Let’s Talk A Bit About Skincare! Purely Speaking, That Is!

In three days, it’ll be winter.  And…it may be time to change up the skincare routine a bit.

catching snowflakes on your tongue

Unfortunately this is not the precipitation that gives us a moist and dewy finish to the skin!

For me, the routine gets turned around when the weather changes in the fall—around the end of October to be exact. It’s that time of year when the humidity and heat take a rest and make way for the drier and cooler (on the way to downright freezing) air to return home to us like an unwanted house guest.

What I would love to say to winter!

And as much as I’ve complained in the past about the humidity ruining my hair (when I had most of it), it’s great for my skin! During the warmer and summer months, everything seems to be lighter.  Makeup.  Clothing.  And skincare products. A lighter moisturizer.  Sunscreen. And when it’s really hot and humid, sweat makes your skin glisten and your face looks so moist and dewy!

The summer face is just more glowing–even with a fake tan!

My skincare routine for summer is pretty simple.  I wash my face in the evening with a cleanser.  Then I use a light serum and at night I moisturize.  During the day, though it’s daunting because my eyes are uber-sensitive and if any sunscreen gets near them, I’m done for the day.  My eyes will sting, get red and any product that gets into my eyes from rubbing clouds my sight.

not crying

But my eyes are soooooooooooo sensitive to moisturizer with sunscreen that it looks like I have been crying…..or worse!

The only summer moisturizer I can use is Peter Thomas Roth Max Shear All Day Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 30—at $42 for 1.7 oz, it’s a bit pricey.  But if you have sensitive skin and need sunscreen when out and about, this is really excellent.


But summer is gone.  And so is the dewiness and the sun-kissed color

Bitmoji Image

Bye warm weather.  Hello dry skin!

And it’s time for the Winter routine!

Back to October.  It’s this time of year that I often find myself having to change up the skincare due to changes in my skin.

My skin gets blotchy.  I wouldn’t say that I have rosacea but I get patches of redness when the weather changes to the colder.  My skin also gets incredibly dry and I get dry patches on my face.  The dryness on my legs and body really doesn’t bother me that much—but it’s a deal breaker with the face.  Dry patches mean caked on foundation.  And then anything that goes on top of the foundation looks even more dry and caked on.  With dryness, those fine lines become more noticeable.

episode 9 skin GIF

So repulsive but so true.  Nobody needs to have skin that dry–but the winter can do this!

And the trouble—even as I’m pro-aging—is finding a moisturizer that hydrates.  I’m not kidding.  This Fall my face was looking pretty blotchy. Up close it looked like I had a skin condition.  The drugstore moisturizers no longer work for me.  The snail moisturizer that worked so well during the warmer months doesn’t help my winter skin.

It’s time to step up the game.  But the thing is, I don’t want to go into debt.  There’s a limit to what I’ll spend on skincare.

Bitmoji Image

And when I spend too much money on skincare products, I DO cry…actually my husband is the one who cries more–it’s his money!

And as if by magic, just around the end of October, gopure, a skincare company reached out to me to see if I would want to try some skincare products for review.  Since I was searching for some different skincare, I was in.  Either the products would be good, or “meh”, or worse.

I  made it known to the Company that it would take me about a month or so to use the products before I would review because it’s important to see how and if they work.

Let me tell you.  The three products that I’ve been using are good.  They are very good.  Are they the best in the world?  Listen. The best skincare in the world would literally erase every line and wrinkle, tighten our jowls and chin and get rid of turkey neck. That magic skincare company hasn’t surfaced and if it did, it would be way out of most of our affordability range. Am I right?

The products that gopure sent me:  Vitamin C Ferulic (an antitoxidant found in plants) Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea Serum, Vitamin C Moisturizer, and Hyaluronic (used in fillers it’s supposed to be a great PRO-aging product) Acid Serum.

I take a more pragmatic view of products and my expectations are realistic. I want hydration. I want less blotchiness.  I want the skin on my face to look nice.  Simple enough!

So, what do I think?

gopure Vitamin C Moisturizer Deep Hydration with Shea Butter, Jojoba and Green Tea.

Cut to the chase.  This is an excellent moisturizer. There is no scent to bother your sinuses or give you a headache.  There is no sunscreen which means it is fine for those with sensitive eyes.  If sunscreen is the most important ingredient to you then this moisturizer isn’t for you unless you use it in the evening. For me, during the cooler and freezing months, I don’t wear sunscreen.  Besides, here in the Northeast, most of the winter is gray, the sun disappears, and I’m indoors anyway.

