Lost Blog Posts, A “WW” Vent, NYC Lunch and Clothes I’m Loving!

Oy Vey!  First of all, I lost a couple of blog posts.  My laptop had “updates” and every effing time there is a Microsoft “update”, something goes awry.


Yes!  Every. Stinkin. Update. Ruins my laptop!

This time it was my word docs.  Three of them were lost. Poof! Vanished into thin cyber-air.

Stephen Colbert Shrug GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Pretty much like my blog posts!

I felt like a modern-day Little Bo Peep—except instead of sheep, I have blog posts—and they can’t be brought home with their tails behind them. But they can be brought home with their tales behind them and still haven’t!

Humpty Dumpty Vintage GIF

Maybe I should run around without panties like Bo Peep and my blog posts will follow me just like these sheep!

Adding to that, I’ve got a “WW” vent.   OK, first the good WW news I lost a pound last week, bringing my weight down to 149 pounds which I’m pleased as punch about.  A new Lifetime membership card arrived in the mail and I’m able to track everything on the app for my phone.

They didn’t even bother to change my last name.  Well at least the numbers are changing!

I’m also obsessed with the WW barcode feature on the app. It allows you to scan a barcode from any food item and will automatically tell you the number of points per serving. It’s as though the WW App is too good to be true.

And it is.  Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I decided to pre-track my dinner, and for some reason the app wouldn’t load.  I kept trying into the late afternoon, even though I was at work.

Image result for weight watcher app

My obsession. The WW App and now I can’t even get into it to track what I’m eating!

Nothing. The app died.  I Googled to see if there was an issue with the WW app and there was.  Which annoyed the bejesus out of me because I finally figured out how to master this friggin’ thing and then it dies.   And as of the present time, I need an activation code to get back in along with some other information.

Then I remembered what our “coach” at the “WW Studio” during our “Workshop” said last week.

Image result for weight watcher studio

Instead of  turning the meetings into studio workshops, perhaps WW should put more money into making their technology more user-friendly!

She said the WW app would be changing because WW is evolving and the program is changing. Again.

You know, this really pissed me off and I’ll tell you why.  It’s the constant changing of the program.  Granted. I realize that change is a good thing.  However, too many changes can have the opposite effect.

Although I cannot remember what the original premise of Weight Watchers was, I know there were no points involved and there was a lot of weighing and counting. My mother followed Weight Watchers religiously. I still fondly remember the old WW “fake” nut recipe by roasting canned mushrooms.  And the baked apples with diet cream soda poured over them before shoving them in the oven.

I’m now in search of the old school recipes like the roasted mushroom “peanuts” and the baked apple with diet soda poured over it!

 Then came the Point system—which is genius.  Then came the Smart Points—as if the regular points were the village idiots.  We had Points Plus too!  And Zero Point foods became a hot commodity.

And then, as presently, came Freestyle.  Where many foods are zero points but the foods with points have a higher point value.  It’s complicated. I know.  But it takes diligence to do well on Freestyle.  For me, the weight is coming off slowly, but at this point, I don’t care.

Who knows what’s in store with the new program that hasn’t been introduced but my thinking isn’t so warm and fuzzy about this.

I happen to like the name “Weight Watchers” it is just what is says it is.  “WW” can mean a plethora of other things such as “Whadya Want” “Where’s Waldo” “World Wrestling” …the list goes on.  You can make a drinking game out of it.

I love the point system.  But I’m intrigued by the original ‘Weight Watchers Program“.  In fact, I may go a step farther and try sleuthing for a copy of the Original Weight Watchers Cookbook that my mother had!

My mother had this book and if I can recall, this is where the original “mashed” cauliflower was created.  There were some very strict guidelines but it was better than the way Weight Watchers keep morphing!

Since I can no longer trust technology, I shall track my food intake in a little journal.  Pen and paper are more reliable than my finger prodding my iPhone.

I’m now manually tracking in a journal..

—and when I ask, because the new WW is stingy, a little pocket tracker.  I can’t trust the app!

But I have been good.

This post has been interrupted by a two-hour phone call from my daughter!

I’m back.

Where was I?  Oh yeah. The “WW” thing.  Anyway, I have been good.  I’m continuing to make better food choices.  I’m certainly not starving myself and I’m doing the best I can.

I’ve yet to try the red lentil pasta from Trader Joe’s but the Roasted Seweed with Sea Salt snacks are delicious and One Point!

I made this shortbread/pastry cream/raspberry tarte for a pot luck luncheon at work last week.  I didn’t even have a piece but heard it was delicious!  It disappeared within five minutes!

One thing I’ve decided to do is to place myself on a clothing “no-buy” for the remainder of the fall/winter seasons.  There’s nothing that I really need.  Besides, for my job, I’m the only one who dresses up anyway.

