Do You Margu? I Sure Do! And Here’s Another Wig Review!!!

Are you admiring my poetic ability–LOL??  Let me tell you–things were not going as planned earlier today.  Another unwanted “update” on my laptop caused yet, another glitch that prevented me from filming much needed wig reviews on my YouTube channel.  And after running out of the house with my laptop, driving to Best Buy in this atrocious heat, heading to The Geek Squad counter only to find out I could not get an appointment until 4:30 this afternoon, I almost gave up.

But when I arrived home and glanced in the mirror, I saw a reflection of a great head of hair that held up in the sweltering atmosphere and I had to do something about that laptop.  So, I uninstalled the camera then reinstalled it and was finally able to make the video reviews.

Seriously folks. I ran out with no lipstick-NO LIPSTICK!!! And only eye makeup and when I saw my reflection in the mirror I said to myself “Who is that woman with the beautiful head of hair”–and it was me!

See what confidence a great head of hair can give you?  When your hair looks great, you can do anything—even fix a laptop’s camera!

laptop GIF

So true.  My laptop is such a cause for unwanted stress. I’m scared of it.  But with this wig–I was empowered to take it on!!!

And what great head of hair was this?  It was Hayden.  A spectacular wig from Henry Margu.  I was very, very fortunate to have the brand reach out to me and ask if I would be interested in reviewing a wig or two for them.  Naturally, I was curious.  I’ve seen many wigs by Henry Margu on sites where I purchase from and I was a bit familiar with the brand from watching reviews by Taz of Taz’s Wig Closet.  I also knew that the brand started out some years ago as a milliner and somewhere along the line switched over to creating wigs– but I didn’t have any of the Margu wigs.

So, what happened when Hayden arrived?

The wig arrived within two days.  I was so excited to see what awaited me…

When I opened the box and saw the color of this wig my heart skipped a beat.  The shade, 7H is a beauty! 7H is a medium to light brown with well-blended and subtle golden highlights.  I knew right away that this color would be flattering to women of all skin-tones.  It’s a universal color!

This 7H color though!  Wow!!!  Light brown with such subtle highlights–if you are looking to go lighter but don’t want to go full-on blonde, might I suggest the shade 7H?

The wig is very lightweight and the stretchability made placing it on my head very easy.

Here’s a few pics of how Hayden looks!

See how the waves are more separate and “piecey”?  OMG. I am so loving this look!

Not your granny’s bob.  This is a modern edgy, sassy bob with a kick!

I love the “pieciness” (if that isn’t a word—it is now!) of the style.  I’m a huge fan of the beach waves bobs and Hayden has more of an edge. The waves aren’t as softly curled but more separately pieced apart giving the wig a more “undone” look.  And when I use the term “undone”, I’m using it in the best way possible.  The unit has a natural and very relaxed vibe!  It’s a slightly messy bob and is a pleasure to wear.

She looks great with a clip in the front and check out that hairline.  Hayden also looks great smoothed down a tad!

She looks so natural!!!

Another look at this hairline…

Check out that wave pattern–woudja???

And another look!

Hayden is a great everyday wig.  She’s a great weekend wig.  She’s just a great all-around head of hair.

And the Frenchman loves Hayden on me.  This is big!!!

Let’s look at the construction:

She has a lace front—curved to the shape of your face.  There is also a thin, silicone strip which can prevent the wig shifting.

The curved lace front makes the hairline appear more natural.  That thin silicone band can actually stop shifting!

The full-mono top allows you to part the hair on either side or the middle.  And she’s hand-tied.

The hand-tied, full mono top not only allows for great multi-parting, but also makes the wig more comfortable!

The parting space is extremely natural.

That parting space–it’s better than a bag of tortilla chips!

The ear tabs are long and soft making it more comfortable—especially if you wear glasses!

Cushiony ear tabs–a must, especially if you wear glasses!!!

The adjustable straps are Velcro which also ads to comfort and the cap has a lot of stretch.

Comfy Velcro straps for adjusting!

A stretchy cap to hold the overabundance of intelligence that I have!!

Henry Margu makes a stellar wig—that’s for sure!

Another added plus is that the hair, as light as it is, is dense and full.  And you know how I love me some big hair!

This is not little hair.  It’s a nice weight. I am thrilled to be wearing Hayden!

At a weight of 3 ½ ounces, you can easily get on a scale to be weighed and not worry about extra poundage! (Um…I’ve taken wigs off to get weighed so this is important!)