This is very sanitized packaging…you’ll see what I mean…

The moisturizer is packaged (and you know that I’m a total sucker for packaging) in a jar that you don’t even have to open.  All you need to do is to push down on the top of the jar and the proper amount of moisturizer is ejected!  I was stunned, mesmerized and incredibly happy about this.

..push down on the top of the jar and the correct amount of moisturizer oozes out. I love this!!!  It’s genius!

The product isn’t a liquid nor is it a very light moisturizer. The texture is creamy and, it is slightly dense but isn’t heavy.

A creamy texture, this is recommended for day but I use it at night.

The moisturizer’s ingredients

Due to the nature of the density, I use this moisturizer at night.  The website advertises this as a day moisturizer but with my use of primer and oil mixed in with my foundation, I use a much lighter moisturizer for the day.  Truth be told though, this moisturizer packs a wallop of hydration.  I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but within a month of nightly use, the dry patches on my face were gone and I woke up in the morning noticing that my skin wasn’t dry and just felt hydrated.

After a few weeks of using the products I could begin to see a difference and my skin felt hydrated!

Overall, this gopure Vitamin C moisturizer gets a solid “A”!

Next, we have two serums.

“Hello.  My name is Cathe and I’m a Serum Addict.”

Yes. Not only am I addicted to wigs, but I’m addicted to Serums as well–and the gopure serums are very, very good!

It’s true. I have many serums.  Some aren’t that good and were expensive.  Others are very good and were also expensive.  Let’s talk about the gopure Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the gopure Vitamin C Ferulic Acid.

I’m no scientist nor am I a beauty expert.  But I know what I like and know what works.  I’ve had “Acid” serums that were too strong and have irritated my skin.  Perhaps it’s the work “acid” that scares us.  Do you remember some of those horror movies when we were kids and seeing the effects that acid poured on the face can do?  Yikes!

Image result for horror movies acid burning

Luckily the acid serums help our skin–they don’t ruin it!

These serums don’t irritate the skin.  Let’s take a look:

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum has Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea.

This serum is a keeper!

Sounds almost like a vitamin-fortified breakfast—and it kind of is………………………only it’s for your face!

The only Vitamin-fortified breakfast I had in Paris last month was this–because I put fruit on the plate.  Trust me, the serum is more vitamin-fortified than anything I’ve been eating lately!

I love this serum.  Again, this is a light serum but it’s got some substance. It’s a bit like a liquid gel and glides on the face. I’ve had serums that sat on the face but this soaks into the skin after a couple of minutes.  It’s got the most pleasant scent ever.  Not offensive and not strong—the scent is clean—I don’t know whether it’s the geranium or the glycerin or the Witch Hazel, but it would be great if gopure captured the scent of this serum in a light perfume for the summer.

I put a couple of drops on my hand for you to see–it’s almost gelatinous but not really.  Whatever it is, it’s very, very good!

There is a caveat on the box that states if redness or irritation occurs to stop using.  In all honesty, I have sensitive skin and didn’t have any irritation whatsoever in using this or the other serum.

Directions and ingredients.

I use this serum in the evening before I moisturize. Quite frankly, I find the scent soothing and since it is just a tiny bit thicker than the Vitamin C serum, it works better for me in the evening.  That’s the thing about skincare—you have to play around with the various products to see what works better in the day or evening.

The Vitamin C Ferulic Acid Serum is what I use in the daytime.  I place my head back and use the dropper to add a drop on each cheek and two on my forehead.  Then I pat it in, let it dry and put a lighter moisturizer on followed by my primer.

The Ferulic Acid.  More watery in texture and so I use this in the daytime!




More ingredients of which I am only familiar with a few–but this is good stuff!

What were the effects of the serums?  Using them for almost eight weeks, I’ve noticed an overall difference in my skin.

But wait—when I say that I don’t mean my wrinkles are miraculously gone. They aren’t.  My lines and wrinkles are here to stay.  However, there’s this difference in my skin in the fact that the dry spots have disappeared.  Is it because of the serums?  The moisturizers?  I’m guessing it’s all three used faithfully.

I still have my lines and wrinkles, but overall my SKIN looks and feels much, much, much better! And that’s the reality.  We want skincare to make our SKIN get to a better place.  AT 60 + the only things that’ll get rid of wrinkles are fillers and a plastic surgeon..but a good moisturizer and serum can plump of the skin and make the lines appear a little less……..wrinkly!

