I Needed a Rest-But Did I Really Rest? Or. What I’ve Been Up to the Past Few Weeks.

Happy Independence Day!!

Old Glory isn’t hanging in front of my home because I am a true believer in proper Flag etiquette. We don’t have a flag pole but I love this symbol of us!

As I type this, fingers to keyboard, I realize how difficult it is to begin this blog post. I swear to you, the most challenging issue is how to write an introductory sentence.

Let me just begin telling you what I’ve been up to during this three-week hiatus.

My Social Media Hiatus - Doreen Andrews - Medium

This just about explains it!

First of all, I needed a rest. Not a physical one but rather a mental and emotional rest.   This pandemic has gotten the best of me.  I’ve been going to the office. Every. Single. Day.  since the lockdown. 

This is the rest I needed.  And now, I’m well-rested!

Where most people are working from home, I’m getting dressed every morning.  Applying makeup, and choosing my daily hair in the form of a wig.  I’m spending money to gas up my car. And at the end of the day, arriving home to prepare dinner.

Every day. Makeup. Nice Dress.  Wig and a smile! Whilst others are working from home in their PJ’s….

The thanks and gratitude I’ve received is the company no longer matching my 401K, no raise for 2020 and therefore, not one iota of thanks for going in every day to face the same eight hours in front of a computer with nary a break in sight.

And I’m told I should be grateful I have a job.

Thankful Memes

This meme pretty-much sums the way I feel on some days.  I AM grateful but sometimes…I just can’t …

And I am grateful to have a job. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m grateful to have a job to go to.  I’m grateful to be working for two wonderful women. I’m grateful for both my medical benefits and now, the Medicare that I pay into to receive extra benefits.

But it isn’t that.  It’s just that I’m tired. Not “I-need-to-go-to-sleep” tired.  I’m tired spirit-wise.  My spirit is broken.  At 65 years old, I resent, at times, having to work. 

Add to that, a divorce that left me both penniless and without a home—basically, hitting rock bottom, and having to go through all this at a time when ageism reared its ugly head, I’ve been a professional failure so to speak.  I never had the opportunity to regain the promising career I had when I worked on Wall Street.

LOL!  This is pretty-much me!  I am rather intrigued at the prospect of converting my retirement funds into pennies. It’ll make me feel wealthy! 

Rebecca Howe is my professional Spirit Animal inasmuch as my career goes. She was never able to rise above the pitfalls career-wise.  We’re so much alike—with the exception that I was damned lucky to meet Bonaparte while she ended up with a white-collar criminal.  (Watch the last few seasons of Cheers if you need a refresher—it’s funny as hell!)

The absolute funniest thing about this is that I’ve said the exact same thing at LEAST 1,000 times to my husband.  He doesn’t even flinch anymore!  Rebecca and I are just so much alike.  Even down to the way we cry. I’m not kidding. I have the same cry! It’s so funny!

Regardless, it doesn’t mean I’m miserable or unhappy.  In fact, other than my professional (I use that term loosely) life I’m very happy.  I have a great husband. Three incredibly grounded and kind children, a loving son-in-law, a fantastic step daughter, a home that is my respite and castle and knock-on-wood, good health.

But the thing is, I want to spend the rest of my life enjoying it to the fullest.  I want to travel. I want to visit my kids. I want to go on day trips.  And I can’t do that because retirement is not an option.  It’s all about the money.

First it was the soup. Now it’s no retirement. And that makes me stressed!

Years ago, people received a pension.  This allowed for a more lucrative retirement situation.  Now we are responsible for our 401K—just like the onus is on us more and more for healthcare!   But I am not alone. This situation I am in is not unique. It’s more and more becoming the new normal for people in the over 50 and over 60 demographics.

Indiana Jones and the.. Search for his pension - Cheezburger ...

Duh!!!  NOW I get it!  The Temple of Doom was really Indiana Jones’s search for a pension!

With so many “older” workers who’ve never recovered or never became fully employed during the last economic downfall, it’s quite ordinary. Whatever happened to respecting the older generation?  Huh?

