Kat Von D “Lock-It” Foundation. Holy Cannoli This is a GREAT Foundation for Mature Skin!!!

Once again, I’ve been on the search for a foundation that is “mature skin” friendly.  I’m also searching for makeup that I can wear for the transition from summer to fall.

That’s right ladies!  I’ve been on the search for yet, another, mature-skin-friendly foundation!

Now, normally during the dog days with the heat and humidity, I try to keep away from foundation, concealer and contour.  The eyes and lips are enough—especially since I’m in front of a computer at work all day.

So, I did some research and kept going back to the Kat Von D “Lock-It” foundation.  Wayne Goss loves it and you know how I love Wayne Goss.  Besides, I think Kat Von D is a very pretty young woman and her cosmetics line is very intriguing to me.

Kat Von D.  She’s so pretty. I think we wear the same red nail polish.  We’re practically twins–many years apart!

Too lazy to head out to the mall because after working all day, I just want to get home, I headed to the Kat Von D Beauty website.  The good thing about shopping online is that you can usually get some kind of great deal.   Lo and behold, there was a special on the Lock-It foundation.  A foundation and brush duo for $42.00.  The foundation alone is $35, and the foundation brush is $24.  It seemed like a good deal.

Foundation Power Pair Set

I bought this. duo and it was quite the deal!  Allure likes it but more important is–do I like it?

The only conflict was choosing a shade. It’s difficult enough to choose the right shade in real life and online images can be cause for error!  I went with the “44 Cool Light” shade and crossed my fingers.

Here are the shades of the Lock It foundation.  Thank you  for doing this Beauty Professor.  I’m a huge fan of yours!

Delivery was quick and in three days the new foundation and the brush arrived at my door!

The foundation is housed in a long cylinder with a pump.  The pump is great because just the right amount comes out.  The brush is excellent. It blends well and even.  A beauty sponge also does a fantastic job of blending the foundation too.

I’m a sucker for packaging and I love the way the foundation is housed in this sleek pumped cylinder!

The brush is also very sleek!!

Skin primed, I dotted the foundation on and blended in.  This is touted as full coverage.  It is.  And one pump goes a long way.  The foundation does dry quickly and once it dries, it’s not going anywhere.  But when it dries, your skin is well-hydrated.

One pump is all you need!!

Let’s take a look at how this foundation worked—shall we?

My naked face.  Nothing–absolutely nothing but a bit of primer is on this.  Now you know why I love makeup so much!

Face primed and ready to apply the foundation.  Proof, though that this foundation ain’t going anywhere.  I turned my hand around and the foundation stayed put.

The little pump gives you just the right amount of product!

Just press down on the top of the cylinder!

No drip. No sliding off my hand. This stays put!

I applied with the brush…

and then set in with a blending sponge.  This sponge from Real Techniques is my favorite!

I applied to half of my face so you could see that this is full-coverage!

After blending and buffing the foundation in, I was ready for the rest of my village–Um–I mean, CITY of products to make me look great!

Before and after.  Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation is a winner!

And when I wore the foundation to work this week–it stayed put until I scrubbed it off!

The foundation doesn’t cake up and doesn’t collect in the fine lines.  For a pricier foundation, this is great!

Yo. Kat–giving me the side-eye because you knew I would love this?

Overall, I rate this foundation A+.  Yes. It is an absolutely stellar foundation and I will be purchasing a backup very shortly!

I’ve been working long hours the past week and haven’t been able to post much.  But I am trying to get back on track.  Now that we’re at the “end” of summer (even though we still have a month until autumn officially arrives), with schools starting soon and whatnot, it can be that time when we get antsy about wearing our summer clothes.  I’m sorry but that’s not the way I feel.  I love not having to wear a ton of layers and I adore not having to load on the outwear.  Summer clothing is very comfortable and free to me.  Here’s a look at what I wore this week!

It’s rainy and damp today but I’m still comfortable enough to wear shorts!  I took this lightweight plaid shirt outta the closet to wear and realized that I should have worn this more during the summer! Those Palm Beach Sandals are so comfy!!

On Friday I wore my favorite ten-dollar dress that I got last year at Old Navy–worn with my Rondini bikini sandals I felt like I was back in St.Tropez.  Until I got out of my car and walked through the parking lot to the office!!!

Thursday I wore this because the weather was not that good in the morning and the A/C at work is always pumped so cold. It wasn’t until I left the building that I realized the weather had changed and it was hotter than haites out there!

My lips look like “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”  but I love the simplicity of a white tee and black pants.  These shoes got a ton of compliments at work!!!

