Come Sale Away With Me!

I’ve been sale-ing since the end of November. That’s when they winter sales kick in.  On Black Friday, to be exact.

The past few years, we’ve been in Paris for Thanksgiving weekend and 2018 was the first year I noticed that Black Friday left the confines of the USA and took over in other countries. France being one of them.

But lets’ get back to the actual sales and what I’ve purchased and why I purchased.

The Black Friday Sales:  This past Black Friday had me perusing Galeries Lafayette for a camel coat.  This was on my list since I couldn’t find a decent one here in the States. Either I was completely outpriced or what was available was overpriced garbage.

In my mind, I knew what I wanted. A coat that could be worn to the office every day during the winter. One that would pair well with pants as well as with dresses and skirts.  I didn’t want a trendy style but rather a classic cut.  And camel because I’m tired of black coats—dirt shows up more readily and with dog hair being part of my life, camel was the more practical choice.

Image result for atypical60 camel coat"

This coat turned out to be the greatest buy. I’ve worn it practically every single day since it was purchased!!!

I found the coat after about a half hour of searching.  The first coat I tried on, I loved but at a price tag of over $600, I wasn’t—or rather, the husband wasn’t quite ready. He suggested I look around a bit more. Which I did. And just as I was about to give up, I saw her hanging on a rack.

This camel coat goes with everything I have..

It even goes with my wigs!!!!

A straight cut that falls to the knees, it was just what I was looking for. And at a price of $250 euros, less ten percent discount, she was perfect!

Other than the coat, I hadn’t done any shopping until after the Holidays.  As you know, the Holiday Season was a difficult time for my family due to my brother’s passing.

Fast forward to January.  That’s when I saled.  And to be perfectly honest with you the majority of the items purchased were for the coming summer.

Lilly Pulitzer hosts a great “After Party Sale” in January and if you are a fan of her bright colors and timeless dresses, taking advantage of this event is well-worth it.

Three of the four items purchased at the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

What I purchased were four items. Three online and one in-store.

The in-store purchase was a pair of Darci Shorts in a stretch fabric.  Why these shorts?

And the length is great. The shorts are shorter than Bermuda shorts but not as short as short-shorts!

Well.  The stretch fabric stays close to the lets. If there’s one thing I cannot stand about shorts is the fabric’s uncanny ability to ride up the inside of the thighs. It looks sloppy and is annoying AF when you have to constantly tug the shorts down.  And although I don’t wear shorts all that often, for a casual Saturday afternoon or hanging on our deck during the warm weather, the shorts are a welcome change from a dress.

White shirt.  I love this long-sleeved stretchy shirt.  Again, the price was right and one can never have enough white shorts.  The fabric has give and, although unforgiving around the belly, it’ll look great with a skirt or high-waisted pants.  I will have to wear a push up bra with this but it really doesn’t matter because the moment I arrive home from where I was the bra, this shirt will come off and be replaced by a loose tee!

I love this shirt!  I’ll definitely need a push up bra to make the titties look more lively…and..

Image result for seinfeld puffy shirt gif"

it brings back memories of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes!!!

Shift Dress.  Bonaparte doesn’t like this one. At all. But he’s not wearing it. I am. And during the warmer months, I live in dresses. Be they sun dresses, a simple frock or a fitted shift. I love one-stop dressing.  This is the dress I can run errands in.  Can go to the movies or a casual dinner.  It’s comfortable and the length is actually more modest than the usual summer dress. I love the neckline and the front zipper.

This is the Larsen shift which I think is a great day dress

The arm holes aren’t cut so wide so as to show off your underwear…and not cut so small that they cut into your upper arm fat. They are the perfect cut!

Overall, this is a great summer dress.

Maxi Dress.  I did a video on the clothing I bought and as I stated in my video, this is the money dress!  It’s the Lilly Pulitzer Wynne Maxi dress.  At $64, this was a fantastic price.

This dress is the money! I wish the vibrancy of the print would show up better because this is just gorgeous!