That being said, thanks so much for allowing me to vent. Between the hiatus and being able to let off some steam, I’m feeling much more like myself!

So…. just what have I been up to?

Well, for starters, we celebrated Bonaparte’s birthday.   The obstacle was just what do I get the man who wants for nothing and isn’t really fond of birthday celebrations?  I thought about it. Then I thought some more.  It almost hurt my brain with all that thinking!  However, I did find a great gift that was meaningful.

A poster of one of his aunt’s, Daniele Delorme’s, posters from a film she was in.  The colors went with many of the touches in our home and it would be a wonderful addition to his home-office.

A rather melodramatic movie, it was a visual tour of Paris and as always, Daniele was great!

He loved it and as I write this, we are awaiting a phone call from the framer to pick it up.  I’ll share a pic of the framed poster. 

Nearing another phase in the pandemic, my son Roman was contemplating a visit before resuming work in mid-July.  His main concern was Bonaparte’s health. He was tested for COVID, which was negative and we had the pleasure of my son for two weeks.

Not wanting him to take a bus or train to Philly, Bonaparte, Chippy and I embarked on a little road trip through the PA Turnpike, the NJ Turnpike and across the George Washington bridge to pick him up and then after the visit, to bring him back to his apartment.

These two guys!  They are quite the pair!

I’ll tell ya, having him here for a couple of weeks made me so happy.  It made Bonaparte happy too.  We had great conversations over dinner, had a great time with each other and even got to enjoy a day down the shore!

Yeah. We enjoyed the day down at Wildwood Crest visiting Vincent’s daughter and enjoying the beach!

But there’s more.  The Frenchman has an obsession with the size of TV’s.  Our 65-inch TV just wasn’t cutting it for him anymore.  And so, I was surprised to find an incredibly huge box in our foyer when Roman was visiting.  We are now the proud owners of a 75-inch TV in our bedroom.

This movie “Si Versailles M’etait Conte or Royal Affairs in Versailles was a great history lesson about the history of Versailles and France and the French Revolution..

Bonaparte’s aunt, Daniele Delorme played the feminist Louison Chabray!  It was fun seeing her on the “big” home screen!

…and might I add that the costume design was epic!

Can I just say that at first, I thought it was a rather silly and frivolous purchase, but as I watched my friend, Rebecca Howe from Cheers on that big screen, I was enthralled.  Besides, it’s far better for my eyes.

Rebecca Howe ~ Cheers | Rebecca, Women, Ruffle blouse

As soon as I saw my buddy Rebecca Howe on the 75-inch TV, I knew I would love this!

What happened with the 65-inch TV?  We gave it to Roman. And now, everyone is happy and well-entertained!

Speaking of the shore, we hit the beach for the past two weekends!  Yesterday I had the day off, lending itself for a spectacular and well-needed and appreciated three-day weekend.  We went to Stone Harbor on the Jersey Shore.

Beach feet. The salt water. The sun. Socially Distancing myself while others do not.  It’s all part of summer 2020!

And while it was a wonderful day for Bonaparte and I, I was a bit disappointed that nobody was donning a mask.  I had my mask. It was on from the moment I arrived until the moment I hit the water with my chair.   Social Distancing is my jam.  That’s why I took my chair to the Ocean’s edge and literally sat in the water where I had a stellar social distancing experience.

There’s a melange of peeling skin, sunscreen, sand ON the face and a mask. I don’t care how unattractive this looks. I’ll wear a mask as long as need be. It’s astounding that others refuse! 

Back on the sand, the mask was on and in the entire time we were at the beach, I saw one. ONE other person with a mask.  I will leave it at that.

Summer is the time for dining al fresco and we’ve been fortunate to do so for almost every night the past three weeks with the exception of two rainy evenings and one too-hot evening. I’m changing up my game plan with healthier meal planning this summer.

Yum yum.  Tomatoes. Lemon. Avacado. Bananas. All available year round but the tomatoes this summer are outstanding!  

Oh. The aperitifs are still rolling around. Its just more plant-based meals and enjoying seasonal produce!

