So, How Did I Do on My First Week of the New “WW”?

It is rather difficult for me to refer to Weight Watchers as WW. For some ungodly reason, saying the words “weight watchers” rolls of the tongue much easier than reciting “Double-U, Double-U”.  And so, I shall continue to be in error and continue to use “Weight Watchers” when speaking.

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Looks like Weight Watchers went on their own loss program.  Lost letters!

The meetings are now workshops. This is a ridiculous rename.  Envision a workshop, if you will.  It’s most likely a metal, wood or auto workshop and workshops are messy.

Now THIS is a workshop. It is very difficult to wrap my head around the new WW Workshop concept! 

Now envision a meeting. You have a leader and members of the group who are all connecting and sharing.

Oh look!  It’s a MEETING!  See how organized it is and see how engaging the attendees seem to be?  I like meetings.  I’m old-school!

I rest my case on that.

Alas, this isn’t meant to be a vent on rebranding, those are merely my thoughts.

But back to how I did.

Well, to be honest with you, it was easy.  It wasn’t insanely difficult but it just wasn’t easy.  I’m so wrought with work that during the 9 to 5 hours, I only have time for my cup of tea, without cream and sugar in the afternoon.  Otherwise, I’ve been bringing a few Mandarin oranges to keep up the energy level.

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I took my Barry’s tea into the office.  Perhaps it’s an Irish thing but I’ve been sippin, the cuppa since I was a child and now it’s suppressing my appetite!

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And my grandma, Margaret Crowley Wynne was drinking the stuff until she reached 98 years!

But I am managing to move around more in an effort to be activity.

I exercise my legs while ironing and exercise my arms to fold the shirts just so!  

I’ve been doing leg exercises while ironing.  I lift up on the balls of my feet and slowly inch down.

In addition, this weekend, I started cleaning the baseboards and vents in the house.  Three flights of stairs were dusted and cleaned. And I’ll tell you that it should be shameful at how filthy those stairs were. But you know what?  This summer’s weekend weather was so incredibly beautiful that we went to the beach practically every weekend.  I think the only times we missed were for Oona’s wedding and one gray day.

All the bannisters and railings and trim was completely cleaned. Do NOT get me started on the carpeting. Carpeting = the bane of my existence!  But HEY, cleaning this was definitely a workout!

The worst cravings are not for chocolate, nor ice cream nor are they for pastry.  The hardest part is not reaching for food when I’m stressed.  Any food will do, thank you!

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Ahhhh. Stress is bad. But Stress eating is good–for a moment. But NOT stress-eating is even better!

More veggies are being incorporated into the diet.

The thin asparagus is what I prefer. It’s not as stringy and hardly needs any cooking! Zero Points!

And as I’m making an effort to cut down on my salt intake, fresh herbs are in the house!

Salt move over. The Herbs are taking over!

My Mandarin oranges are my friends.

Naval Oranges have never been high on my list but these little Mandarin oranges from Trader Joe’s hit that sweet spot. I LOVE these!

And Avocado is always good any time!

MMMM. This will have to be devoured shortly or it’ll become overripe!  And the avacodo is such a healthy fruit!

Since I have to have carbs, and I’m not chowing down on baguettes, other bread or the puffy gougères that Bonaparte loves, I’m on a 1-Smart Point tortilla/wrap binge.

If you see these, buy them!!!  They are fantastic!  Walmart carries them but more often than not, it’s a sellout.  Thankfully Wegmans carries them for twice the Walmart price!  Oh well!  I’ve stocked up and some are in the freezer. 

I’m also enjoying these mini Savory crackers from Trader Joe’s topped with Laughing Cow cheese. Yes. I count out nine of these crackers and stretch the one wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese for an appetizer of two Smart Points whilst we enjoy our weekend aperitifs.

Nine of these crackers are one point! And with the one point wedge of Laughing Cow, it makes a very satisfying appetizer or snack..

The little Petit Toast are also very WW-Friendly! 

And I did not give up the Kir Royal.  I refuse to deprive myself.

Saturday’s dinner was more on the healthy side than the unhealthy side!

The Sprouts of Brussels.  Sauteed with a bit of spray, some shallots and a few dried cranberries. I can’t get enough of these.  Bonaparte can though. He hates vegetables!

Actually, one of the few vegetables he likes is celery root or celeriac . Made with a remoulade sauce  (a LIGHT one) it is refreshing and has an incredibly unique flavor–a bit like parsnip!

I made chicken breasts with tomato and black olives. Overall a healthy Saturday evening meal!

The other thing is making that extra effort to look good.

