The Cosmetics Brand You Need to Discover!

And now—for some good cosmetics news.  A brand that’s quite new to me and may be to you as well.

Kristofer Buckle.  He’s a makeup artist and is Mariah Carey’s makeup artist—but that’s neither here nor there.  One of my Instagram friends told me that he used his 77-year old mother as a model on QVC.  I nearly fell in love!

Take a good look and remember this face.  It’s Kristofer Buckle and his makeup line rocks!

But, one of my favorite YouTube Beauty Guru’s, EmilyNoel83 featured a foundation of his on her channel.

I let my fingers do the walking over to QVC and started wandering through the beauty items.

Lo and behold I found a 5-piece set of Buckle’s for under $28.00!

Kristofer Buckle’s Vanity Collection Volume 2.  This is epic ladies.   Epic!

In the set is the stick foundation, a mascara, face powder, a lipstick and gel eyeliner.

Foundation. Mascara. Gel Eyeliner.  Mascara.  Loose Powder.  All under $28.00!  WOW!

But wait.  Look at how the set comes packaged—it’s so adorable that I can’t even!

This.  I can’t even because it’s so packaging adorable.  I can’t wait till my backup arrives!

But how do the products hold up?

Hmmm. I’ll bet you’re wondering how this stuff holds up–huh?  Don’t worry!  I’ll explain

GREAT!!!!!!  I’ll explain:

The foundation—EmilyNoel83 was right—this foundation stick is fantastic.  It isn’t the dry-stick foundations of the past.  Recently I reviewed a foundation stick by Makeup Revolution that is really really good and is part of my regular rotation.  But Buckle’s stick foundation takes it to another level.  There’s a little circle in the middle which is a built-in blur—genius, right???  The stick is so creamy I wanted to lick it!

Check it out.  You can see from the photo that the stick is super-creamy. And that little circle in the middle?  It’s a built-in primer/blur.  It gets better!

The shade I ordered was Fair Warm because there was no Fair Cool so I took a chance.  Truth be told when I applied it, I was a bit nervous because it looked yellow but after applying it, the foundation blended beautifully and any trepidation I had was gone.  It blended into my skin tone.

OK. So here’s the Fair/Warm Stick Foundation on my face. I dotted it and it looks slightly yellow but after blending….

And I blended with the large Eco Tools 360–dense and perfect for blending stick foundations!

Now another thing.  My skin has a tendency to get a bit red and blotchy in the cold months and this foundation covered everything.  It’s more of a fuller coverage but isn’t cakey and it stays hydrated.

This stick foundation blends in beautifully!

I love the foundation so much that I ordered a backup set!

The powder—OK.  I’ve started using powder every day to set my makeup—mostly concealer under the eye area.  I don’t bake because loading a ton of powder on a wrinkled face does not an attractive look make.  However, a light dusting of powder to set and then brush off works wonders.  His powder is excellent!  It’s white and after you brush everything away it’s colorless.  The powder is incredibly finely milled and—this is genius—there’s a built-in sifter!  Can you believe it?

The translucent powder is white but the color disapates on the skin–there’s no white flashback either.  It’s finely milled and wonderful to set makeup with….

…and–great day in the morning!  There’s a built-in sifter for the powder!  Genius!

The mascara—you know I love a good, working mascara.  And as my eyes pro-age, they become more sensitive.  I can’t wear falsies because the glue really bothers my eyes.  And so, I depend on mascara.  This mascara is a keeper!  The product itself is very clean. By this I mean it isn’t all clumpy when you take the wand out.  It also doesn’t smudge. It stays put on the lashes without flaking during the day.

Are you like me?  Sensitive eyes mean no false lashes because of the irritation from eyelash glue.  And you need a decent mascara.  This mascara pulls no punches. It makes the lashes thicker in a very clean way!

The bristles of the wand are spaced nicely so that you are getting a decent amount of mascara on the individual lashes.  Is it lengthening?  No—it just makes the lashes look thicker and fuller.  That’s all I need.

The mascara. No-nonsense.  It gives thicker lashes. But the wand is the bomb!

The eyeliner—a gel liner is included in this set.  Smudge proof and stays put.  The first time I used it, I couldn’t get it to tightline well but the second time was a charm.  In addition, at one end is a rubberized smudger in case you want to go for a smokey eye look.  This is another winner!

The liner. Easy to use because you have control of how much product comes out.  It stays put and the rubber smudger at the opposite end works if you want a smokey eye look!

The Lipstick.  Well…’s the thing.  It’s difficult for me to find a lipstick that isn’t a nude or a lighter pink.  It’s because my natural lips are very pigmented and many lipsticks oxidize.  Unfortunately, this happened with the lipstick that was included in the set. I believe the color is Cashmere Slip. My eyes are really bad so I couldn’t see the printing.

When I first applied the lipstick, I loved it!  It applied as a deep rose mauve but within 15 minutes oxidized into an orange color.  It’s too bad but perhaps if I had applied concealer to my lips it would have worked better.


The lipstick was gorgeous when first applied but within 15 minutes that color turned orange.  What a bummer!

Overall how do I rate this?   Every item with the exception of the lipstick is an A +.   The lipstick was a fail for me—and I think it’s due more to my overly pigmented lips.

The only disappointment was the oxidation of the lip color!

The set gets an A.  Had the lipstick been more of a pale/neutral shade to flatter every tone, I would give it an A +.

Seriously. Might I suggest this set for your Holiday shopping?  Gift yourself!

Honestly.  This set would make a great Holiday gift for you or anyone in your radar who loves makeup.  I don’t know how long Buckle has been in the cosmetics industry but I hope his brand sticks around.  That foundation is epic.

Here’s a few pics of me from the past week wearing this foundation and mascara and liner–and set with the powder!

I have to say that my “over 60” skin looks pretty darn good–the foundation is everything!

Yesterday’s look with the same foundation…

…and the same foundation today!  This IS great stuff!

Here he is with his mom—she’s freaking 77 years old!  And the fact he includes her makes me love the brand even more!




Buckle’s mom–at 77. There’s something to be said about the man to use his pro-aging mom as a model.  I love this guy and am a fan of the brand!

I hope you enjoyed this honest review of a new brand’s items.  Are you familiar with the brand?  His makeup can be ordered from QVC and they are selling his stuff for a great price!

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  1. Debe says:

    Wow that is a deal looks good esp the stick foundation. Sorry about the lipstick stii looks nice.

    Have a nice Holiday!

  2. Susan says:

    I love your reviews!!!!! But I am SO bad at choosing a color. I looked and have no idea what shade I would get. 🙁

  3. This looks like a great kit 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nancy says:


  5. Colleen Calver says:

    Right now there is a
    I received $10 off the $27!!

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  7. Leah says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the Buckle set in light warm off QVC and I love it. Especially the stick foundation and mascara. The lipstick I used as a stain, and blotted most off, for a sheer wash of color. I LOVE it! I may order a backup set too. Get well, having a cold after travel is draining.

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