I made a roasted eggplant, zucchini, red pepper and cashew cheese terrine. Actually, it turned out to be incredibly tasty!

This Fourth is a bittersweet one for us.  In the past (except last year when Oona got married), we’ve arrived back from France to the USA on Independence Day. Today would have been that day. It really was daunting to not be able to travel overseas due to this pandemic. And more daunting is the fact that Americans are banned from traveling to the EU for now. Hopefully, that’ll change for our November visit to Paris!

Yeah….this is the day that we’re usually at Nice airport early in the morning.  Our “special” way to celebrate July 4th!

Oh wait!  There’s more!

Last week—Monday after work to be exact, I had the first Mani-Pedi in four months!  Four. Months.   Now, I’m pretty bad in applying nail polish to both my fingernails and toes. Add to that, I’m danger with a nail clipper so my hands and feet weren’t exactly looking their best.

Let’s just say my feet and hands needed some love!

And the nail salon I regularly visit finally opened.  And opened with every safety precaution available.  Upon entering, I had to wait on an “X” by the door until called over to the main counter.  Then my temperature was taken –98.6 allowed me to have my nails done. 

A new way to look at a nail spa!

Pexi-glass separating each pedicure and hand station led to a very safe environment.  The only disappointment was that no lip-or chin waxing can be done till further notice.  At this point I’m feeling like the bearded lady at a side show so let’s hope the face can be waxed sooner than later!

My feet needed this!

And in the end–it was all beautiful and back to normal–albiet it the new normal!


Well, now that I’m back, I’ve got more reviews and more stuff to write about and share with you.  Remember!  Be safe and keep protected. This “thing” isn’t over yet!

Here’s hoping you enjoyed your red, white and blue!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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39 Responses to I Needed a Rest-But Did I Really Rest? Or. What I’ve Been Up to the Past Few Weeks.

  1. cgcopy says:

    You hang in there, Catherine — you’re like the Unsinkable Molly Brown! BTW, what color is that on your nails? It’s super pretty.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks CG!! OMG. I LOVED the movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown! I saw it at Radio City when I was very young and l thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! XOXOXOXO

  2. Maryellen Reardon says:

    We need a better way in this country. We shouldn’t have to live afraid that even if we do our best it won’t be enough to live comfortably. Unfortunately it is likely too late for those changes to help us, but I hope our children benefit. Keep your eyes on your blessings and that today all is well.

    • Catherine says:

      Maryellen it’s so true. The Social Security benefits aren’t even enough to live on–especially since I was a SAHM for over 20 years! I hope things in this country take a turn to giving the average, middle-class person a better quality of life because presently, if you aren’t in the one percent, you are shit outta luck. It’s the American Caste system! XOXOXOXO

  3. lovsjaz says:

    Wonderful post!

  4. budschik02 says:

    Hi Cathe, I just got home from visiting my brother and his wife for a little barbecue. I hadn’t been out in quite some time. I am delighted to read your blog. I am 68 and finally retired and had all of the sentiments you expressed. At a certain age, I began to feel invisible. The pandemic has limited the activities we normally enjoy and we are kind of in a holding pattern. I love to read your blog and am always exited to see your culinary adventures. I am on WW and I will be eager to try some plant based recipes. My husband and I are both trying to lose weight. I especially love the pics. Glad you got some much needed rest with your lovely family. Take good care of yourself. P.S. I just ordered a new wig…Celebrity in Glazed Mocha. I can’t wait!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Budz! It’s good to “see” you! I wish I could visit family more but everyone lives so far away. Bonaparte and I have been in our own little world so it was great to have my son visiting. I thank you for your encouraging comments and I’m eagerly anticipating your thoughts on Celebrity–Glazed Mocha is an incredibly beautiful color choice too! XOXOXO