I’m not big on prints and I threw this skirt in the trash but retrieved it and I’m glad I did because it’s one of my favorites.  This is a nice summer office look

Sometimes you just don’t feel like shaving yur legs and that’s where maxi’s come in.  This one by Old Navy is a classic.  Another pair of Palm Beach Sandals that I ordered for $39.99 on sale (not to be confused with Jack Rogers).  They are so comfortable.  Ugh–I’m really not looking forward to the cold weather!!

I did a YouTube video earlier today reviewing the KatVonD LockIt foundation.  But–I also had a bit of a rant to the beauty industry.  Here it is.  It’s kind of long but I think women in our age demographic should see it!!

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15 Responses to Kat Von D “Lock-It” Foundation. Holy Cannoli This is a GREAT Foundation for Mature Skin!!!

  1. Debe says:

    Wow great foundation at first I thought hmm it may be a tad too light. Once you applied it I think it was perfect! Pretty great foundation I must say!

    This time of year makes it hard to figure out clothes. I want Indian Summer days and cool Fall nites.

    The farmers have been out baking and cutting by me as we enter the dog days of Summer in Wisconsin

    Have a great week!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Debe! THE FOUNDATION IS FRENCHMAN APPROVED!!! YES!!! We were having aperitifs earlier and he told me my makeup today was perfect! What a testament to the foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s true though transition clothing at this time of year can be difficult to decide on!!! The dawg days are here!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXOXOXOXO

  2. Jean says:

    Fyi- Isabella Roselini (ingrid Bergman’s daughter) one of the faces of Lancome 2018.

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Jean. I’m well-aware of that. And I’ve not mentioned Lancome as not being mature woman friendly. Bringing Isabella back was a great move on their part but no other cosmetics companies have followed suit!!! XOXOXOXO

  3. Rita Harper says:

    I love the video and will be looking into the Kat Von D foundation. I rely on you for recommendations because you are right, I would have never thought this would have been a foundation for me at 62 just based on the models used in the advertising. Thank you and keep up the good work,

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rita! I’m shocked at how much I am loving this foundation. The husband said my makeup looks great today. Oh…it’s the Kat Von D foundation–he’s very critical of foundations and this is a great one. I want to thank you for your enjoying my recommendations and I won’t stop!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  4. Q.D says:

    I know it shouldn’t matter, but I just can’t support Kat VonD since she went all Anti Vax! I know she back pedalled, but it annoyed me so much (especially considering my favourite lippys are her brand), that I can’t give money to the company any more.

    • TURNER says:

      Yeah. I have to agree with you there.

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Q and Turner! Yeah, I know there’s a ton of different schools of thought on Vaxx. I refused to have my children vaccinated while they were infants. I waited until they were older. OTOH, I completely agree with you for being passionate. I refuse to eat any pizza from Papa Johns because of his politics and I downright refuse to eat Chick-a-filet because it is a homophobic establishment. We all have our passions and that’s a great thing!!! XOXOXOXO

  5. jilly says:

    Hi from the north of Scotland Cathe.
    We really do need a good moisturising foundation here in the approaching winter and you look great with the Kat Von D, but my heart failed at the ‘pump dispenser’. Every one I have had has either ceased to work with lots of product still in there or told me it was empty and I’ve pried the top off ( if possible ) to find at least another week’s supply in there. I’m ‘specially wary of dispensers that I can’t see the content of because of design, printing etc.
    This really gets me if I’ve shelled out for ‘money’ Please do try the Tricia Cusden line , it is formulated by a woman in her sixties for women of that age. ( no, I don’t work for them 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jilly !! The Kat Von D works so well for me! The pump, surprisingly dispenses the right amount of product but I’ll be on the lookout to see if anything happens with it! I’ve looked at the ricia Cusden line but her foundation looks a bit too yellow for my skin tone!!! XOXOXOXO

  6. Juliet says:

    That hair in the what you wore to work, totally nailed it – it is stunning. I am interested in the foundation (I love foundation, as it is the inbetween skincare and makeup – the geek in me loves that), it looks good – really good, not sure we can find it in Scotland but I will keep an eye out for it. The foundation I really like is called ByTerry, it is French and smells of roses but more importantly it is really good https://www.byterry.com/ what I am on the look out for is a really good primer, now that is kind of the holy grail

    • Catherine says:

      Oh boy Juliet. Now you did it. I’ve added Terry to my list of things to look for when we are in Paris in November……….The glow sticks have piqued my interest!!! XOXOXOXO

  7. Tania says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! I really like your style, it’s a lot like mine. Love your wigs, they look very natural. I been using Kat Von Dee Lock it Foundation and love the coverage but I find it necessary to apply a finishing powder so it wont crack as much when I smile.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Tania! Thank you so much! I hope you keep enjoying! LOL. You know what I do? I add a drop of Argan oil to all my foundations and it makes application much easier! XOXOXOXO

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