My Favorite and Best Wigs of 2019!

In the previous post the best of beauty was discussed.  Now it’s time for the hair.  The fake hair. The helper hair.

And HAIR” they are!  My faves of 2019!

And before I get into it, might I add that wigs aren’t just for women who have lost hair regardless of the circumstances.  Wigs are great for travel. Take them on vacation and après swimming don’t spend hours styling your salt water or chlorine-soaked tresses. Get a wig

Want to go blonde but don’t want to ruin your hair?  Want to go darker but not on a permanent basis? Get a wig!

Hell!  Try pink!  Try any style!  You’ll be fetching!

Got misbehavin’ hair and you have a summer wedding to attend.  A wig is your answer!  What’s that you say?  It’s too hot in the summer?  Nah—today’s wigs are super-light! Besides, if you gone through hot-flashes, a wig in the summer heat is nuthin’!

My bio hair was very misbehaving!  This would happen to a blowout in humid weather. And my reaction would be the same as Moira Rose’s.  But I would never attempt to do this to a wig!

So, let’s begin.

If you are a friend of this blog or YouTube channel or Instagram, then you are well-aware that Jamison, by Estetica Designs is my favorite wig of all time.  I cherish and adore her. And have her in many hues!  She is, once again, at the top of my list.

My first Jamison in Caramel Kiss. Next week she’ll be two years old and she’s still looking mighty fine!

Why do I love her so much?  Well, she’s a classic bob—the hair I always aspired to have but never could.  When my bio hair was cut into a bob, it would look great when it was set in huge rollers or blown out. But the elements of our atmosphere, with dampness and humidity, would not allow my coif to stay smooth and sleek and within moments I was left with a wavy pyramid of hair akin to Roseann Roseannadanna.

This is how my bio hair would look when I tried to get it to be the perfect bob.  

She’s the hair I can depend on.  If I don’t know what hair to wear, I’ll pull Jamison out.  If I want casual, I’ll pull her out.  In the winter, I can wear a heavily-textured sweater, a wool scarf, a wool blazer and the fabric won’t rub against the wig’s fibers. There will be no ruining

My newest Jamison in Chocolate Smoke. She’s so stinking beautiful!

Now, before I continue, may I add a few words.  The circumference of my head is 22 ½ Inches. When my bio hair is clean it can be a bit larger because the hair, I have left is big.  I’m serious. LOL!  My face is square—7 inches across and 7 inches long.  My face is on the large side and my features are not tiny.  My nose is wide, my mouth is wide. All this goes into consideration when finding a wig that fits not only your head, but your features as well.

Season 4 Bummer Vacation GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

That’s right. My head is square like Spongebob. But at least I know what wigs look better on me!

I can carry a lot of hair.  Oftentimes I’ll hear women mention that a particular style is “too much hair” and they are correct.  A ton of hair on a small face and small head can be overwhelming, but you can find a stylist specializing in wigs who can help you get the look you want!  If you notice, many of my wigs have a lot of hair.  I’m a gal who loves me some big hair!

Image result for dolly parton big wig

Dolly Parton is my big-hair wig icon!

That being said, the remaining favorite wigs of last year, in no particular order are:

Alden By Estetica Designs: Julia Roberts hair. She is lush. She is long. She is wavy. She is thick and dense; but to wear her, she feels light as a feather.  This is my va-va-voom hair. It’s the hair I wore to Oona’s wedding. My Mother-of-the-Bride hair.

Mother-of-the-Bride Hair Supreme. And might I suggest to all the future MOB’s to get a wig?  It’s going to look great throughout the entire wedding!

Surprisingly, though she looks like she could be heavy, she isn’t. Alden was heavily rotated last summer. I loved wearing her with maxi dresses and sun dresses.  She was easy to put up and I’m eagerly anticipating wearing her for the coming summer!

Alden in Caramel Kiss.  She’s Julia Roberts hair!

Enchantress by Mane Attraction Wigs:  Another longer wig that I wore constantly during last summer. In fact, Enchantress came to Cincinnati with me for the week of Oona’s wedding. She was worn during record heat at the Cincinnati Reds game.  The temperature was a hearty 98 degrees but she persevered.  I even have one that hasn’t been worn yet.

Enchantress by Mane Attraction.  Who says mature women can’t wear long hair?  This is one gorgeous head of hair.  Thankfully I have one that’s unworn because I cut the ends and nearly ruined this one!

And don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old for long hair.  That’s bullshit.  Who makes up these rules anyway?

Summer Heat by Statements:  This.  By The Wig Company’s house brand-Statements is a great and affordable wig.  I have two both in relatively light shades. But I’ll tell you, the style of this is fantastic. Its one of those “non-styled style” wigs.  Very practical and pragmatic.  It’s slightly layered but barely. It’s a bit angled with a side-swept bob. It’s a subtle design and I love it. It is great for the office—especially if you are bending down a lot getting things out of a desk. Nothing flops in your face. The length is wonderful, below chin, above shoulders.  The hairline is spot. No wonder it made the list!

Blonding in Summer Heat!  Shade F24/12. I love the unstyled style of this. And the length is great for those women who want to go a little longer than their pixies!

High Society by Gabor:  This is the wig that gave Jamison a bit of competition.  For all lovers of the bob style.  High Society is aptly named. This is one chic bob.  Chin length and cut in a way that personifies the ladies who lunch—on the Upper East Side of NYC and Avenue Foch in Paris.  This is rich lady hair.