  5. debwlv says:

    lovely post—-so nice to catch up with you and hear about your time with your son and your efforts to re-charge. i haven’t seen my daughter since February even tho she is only a few hours away in San Diego and lord knows when I will get to see my son who lives in D.C……..and I am starting to crack……I am stoic Irish stock, used to weathering life’s ups and downs but this situation and all the “unknowns” that come with it are as trying a situation as I’ve ever dealt with. to be at such an odd, trying time and to NOT be able to have the simple comfort of your family with you is a double whammy. Having said all that, the comfort of others going through the same stuff is a definite help and i appreciate being able to hear how others are handling things and coping. so thank goodness for that and thank you for always posting and sharing—-I appreciate it!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Deb–and this is why I wrote the post. I KNEW that I couldn’t have been the only one out there ready to crack from this pandemic. Like you, I grew up in one of those “you dont cry and you remain strong” Irish households but sometimes, even the strong break! And that’s why I love and miss being able to write on the blog regularly. My Instagram is fun but my blog is my soul! Thank you so much! XOXOXOXO

  6. LH says:

    Glad to see you are alive and well. I was beginning to wonder…

  7. Momcar says:

    That’s hard to read that you can’t retire because no pension. At 65 we’ve raised families, worked, bought homes and paid for them there should be something. You shouldn’t ‘have’ to work unless you want to. In Canada we have CPP or Canada Pension Plan that everyone pays into from the time you start working and employers pay too. It’s automatically deducted from the pay cheque. The idea is when you retire you have a little nest egg in addition to old age pension and a private pension through work or savings with a registered retirement savings plan. Also we have free healthcare countrywide and free drugs over 65 ( in my province) that being said I know women who have to work well over 65 due to divorce, widowed or less than optimum financial choices made over the years. I’ll be working until a few months after my 65th year to ensure my private, defined benefit pension is well padded to last me into my golden years…with a mother that lived to 93 and a father who shows no sign of stopping at 95 I could live to 100!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Mae! Yeah. For some America is the land of opportunity. For the middle-class–it isn’t the land of anything anymore. Overworked at jobs because Corporate America has the freedom to cut staff and make one person do the work of three-without any thanks or deserved salary increases–let alone the fact the private sector doesn’t even have pension plans anymore. I laugh when people say we have great healthcare. Really? Dr. appointments have to be made at least three months in advance and due to insurance, certain “preventive” procedures MUST not be had for a year and a day later. I pay into my health insurance and medicare. Truth–I saw my paystub this week and literally broke down and cried. For the taxes I pay, I receive absolutely nothing. The wealthy in this country have tax shelters, while the middle class has tax shit. Add to that the orange thing protects HIS money and the fundings of his wealthy one percent while pissing on his idiot supporters–and they keep coming back for more. Consider yourself lucky and blessed that you have CPP because things here are getting worse by the day! XOXOXO

  8. Liz McGarry says:

    Keep on keepin’ on, Cathe! I appreciate your honesty and admit to having a sort of spiritual meltdown myself. At the beginning of “Stay at Home” I was kind of excited because I felt a surge of creativity. I decided to experiment with natural dyes and bought some 100% cotton shirts and some beets and a big jar of turmeric and…that’s as far as I got. The beets went into the garbage as they became moldy ad the turmeric and shirts are still sitting on the counter…since March. I haven’t seen friends since the end of Feb. when I was very sick (covid?). I have followed your lead in one respect – in that I’ve purchased 5 vintage Coach bags which I intend to restore…when hell freezes over, probably. Sorry for the ramble but wanted you to know I appreciate you and encourage you to hang in there ❤️💚

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Liz. One thing you can be sure of. I’m no bullshit. I keep it real and honest and will continue to do so. Ohhhhhh speaking of turmeric, I made a tagine last night, which was delicious but the turmeric got on my newly-manicured nail polish turning the pale pink into a sort of jaundiced yellow. Methinks gloves need to be used with that spice. It’s a freaking dye!! Get to work on those Coach bags. You’ll have ’em looking like new and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment! XOXOXOXOX