I purchased a Wynne maxi last year to wear for Oona’s Bridal Brunch and paid $178—full price, which I rarely do. The one I bought last year was one of the most-worn dresses I wore during the late spring throughout the summer. The Boho vibe is spot on and the slits on the side give some air conditioning and extra comfort to the dress. And let me tell you I’m so happy I purchased this because it is now discontinued.

Image result for atypical60 wynne maxi dress"

My Wynne maxi from last year. Did you know my maiden name is Wynne?

Yet, another great item that corporate fashion decides will hit the dust.

Are you familiar with Gretchen Scott Designs?  The mail-order brand has become a favorite of mine. Especially when I can find sale items that haven’t been grabbed yet.

The Gripeless Cotton Spandex jeans are a mature-woman body’s best friend. I’m not kidding.  I purchased a pair a few months back. I took a chance because no stores in my area sell the brand and there were no reviews to be found. This is a very elusive and secretive brand if you ask me!

These pants were purchased a while ago but I love the fun print! I wore these to work yesterday because I was too lazy to shave my legs.

Anyway, I really loved the pants I bought because of the fit.  The waist is a higher cut and really hides a plethora of belly sins.  And because of the higher waist, the allusion of longer legs is given.  But the great thing about the pants are the whimsical prints.

Are these pants stinkin’ adorable or what????!!!

I purchased a pair on sale for $39 that reminded me of a cross between Marimekko and Pucci. Kind of 1960’s psychedelic.  And very-much fun!  I couldn’t resist. And I found good use for a bright pink Tippi Sweater that I haven’t worn too much!

Dear God. I’m such a class act. Check out the hanger and Chippy’s ball on the floor. I swear I didn’t even realize this was on the floor until I saw the pic.  I was making a video.  Real class! But–I’ll be wearing these pants a lot!!!

The shoes I bought.  No work shoes this season.  No boots either. I made do with what I have.  But all was not for naught.  Mine eyes hath seen the glory of a cute pair of pom-pom flats that Talbots was selling.  I was watching these babies like a bird-dawg searching for a duck.  There was no way that the full price of $130 was going to come from my pocket—and I’m not a Talbot’s fan.  But these shoes…

I love these shoes so much….the memories they bring back to me..

And in January, the price came down. I got them for $53.00 –less than half price.  These shoes bring back memories of the Pappagallo and Capezio flats I wore in high school and loved so much.  As usual, they were wide, but inner soles took care of that issue.

Image result for pappagallo shoes from the 1960's\"

Come on ladies!  I KNOW you remember these shoes!!  Do you miss them as much as I do?

Another pair of flats I was dreaming about came from J. Crew and at $178, there was no way I would swing the purchase. In the first place, the shoes are covered in fabric.  It’s not very practical. But—the shoes are plaid!!  Plaid. Pointy-toed.  Embellished with a bow. The perfect party shoe when you know you’ll be standing for hours and don’t want to bear the brunt of heels.

Plaid shoes.  With bows.  They are adorable but worth $178?  No.

How these shoes were marked down to $34.99, I’ll never know—or better yet, if I got them for $34.99 were they ever worth $178???

They are worth the $34.99 purchase price though!

On a J. Crew-ish roll, a pair of Gold flats were purchased at J. Crew Factory for a grand total of $11.97.  They’re cute. They’re comfortable and will be worn for those casual times.

These have the pricey Chloe vibe but for $11.97 the price is better than Walmart!

Lastly, a dress for the remaining days of winter.  Purchased at J. Crew Factory for $15.97.  A cotton-flannel, funnel-neck shift.  I love this dress because it feels like a nighty. I kid you not. It’s a great work dress and off the bat, I can tell you this will have a heavy rotation between now and spring.

I wore this dress today. And I can guarantee this’ll be carrying me into the late spring!  Who can beat the $15.97 price?

January is a great time to make purchases on end-of-season items. But chose wisely. Stick to more classic cuts that you know will be around for a while.  Trendy clothing isn’t necessarily a pragmatic choice because you never know what’ll be “it” next year.