Fortunately, most of my clothing fits with the exception of a couple of pairs of pants. But I’m working on that.

I took out the schoolboy blazer today.  And luckily my navy Cameron pants from J. Crew still fit but are a bit snug in the tummy. I wore my favorite summer shirt under the blazer and let me tell you something.  I have to send the blazer to the dry cleaner tomorrow because my deodorant failed. It’s still summer in the middle of the day folks if you know what I mean!

This lightweight cotton T-shirt dress was purchased at J. Crew Factory back in the spring of 2018.  It was one of those forgotten pieces of clothing until it was rediscovered when sleuthing for clothing, I could wear to Weight Watchers WW meetings workshops! Oops!

This will be my WW uniform!   The light T-shirt dress, light wig and…well, any shoe will come off!

Not gonna lie.  I did cheat a bit with Mozzarella Cheese so it was with a heavy heart and trepidation that my feet stepped upon the scale last night.

There was no reaction from the woman who weighted me and her face remained expressionless as she handed me the results of the week.

I lost 3.4 pounds.  That was enough to give me motivation to keep at it. Moving forward, there will be weeks of perhaps getting rid of half a pound or less.  Some weeks where the scale will remain the same and other weeks with a gain.

Getting rid of 3.4 pounds was all I needed!

But the control and the willpower have returned.

Bitmoji Image

I am a bit proud this week so I’m patting myself on the back. And NOT rewarding myself with food!

And that’s how it rolled!  How was your week?  If you are on the same journey, please share. And if you aren’t please give some tips that you have for staying on point!

Chippy has moved on in his wellness journey too. He’s gone from eating my beauty sponges to chowing down on my wig comes.

Chippy has gone from sponges to combs.  Maybe the plastic is less points!

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8 Responses to So, How Did I Do on My First Week of the New “WW”?

  1. fortheloveofsageandroses says:

    Omg I also lost 3.4 lbs, although I doubt I will do that well this week. Not feeling well and craving carbs!

  2. bone&silver says:

    Well done! I’m also curious as to how much exercise WW suggests? Walking fast for 20-30 mins a day is a great way to burn fat… spoken as a Pilates & fitness instructor 😃
    I walk every day, and actually have trouble keeping weight on, believe it or not 😬 Mind you, I don’t drink- so many empty calories in alcohol…

  3. Dinata Misovec says:

    Congratulations and keep at it.

  4. Momcat says:

    Have you ever heard of intermittent fasting? There is a book called Delay Don’t Deny by a woman called Gin Stevens that is awesome. I work in nutrition and when I first read about IF red flags, red lights, sirens etc went off!! Like RESTRICTED eating smacked of disordered eating, anorexia etc BUT upon closer research there is more and more clinical evidence that this way of eating actually works. My girlfriend started doing it ( she’s been devoted to WW for years) and lost 10lbs in three weeks but I have to tell you that the benefits of fasting are far greater than losing weight…people just look younger, blood sugars are held in check and bodies go through amazing transformations. I am a believer after vacationing for two weeks and registering a weight gain of less than a pound. No points or calories to count, no stressing over weighing food or counting it out you just stop eating after supper and you begin eating at lunch next day (16-18hours) and dinner. We clean fast which means only water, black coffee or black/green tea allowed. No juice or flavoured diet drinks as artificial sugars stimulate insulin response. People notice results even if they fast for just a few days a week. I’ve lost ten pounds as well and my body is a fat magnet!!! Our mantra is we are either feasting or fasting, and it certainly builds willpower! Check it out it!

  5. Maryellen Reardon says:

    I stress ate through the months before my Year 1 cancer checkup. And then I went on vacation, and one just has to eat the local food. And now I come home to learn from my son that in three weeks I will FINALLY be meeting his girlfriend’s parents. Gotta get moving here and lose some weight – THANK YOU for the inspiration!

  6. Juliet says:

    Wow – well done I weigh in tomorrow, but after a stressful week (arent they all, sigh) Im just not even going to stress – the fact is I am going to weigh in. You look amazing in the pink top and jewellery – just stunning and im really interested as Ive recently been diagnosed (diagnosed??? sounds like an illness) as a winter – I am light and bright and cold apparently, so wintery colour palette ideas absolutely grab me at the moment.,

  7. ratnamurti says:

    Congratulations. I confess that I was a serial failure at Weight Watchers. Too much choice. And too many fake foods like their bars, yoghurt, etc. I always put weight on when I went. The best results were when we had to eat. certain numbers of types of food for eighteen points, then use the extra points for our size as we saw fit. Plus added exercise, and a Leader showed me how to easily do it. I’m trying to lose weight again.

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