Baseball. Barbecues. Beach. And Hat Hair!

It’s that time of year—well, at least for one of the B’s—and that’s Baseball.  We’ll have to wait a month or so for Barbecues and Beach!


Hey Batta Batta Batta!!!  Hey Batta Batta Batta!  He can’t hit!  But Henry Margu hit a home run with this great Hair Accent!  Hair on a Baseball Cap!!

In the meantime, it’s time to get ready for the warmer weather.

And that can sometimes be daunting for the wig wearer!

This is my frustration at trying to wear a wig under a baseball cap!  Ohhhhhh  I am a Celts fan though!

Fear not though, my buddies at Henry Margu sent me a great summer accessory for review—and just in time for the three B’s—Baseball, Barbeques and Beach!

THE perfect wig hat for summer!   I’m wearing the Classic 8″ length on the beige baseball cap.  What’s not to love?

The funny thing is, I love the look of a baseball cap for the summer.  The brim is well-needed for protection (with the use of sunscreen) against the sun’s harmful rays!

The wide brim will be a tremendous assist in protecting against the sun’s harmful rays–and I know because I had skin cancer!

When I had my full head of bio hair, I always wore a baseball cap with my hair pulled through the back in a ponytail.  Due to the fact that my bio hair was also ridiculously thick, the baseball cap never looked good with my bio hair down because my hair stuck out too much.  Even when blown out to straight perfection.

Ummmmm…nah.  My bio hair (what’s left of it) doesn’t cut the mustard on the Philly Pretzel of hair under a cap!

Even if worn in a pony, it still just doesn’t look good.

And the time wasted on trying to get a full wig to look decent under any cap is a harrowing experience!

Hey. I love my Swami wig but it is so thick and trying to get ANY cap to fit over this one is a pain-in-the……..and the proportions are so wrong.  Arrows point to the shoddy fit of the cap over the wig and the hair sticking out of the wig. 

And so, I was pretty much intrigued when I was asked to review.  I was a bit skeptical because I couldn’t imagine the “hat hair” (as I’m prone to call it) would look or perform well.

Any doubts were gone after I tried this cap on!

But, after wearing it out and about for a day and getting comfortable with it while writing this post and filming a YouTube review, I have to say that I’m very happy with this and will definitely be wearing to the shore this summer—look for me wearing this at Stone Harbor!

And this goes so well with a Lacoste dress!

Let’s take a look why this Hair Accent by Henry Margu should be a summer essential in any wig-wearer’s collection.

The Cap:  The cap is 100% cotton.  It’s strong with being lightweight.  Cotton breathes and therefore, during the hottest days, the comfort level will be high.

Breathable cotton, unlike polyester which holds the heat, is a weather-friendly plus for comfort of this wig/hat combo!

The cap adjusts in the back with two plastic strips that can be snapped together for allowance from a smaller head to a larger head.  You can also adjust it tighter for extra security.

Adustable plastic band straps give for a secure fit for any sized head!

The Hair: The hair is securely attached between the cap and a breathable lace reinforcement.  Although not thick, the hair is dense enough to give the appearance of a full head of hair without being thick.  It’s a well-suited amount of hair for summer months.

The hair is secured with double reinforcement from the lace and the fabric band..

The mesh fabric in the back adds for additional comfort!

The Fit:  Adjustable straps notwithstanding, the fit is very comfortable.  If you are fussy about baseball caps, fear not with the fit of this.  Henry Margu picked out a winner of a cap that not only feels and fits great—but it looks great too!

The fit is great from all angles–as is the density of the hair. You can hit the shore with ease and confidence!

A back view.  Mind you, I’m not even wearing a wig cap. I simply pinned my bio hair up and shoved it into the cap!

How’s the appearance?  Come see!

The shade I’m wearing is 8H…and Henry Margu has some of the greatest hair colors ever!

The fact that the Hair Accents is cap to scalp (or..if you do have bio hair, you can just stuff the hair into the cap and it’s still a comfortable fit) allows for a better fit of the cap.

The cap that I received is the Classic 8” in the shade 8H.  The cap can be worn with the hair down or tucked behind the ears.

Looks great tucked behind the ears too!  Remind me to apply sunscreen to my ears!


This also comes in a curly version but I’ll tell you, I prefer the straight for me.

Here’s the curly-haired version.  Even though I prefer the straighter version…after looking at this I think I would also wear this.  Yes. I would!

Many online vendors sell this.  Among them are:;;;;;;

Whether you are new to wigs or wear wigs regularly or…even if you don’t want to ruin your bio hair at the beach (because if you have hair that tends to frizz, we know what the ocean air can do to hair that’s been blown out), this Hair Accent is a great Hair Asset!

Now howza ’bout some MLB Hair Accents???

My one suggestion to my friends at Henry Margu Wigs is—can’t you work something out with MLB to manufacture “team” baseball caps with hair?  Yeah.  I would be thrilled with a Boston Red Sox Hair Accent…or a NY Yankees…or a Cubbies….or a Cincinnati Reds Cap with hair!!

Or what about College team hats?  I’m a Longhorn mom!  And a Terps mom!  Yeah…. I think we’re on to something hair!!!!!!

Henry Margu Hair Accents = A Grand Slam!!

Overall rating:  A+ on the hat hair!

Here’s another look from my YouTube channel!

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6 Responses to Baseball. Barbecues. Beach. And Hat Hair!

  1. landrybaby says:

    Hi Catherine, That wild-headed woman cheering her team on made my day, I checked her act out several times! Thanks for the laughs. Long have I wanted to wear a fun ball cap when cheering on my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, but it’s a no-go for me. I wear my hair in a pixie style haircut, the best way to wear it, but I look like a boy if I wear a ball cap…and not a cute boy either. The Hair Accent is really cute but gives me pause. A usual day or evening at the ballpark in St. Louis finds the temperature hovering in the low to mid-nineties with a similar humidity percentage. I might suffocate, do you think?

    • Catherine says:

      Landry–is that a riot or what?????? As far as the hair accent goes. No way would you be suffocating. The hair is very lightweight and there’s no hair at the top of the cap so it’s pretty much a comfortable wear! I live in the midst of humidity and wear wigs all summer, this’ll be a breeze down the shore!! XXOXOXOXO

  2. kabuchi1 says:

    Dear Atypical:

    I cannot post a message to Catherine because they say my account ( is already in use. It’s one and the same person. Please have Word Press and or Atypical60 solve this problem for me. Thank you.

    Susan Brennan PS Catherine’s advice is great!

    • Catherine says:

      Susan. Hi! It looks like you need to contact WordPress administration. Something is tied to your blog. There’s nothing in connection with this blog to your email address. Reach out to them–they should respond in a timely manner! XOXOXOXO

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