Another Weekend in NYC. This Time Brooklyn & Blog Memories!

Okay. I’m not sure if you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning but… my very first blog post was about a weekend in Brooklyn—here’s the link:  A Great Weekend in Brooklyn, NY.


Six years and so much has happened yet remains the same. Two of my children are no longer in New York. I had hair back then–LOL. And I miss being with these three babies!  The Wythe Hotel is still the same!

The company I worked for closed and I was looking for something to keep my sanity in check so I started this blog.  And my second blog post was about the Christmas gift that my children, Jake, Roman and Oona gave to Bonaparte and me. It was a weekend in Brooklyn—and I’m starting to ramble, and if you are so inclined, click the link to the post and enjoy!

We stayed at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn that weekend and had the greatest time.  The Wythe Hotel will always hold a very special place in my heart because of that weekend.

Wythe Hotel Room 307

Our room number then!

Fast forward to now!

It ended up that my son, Jake had to come into New York on business and a wedding for a couple of weeks. He and his girlfriend rented an Air B & B in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  His hectic schedule made it impossible for to come to the Philly burbs to spend time with us. Instead, he treated us to a stay back at The Wythe Hotel last weekend. We revisited and had a remarkable time.

And our Room Number now! Befitting this queen, naturally!

And so, my friends, I invite you to a glimpse of how we spent last weekend!

We packed our bags early and headed into the City.   For old time’s sake I found use to bring along my tote bag from The Wythe Hotel during our first visit. I would be remiss to leave this behind. You see, this bag has been a part of every visit to France—both our summer visits to the South and our Paris visits. It holds quite the number of wine bottles and serves as my grocery tote.  It’s my favorite!

Our bags packed–and did I mention that we were supposed to be in the South of France that weekend?  And this is exactly how I pack when we’re in France? And I wore my Rondini Sandals as an homage to our cancelled trip? Seriously, this weekend visit to Brooklyn was so appreciative!

I always get a bit excited as we leave the NJ Turnpike to head to New York. There’s nothing like that first glimpse of the City Skyline and it never gets tired.

That view just melts my heart! Hiya New Yawk!!

Approaching Brooklyn, I can’t stop thinking of my time as a resident of Brooklyn Heights back in the 1970’s.  I worked on Wall Street and it was one subway stop away. The shortest commute I ever had.

I love Brooklyn!

We arrived at the hotel a bit early but it was no big deal. We were able to find street parking, which is a big deal—especially on the weekend!  We dropped our stuff off and enjoyed watching a soft-ball game and people-watching at the park (or rather I enjoyed the soft ball) before meeting Jake.

You have absolutely no idea what a treasure street parking in the city or boros is. And no meter parking is even more of a gem! When I lived in the City,  I was obsessed with a great parking space–and I haven’t changed!

There’s nothing like an old-school building-thankfully this was renovated and not turn down. I swear I have a love and affinity for this hotel!

You might think my crazy but this is my idea of beauty. A construction site in Brooklyn. Is there a story? Will the beauty among the ruins view be obstructed by a tall building? What will become of this site? I love making up a scenario and this scene is gorgeous to me.

I had to almost climb a locked fence for this one. If my husband wasn’t with me, I would have!

This photograph is also so special to me. It personifies city living on the weekends in the summer.  AND–it’s like a rebirth after the pandemic.  The spectators on lawn chairs. The people from other teams egging players on. The overgrown grass that hasn’t been mowed yet. There was music and the delightful noise of humanity! AND THE BEST–JAKE USED TO PLAY SOFTBALL AT THIS VERY FIELD WHEN HE LIVED IN WILLIAMSBURG!!!

We walked down to the waterfront, took in the sights, met Roman, and headed to a local movie theatre to meet Jake’s girlfriend Julianna and catch “In The Heights”.

Along the banks of the East River…

…there’s plenty to observe..

you might even find a Frenchman walking the pier..

..or a pleasant view under a tree..

…and even what I would deem a beach. And YES–if I lived here, I would probably get a warning from cops for climbing over the fence and sunbathing here. I could also use the fence to open up an old-school glass bottle of soda!

And what a great way to celebrate going back to a movie theatre! Hey. I don’t care how much criticism Lin-Manuel Miranda is facing for the casting of this movie.  Seeing it brought back great memories of living in that area.  I actually cried at the end because it just gave me flashbacks to City life that I miss so much!

This was a great movie and I feel awful for the criticism given to Lin-Manuel Miranda. Finally–a movie made without white people posing as Latinos and instead the poor guy gets hated on.  Sorry not sorry, I loved this!

We all enjoyed a most delightful dinner at Le Crocodile, housed at the Wythe.  The most hilarious part was that the Frenchman read the menu incorrectly.  He read “Skate Frites” to be “Steak Frites”.

Non! It’s SKATE Frites not Steak Frites…and this was marvelous!

And was shocked to find out that his beloved steak was not on the menu.  He opted for the Roast Chicken which he said was fantastic.  Jake and I ordered the Skate Frites. And let me tell you, this was the best Skate fish I’ve ever had. Served au Poivre, the sauce was delicious.  In fact, the entire meal was incredible.

