HEY LADY!!!! HEY LADY!!  Don’t hide your hair under a hat!  Get a wig!!

It’s true.  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately and have come to the conclusion that every woman not only should own a wig, but every woman needs to own a wig.  Or two.  Or more.

Ohhh something magica happens when I think.  And I’ve been thinking about why every woman needs a wig!

I’m not even going to broach the subject of hair loss. Those of us who experience hair loss –whatever the reason being, are used to wigs.  We are adept at making them our own.  Our wigs are not merely accessories, but they are our new normal.

Image result for atypical60 hair loss

THAT was a couple of years ago.  The spot has grown substantially.  Too bad my bank account hasn’t grown as substantially as my baldness!

And when I was caught off-guard last wig week with the question of “If all your hair grew back just as it was before you lost it, would you continue to wear your wigs?”

What great food for thought!  I pondered.  I reflected.  I examined my conscience. I deliberated. I contemplated. Finally, I concluded.

I even tapped my hands on the table in serious contemplation!

Absolutely!  I would still wear wigs.  And I would still embrace them. And love them.  And cherish them.

I’m overcome with emotion simply because I WOULD still wear my beloved wigs if all my hair grew back!  I need a moment hair…I mean…HERE!!

Because wearing wigs gave me so much more than the hair I lost.

My confidence and esteem were regained because I felt good when I made the transition over to wigs.  No longer was I self-conscience about my “spots”.  No longer did I have to deal with the constant prepping and fixing my hair. I felt more like the woman I am rather than feeling like Friar Tuck’s twin sister!

That’s for sure!  I smile a hella lot more than when I worried about my bio hair falling on the floor!

And then I thought about all the other reasons that wigs are greatness and why every woman should own one.

Before I continue, do you remember how popular wigs and falls were in the 1960’s?  They were considered an accessory so you could switch your look up from day time to date time.  From short too long.  And it didn’t even matter that the wigs didn’t look natural.  It was all good!

Back in the ’60’s, women OWNED wearing fake hair. And it was popular. No stigma attached!

Then things got serious and women stopped wearing hair for fun.  Fake hair don’t care and neither should you.

Be still my heart. That hair on the far right? I would very much wear it today!  It’s FUN!!!! Remember–the higher the hair the closer to God!

But enough about that, let’s talk about why you need a wig!

You have frizzy, coarse, unruly hair.  Summer weather is especially cruel to these tresses as is rain and heat.

This is my hair!  It’s actually a bit tame today because it’s been under a wig! I stopped coloring it and stopped blow drying it.  I can’t wear it down anyway due to the massive bald spot in the back.  If you think I’m going outside like this, I have a bridge to sell you!

Why put yourself through the misery of having to constantly pull your hair back? Why allow yourself the frustration of a beautiful blow out and as soon as you leave the comfort of your air-conditioned home to head outside, the coif that was so smooth moments ago has now grown into a wild mass and keeps on growing—-outward and upward.

And, like this guy, the weather oftentimes, makes the hair I have grow upwards!

A wig is the remedy.  A synthetic wig is the remedy.  The hair won’t grow out. It won’t spurt up like a weed. It’ll stay put.  You can go outside; rest assured and feel confident and pretty and your summer will suddenly turn into your favorite season!

The straight hair I never had!  This is High Society by Gabor Wigs in the shade Toasted Pecan (or Pea-can, as I say).  

You have the opposite of hair that goes wild in humid weather. Your hair goes limp and loses any curl or shape that you toiled over for hours with that barrel curling iron.


A wig is what you need.  One with those perfect waves.  They waves won’t go limp when you head outside.  In fact, they’ll stay put all day.  You can bounce up and down the avenue and strut your hot stuff!

Look at those waves!  This is Avalon by Estetica Designs and is one I’ve worn over and over and over this summer.  These waves will stay all day without falling!

You’re going on vacation?  You’re traveling for a while?  The beach?  Europe?  Antarctica?

Beach vacay?  Doesn’t Bonaparte look fetching? He doesn’t need a wig.

Heavens to Betsy—don’t forget to bring some hair with you!


Have wig. Will Travel. And when you get bored waiting for your flight, you can take the wig out of your carry on and comb it!  That’s what I do!

Seriously.  A stay at a resort that offers a pool or beachside means that you’ll be swimming like a Bubble Guppy.  Because that is what we do when we are near the water—whether fresh, salt or chlorinated.

Caveat–I have to wear a wig to the beach. This is Alice by Uniwigs Lavivid collection.  But for the woman who HAS a full head of hair and doesn’t want to be bothered styling it after a day of swimming (and I swim in a wig too),  don’t fret over blowdrying–wear a wig to dinner!

And when you realize, at 4:30 that you’ll be attending Happy Hour followed by a wonderful dinner, you excuse yourself from everyone else because it’ll take hours to get your hair just so!

