Indoornation-The Corona Chronicles-Week 5. A Simple “Thank You” Will Suffice. Thank You!

We’re on week five of being an indoor nation.  At this juncture, people are becoming antsy.  It’s normal but we have to remember to be safe.

Bitmoji Image

I know. I KNOW. It’s becoming difficult but we must persevere!

Keep wearing the masks.  Keep your social distance.  In the long run, it’ll be better.

But on to the every day stuff that’s going on here.

I’m still driving to work every day.  I’m still managing to be ridiculously productive.

Some days are better than others. Did I ever mention to you that I’m extremely fluorescent light sensitive?  Yeah.  The lighting plays with my amblyopic, strabismus crossed-eyes in the worst way.  I’ve been donning an eye patch on those days and between the eye patch and the mask, I make quite the stunningly unique statement!

And this lovely portrait was taken when I left my eye patches at home!  Do you like my bespoke patch of tissues?  Looks crazy but it works!

The workload continues to be heavy and I’m gloriously thrilled to be alone in the office. It’s gonna hurt when everyone returns.

But…something happened this week that really bothered me.  Really bothered me and I need to vent a bit about it.

This week, April 22, was National Administrative Assistant Recognition Day.  Given the fact that during this Corona time, I’m working for around maybe 25 people—maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, but that’s the general number.  I send faxes, I send letters via USPS and overnight, electronic documents, take phone calls, scan items, send emails, close accounts, and various other tasks.

happy administrative assistant day - Baeti

And a Happy Administrative Professional Day to you!

I love what I do.  My day is never dull and goes by very quickly.  And I love being a support person. It is what I do and I do it well.

And on April 22, I received one email of thanks.  One. From one of the attorneys.  I happen to like her a lot and was genuinely touched and happy to receive her thanks.  She wrote me a very nice thank you.


All I wanted was a thank you.  That’s all!

Nobody else thanked me.

There is something very wrong here and I don’t quite know what it is.  But I think it comes down to self-importance and a lack of values.

Thank U GIF

That’s all I wanted. One. Simple. Thanks!

My parents taught me and my siblings values. You know, like when someone does something nice you thank them. If someone opens a door for you, you say “thank you”.  If you are driving and someone lets you “in” to a lane, you signal or give them a wave of the hand or nod to gesture “thank you”.

Bill Murray Thank You GIF by filmeditor

Quite simply said!

Thank you.  Two little words that mean so much more.  And nobody bothers to say it.

And while I realize everyone is working from home, I’m not expecting flowers or a ten-dollar gift card to WaWa or Walmart, nor am I expecting a pizza party.  All I was hoping for was those two little words.  Thank you.

I get plenty of flowers from the husband. I don’t need more flowers–just a thank you!

All I shall add to this is I never forget.  Nobody except my boss and supervisor offered condolences when my brother passed.  I didn’t forget that.  Now I have another thing to add to my “I don’t forget” list.

Okay, moving on.

Seth Meyers It Is Fine GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Yes. My vent is over it’s time to move on….Thank you for allowing me to vent!

Yesterday was the first day in a month we ventured out of our home.  Wait. Let me make a correction.  We make weekly trips for groceries but other than work and grocery trips, yesterday was the first day we ventured out to run a task other than to get groceries or work.

I have a vintage Louis Vuitton GM bucket bag that I bought pre-owned.  You can read about it here:  I Bought a Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag and Cleaned it Up!

I love this bag and this is the one that I took to be repaired.

And although the bag is in fine condition, the trim on the upper part of the bag has cracks and is falling apart in spots.  I’ve wanted to get the trim replaced and had been doing research on leather repairs in the Philadelphia area. I did call around and found that Roxborough Shoe and Luggage Repair best fit the need.

Unfortunately the top trim is decaying but is definitely worth repairing!

In addition, one of my favorite pairs of shoes happens to be a pair of old-school, J. Crew suede flats that I picked up two years ago on a random trip to Goodwill.  I saw them, size 8 ½ and they were gorgeous. Tan suede, pointy-toed flats made in Italy for the price of $7.47. I jumped on them and they’ve been a most-worn pair until this past November.

My beloved shoes. Oh did I do a number on these!

When we were in Paris, I took these along. They are comfortable and I figured they would be a great shoe for walking the city.  And since I pack light, they, along with a pair of boots were the only footwear I took. What I didn’t expect was three days of non-stop rain.

The heel came apart and the suede is peeling.  Lesson learned.  Do not wear suede in the rain!

The shoes were destroyed but I couldn’t bring myself to part with them.

They are now being repaired for the price of $36.  More than I paid for the thrifted shoes but the original price was much higher and I love the shoes.

