WTF? Old People Have No Energy?

Old people can’t move around? We can’t do things?

Key Findings | Australian Human Rights Commission


And words to describe us are also offensively stereotypical.

Granted, when it comes to our miserable Smart TV in the living room, I wait till Roman comes home to fix the glitches that occur on a regular basis. And I’ll curse like a sailor at the TV. But when it comes down to my energy level and actually doing things. I can do things better and with more gusto than those twenty years younger than me. And I don’t go to the gym.

What exactly prompted this rant? It’s the offensive stereotype. Add to the fact so many “mature” bloggers/vloggers and Instagrammers are now shilling supplements that you ingest into your body.  That shit isn’t going to give you energy. OK?  If you want something that’ll help your bones or energy level, make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor went to medical school. Your doctor can assess what the issue is. An influencer cannot.

The 7 Best Vitamins for Seniors To Protect Brain, Eye, and Bone Health —  Snug Safety

And don’t even get me started on these “wellness” companies that prey on older folks. Eat your vegetables. Who cares if they give you gas. 

I grew up in a house where we were not allowed to snack. We didn’t eat candy except on occasion. We only had soda at birthday parties.  We ate three square meals a day and my mother made sure we ate our vegetables. Eating properly was our supplements.

Healthy Eating Pyramid | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of  Public Health

This is how we ate growing up. It wasn’t till stress hit my adult life that I got fat. Now I’m back on track.

But…I’m getting off track here.  The subject is about moving your body and doing things.

My laptop has been with its second family—The Geek Squad for an annual cleaning out. And now that my little rectangle of technology is back at home, I’m back to writing.  And today I’m writing about stuff that old people can do—except it is in the form of what I’ve been doing. So, here goes…

My work life has been hectic but in the best possible way. With this promotion came a different set of responsibility and since it’s a newly-created position, there are glitches to iron out and the fact we will need more staff.  In the meantime, I’m working from 7:00 AM to sometimes 8:30 in the evening.  I don’t feel overworked but when I do arrive home, I’m mentally exhausted from sitting in front of two computer monitors on a daily basis. The reward is my paycheck.

you got it boss

I’m back to really enjoying work!

However, that doesn’t stop me from awakening at 5:00 AM to prepare myself. My early morning routine consists of sitting in my little makeup room, getting my makeup on, drinking coffee and playing competitive Wordle against my two sisters. It’s a great way to start the day off and I actually enjoy looking nice.

I enjoy enhancing my 67-year old mug with makeup rather than with photoshop and filters!

The makeup and clothing give me a little boost of energy for the day.

Seriously. Being dressed keeps me going!

Through it all, both The Frenchman and I are planning our trip next month back to France. We will be returning to “our” apartment in Theoule that we rented for nine years. And doing so has given me a step up on my travel journaling.


I’ve enjoyed my travel journals over the years but this year, I’m going extra! I even purchased a small polariod camera to have photos ready to place in the journal.

I’m prepared with the itinerary, which I’ve already had to change due to the St. Tropez flea market being on Tuesday instead of Wednesday like my husband thought.   I have everything at the ready.

I’ve already switched Wednesday to Tuesday and Tuesday to Wednesday. It’s all planning!

And, as usual, we will divide our day between pool/beach time and sightseeing.  Our energy level is paramount when we travel. We walk high in the hilly terrain of Cabris and Eze. We visit old abbayes. We are on the move most of the time. And we thoroughly enjoy it all. We don’t head back to the apartment to nap or “rest” during the days. And our evenings are spent on the terrace lingering over three-hour dinners and enjoying the view of the Mediterranean.

Back in the d'Azur Groove! (Sing it Loud)! | Atypical 60

Even when we are on the terrace enjoying the view, we’ll be excited about our next excursions!

Last weekend, the weather was pretty lousy. So, I baked bread and made Pain-aux-raisins.  Starting Friday evening after dinner to make the brioche, getting up early to roll out the dough, proof the rolled goodies and bake. Then carefully wrapping them in parchment, bagging them in freezer bags so my husband could enjoy them as dessert when he feels so inclined.

I make these often and don’t ever let anyone tell you they aren’t time-consuming. The dough is made the night before…

And somewhere along the line, my husband couldn’t find a decent baguette. So I went home to bake “The Good Loaf” and made it in record time–just in time for the Leg-of-Lamb dinner!