Cheers!  It’s Happy Hour!  And I’m wearing Model Model’s Storm wig.  This is one of the first wigs I’ve ever worn and at $32.00, she’s still looking grand!

Well, if you bring a wig or three, you’ll have options.  Let your hair dry then stick a wig over it, put that face on, get that hotsie totsie dress on, slip into those strappy sandals and head off to make everyone wonder just how you turned into Becky With the Good Hair in a matter of minutes!

Better yet, call Cathe with the good wig...

Take that Becky!  My fake hair gets combed back into a killer Bardot pony tail!  And Alden by Estetica designs is the perfect wig to put into that do!

Oh. Wait.  You’re playing tourist on a visit through the UK or Europe.  You’re sightseeing all day.  That’s cool.  You are a comfortable, yet, tasteful ensemble that doesn’t scream “tourist”.  You are wearing your hair back for lack of time in getting ready this morning.  So why, then, didn’t you bring a wig with you?

Why’re you wearing your hair back like that …

…..when you can be walking the streets in this casual loose do, Soft & Subtle by Gabor!

And don’t even mention that meal at the five-star restaurant that you saved your dollars for so long to enjoy every morsel of that tasting menu.  You gotta dress like the star you are.  Ohhh but you came back to your Airbnb or hotel a bit later than expected and you are pressed for time.  If you had a wig, you would be saving a hellalot o’ time.  Just sayin’!

Yeah baybay!  I wore Envy wigs “Chloe” to dinner at Allard in Paris last November!  I wonder which one I’ll wear this year!!

Let’s bring it back a step. To every day.

You had a rough night last night.  Full moon kept you from getting a good sleep.  Perhaps you were in a frisky mood and was up doing a bit of the Bouncy-Bouncy!  Or maybe that meal you had from the take-out has kept you on your throne a good portion of the night.

Whatevs.  You have a meeting at 8 in the mornin’ and your hair is not behaving.  A wig works wonders! And will keep ‘em guessing!


Jamison by Estetica Designs.  My favorite bob of all time!  I have 12 of her. An even dozen!

Or you can switch it up with a short do!  Jones, also by Estetica!

Dinner guests are arriving tonight. You’ve been slaving in the kitchen all day.  Or it’s the Holidays and you’ve been slaving in the kitchen for many days. Time is of the essence and of that delightful aroma from the roast.  You have choices. Either put the makeup on or do your hair.  If you had a wig you can do both!  But don’t put your head in the open oven to take anything out or your synthetic wig could become damaged.  Be the royalty you are and make your husband/significant other take the food out of the oven.

Dinner guests tonight?  Put the makeup on and go with a short little number like Jon Renau’s Ignite wig! And if you have long hair and are thinking of going short–a wig is the solution to checking the shorter lengths out!

And with that wig you can present the feast to your guests looking more fetch than Donna Reed or June Cleaver!

Hello dinner guests?  Oh..why thank you!  It took NO time at all to get ready! *wink*

OHHHH…OHHHH. You have a special event approaching.  You are a Mother-of-the-Bride or …Groom!  Perhaps you are hosting a fancy-schmancy shower or group event.  You’ve worked your butt off.  Don’t even give the hair a second thought.  If you have a wig, you can party like it’s 1999 all over again!

Alden in the shade Caramel Kiss was a Mother-of-the-Bride gift from my friends at Estetica Designs.  I danced all night.  I mingled and I received a ton of compliments on my hair. It took less than a minute to style. I took it out of the box and put it on my head. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You see?  That’s the point I’m making.  Ask any woman if she likes her hair.  Most will find something wrong.  Either it’s too unruly or dull or limp or too thin or too thick or the color isn’t right.  Some of us have hair that hasn’t aged well.  Instead of fighting it, cover it.  With a wig.

Stop the fight. Stop the fright.  Get wiggy with it!  You’ll discover a new freedom!

Years of dying hair isn’t good.  A wig provides great coverage if you are tired of coloring your hair.

Here I am in Estetica’s Brooklyn wig.  Wigs in various shades offer a safer alternative to hair dye!

And for those who have gone gray, not everyone has beautiful gray hair.  A gray wig will give you that beautiful gray hair—and more than Fifty Shades of it too!

Gabor’s High Society in Sugared Nickel. This is a GREAT wig for those who want to transition to gray!

Estetica Designs Avalon in ChromeRT1B. This is such a gorgeous shade of gray. I have a Jamison in this shade too!

A platinum gray is a gorgeous shade too!

Wigs have changed my life for the better.  Where I used to hate summer because of my unruly hair, I love it now. I plop a wig on my head and fuhgeddaboudit.  And wig companies now make incredibly lightweight and summer-weather friendly wigs.