The bang is 7”, the area around the ear tab is 9” the nape is 4”.  The strands at the layered top run from 5 to 10” and the layered sides run from 6 to 9”.  The layered back is from 4 to 9” and the overall length is 11 ½ inches.

I can tell you right now that Hayden is going to get a lot of love and a lot of wear from me.  She’s a perfect length for fall and winter clothing because the ends of the wig will not become tangled when wearing textured scarfs and sweaters.

Honestly.  If you are a regular wearer of wigs and are not familiar with Henry Margu—become familiar!  If you don’t wear wigs, perhaps now is the time to think about it and check out the other wigs that Henry Margu has to offer.

Wigs have become my accessory.  Of course, I can no longer go out in public without a wig because my hair loss has gotten worse and will continue to.  But it’s ok.  I have an artillery of wonderful hair and now I have a new addition to my family of wigs that give me my best looks on a daily basis.

If you do suffer from hair loss, no matter what the reason, it’s devastating. And sometimes that first step to wearing wigs can be daunting–but when you have a great and natural looking wig–it helps to make the transition so much easier!!!!!

I do.  I do. I do. Margu!!  Will you?

There are no cons with Hayden.  She’s really a fantastic unit.  

Please let me add that I’m grateful to Henry Margu wigs for asking a woman over 60 to review.  My age group is oftentimes ignored and we take up a large percentage of women who wear wigs so I’m very thankful.  Just wanted to add that!!!!

My computer was fixed–thanks to yours truly–and here’s another look at Hayden in my YouTube review!

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13 Responses to Do You Margu? I Sure Do! And Here’s Another Wig Review!!!

  1. Nancy says:

    I always admire your hair!

  2. Susan Marinelli says:

    I don’t know a thing about wigs, but this one looks wonderful on you! I had hair loss for awhile, but it’s come back now. If it happens again, I will remember Henry.

  3. Fiona says:

    Another great wig on you. Can I ask, do the lace front hairlines ever curl up?

  4. Juliet says:

    That is beautiful – it is really lovely and suits you perfectly, Henry M got it absolutely right wen they asked you to try their hair. It makes me think of how french women wear their hair – that slightly tousled, relaxed look, perfect. Which reminds me I was going to ask you a Bonaparte related set of questions – what were his favourite foods as a child (surely everyone has favourite food when they were young that meant everything was right with the world, or is that just me? Gravel-guy is from the north of England and his childhood favourites are a thing of utter bafflement when he tries to explain their “loveliness”). And also, I’d love some wine notes from B – obviously living in Scotland I’m not going to get to the supermarket and find the exact same wine in all probability (or maybe…) but you know a few thoughts on a specific type of grape or something to look out for that works when you make some of your yummy dishes (at the moment YOU are doing all the work here 😉 )…. Anyway, I am full of happiness after a glass of fitou (very cheap from Waitrose for UK-ers – they do very good and very cheap…)

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet! Oh..B’s favorite meal and thing to eat when he was a kid was steak frites. It’s been his favorite all his life. When he attended school in Paris he would go home and the housekeeper had his steak frites ready for lunch (my housekeeper was my mom). I’ll ask him what wine he will recommend–it’ll be a question dear to his heart!!! XOXOXOXO

      • Juliet says:

        Steak frites, yeah mum was probably our house keeper too – except from 8 and 10 we were latch key kids who had to start the dinner or else 🙂. I’d love some online wine knowledge – gravel guy barely if ever even tastes wine, he just doesn’t stink apart from tea, coffee or water so any wine choices are up to me

  5. Catherine says:

    Hi Juliet! Oh..B’s favorite meal and thing to eat when he was a kid was steak frites. It’s been his favorite all his life. When he attended school in Paris he would go home and the housekeeper had his steak frites ready for lunch (my housekeeper was my mom). I’ll ask him what wine he will recommend–it’ll be a question dear to his heart!!! XOXOXOXO

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  7. I am going to start referring to you as the Wig Whisperer! You wear them so well, I ordered one a few weeks ago for only $13 from DressLilly, it is cute as can be but the color is more grey than blonde. I’m keeping it for dress up days since our school has a dress like you’re 100 on the 100th day of school. it seems so hard to get the right color and returns often require a re-stocking fee so it scares me off a bit. I always love your reviews!

  8. Beth Whitaker says:

    I bought a Henry Margu wig for $250. My wig has the same mesh. The problem I have the mesh keeps fraying. Does anyone else have that problem?

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