The bag and shoes are now on a little spa holiday.  In the meantime, I can’t even get my nails done

The bag and shoes were toted in an Estetica Designs wig bag!  But look how charming and cozy this place is. I honestly wish you could smell this place–the mixture of leather and polish was mesmerizing..

Why can’t there be a perfume called “shoe and leather repair”?

I’ll tell you this much.  Going through this time of the pandemic, my habits are changing.  I’m not itching to go shopping at the mall.  Vintage and pre-owned items are looking more appealing to me these days—especially at a great price point.

This pandemic may have changed the way we shop.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I think it’ll change things.

On Friday, the last of the yeast was used.  Bonaparte was hoping for more Pains aux Raisins. And so, Friday evening a batch of brioche dough was made and on Saturday morning,  I made a batch and a couple of Brioche loaves.

And on Friday evening we also make the pastry cream!

I was up at 6AM to separate and roll the brioche dough..

The dough was rolled out…

..spread with pastry cream..

..sprinkled with raisins and..

rolled up, chilled then cut into slices!

The remaining dough used for two loaves.

Baked goods at home!

The daunting issue with this is that it’s impossible to find yeast in any of the stores.  I’m going to have to go shopping at Amazon to track some down.

The good thing about this is that people are making bread at home. And home-baked bread is such a treat. It’s warm and toasty and far superior than the store-bought and is completely organic!

Whaddya want?  Pains aux Raisins or Brioche.  I’ll take both!

I’m off to write some more and to binge-watch more Cheers on Netflix!  It’s a lazy day. I’m in my pajamas and am not ashamed to admit it!  We need a good pajama day every now and then. Don’t you think so?

This is how I’m dressed today! PJ’s and a fun wig from Cysterwigs–Ambrose in Rose Blush!  It’s cheerful!

Stay safe and be cautious!!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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20 Responses to Indoornation-The Corona Chronicles-Week 5. A Simple “Thank You” Will Suffice. Thank You!

  1. Ilyse says:

    I am so sorry that happened to you! 🙁 I worked as a legal secretary for some big partners, some of whom were very generous, and as the years went on, the newer, younger attorneys — some of them were terrible. One had me do all his personal medical expense reimbursements having to go into his blue cross and match up, and then submit to his flex plan, and he gave me zippy do dah. and then another young one, NOTHING. I couldn’t friggin’ believe it, and it’s what made me realize the world is changing, and I took early retirement a year or two later (we’re about the same age). I totally commiserate. It’s not YOU – you continue being the fabulous, classy girl you are – a lot of people appreciate you, and most importantly – your HUSBAND does. Virtual Hug, Ilyse

    • Catherine says:

      Isyse. You nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s that younger “all about me” generation. The entitlement. The I’m so much better than you-ness of it all. I miss old-school work environments. I miss the little things like THANK YOU. I’ve worked for some incredibly generous people AND corporations in the past and today’s corporate world is sad. Sure, it’s all about the money and workers are replaceble. But it’s about respect which is no longer a value! XOXOXOXO

      • Ilyse says:

        I found the younger ones to be very cold and to disregard anyone over 50 as incompetent. Which you and I know is ridiculous – even though I’ve been retired for three years, I’m very tech savvy, but I know I was viewed as “insignificant’ to these young “snobs” and indeed, they had more money. Very sad. I always treated my clericals well and gave them gift cards, etc. I never felt I was better than anyone else, or anyone else was insignificant. So it’s “on them” but it’s significant knowledge to have – if you want to look at the cup as half full. XOX HUGS 🙂

  2. Do you think they didn’t know it was “Happy Administrative Professional’s Day”? I barely know what day. But bottom line I agree. Just a simple thank you would do!! So thanks for your blog. It brings me joy and information! PS Do you think you could order yeast from King Arthur Flour? Love your baking. I can’t even imagine how many pounds I’d gain.

    • Catherine says:

      Sandy. These are people who remember to add an urgent tassk at 7:45 in the AM. There’s no excuse. Oh..I didn’t even know KA Flour sold yeast! I’m off to peruse the net! XOXOXOXO

  3. I have some Scentsy wax in the leathergoods scent… 😉

  4. Debby Winter says:

    I’m an SEO expert so I don’t get any congratulations either, but that’s fine, I know the work I do is appreciated. BTW I have a bag exactly like the one in the picture, what a nice bag, and what a coincidence!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Debby! You are very fortunate to know that you are appreciated. I think a lot of it depends on the Corporate culture of the company one is with. LOL.
      That’s all I will say on that subject! LOL. Oh this bag is growing to be my favorite. I am amazed at the stuff it can carry. I’m looking forward to its return! XOXOXOXO

  5. Judy Starling says:

    Hi Catherine, you are SO right about those two words “Thank you”. Someone once said, there are three words in the English language which some people just can’t bring themselves to use. Two are those, the other is “sorry”. What is the matter with people? Something so small which makes such a huge difference. You are a star, thank you for being you!