Now that I’ve made the purchases, I’ll add a link below to my little video of how some of the clothing looks in real life!

Happy sale-ing!!!!

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17 Responses to Come Sale Away With Me!

  1. cgcopy says:

    Pretty clothes, pretty lady — great finds, Catherine!

  2. Cathe says:

    Love your new camel coat! Camel is my favorite. I’m with you no new boots this season. Headed to NYC with some friends next month and new shoes are on my list to buy there. Heard the new Nordstroms serves cocktails while shoe shopping. Might need to check it out, for the drinks not shoes of course! 🥰

  3. Kathryn says:

    You my dear friend are an enabler!😘😉😊
    Love your purchases-you look great!

    • Catherine says:

      Kathryn. Head to the gretchen scott designs sale section and check out bottoms. I just got another pair of the gripeless jeans in the Neutral Haveli print. They are gorgeous. I’m enabling you some more! XOXOXOXO

  4. vavashagwell says:

    Very nice! I love everything, especially all the colors! I’ve been sewing lately, making some wool pull-on pants from a purple crepe, some bib overalls from striped linen, and I’ll probably make some velvet pants too, so they are ready for next year’s holiday season. I’d rather have them in my closet, than store the fabric in my sewing room.
    Cute shoes!!! I just bought some pointed black flats at Zara with a chain detail, and some fuschia suede flats from Frye. Oh yeah, and some shoes from iRi that look like Sharks! hahahahaha Fashion is so much fun!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Vava! You are so blessed to be gifted with the talent of sewing. I would love to see pics of what you make!!! The frye flats sound great so do the shark ones!!!! XOXOXOXO

  5. Kimberly says:

    Great finds! Especially like the maxi, shorts & pink ballet flats.

    Living in a suburb of a large southern city, I keep an eye out year round for things that can be worn in warm weather. In January I look for workout clothes and jeans/pants.

    Personally, I think buyers have been terribly slow to adjust what merchandise is sent to warmer areas. We do not need so much heavy, warm gear here.

    Have a bit of a Lily collection myself. When you spoke of too many small sizes, I think they must send those to TJM and Marshalls.

    That is where I get mine (in the summer)- – -I found a maxi dress there for $29 on clearance (I had to have it shortened as they run quite long, but still)! For me, the smallest sizes compensate for a lack of petite sizing. The armholes will be smaller, less material through the torso, smaller waist – – -so tailored more for a petite frame. Last year I found a swimsuit for $42, I was so happy- – -I take water classes in the summer and those Lily suits aren’t cheap!

    Love your fashion videos, by the way. Enjoy your classic style- – -have always favored preppy items myself.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kimberly! Whoa. You are fortunate to be able to get thos e smaller LP items for such a deep discount! That entire LP vibe is just so much fun and happy to me. After a winter of black and neutrals, it’s fun to put the bright clothing on!! And you know, I’ve often thought what women in the southern states do during the winter since it doesn’t get all that cold–the retailers probably have you all in woolies!! But finding the LP swimsuit for $42 is an absolute steal!
      Thank you Kimberly, I’m very happy you are enjoying the fashion videos!! I think the preppy look is a timeless one too!! XOXOXOXO

  6. Shar says:

    Love everything you picked out❤️Love your style ❤️
    Love Paris
    Love France🇫🇷😍

  7. Great fashion show, Catherine. I really enjoyed your video! SO much fun.

  8. Lise says:

    I love all your purchases and always appreciate your style choices. I am curious though as to why Bonaparte does not like the Lily shift? From previous posts I have gathered he has good taste and a good eye. I think it is fabulous – a front zipper – such fun – I had a vintage dress from the 70s in a very similar style and colourway. Lise

  9. Looks like great sale buys. They’re all so colorful and stylish. Way to go.

  10. Looks like great sale buys. They’re all so colorful and stylish. Way to go.

  11. ratnamurti says:

    Love the while shirt, and the pinkness outfit with tights and shoes – really nice.

  12. Pottymouth says:

    You look so amazing. Great shopping there, I am a huge fan of shoes and love all of these

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