  9. Michelle Schmitt says:

    Catherine, You have pretty much written my history.  I am 61, been working in a healthcare office during this entire pandemic time, and I’m mentally and spiritually tired.  My husband died in 2014 from early onset Altzheimers, my only daughter lives in another state.  The cost of my husband’s care financially drained me (was sick 10+years) and 3 nursing homes later….  I live now in an old house that needs numerous repairs, drive an old car which I’m paying dearly in maintenance costs now, have topped out in my salary (joke), but like you, have insurance.  I want to start dating again but I am SCARED TO DEATH.  I see so many  bad things on line (as I’m watching a re-run of Dr Phil and catfish show of women scammed).  I don’t even want to go there.  Everyday I pray God has mercy on me and I will miraculously meet someone that I will be able to connect with who won’t be judgemental.  It’s pretty true when you turn 50, you become “invisible” in the eyes of men.   I see your posts of your husband and you 2 seem happy.  I hope that someday I can find my Bonaparte man.  Seriously.  One can only hope (it’s free). God Bless, stay safe, and please – please keep posting.  I so enjoy your posts.  You are a very talented writer and get your feelings and thoughts across to other hearts out here.  No judgement zone with me.   Michelle S.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Michelle! There’s so much I want to say to you and wish you were next to me so I could hug you tightly and say it’ll get better. I was very lucky to meet Bonaparte. Seriously lucky. Before him, I was in a toxic relationship that cost me my sanity. I had a very evil man put into jail three times. Beware of men who prey on women. There are men out there who can sense a woman who is vulnerable and they will do anything to bring you down. Quite honestly, if I hadn’t met Bonaparte, I was content and happy to just spend the rest of my life alone. No woman needs a man to define her. I met my husband at my lowest point. He was well-aware of my baggage and yet, he remained non-judgemental about me, my past very toxic relationship, my kids, my divorce and my bad luck in trying to resume my career. He’s a good man.
      I wish you all the best. It’s difficult to say but trust me, things will get better. My deepest condolences to you regarding your husband. And boy oh boy, we need universal healthcare in this country so badly. Do people NOT see that the lack of universal healthcare is draining us financially? Love and hugs!

  10. Nancy says:

    Hi Catherine – Sorry that you have felt frustrated and sad. It is starting to really get many of us down I believe. If we knew there was an end in sight…it would be a much different story. I have really only ventured out to the grocery store (we had our adult son and family with us for awhile so did not want to take any chances on be bringing something back to the baby). I thought walking through i.e. Target would be such a fun adventure…but when I went yesterday (family now gone) it was not enjoyable…kept asking myself why I was there ? What could I be exposing myself to for no real reason…so I left after 15 min. Then I feel guilty that I whine about things like not going to Target or Home Goods because so many people are suffering and I truly do KNOW THAT…am trying to keep positive thoughts that a vaccine is found and maybe we can go back at least a bit …to our normal lives.

    • Catherine says:

      Nancy. What you wrote is so on point. King of Prussia Mall opened (partially) earlier this week. I stopped by (mask on naturally) to see if Nordstrom had Guerlain Meteorites in a darker shade. The store had 1/3 the inventory of it’s normal findings and the woman at the counter apologized for the lack of product. Literally, there was nothing there and I was confused as to how the hell a store could open with nothing to offer. After I left I walked around and found it so utterly depressing that I left. (I’ll be doing a blog post on this very subject shortly). And the odd thing is that we DO feel guilty about our feelings but we shouldn’t. This pandemic has taken an emotional toll on everyone with the exception of the uneducated who feel it is a hoax. Hopefully, it may be the beginning of the end! XOXOXOXO

  11. Sandra says:

    Your post expresses what we’re all feeling; basically a loss of control over our lives. We, too, missed our annual trip to France. Next month it will be a year since I saw my grandchildren 🙁 We live in downtown Chicago where about 50% of the people are wearing masks (in what alternate universe do the non-mask wearers live?).

    On a lighter note, are Daniele’s films available anywhere for streaming? We just watched “La Poison” on Amazon, with Michel Simon. A fun comedy about a man who wants to murder his wife. It was made in 1951, but still holds up. Sacha Guitry directed. I think you and Bonaparte would enjoy it.

    Stay safe.