My outfit of choice yesterday at work.  The clothing is fitting much better!  And the legs are now fake tanned!

Another look–I’m loving this suiting ensemble so much.  Both were purchased years ago at J. Crew and I can wear the jacket with jeans!

For Jeans Friday it was high-waisted skinnies by AG, and my beloved French Hen Sweater from J. Crew. The shoes? Repetto’s from maybe eight years ago.  Nothing new here but it’s another outfit I love!

I wore this Monday.  I took the tights out of the drawer in the dark and realized they were blue so I ran upstairs and changed to green.  Now you know why I like bare legs!

Another recent look and it’s all J. Crew from years ago.  The booties were purchased last November in Paris during the Black Friday sales!

Hello!  I wore this today. The sweater (guess where I got it?) is about six years old and I think the skirt could be in high school by now.  But I love the combo of the pencil skirt, bare legs and sweater!

And here is one of my most-loved looks.  A faux suede mini skirt that was purchased at J. Crew Factory maybe three years ago.  I don’t know how old the boots are but this look is one of my faves. Its incredibly comfy!

And the clothing is fitting much better!

This is what I wore into NYC to meet my sisters.  In all honesty,  I overdressed. And by that I mean it was really warm and this outfit was just too hot.  I wasn’t comfortable but I love the combination.  This is better for heavy winter temperatures!

On Saturday, I met my two sisters and two nieces in NYC for lunch.  It was great to be back in the city so soon after the Hairdo event!

NYC twice in two weeks!  It’s almost as good as living back there!

We met at my nieces’ apartment; the two sisters are roomies.  And headed over to Lafayette. A really nice restaurant downtown.  I made a great choice with the Egg White Frittata and I have to say, coffee was the beverage of choice.  We’re not a day-drinking family unless it’s at a wedding!

Back on my home turf…

….headed to my nieces’ place on Mott Street!

We all have hearty appetities!

My choice as well as my niece Sarah, was the egg white frittata and it hit the spot!

My sister Germaine had the Bananas Foster French Toast. This thing was the size of a home-baked layer cake and she ate every last morsel.  I was jealous! My sister Theresa had lemon pancakes.  I was jealous.

We had a great time!

I wish we didn’t live so far away.  Theresa is in California and Germaine in Long Island!

I’m still searching for those lost posts because the topic was makeup!  Ahhh. I’ll just start new ones!  Instead I’ll leave you with a photo of scenes from my morning commute to work!

Thank God nobody was on the road because I snapped these whilst driving.  But slow driving!  My commute is through Valley Forge Park in PA and it calms me and relaxes me for the day ahead!

Have a great evening and I’ll hopefully find those posts!

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7 Responses to Lost Blog Posts, A “WW” Vent, NYC Lunch and Clothes I’m Loving!

  1. Lisakoncz says:

    I just have to say it….I don’t see why you need WW? You look fabulous!

  2. Maggie Fieger says:

    Ok I have t shared my WW rant, but now I will. I have been a member on and off since 2002. I am lifetime but not currently at my weight. If I gave up wine I could get there in a heartbeat but I’m not there yet. I feel like they promote eating disorders, especially in children (ie, the new Kurbo app for kids starting at 8) . I don’t know why I have to go to lose weight but I do. The changing all the time generates a whole new revenue stream for them.
    I need to go to NYC! I never have.
    I love your blog!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Maggie! First of all, I thank you for enjoying my blog. Secondly.. WTF??? Kurbo APP? You have got to be kidding me. That is disgusting and it is disgusting because the parents need to take responsibility for their children’s eating healthier NOT a friggin’ app. Wow. That’s not good at all! I’m in shock over this one. I cannot imagine what new program WW has up their sleeve but I honestly think it’s gonna backfire! Get to NYC!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  3. Miss Bougie says:

    Love your outfits during the week. Very stylish. You’re inspiring me to wear more skirts. I have some but I’m always in trousers/jeans.
    I never had an egg white anything. It’s not a thing over here. I wonder what it tastes like. Do you need to add lots of herbs and seasoning for it to not taste bland?

  4. jilly tambanhabay says:

    Woke up this morning to freezing mist and icy temps. here in rural north of Scotland, you look wonderful but your bare legs made me shiver .Winter is definitely here in Scotland and I’m just about to put on every damn padded and lined article of clothing I can find and go feed my chickens ! x

  5. Laurie says:

    Kathy , love your outfits ! Don’t give up on the WW app. I have used it for months now with very few issues unless my maintenance code expires which I have to enter on a computer . It’s not phone friendly , the code entering part. Slow , steady weight loss is the best kind! I have made a resolution to weigh in every month.

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