when I see one on you and then head to the website to look at it, well, it just doesn’t look nearly as good as it does on you! You make some good points about wearing a wig too – so much time saved by just popping one on and how nice to always have perfect hair. I really wish I could find a place to try some on, I need hair on my big forehead and need at least a good side swept bang. I feel like you need to have a consulting business, you can help us find wigs – maybe by skype – I’m SERIOUS! You seem to know so much about so many different lines!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kellyann! Oh, I would have so much fun if I was a wig consultant. It would be so empowering to help other women!!!! Honestly, it’s just so much easier to plop a wig on!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  7. vavashagwell says:

    Just fabulous!!!! I have my bio hair, but these wigs are making me want to get one!!

  8. Juliet says:

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and when I say your hair I mean YOUR hair (don’t care if you grew it or paid for it – it is absolutely yours as you totally own it). My bio hair is a lot better than it was when I dyed it, it is still crazy as – in this heat it is all over the place in not-very-good way, but never mind. I am some way off needing or even contemplating a wig – but when I do I will feel super-confident about choosing and swaggering about thanks to all your research and confidence building. You are wonderful Cathe – we need positive people that make other feel good right now, you are top of that lost, wonderful. xxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. And thank you so much for your really kind compliment! I’ll gladly help you pick out a wig when you feel you want one!! XOXOXOXO

  9. Fiona says:

    Bonaparte was spot on, that wig looks so good on you, Violet is my other fave, although to be honest you look great in them all. X

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  11. ‘steel-wool pad of tresses’ sigh – that’s so me in the heat – stupid hair – bring on the shorter wigs! Great post with some inspiring tips – thanks

    • Catherine says:

      LOL. I swear you could turn me upside down and scrub pots and pans with my brillo hair!!! Glad you enjoyed the post!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXOXOXOXOXO

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  13. Holly K. says:

    When I saw your picture of the younger you I thought I finally found someone that had hair as frizzy, curly, and wild as mine, or at least as it once was! So hi from a curly haired sister! I love the wig that your hubby got for you! You rock them all, but that’s my fav!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Holly My Curly Haired Sister! Yeah. It’s difficult to come to terms with the hair that I had and lost. Even though it was wild and unmanageable, I would not mind having it back!! Glad you like the wig that the hubs got me!!! XOXOXOXOXO

      • Holly K. says:

        I hope I soon find one that I think looks great on me! I still have a nice amount of hair in the back but the front is a mess. With my crazy frizzy curls a topper wouldn’t work so have to go the full wig route. At least I won’t have to spend an hour or more blow drying and trying to tame it only to feel it shrink up as soon as it hits moisture!

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