  12. juliet brown says:

    I’m amazed you finally needed a rest, most people would have keeled over well before now and needed a little them time, I can only imagine at what age I will retire, I’m 56 – the pension situation in the UK is currently good but who knows what will happen in the future. Those pictures of Daniele – what a stunningly beautiful woman, she just looks lovely – Bonaparte must have been thrilled to have the poster as its gorgeous and it has such happy family/personal connections but of course also because she is so lovely to look at. I’m glad your boy got time to come home to visit – that would do all of you the power of good until you get your French break (and it WILL happen, it will), In the mean time I am glad you are keeping safe and wearing a mask, I gather some people thing it is an imposition, but rather that than imposing a horrible illness or death of loved ones by passing the dreaded bug onwards, although Scotland so far is pretty well behaved. Keep safe – love your posts they are like a girly chat of the best kind

  13. vavashagwell says:

    For me, Independence Day is November 3, 2020 when the blue tsunami wipes out the Party of Trump. There was nothing to celebrate yesterday.
    I enjoyed your post and am glad you are recharged. Hang in there!!!

  14. emjayandthem says:

    this has been a fatiguing year ~ glad you had time away and with your son, wonderful! ** remember if you run out of gas everyone riding with you will be stranded by the side of the road, too.

    Sorry your employer is being ungrateful – that just sucks!

    ~ MJ

  15. Bridget says:

    At my workplace, we are not allowed to go to the building at all. Since my job is one I can only do in the building, I have not been getting a salary since the pandemic started, and my husband was laid off. Thank God for unemployment benefits! I was already not able to retire anytime soon, due to having to use most of what we have saved for a couple of catastrophic illnesses over the past few years (yes, we have insurance, but apparently not enough). So I understand exactly what you are saying. Heck, I’d even be happy to retire and not get to do much of anything, much less travel or go out to eat, etc. Misery loves company, I guess …

  16. Well, just know your readers appreciate you. I’m bowled over by the people you work for. How disheartening. But pat yourself on the back. You’re rising above them all. It’s just a tough time out there. I read the news today about NYC. The one we knew and loved seems to be gone. The whole world is simply upside down. But we can always rely on your wigs, makeup and cooking to get us by. I wish I could help you keep your spirits up. I guess the only way is to know we’re there for you.Oh, BTW, what is it with men and large TVs?

  17. Ilyse Smith says:

    It’s so nice to see a post from you again. I totally understand the fatigue. I think a lot of us are just about at the breaking point. You are lucky that you have had a visit from your son and a respite! I’m sorry about your employer – I get it. BEAUTIFUL AND THOUGHTFUL gift to your hubby, and I hope he’s doing well.

    My husband and I pretty isolated, since daughter lives out of state. Most of my friends are fed up because I won’t meet with them because they will not wear a mask (to protect ME – and by extension my husband whom is older than I am and a heart patient). I think people in Illinois are tired of it, and now not as afraid, so they’re going out and doing everything. As an introvert, at first the isolation didn’t bother me, but now – ugh. It’s getting hard. I also think that when any little thing goes wrong, it’s amplified to the max at this point. Just keep doing what you are doing and one day we will get through to the other side, that’s the main thing, making it through.

    P.S. you look adorable, so just look in the mirror and hopefully that will cheer you up. BTW, I ordered Jamison, and LOVED it, but a tad too short for me. The construction and realness (rooted carmel kiss) were GORGEOUS. Any recommendations for another Esthetica, but a TAD longer and more feathered? I’m contemplating “Mellow”. Cannot trust myself to cut a wig. Also those sandals – so hippy! BEAUTIFUL!!! Stay strong and I hope you and your Bonaparte will continue to be healthy and safe!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ilse! Thank you. We’re the same in the fact both our husbands are older than us and both are heart patients. I wear the mask and so does he. I’m fed up with anyone who won’t wear one. We have the right to wear our wigs and we have the right to protect ourselves. I’m fed up with those who refuse. It is at the breaking point but we have to persevere and not give up hope!
      Speaking of wigs. I reviewed Mellow earlier today Here’s the link. I like Mellow a lot. For a shag, the wig has the length although not “long”. I think Mellow is far more flattering than Jones and Hunter. Mellow Wig Review

  18. Marsha L. Calhoun says:

    Having just recently finished watching Cheers all the way through, I am happy to remind you that, like you, Rebecca finally marries for love – he is a plumber, which we all know makes him solvent (hah!) and (even better) handy around the house! I have greatly enjoyed catching up with you, and I thank you for your unfailing honesty and good cheer even in the face of all that we are facing now.

