It’s All About the Body-Friendly Pants!

Trust me. I know the title is weird but you may thank me later.

Truth be told, I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss journey.  I’m not really that mad about it simply because I’ve been eating with nary a care in the world. And now I am back on track. But I have to tell you, there’s a brand of pants that I’ve been really loving during this weighty time.

The pants are by Gretchen Scott and they are the Gripeless Spandex Jeans and are wonderfully flattering and stretch in all the right places. I’ve written about these pants in the past but it is time to revisit.

One of the number of Gretchen Scott pants I own.  These are so body-friendly and I love ’em!

Another great attribute of these pants is the prints.  Now under normal circumstances, I’m not much of a printed pants woman.  It’s solids or plaid for me.  But these pants—they are just different!  And with a 97% Polyester/3% Elastane content, these stretch in the right places! Machine washable and cool-dryer friendly, I remain faithful to air-drying!

The prints are fun and colorful–and the many colors add to different looks!

Something happened the first time I laid eyes on the brand’s Gripeless pants and jeans.  It was the prints and the colors. The prints are fun and whimsical and really disguise any flab you might have in your gut.  And trust me, I know gut! My gut is that one part of my body that’s the most challenging. Due to my stomach issues, there are days when I’m bloated. And if I eat too much bread, I get bloated. And if I eat too much dairy, I get bloated. And if I eat onions and garlic and get all gassy—I get bloated.

Therefore, my biggest issue is the waist/torso area.

The pants stretch to accommodate the widening waist!  

What I love about the Gretchen Scott pants other than the fun prints and vibrant colors, is the fit of the legs.

I’m especially fond of this India-inspired “Animal Kingdom” print! It’s just loverly!

They are skinny with a bit of give so that they are never too tight.  The waist area stretches to perfection and is never uncomfortable. I think this is essential for post-menopausal women since our middle area has a tendency to spread a bit.  The pants are sized nicely too.  The brand takes all body sizes into consideration with a size range that runs the gamut from Shrimp which is XXSmall to Diva which is XXXL.

Worn with navy heels for a more dressy and polished look or..

…worn with bright flats for a more casual look, the pants are versatile as well as practical.

And despite any weight gain I’ve endured over the time from my brother’s death at the end of 2019 through the pandemic, the Medium sized pants have managed to stretch with my body.  Allow me to give you and idea of how some of the pants fit me.

Notice the fit through the leg. Slenderizing but not super-tight. There’s some give here.

..and worn with a bright tank top–this is a nice summer look!

Next in line are the more trendy, loose-legged, wider legged, and paper-bag waisted pants.  Let us not dismiss the elastic waistband. There are pants with an elastic waistband that are not frumpty-dumpty.

Let’s take a look. Shall we?

I never expected to love the paper-bag waisted pants as much as I do. keeping in proportion, my feeling is that it’s best to go with a more fitted tee or top when wearing these pants!  These were purchased at Target and I really need to have another pair in my closet!

I’m loving the look of this outfit and it’s very body friendly. The top is from Amazon and I’ll add it to my idea list that I’ll post below. I don’t feel like shaving my legs tonight so I’ll probably wear this ensemble to work tomorrow!

Now a look at the J. Crew Factory Jamie Pants.  The ones below were purchased yesterday.  There was a 60% off sale at the store and we happened to be at the outlets, so I took advantage.  And that’s also something else I wanted to touch base on.   I’ve changed the way I’ve dressed during this pandemic.  Pants are now a larger part of my wardrobe than dresses are. It is very odd indeed because I’ve always considered me a dress kinda gal. Now it’s the pants!

These are the navy Jamie pants purchased yesterday. I also have them in black.  The photo was adjusted with more light so you could get a better look at the detailing.  The pants come above the ankle and I love this length. I’m wearing with a bright v-neck tee, also from J. Crew Factory.

A view from the side-I wanted you to see my gut. These elastized-waist pants are very tummy friendly!!

And now for the wide-leg version of the Jamie Pant.  I actually like these better because the wide leg is rather intriguing.  They look good even though I’m out of focus..

Here’s a better look at the wider leg. Not too long so that I’ll trip over the fabric, these graze the ankles as well. I like these better with heels than flats!

And allow me to reiterate how important the tops are in keeping with a flattering look.

Here I’m wearing a cotton tee. It doesn’t look bad but…it does add a bit of volume to my upper body. A more spandex-type fitted shirt is better.

As an aside, there are dresses that are body-friendly as well.  The dress below, another Gretchen Scott Designs item, was purchased from Mercari, cost me $34 which is a steal considering the average $169 price tag on most of the brand’s dresses–and was received in never-worn, new-with-tags condition.

Yeah. The gut still sticks out but at this point, I don’t give a shit. I LOVE this dress and for the most part, it stretches in all the right places and as I lose weight it’ll look better! It’s a size Medium and I’m a happy camper!

As far as the dresses go–I’ll definitely be wearing more in the summer as the weather gets hot.  But..I’m slowly switching it up to more pants.

Has the past year affected how you dress?  Let’s talk about this!

Here’s my idea list that you can check out. The Gretchen Scott Pants I’m showcasing on the blog post aren’t on Amazon but similar items are.Rember to take the list when you go shopping!  I’ve added affordable pants that come close to what’s in the post:  Idea List_Body Friendly Pants

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9 Responses to It’s All About the Body-Friendly Pants!

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi – You always look so nice. I like the printed pants on you…you have both thin legs and hips. I could never wear printed pants as a size XL…actually I hardly ever wear pants at all and if I do, only black.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy.Those printed pants are a great alternative to jeans. Lately I’m not wearing jeans because most of mine still don’t fit in the belly, hip area. LOL. I’m the owner of about 20 pair of black pants! XOXOXOXO

  2. Momcat says:

    Lucky you with your long torso! The hi rise look is so cute on you, on me they would cover my boobs! Unless pants are petite the rise is way too high for me. The printed pants are adorable! You have lost weight it’s obvious, congrats. A lot of pro agers dis the ankle length but I think it’s the most practical length and suits a slimmer or wider leg pant. People complain they can’t wear socks…but I wear those no show socks when needed or high tops. I kinda like the ‘flood’ look and if I wear killer shoes I don’t want them hidden. I have muscular calves and getting the right cut on a narrower leg can be a challenge.
    Looking’ good!!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Al! Oh the ankle pants are the best. As for me, I go sockless but I’m wiith you on that. There’s always a solution so why don’t woen wear the no-sho socks? Trust me, I love the paper bag waist but it is challenging with the right shirt to wear. It’s a pant made for the long-waisted! XOXOXOXO

  3. Kathryn says:

    Great outfits – I am really tempted by the Gretchen Scott pants – I need a good sale!

  4. Susan says:

    Love the printed GS pants! Hey Catherine do u have IBS? Your bloat symptoms are like mine. I found out Im wheat sensitive.

    • Catherine says:

      Susan. It’s so funny you should mention that. My doctor is sure I have IBS simply because of my symptoms. And the bloat and discomfort and my flare-ups. I have Divirticulitis so it is no surprise! XOXOXO

  5. budschik02 says:

    I love them all!

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