Vincent and Roman had the roast chicken (I didn’t take this photo) and  this was a hit with both.

This! Hands down, this is one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had in my life. Leeks with Mushrooms and Hazelnuts. I’ve been perusing the net for a recipe similar to this. I NEED to make this!

We enjoyed dinner outside and lingered from sunset until darkness. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was just so wonderful to be with Jake after not seeing him for two years. And, as usual, it was a blast with Roman.  If Oona was there, it would have been the icing on the cake.

Although we had dinner outside, I snapped this photo of the inside of the restaurant early in the morning. Check out that floor!  Jake and Julianna returned during the week for another dinner.  The Frenchman and I need another weekend here!  Soon!

Hours later we returned to our room and enjoyed the relaxing quiet. And this is what I absolutely adore about this boutique hotel. The walls are solid brick.

 The exposed brick walls are so rustically beautiful and a wonderful noise barrier!

Any corridor noise is blocked. I know what I’m going to write may sound a bit “bitchy” to say the least but with the chain hotels comes weaker walls. This means you can hear everything from parties, to kids running up and down halls, to the couple in the next room doing the bouncy-bouncy. Believe me, I’m not being a curmudgeon nor am I being a misanthrope. It’s just sometimes you want your hotel room to be an oasis of sorts—a relaxing little corner of the world. And that’s just what we got!

Twinning! My regret is not buying a white tote to match my blue tote!

A most comfortable bed and a beautifully wall-papered backdrop..

The wallpaper is so cool. I’m such a sucker for details like this..

….little touches like a Wythe map of the area..

…and the good stuff!


…and six years later, Goldies skincare is still at the Wythe. I ordered this because it is such a great body lotion!

It’s great design touches like this floor in the bathroom..

…and this old stool that make for a charming room decor!

Sunday morning, taking time to enjoy getting ready to meet Jake for Brunch at Sweetwater!

Good Morning Brooklyn!

So happy and grateful to be here!

We waited for Jake in the comfort of the lobby.

And then it was out of the door and on to brunch!

Being in desperate need of cawfee, I was thrilled at the robust cuppa Joe that I was served. And it was a pleasure to spend another meal time with Jake before returning home.   It’s such a mixture of emotions. On one hand it’s so great to be spending time with your child but on the other hand, it’s sad to part ways. He lives in LA. I envy my friends who have children living within arm’s reach but you go where life leads you and I’m proud of the success my children have.

Sweetwater was the perfect place for Sunday Brunch. We were seated outside and enjoyed a couple of hours together before leaving. Might I add that the service at Sweetwater was ridiculously friendly. It was more like being at your friends’ house for coffee, gossip and food!

And this was one great cup of coffee!

My firstborn but will always be my baby!  I’m so thankful that he treated us to a stay at The Wythe. This Hotel will always hold a special place in my heart!

I honestly wish you were all here–or will consider a stay in Brooklyn on your next visit to The Big Apple!

Honestly, after being back at the Wythe Hotel, I’m ready to return for more weekends in Brooklyn as opposed to Manhattan. It’s more “neighborhoody” being in Williamsburg—as is with other areas of this particular borough. It’s a pleasure to see such diversity and young people out and about enjoying life.

This mural says it all!

And, if you want, you can just take the ferry across the river to Manhattan.

NYC Ferry - the City's New Ferry – Blog da Laura Peruchi – Tudo sobre Nova York

I definitely want to return while the weather is warm and ride the ferry across the river. Actually, I would love this in the winter as well!

Are you planning to visit New York City anytime soon or later? Can I make a recommendation to you? Try staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  If you can’t get a room at The Wythe, there are other places by the waterfront.    The view of Manhattan from the waterfront is spectacular—you get a better feel of how magnificent Manhattan Island is.  And seriously, you’re not missing anything.  Brooklyn has museums, and parks and movie theatres, and great restaurants and great people!

Bye for now Brooklyn! We’ll be back!

I’m off to a mani-pedi now. It’s my husband’s birthday today and we’re headed out to dinner at a local restaurant—where he’ll actually have Steak Frites!

Dinner at Eight and we won’t be late! We’re having a birthday dinner at Paloma in Phoenixville. A far cry from Williamsburg but in downtown Phoenixville, it has that old-school charm!

It’s great to be out and about again–isn’t it?

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  1. “Doing the bouncy-bouncy” haha I love it 😆

  2. Bonnie says:

    Glad you had such a good time. My Nephew lives in that same area and I like it a lot too. His wedding was across the river from Manhattan and the view made it even more special. Hope you get back there soon.

  3. vavashagwell says:

    I want to go there!!! I’ve only stayed in Midtown Manhattan previously and really want to change things up next time!

  4. Joan Brown says:

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend with your loved ones!🥰

  5. Susan says:

    We had our wedding and reception at Giando’s on the Water in Williamsburg. All our wedding photos have the twin towers. Beautiful view!!!! Glad you had a great time!!!!

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