In addition, the effects of these products have made my makeup go on a lot better—there’s a dewiness that’s coming through and the makeup isn’t looking dull.  I think that has a lot to do with the products.

How do I rate these serums?  I’m giving them each an “A” because in the length of time that I’ve used them I’ve experienced no irritation, no burning (and some stronger serums have made me feel as though my skin is on fire) and no laying on the skin so that your makeup gets weird.

Another great thing is the price. Let’s face it (pun intended), skincare can be incredibly expensive and the price of these products is good.  It isn’t drug store pricing and it isn’t luxury-brand pricing.  It’s affordable without being over-the-top.

This trio can be purchased for $39.90 which is a decent deal for the serum and the moisturizer–and free shipping!

goPure Vitamin C Moisturizer 1.7oz

You can purchase the moisturizer for $19.96 but another ten bucks will get you the free shipping!

The brand is cruelty-free and there is no autoship—and that means no fear of being bombarded every three months with product!  You buy when you want!

Related image

That’s right NO autoship and Cruelty-free!  It’s all good!

In all honesty, I thank the folks at gopure for giving me the opportunity to try the products.  I will be purchasing the moisturizer and the Hyaluronic Serum.

What new skincare products have you been trying?  Do you change up your skincare routine with the seasons?  Do you stick to the same routine throughout the year?  Do tell!!


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19 Responses to Let’s Talk A Bit About Skincare! Purely Speaking, That Is!

  1. Nancy says:

    Sounds good! Might need that! I will Google it, thanks.

  2. Miss Bougie says:

    I have dry sensitive skin, so I tend to not experiment too much. My skin care routine is pretty much the same throughout the year, except in summer I add sunscreen. I have had a skin condition for some time, dry red rough patches around my nose. A nightmare to cover up! I got advised to try Aquaphor by Eucerin, a brand you get in pharmacies in France. I don’t know whether that brand is available in the US. A similar product would be the 8 hour cream by Elisabeth Arden. Within a week my problem was solved. I use it everyday now, morning and night on my problem zone.

    • Catherine says:

      Hey B. We have Eucerin here. It is very similar to 8-hour cream but without the scent. I’ve used Eucerin on my lips but it was too heavy for my face! I love that we are all learning about everyone’s skincare routines here! This is great!! XOXOXOXOX

  3. Momcat says:

    I have sensitive dry skin too. Lately I have developed a rosacea like rash on the right side of my face. For me UNscented is key. I can tolerate very light scent but find a lot of face care is irritating. I use and am faithful to Skin Biology products which are based on copper peptides. Only available from their web site. Also use a Canadian product developed by a dermatologist ( Riversol) it’s fantastic for sensitive skin. Like your previous commenter noted I tend to stick with what works for me or my skin gets ‘ugly’. I have read opposing views re: hyaluronic acid so I use it sparingly. Also I only use water on my face once a week! Have been faithful to Vichy Micellar water for years am and pm. Here it’s the combo severe cold and dry indoor air that is killer…a humidifier is necessary at night.
    Making your biscotti and salmon rillettes again this year! Soooo good!
    Joyeux Noël à tous🎄

    • Miss Bougie says:

      Momcat I pass a cotton pad with a facial tonic after the micellar water. Although it says on the bottle that it’s no rinse, parapharmacies in France advise you to use this additional step in your skin care routine. I find it leaves my skin smoother than if I skipped the tonic.

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Momcat. I’mIgonna check out that skincare line you use. The odd thing for me is that once I find a skincare routine that works—I’ll follow that routine for quite a while and then it starts to stop working magic so I move onto something else. I think it’s akin to using the same shampoo–I’ve heard it’s good to switch it up a bit. Don’t even get me started on dry air. I need a humidifier for our room because the dry heat gives me a throat tickle and stuffy nose!
      Oh yes. I’ll be making my rillettes on Friday and the biscotti is already made!!! XOXOXOXOHave a great, great Christmas!

