Hail to the Heels!! And They Are Genius!!!

Hey Ladies!  You know how much I just love a product that truly multi-tasks!  And now–without further delay, and getting into the meat (even though the product is Vegan) of things,  I give you the multi-tasking shoes with interchangeable heels!! This is definitey a “Heel Mary”!


One pair of shoes= two pairs of shoes!

Here’s the story.

A few months back I received an email from the founder of Mestrae shoes asking me if I would be interested in trying out a pair of the brand’s shoes for wearing and review.  With my love of shoes and heels and flats, I couldn’t resist. And that’s what took so long for me to review.  I’ve been wearing these shoes for a good while now and it’s time to let you know what I think–so read on!

And what makes Mestrae’s shoes unique and incredible versatile is that the shoes have interchangeable heels.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One pair of shoes can be flats that turn into heels that turn into chunky heels.

Talk about multi-tasking, here’s a third look! 

Mestrae’s shoes are also Vegan, but there are a couple of leather ones that the brand makes as well.

Jolene–one of Mestrae’s leather shoes.  And she’s named after my favorite Dolly Parton song!!

The shoe I chose is the Pippa model.  She’s a pointy-toed, strapped shoe.  She’s not over-the-top.  She is a very classy lady, that Pippa is, and she’s perfect for office attire, a night out to dinner, and for those out-and-about days where you can run a few errands and then meet up with the girls for lunch or an afternoon glass of wine or a cuppa tea!

Here’s Pippa!  I ended up wearing her to work yesterday after changing my shoes not once, not twice, but three times!  I was late for work too!

Here’s the stock photo of Pippa from Mestrae’s site.  As you can see there’s no faux advertising with this faux leather delight!

The Strap: She’s got a strap that spans across the shoe. Gotta say because my foot is so darn narrow,  that strap is my saving grace. I have to make a trip to the shoe repair shop, however, because I need a couple of more holes in the straps (My foot is that narrow).

What I love about the strap is that it’s not thick–it’s very delicate and ladylike to match the classic lines of the shoe.

It’s so funny because the last time I had straps on my shoes like this, I was a young girl!  Straps have grown up!

The Heels: And here’s where the genius of Mestrae  comes in.  The heels are interchangeable.  And they work so well.  I’ll admit that there was a bit of skepticism on my part with trying to figure out just how a shoe could be comfortable with an interchangeable heel.  But it is and it’s absolutely amazing.

Let’s take a look at the various heels.

Additional heels came in this fabric pouch–it’s a good way to protect them as well as carry them!

This is what the bottom of the shoe looks like.  This is where the heel slides in. Look up at my hand, there’s a silver element that is pushed down….

when you want to release the interchangeable heel.  When you place the heel in, it locks and that heel is 100 percent secure!  (You can see that I’ve been wearing these shoes quite a bit because I need to cean the bottom of the heel area–don’t judge!)

Flats are in place!

And the topside of the heel looks like this.  Don’t worry, nothing shows once that heel is on the shoe!

And how much fun is this glittery leopard heel?  The chunky heel is suprisingly comfortable and is a fun change-up to give this shoe a bit of an edge!

Another thing about this chunky heel. It is made to last. I found it in Chippy’s mouth the other day and there wasn’t even a tooth mark.  Obviously Chippy is a fan of these interchangeable heels too!

Image result for atypical 60 chippy

Chippy has his eyes on my heels and I have my eyes on Chippy! 

The Vegan Leather: The Vegan leather is also quite surprising.  I’ll tell you why.  A few years back I purchased a pair of non-leather flats that wer advertised as “Vegan” leather.  After about five wears, my feet started to sweat and smell—and the scent wasn’t very pleasing.  I don’t know what the “Vegan” leather was, but I was a bit put off.

I can’t stay the same for Mestrae’s Vegan leather.  The feet are able to breathe (and you know that I never wear pantyhose so it’s my bare feet against the shoe.

The synthetic material making up this leather is quite remarkable because it certainly mimics the real deal in every way from the feel to breathability for your feet.

I don’t know what this Vegan leather is, but it’s A-OK in my book because my feet don’t get stinky!

The Color Of Pippa:  Honest to God, I’ve never seen a perfect nude, but this is it.  Pippa is a gorgeous nude color—and she goes so well with a fair skin tone. More of a rose-nude but not quite. If you made a sauce with vanilla and cream and added the slightest touch of  caramel–the slightest touch–that could be Pippa’s shade. The color is freaking amazing and the women at work can vouch for that–every single woman in my office were shook over the color. Think of a cool-toned, light foundation for fair skin.  Pippa is the cool-toned light foundation for shoes!

Each time I wear Mestrae’s Pippa to the office, someone goes ga-ga over the color…and even more ga-ga when I start to change the heels!

S’Heel Be Traveling! And the pièce de résistance is the ability to travel. Nancy Sinatra may have had boots made for walking but Mestrae shoes are made for traveling!  Imagine.  You are visiting a large city and during the day you want to tour, you have a great pair of flats to walk around in.  When it’s time to get dressed for dinner, just change the flats into heels!  You get two pairs of shoes in one. These truly are multi-tasking shoes!