This is Pandora by Uniwigs Lavivid. It’s the only Human Hair wig I have. Personally, I prefer synthetic because it’s low-maintenance.  But. I go swimming in this wig and she dries wavy!  It’s a great beach wig!

I used to spend all morning washing, conditioning, setting my wet hair in rollers, letting the hair air dry till damp, blow drying each section straight, then rolling my hair back up.  Keeping it in the rollers for an hour. Taking the hair out of the rollers, spraying it with hairspray, and still worrying that it didn’t look right.

That’s what I heard after I rolled and dried my hair because I got my bio hair all over the place. I shed worse than any dog!

And that, my dear friends who I love so much, is why you need a wig!

And with a great head of fake hair, you don’t even need makeup. This is Enchantress by Mane Attraction wigs in the shade Latte!  

And whether you are wiggin’ it or not–the objective is to just have fun!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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28 Responses to HEY LADY! YOU NEED A WIG!!!!!

  1. Caren C Collier says:

    Oh Cathy ,your are such a hoot ❣ And I always love your sense of humor. And its amazing how wonderful and different you look in each.Like the Pandora on beach you look like an adorable teenager 💗 And I’m convinced you were a English major. Bc you have a wonderful talent for telling a story. Oh wait my Dad called it a gift of gab. At any rate I love it. Thank you for you story. Have a blessed day. ❣

    • Catherine says:

      LOL! Caren! My Irish grandparents prided our family on having a great gift of gab!!! And I thank you for giving me such wonderful compliments!!And I thank you for appreciating my sense of humor!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Cathy says:

    What a great idea!! I am lucky that I still have a full head of hair (I’m in my mid 60’s) but I love the variety of looks you have! And in all of which you look fabulous!!
    Have you watched Shitt’s Creek? Wigs have a great roll in that show 😁

  3. That s a lot of hair! And you have such fabulous wigs. I think I would wear them if I had a issue with my hair.

  4. Janet Urquhart says:

    You certainly rock all kinds of wigs and are very convincing in your reasons. That being said, I was just wondering why you don’t crop your bio hair into a near little Judi Dench pixie… wouldn’t the wig thing be simpler to pop on ?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Janet! You have a good point there. A pixie cut is traumatizing for me. It stems back from childhood when my mother had my hair cut into an atrocious version of a pixie. She couldn’t deal with my unruly hair. These days, I won’t cut it that short. Instead, I pull it back and wear a nylon wig cap. I’m so used to doing it that way that it’s still incredibly simple to pop on my head! XXOXOXO

  5. Catherine, you look sooo young in your wigs, which are all wonderful and so pretty. They also look very natural. My own hair is still quite good, very much straighter than it was, but it can still go fly away on drizzly days, which are frequent here in the UK. By the way, I LOVE your blog, you say the things that need to be said about looks getting older that need to be said!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lesley. OMG! Thank you so very much! Hey. I try to be as honest as possible when talking about getting older. I may wear fake hair and a fake tan but my words are real!! LOL!! Thank you again! XOXOXOXO

  6. Debe says:

    Oh gawd I had those 60’s wigs and they were hot and heavy. Stabbing my scalp with wig pins so it would not move.

    Dancing in clubs my head would get so hot! But ze hair was purrrfect!

    I love your selection and styles!

    Wedding was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Debe! LOL! Those 60’s falls! But they were so over-the-top mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much I’m glad that you like my wiggies! And I’m even happier that you enjoyed the wedding! XOXOXOXO

  7. Denise Conlow says:

    I’ve decided to do the wig thing. I do NOT have a hair loss problem but I am so tired of taking the 1/2 hour to do my hair and then it ending up in a pony tale before noon. I’ve been sucked in to buying all kinds of hair products and my hair still doesn’t hold throughout the day. I ordered from Voguewigs.com and I’m starting off with 2. They are from the Vivica Fox collection (synthetic). I haven’t received them yet should be getting them in about 2 days. I am a bit nervous about how they are going to look. I certainly don’t want to look fake and I’m worried they are going to be heavy and unnatural. I am however looking forward to cutting my morning routine down to just makeup. Which by the way I also ordered the stackable makeup. Can’t wait to get that. I will let you know how all this works out. If I don’t like them I can always return them. Have a great day and thank you so much for all your wonderful advise.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Denise. I’ve got a couple of Vivica Fox Wigs. I did have to tweeze the parts on a couple but there’s one wig of her’s “Brie” that is absolutely stunning. It was one of my first wigs and I had her for a long time. A wig is so much easier than doing your hair. I can relate! OTOH, I’m thrilled that you ordered those stacks. I’m heading back to their site to buy another stack for my travel case! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the stacks! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  8. What a delightfully, inspiring post! My hair has been thinning forever. I don’t have patches but it’s lost so much volume and I’m tired of all those hair products/minerals/vitamins I’ve been taking. Who knows if they’re working, cos each time I wash my hair, I have to clean the drain… again! This has inspired me to try one. They are SOOOO expensive for a good quality one here in South Africa, but hell, I’m spending a small fortune on the vitamins. Might as well spend it where I can SEE the results. Thank you for your candid honesty xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      OMG. The hair that used to fall from my head while showering was ridiculous. Even with my thick hair there was always a ton. Seriously. Invest in a wig. Don’t get me started on all those mumbo-jumbo vitamins/products/miracle growth shampoos etc. Those companies prey on the vulnerability of women and they are criminals. I’ve had my experiences and let me tell you. A wig is better. And you’re correct. The wig might be pricey but in the long run, you’ll be spending more on false promises. We need to find a wig company here that ships to South Africa!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  9. Fiona says:

    Great advice Cathe. My hair is getting thin on top, even though my hairdresser says it’s ok….I know she’s humouring me ! I can’t even find a hat to fit my pin head so I imagine a wig would be similar. You are lucky to have good wig companies which sell at reasonable prices in the US. Btw, why is monsieur not wearing Speedos?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona! Oh..there are many wig companies that make smaller wigs. Envy makes a very small wig as do others. When my hair started thinning in spots where I didn’t pull..that’s when I realized I had a bit of an issue! LOL. SPEEDOS! NO TO SPEEDOS. Ugh. My American ex-husband used to wear a red Speedo and I used to practically vomit at the sight every summer. Thank God, Bonaparte thinks speedos are vulgar! XOXOXOXO

  10. Rashmi Menon says:

    I’d love the freedom of not having to style my hair if I were to wear a wig. But I’ve always wondered doesn’t it get too hot when you’re wearing a wig?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rashmi! You know what? I never get overheated when wearing a wig. Honest. When I was in Cincinnati for the festivities before Oona’s wedding, we went to a Reds game on the hotest night of the year. My lady parts were sweating but my head stayed cool! XOXOXOXO

      • Rashmi Menon says:

        That’s interesting! I always thought it was get too heated, so I never tried a wig. I’ve had extensions before but they give me a headache after a while so I don’t use them much.

  11. Terri Lee says:

    You make me want to cut off my actual hair and buy wigs! HAHA! But, in all seriousness, may I just tell you how much I ADORE you? I want to live next door to you, I want to be your friend and hang out together over coffee. I LOVE you! You look fabulous in every wig, too. You and Bonaparte look so at home on the beach. XOXOXO

  12. Doris Diaz says:

    If you haven’t already, can you tell us how to put a wig on correctly? I’m always afraid it’s goinf to come off.

  13. Anne says:

    Catherine, I grew up in the 60’s, and I had two wigs, plus a fall. Wigs were great for going to work when my natural hair needed to be shampooed and styled. But my favorite hair piece was my long fall. It matched my bio hair perfectly. I did not wear it teased up on top but let it fall smooth and natural. I felt so beautiful when I wore my fall! And those were the days when I also ironed my long hair to get it smooth and straight! This was when I was in college. I took a short catnap every afternoon and put my hair up in a high ponytail so I didn’t mess it up laying on my bed. Nowadays, my hair is thin in spots and not nearly as thick as it used to be. I still dye it, and I am wearing in a short simple style. Works good so far. My grey hair is much coarser and curly. Iaround my hair line which I don’t like. And I have to spray it a good bit to keep the side bang in place and covering the area I have lost hair there. Women and their hair! I have to go this route, as I have Fibromyalgia and sweat so much in my head and get hot. That and the fact I am the princess and the pea, with everything that touches me makes me itch, due to my Fibromyalgia, is why I can’t wear wigs. But keep posting your wig campaign for others to wear them! And keep on showing us pictures of you in your various wigs. I love to see you in them and live vicariously through you!

  14. Stina says:

    Your hair always looks so great it has to make a anyone looking at the pics want to go out and buy a wig —but how does a newbie judge what looks good on them without breaking the bank buying a whole bunch of wigs? I’ve seen people wearing ones that were too fake looking shiny, or too much hair, or they just didn’t look right, and no one wants to look like that! What’s your advice on how to start wig shopping when you can’t go into a store and try them on?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Stina. The best way to start wig shopping when you can’t get to a wig store? OK. Go onto reputable wig sites and look through the wigs. Make a listing of the ones you like. Then google those wigs and after you type the name of the wig, type “youtube reviews”. You’ll find a ton of them. The wigs will be shown on normal women (well, mostly normal. Some filter their faces until they look like ghosts) and you will be able to see how the wig looks IRL. You also need to take into consideration the texture of your bio hair and your head size and your shape face. Once you do that, it’ll be a blast. You can always head over to YouTube and watch my channel Atypical60 where I’ve got lots of wig reviews!!!! XOXOXOXO

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