  4. Your skin is looking fabulous and we need all the help we can get with winter weather and central heating. I am using a similar moisturiser which I received to test and this also has the same system to dispense the correct amount. I love mine also.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jilly! Isn’t that system the greatest? I could play with that little dispensing top all day–but then I would be wasting the moisturizer!! XOXOXOXO

  5. Your reviews are always delightfully detailed and FUN 🤗.

    Like other ladies have said, my skin is quite sensitive. Been using DHC skin care products since introduced stateside… Gosh! how many years has that been 🧐, the mind boggles, HaHa!

    p.s. Love your nail shape in these photos. And the colour is gorgeous.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Beverly! Thank you. I am not one to try something and five minutes later hit the computer with a gushy review. I like to test the waters out for a while! I’ve never heard of DHC and now I’ll be checking it out!
      The nails–let me tell you. I am not a fan of the squared-off look in nails. I like mine rounded. And this color, Big Apple Red by OPI is the only one that I’ll use. I love it!!!


      • My nail beds are naturally round-shaped, so that’s how I keep ‘em. Ooh! Aah! OPI’s BAR is a classic. Love it on you. I have an old bottle, “black label”, that I still use.

        DHC is a Japanese company. They’re a “drug store” brand, easily available in local Japan markets. I got sample packets while traveling & was so pleased. No itchy, runny eyes; no dry, flaking skin; no oil slick patches.

        Luckily DHC is available stateside via their Website (just add dot com to DHC 😉). Shipping is local from Pennsylvania. When you do a seasonal skin care switch, they’re worth a test. No, not affiliated or a Rep ☺️.

  6. Bobbi says:

    I appreciate those tips and want to give you one of my own. My dermatologist recommends CeraVe products and I use many of them. I wash my face and privates with the Hydrating Facial Cleanser. It really helps me avoid irritation “down there”.
    Recently I discovered CeraVe SA Cream for rough and bumpy skin. I use it only on my body. It’s not a lotion. Like putting on shortening, but rubs in and isn’t greasy on my skin afterwards. After about a month of using it my arms aren’t rough, my skin looks and feels better. I’m 73 and need all the help there I can get. When I shower I feel that I’m washing it off, so it’s very long lasting. I bought it on Amazon.
    I’m searching for a great sunscreen, I had a spot removed from my upper lip and never want that again. I’ve read European sunscreen is better. I’m traveling to Cyprus to help my daughter while she has eye surgery (eek), and I’m going to try to get some there. Any European sunscreen tips would be appreciated.
    Cheers and Happy Holidays.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bobbi. OMG. MY Dermatologist swears by CeraVe too! I use it on my body though more than my face! It’s great stuff!
      I forgot about the European Sunscreen. It doesn’t bother my eyes and I hIave to watch my face like a hawk because I had skin cancer on my face but the sunscreen here in the states is awful. When are you leaving for Cypress? I’ll try to rummage through the garage because i know there’s at least one EU sunscreen. I’ll let you know what it is! XOXOXOXO

      • Miss Bougie says:

        I use Avène SPF 30 or 50 sun cream. It’s for dry skin. They also have body sun screens. My daughter, who has mixed, breakout prone skin, uses Avène sunscreen in the Cleanance line. Otherwise Ambre Solaire is quite good for the body. They are all hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. Ambre Solaire is sold at supermarkets and Avène at Parapharma or pharmacies.

      • Bobbi says:

        Thanks, I leave 12/26. Hard to have family Christmas here, then leave for there. I’ll be using my email and stuff so if you find the names of good sunscreen I will keep my eye out for it. I’ll be there until 1/15.

  7. Juliet says:

    You and your skin are look fantastic, I have sensitive skin – it will suddenly react to something very ordinary and thats a total nuisance (Liz Earle – Liz Earle for crying out loud, who the heck reacts to Liz Earle – me!). I also have very sensitive eyes and react to sunblock – sunscreen IN certain products seems OK so far but sunblock – even baby sunblock, sadly no way Jose. So I use a combination of Kiehls (the midnight recovery oil is a god-send), Ren and things like that. I have to say, that I may be weird but I LIKE wrinkles – good wrinkles that soften our features, add character and show we are human not plastic are sadly NOT yet the trend but y’know grey hair/white hair are bang on trend so Im hopeful 🙂 Not a fan however of my drooping jowls, but happy wrinkles – hydrated wrinkles are rather lovely I think 🙂

    • Bobbi says:

      Jowls, or as I call them, my Howdy Doody lines are my bane. Hate them, consider getting filler in them. Best idea I’ve heard it they take fat from your body and do something to it and inject that instead of the other stuff. Kill two birds.
      I might look into that if I win the lottery.

  8. These are a few of my favorite things!!

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