    • Catherine says:

      Marsha. You know what Netflix did? They deleted Cheers. Just as we were at the last season. I had a Rebecca Howe moment over that! XOOXOXOXOXO

  19. Miss Bougie says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I was wondering how you were coping with the Covid and the new routine In daily life that is here to stay for many more months, until a reliable treatment or vaccine is found.
    News out of the US is not good, your spread is worsening. Directions given by your leaders are contradictory and the inherent thirst of the individual for freedom is not a good prerequisite for tackling the challenge of defeating the virus together as a group.

    Here in France we were more or less in complete lockdown for nearly 2 months and the gradual reopening of society since mid/end May has been quite successful so far. Restaurants have reopened to a new reality with more space between tables, more outside seating where possible. People wear the mandatory mask on public transport, museums and shops. And yes, Galeries Lafayette is open for business! 😄 Supermarkets do not all require to wear masks, but a lot of people still do, as do I when entering a closed space.
    We do have clusters of new infections popping up around the country, schools closing again due to one or two pupils or teachers falling ill. People get tested, quarantined and life goes on. Last time I checked I think there were between 10 and 15 deaths from the virus in 24 hrs.
    We had one awkward situation during the Fête de la Musique, when hundreds of young people, flocked to the streets and especially around Canal Saint Martin in Paris, for festivities. Quite irresponsibly there had been no social distancing or masks. That was nearly two weeks ago, so I don’t know whether we’ll see a spike in new infections.
    I hope conditions at work will improve and that your spirits have lifted somewhat with your trips to the beach. I know mine always do. Hugs

    • Catherine says:

      Oh god. B. Don’t get me started because I fear I’ll write from now till tomorrow. The way this virus was handled in the States was worse than sinful. We have a make-believe leader (and I use the word very loosely) who is so stupid that he cannot even read from a Teleprompter. He “blllll bllll blllls” and slurs through the words. He dosn’t have a cohesive thought. He is Putin’s puppet (I can’t even with the bounties on US troops that this filthy pig has not even spoken about–any US veteran who supports this filth needs to have their heads examined). He doesn’t believe in Science, yet he really doesn’t believe in God, although he pretends to, either. I kind of feel badly for athiests at this point because I swear Trump is one of them. Money is his Jesus!
      But the absolute humiliation is what the EU thinks of us, as Americans now. I’m mortified. Certainly, I don’t want to be included in the grouping that supports that filthy vile anti-american POS. I’m big on wearing my mask and the large number of morons here in Pennsylvania that refuse to wear a mask is astounding. They want their pro-choice to wear a wig, but when it comes to a fetus, they aren’t pro-choice. A bunch of hypocrites. It’s disgusting. I am ashamed to be an American at this point. That pig and his party have angered me to the point where it has affected my health and I can’t even watch the news anymore. my only hope is that voters go out en force and vote blue. I want MY America back. I want to travel and I miss France. I miss my kids. I miss the freedom to just BE. I have chest pains now. gotta end this1 XOXOXOXOX

      • Miss Bougie says:

        Cathy, you have not been blessed in the President’s department, that’s for sure. Amongst my friends, may they be British, German, Greek, Tunesian or French no one has a good opinion of the US. Not any more. The image projected abroad is disastrous The President represents his people on the world scene.
        There is a lot of distrust and I might also add rejection concerning many things American; Angela Merkel is just being polite when she expresses herself. I know not all Americans have voted for him or support him, but 50% did. What does that say about American society?

        There also is a lot of pity concerning your health system, the fact that you have to mortgage your house when stricken with a life threatening disease when you don’t belong to the upper crust.
        The fact that you need to go on working when you have a full productive life behind you, having raised kids who are productive and integrated in society, while having contributed to the economy by working. My husband will be 62 next year and he will retire. Hopefully we’ll have another 20 years in good health ahead of us, together, going down a new path of discovery. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you will too. Grosses bises.