Gabor’s High Society.  This is rich lady hair!! I’m wearing one of the Pecan shades here.

But she’s also travel hair.  If you wear wigs and travel you are well-aware that wearing a wig in-flight can sometimes be a challenge—especially if you are on a trans-Atlantic flight.  Dozing off, sitting against that uncomfortable seat and the atmosphere can have an effect on the fibers—especially if wearing a longer wig.  I wore her to and from Paris. That’s approximately 16 hours of flight time and she looked just as beautiful coming off the flights as she did going in to the plane!

Bonjour!  I had this wig on for 24 hours. From the time I got dressed the day before, our flight was at 6PM at night and all through an 8 hour flight, through customs, the cab ride to Paris and enjoying a nice late breakast before heading out to run errands before checking into the hotel. I look tired but the wig still looks great!

Avalon by Estetica Designs:   Previously named “Aspen”, I’m not sure why the name was changed but Avalon is one of my most-worn wigs. Again, this is the third wig I took to Cincinnati the week of Oona’s wedding. And she held up beautifully during the entire summer, into fall, and into winter.  Falling to the shoulders a bit longer or shorter depending on how long your neck is, her wave pattern is outstanding.  The waves aren’t too tight either. They are just loose enough and give off a boho and very casual look.  Avalon is that hair you wish you could wake up with without having to use a curling iron.  She’s a beautiful, beautiful wig and I have to say, she’s perfectly suited for the mature woman who wants long but not too long!  I have four Avalons and I think I need more!

Avalon in Caramel Kiss!  She’s shorter than Avalon and the waves are looser and Avalon ended up to be one of my most-worn, most-loved greatest wigs last year and still going strong!

Finn by Estetica:  Now here’s the funny thing:  My bio hair, during the mid-eighties, was cut similar to Finn. However, due to the tendency of my hair turning to frizz unless there was absolutely no humidity or precipitation, it would just frizz up.  Finn is the very layered, shaggy coif many of us curly/wavy haired girls aspired to have but couldn’t due to the frizz factor.

Finn is big hair and if you comb the fibers out with your fingers, you can make her bigger. And if you shake her a bit, you can make her even bigger. She is every Long Island/New Jersey/NYC Borough Girl and Woman’s dream hair!

Ahhhh. Finn!  The layers. The shag. The 70’s and 80’s vibe.  She’s also one of Bonaparte’s favorites too!  Can you guess the color?  

But more than that, Finn is just a fantastic wig. There’s density and lots of layers and she washes up absolutely beautifully without losing shape.  I have a serious crush on Finn!

Sutton by Estetica: Another bob. And this time a long one. A LOB if you will.  Sutton is a very sophisticated head of hair.  She’s a middle part but can be moved a bit for an off-center or slightly side part.  The edges are blunt.  And sometimes a blunt cut can be a bit severe but with Sutton, the blunt cut ends work because she is a longer bob.  This is one wig that never fails to receive compliments.  She’s got a nice density but isn’t thick. This is a wig I like to wear when I want to look very empowering!

Sutton. Silversun RT/8. 2019 was also the year I discovered how much I love the grays!  She’s a great lob (and I also have her in Caramel Kiss–LOL)

Alice by Uniwigs LaVivid Collection:  I would be remiss if I didn’t say that 2019 was the year of the bob for me.  Yet another bob—and another lob at that.  The weird thing is the first time I tried Alice on, I wasn’t sure about her.   She isn’t as dense as other wigs and she isn’t big. But somehow, she became one of my favorites. And although she is lighter in density, she is sturdy and strong.  There is no Permatease either so those who prefer a less big look, Alice is perfect.  Her ends are slightly bumped under—very slightly.  The vibe here is late 1960’s. When preppie started to become friendly with hippie. She wears very well and is an all-around four-season head of hair!

Alice by Uniwigs LaVivid.  Chocolate Caramel.  Trust me, if you do not like Permatease, this wig is perfection!!!!

On Point by Raquel Welch Wigs:  Another bob, she falls in between a shorter bob and a lob.  And for a middle-part wig she’s a gorgeous one. I love On Point so much that I have three. She’s very dense and on the thick side and that’s what makes me love her.

She is made of HD (Heat Defiant) fibers—and a good number of wig wearers don’t care for the HD fibers but I have had no issue.  I like the drier fibers because they mimic the luster (or lack of) my bio hair.

On Point in Shaded Cappuccino. The HD fibers are A-OK with me! Are we seeing a pattern in color here?

So that’s it.  There’s so much to say about wigs.  I only wish wigs were considered more of an accessory.  Wigs are fun.  And when you start wearing them regularly, people enjoy the many looks you have.  Yes. Others know I wear wigs—I change them like a mother changes a newborn’s diapers and it’s a treat!

Yes. Let’s make wigs an accessory!

To see more of my best of wigs—here’s my YouTube video! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. You look fabulous in your wigs!!!!! I do think the Jamison is my favorite but then again…. Just gorgeous You are so talented at putting on makeup. It just all works.

  2. KB says:

    I can’t decide which one I like best! They all look good. You wear them well.

  3. Catherine, I love your wigs and you looks so amazing in every single one. I feel empowered, that if my hair gets to the point where I feel like a wig would be a good investment, that you’ve given me so much good information. Thanks for being so up front and sharing your vast knowledge of wigdom! – Amy

  4. Dray C. says:

    Love love love the Enchantress Mane Attraction…please share the color you are wearing. So difficult to find a cool brunette piece.

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