And trust me, the lighter you can travel, the better off you are!

Put the additional heels in the little pouch, pack the shoes and heels in your luggage and you are good to go! 

The price-point:   Mestrae’s price point on the brand’s  shoes is extremely reasonable too.  The Vegan shoes cost between $102. and $167 USD.  And due to the fact you are getting two, or even three, depending on the extra heels you would want to purchase, pairs of shoes, it’s a great deal.


Here’s another Vegan cutie.  I LOVE the red interchangeable heels on Belinda…


…and don’t get me started on the Charlene model.  Red.  Need I say more?

The leather shoes run around $215 which is also reasonable. (See Jolene near the top of this post!

The Sizing:   Mestrae’s sizing comes in whole sizes only.  My shoe size is an American 8 ½.  There are times when a shoe runs wide and I size down to an 8.  There are also times when a shoe can run a bit small in length and I can size up to a 9.

With the Mestrae shoes, I should have ordered the 8 and they would have been an absolute perfect fit.  I’m a moron because I decided to size up to a 9 in these shoes.   Thank God for the straps on the shoes because I can still wear them! I’m just giving a word to the wise.  It may be better to size a half down (unlike some of us who think we know everything).   Either way, you can always contact customer service–besides, there’s a sizing guide to assist you on the site (Did I mention that some of us feel they know everything?)

Trust me. Use this guide!  

And there’s wedding shoes too—which is a fantastic thing for a bride. Heels at the ceremony and flats for dancing.  What a concept!!

Hmmmm…I wonder how these would work with Oona’s wedding dress?

Mestrae has come up with a winning little shoe company and I hope the brand does well—very well, in fact.  The shoes offer comfort, nice designs, versatility and are absolutely made for travel!

And although the shoes are a half-size too large on me, wearing them to the office affords me comfort while I’m running to and from scanning machines, copy machines and other cubicles to visit coworkers!

This time the leopard is on the sweater but I wore the flat heels.  I swear this is just like changing up my wigs!

The shoes will be dropped off at the shoe repair this weekend for extra holes in the straps, and then packed for our trip to Paris next month!

Hey shoes–you’re going in for a bit of maintenance before heading off to Paris!

And let this be a lesson to you.  Never size up if you are unsure.  Size down a half size.  You can always have a shoe stretched but you can’t have it tightened.  To my advantage, the shoes have straps which is an absolute saving grace!

More new math 1 pair of shoes + 3 different heels = and endless amount of fun and comfort too!

Of Note:  This is a very comfortable shoe.  The inside of the shoe is soft and after an all-day wear, the feet are still very comfy.  I was very impressed with the comfort level.

Overall Rating:  A.  I think had I ordered a size down that A could have been plused–but this is a stellar shoe!

Here’s another link to the Mestrae website–it’s definitely worth a look-see!  Let me know what you think of the idea of interchangeable heels!  Let me know what you think of the shoes!

In the meantime…I can’t stop thinking about those leather Jolene shoes and you know what that means–time for a song.  Jolene! This version sung by Miley Cyrus.  Enjoy.


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10 Responses to Hail to the Heels!! And They Are Genius!!!

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Heels are a wonder of design and engineering to defy gravity or something like that. I admire a well designed set of heels.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Tony! Ain’t it the truth? It’s amazing that the shoes are so well-designed to carry off different types and styles of heels. This is an amazing concept!!! XOXOXOX

  2. lifelessons says:

    What a great idea. Has anyone ever thought of this before? Both the shoes and you are adorable..I like your dark hair best…I do get to vote, right?

  3. Nancy says:

    Amazing! That is just amazing! Never seen that before and it is perfect! What a fabulous Idea, because sometimes we need to be comfortable too!

  4. Susan says:

    Do they come in different widths? I have wide feet.

  5. vavashagwell says:

    It’s a great idea, really. I’m sort of over the thin high heel, though. I like the block heel and the flats! What amazes me is that a flat can be converted to a heel. Doesn’t seem possible with the arch support/angles involved. But anyway, what a cool thing!

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  7. Juliet says:

    I guess part of me is surprised no one has done tjis before and then the realist in me says to do it really well is harder than it seems – especially if they are going to be elegant and these certainkly are very elegant and look lovely. Speaking of inventions – why or why has no one invented Chippy snacks in the shape of heels and make up brushes etc ??? 🙂

  8. Kayla says:

    I am also an 8.5 and the shoes I am about to order are a lee order item and was told my the company that I would not be allowed to exchange size if they did not fit. The company suggested sizing up but based on the size chart that equates 8 to 39 and knowing I wear a 39 I was just going to go with the 8 but was still quite tentative. Your review confirmed my decision and I’m so glad to buy these shoes with confidence.

    • Catherine says:

      Kayla. I swear to you the shoes are fabulous but I should have ordered down to an 8! Especially since I have narrow feet. I’m still kicking myself over that. They are having a sale now too!!!! XOXOXOXO

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