      • Catherine says:

        Hi B! I need to set a bit of the record straight here. Hilary Clinton won the POPULAR VOTE. By over two million votes. The fault is with the Electoral Collage and the jerrymandering of the republican party along with Putin and company that he is president. In the USA we are not a democracy–if we were, Ms. Clinton would be occupying the white house. As far as numbers go. 50% of America did NOT vote for him. There are lazy Americans who will drive five miles for a case of beer, 30 miles to a gambling casino and won’t drive three miles to cast a presidential vote. For years I’ve been saying that those who don’t vote should have to pay a fine. In addition, Sunday or Saturday should be set aside as voting days simply because of the way we do not get election day off from work. It breaks my heart to think that I, as an American would be seen with such hatred from my European neighbors simply because that POS is president. It is something that grates on my spirit every single day.
        OTOH, Yeah. The French, as well as most of the EU have it right. The quality of life is missing in The States. I even see it with young people. They have company cell phones and they are on call basically 24/7. Our 35 hour work week of the 70’s and beforehand has morphed into a 40 hour work week with no paid lunch hour. It is a disaster. But there is no recourse. I am sad knowing I won’t leave this life happy. I won’t leave this life fulfilled. I won’t leave this life doing the pleasurable travel I so long for. And it’s worse because I am not alone! XOXOXOXOXO

  20. Miss Bougie says:

    Cathy, you’re right, the electoral system is off, when the candidate collecting more votes does not get elected. I wonder why no representative in Congress had addressed this problem.
    Also the EU does not hate the Americans. That’s a very strong word. People have just less trust. They ask what’s he going to do next? On which product will he slap (more) taxes? Which treaty will he retract from? We’re supposed to be allies, no? We’re supposed to work together.
    Belgium, to my knowledge, is the only EU state who fines people not casting their vote. They should do that in France too, as voter turnout tends to get lower every time.

  21. Hi Catherine…glad to hear that you are both safe and well – and I’m with you on all the craziness…this is my birthday month…68…yikes…still working (from home which is actually better than being holed up in the office) but it has its challenges…but we are all safe. No travel has been the kicker…this is the THIRD planned trip to France that I had to cancel…I look at real estate in France EVERY DAY and I found a house in Lourdes that we love but oh well…I guess there’s a reason for all this, but at the moment, I don’t know what it is. Putting your sunny spin on life will make everything better…just keep writing! 🙂

  22. marsha57 says:

    This post is one I’ve needed to see for such a long time! Since we are both retired, I am in the house with my husband 24/7. I love the man, but I need some respite from him! He, on the other hand, thinks all is well as long as we are together! I need my alone time. But, back to the subjects at hand. Even though I don’t go anywhere, I am exhausted, too. I worry endlessly about everything. I worry about my kids working. I worry about my grandkids returning to school. I have now convinced myself my dog has Cushing’s disease. I worry I’m not doing enough for POC. I worry 45 will still be in the White House after November. I worry this pandemic will become even worse this fall. Heck, I would worry if I didn’t have anything to worry about! As far as that monster in the White House, I cannot believe the people who lap up his hate filled rhetoric. He is a vile, ignorant waste of skin. He has not drained the swamp; he has dredged it in order to fill it higher. My husband and I are lucky in that we both have pensions as well as a (used to be much larger) retirement account. But, while our income did go down when we retired, it didn’t go down enough to really benefit tax-wise. We, like so many middle class Americans, did what we were supposed to do…we saved; we paid our bills; we sent our kids to college; and, we retired. Now, I worry our pensions will be bought out as our insurance continues to escalate. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown…Aaaaaarrrrgh!

  23. Barbara says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenting. I can fully understand your rant and your need for a break, and am glad you got to go down the shore. However, seeing your sunburned, peeling face made me cringe with sympathetic pain. As a fellow pale Irishwoman I have been there myself. Not to sound preachy, but please, please, please, use sunscreen! Okay, preaching over.
    Stay well.

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