  6. Kimberly says:

    With all that’s going on in the world, I bet many didn’t even realize it was Admin. Appreciation day- – -as the news is focused on the pandemic. Sorry you did not get the recognition you deserve, though, especially being in an at risk population and going into the office each day. A thank you, flowers and a gift card would have been very nice!

    Still can’t find yeast for baking. Pulled out an old, inexpensive sewing machine to make some comfortable face masks for going out in public. Had to re-learn to use it- –it is not very powerful and I am just a beginner. The masks turned out quite cute though! Used some old shirts my DH bagged for donation. Had no material or elastic and felt quite resourceful. Made the straps that tie in the back. Sewing is my new pandemic inspired hobby, I guess!

    You should show us the before and after of your items once you get them back! I wonder if thrifting will become more popular now? I do believe a lot of things will change.

    My biggest headache here is trying to cancel my membership to a gym I’ve belonged to for 17 years. It has been shutdown since March 16th, laid off the employees, and continues to charge its members and is not making it easy to cancel ones membership. But it is pricey, and it is closed! Due to being over 50 during a global pandemic, I do not feel safe going back to a gym, and that is why I decided to quit. Maybe a 20 or 30 something might want to assume the risk, but what about us older ones? We are not going to be as free even when the economy starts to open back up.

    • KathyL says:

      That’s really bad of your gym. 17 years of loyalty and money back. My gym here in the UK emailed all its long term members as soon as it had to close and has extended our membership for two additional months so far. They also have twice emailed us with free online exercise classes which you would normally pay for. Best wishes, stay safe and well.

  7. Cathe says:

    I just want to say thank you again for writing this blog. It’s so great to read right now, like spending time with a good friend. I know that’s not the same as your colleagues thanking you, but still want you to know how much you’re appreciated! Btw, bread looks so good, such a treat.
    Enjoy your pajama day!

  8. vavashagwell says:

    My guess is they didn’t know it was an administrative assistant appreciation day, and maybe they hadn’t heard about your brother? Sometimes news doesn’t travel like you think it might in an office. Or perhaps they didn’t know what to say – people can get paralyzed when it comes to trying of comfort someone in grief. Or, maybe they are an insensitive as suspected. I can see why you wouldn’t forget this, either.
    Cute jammies! The bread looks great!!
    Take care!!

  9. The Lakewoman says:

    Hi Cathe….I’ve learned at 71 that younger people think you are a doddering, old fool (and treat you that way). How we survive as long as we do amazes them. Oh right, aren’t we supposed to be sacrificing ourselves so the economy can grow?

    “You are welcome” also, has gone the way of the dodo bird. When I thank someone, they thank me back, like I’m soliciting a response.

    The hand wave on a pass is something I do, too. Going to be a nice Spring day here in Western NY so I’m going out in the yard. Happy Monday and don’t work too hard!

  10. Frances says:

    Atypical60, you are a gem. Love your blog, and thank you for entertaining me every week. You have such a great sense of style, and always, but always, look adorable–even in your PJs.! THANK YOU for contributing to this world!!!

  11. Mary Lou says:

    Please know that you are very much appreciated by all your blog followers. I feel more connected to you than others that I read.
    I am a recently retired family doc and while in practice I always tried so hard to remember the employees on their special days—it means so much! I worked in large offices and made sure to include everyone because each and every employee made my day and my patient’s days go smoother. Happy employees equal happy patients.
    A friend once told me that you always remember who came to funerals and weddings. I found out how true that was when my father died. Only a couple of my partners came or even bothered to say sorry BUT many of the office staff and some of my patients took the time to come and I will always remember and treasure those people. It doesn’t take much to extend condolences.
    Stay well!

  12. Cyndy Floor says:

    I was a regular at DeLizzio’s on that road that went past the Lilco tanks -on the way to the train station from BW. A little brick
    Building. He was my bag and shoe savior for decades.

  13. Juliet says:

    Oh the thank you thing – very important. Sometimes a little training has been in order to train full grown adults in the ways of behaving nicely and respectfully in the office – “can you do this” gets a “technically yes” and then a turning of the back to carry on with my task for instance if the requester has a history, I have called out people in meetings when they have taken others for granted, under the any other business I have made a point of expressing gratitude to co-workers especially younger ones who have gone over and above. Funnily enough, I don’t find it segregated by age – but I do think it is very telling how some people must have been brought up in a crate as they have no manners despite money or privilege. It comes down to what I will put up with and what I will stand to see others putting up with – maybe it is my Kiwi upbringing, we are much more upfront about being in things together and respect. At least the one person who thanked you truly meant it – but it is a little sad it slipped past so many 🙁

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