The weekend before it was also lousy weather-wise. And I made croissants. This was a three-day process. Again, on Friday evening, I made the dough.  And I made the block of butter needed to laminate. On Saturday I laminated the dough, made the turns and let it rest overnight. On Sunday, I cut the croissants, allowed them to proof and baked. Yeah. It’s a long process but totally worth it. Now The Frenchman has croissants that, like the pain-aux-raisins, are in the freezer, wrapped and bagged. And they defrost and warm up in the oven beautifully.

And allow me my bragging rights that this was the best batch yet. I FINALLY got the laminated down down right! They are nice and light and buttery!

In addition, last weekend I did some replanting of poinsettias but ran out of dirt.

I zestfully started to repot poinsettias last week but ran out of dirt. Back inside they went!

There was also cleaning and a ton of ironing. Running up and down three flights of stairs to haul clothing and to clean.

Atypical 60 | A Typical Blog. A Typical Woman. A Typical Take On Life. With  An Atypical Twist! | Page 23

My ironing spot. Downstairs family room. The clothes get brought down from the third floor then back up again. Add to that I usually forget something so it’s up and down. I’m old. And I can still managing running up and down stairs!

This weekend? It’s been busy. Friday evening, I actually relaxed by switching out my handbag. I haven’t used my vintage Alma in quite some time so I decided to show her some love and prepare her for Saturday and Sunday.

Hey. Don’t judge. It’s work to switch out the handbags. There’s stuff I need so it’s about three or four trips up and down the stairs. Then there’s the switching of the scarfs to wrap around the handles. That takes forever! It drains me. It actually drains my energy!

I had to run a few errands, Actually, I’m lying.  My nails, once again, are a mess. The gel polish on my acrylic nails started peeling and looked pretty nasty. My husband was aghast but now that the weather is nice and hot, I don’t want to spend hours in the nail salon.  I ran to Target to get gel nail polish remover. Plus, we needed Windex.

This is the strangest thing about Target. You go in for one thing and you end up purchasing a plethora of items.  While in the store, I noticed a cute dress on a mannequin. It was 12 bucks. So, I grabbed one to try on. Then I saw another slightly different $12 dress. So, I tried it on. Then I saw a cute jersey tee shirt. So, I tried it on.

$12!  So nice I purchased the middle one twice. One is already packed in my suitcase for France!

Then I realized I needed black olives for the evening’s dinner I was preparing. So, I bought two cans. Then I realized how much my children loved the book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day. I thought that my grandson Owen should have a copy so I headed off to the book area. I couldn’t find it but found a cute little “Baby Shark” Book. Then I realized that I needed an oversized envelope to put the book in. so I headed to the stationery department and found the envelopes. Then I realized a high school friend’s mother was very ill, so I bought a card for her.

I’m hoping Owen likes the book. He’s quite the reader you know-LOL!

Then I headed to Michael’s craft store in search of a pouch to house my journaling supplies. I didn’t find one so I ordered one on Amazon. But. I did manage to purchase a travel comfort knife.

Then I came home and realized my makeup brushes needed cleaning. So, I cleaned them.

Later that night, I decided to clean the big brushes too!

Then the Frenchman reminded me we needed to go to an afternoon performance of The Addams Family in which his granddaughter was playing Pugsley and she was fabulous. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours.

StagelightU Grades 9-12 Sundays & Tuesdays — Stagelight

It was surprisingly enjoyable. The kids were very talented.

When we got home, I slipped into something more comfortable. (i.e., took my bra off and put on an old maxi dress that is now loungewear). I proceeded to make dinner.  And then we had a splendid time welcoming in the hot weather with aperitifs and appetizers. Oh. I made tapenade out of kalamata olives that were in the fridge. Why not? I had the energy despite being an old fart!


Made my favorite hot-weather dish. Chicken breasts with tomatoes and black olives.  Switched out my winter aperitif of Kir Royal to Aperol Spritzer and we had a great dinner ending with fresh berries and cream.

Last night’s fare. Which, I had the energy to make AFTER we arrived home from the theater!  My sister-in-law saw a photo of the chicken dish on Instagram so I wrote it out for her!

Today?  I woke up early. Had coffee in bed with Wordle played against my sisters. Then proceeded to relax in a morning bath. Then got dressed and ran out to run more errands.

CoComelon Bath Time! Children's Finger Puppet Board Book Ages 0-4: Scarlett  Wing, Cottage Door Press: 9781646384068: Books - Amazon

Shaving my legs in the tub is my idea of bathtub fun!

This time it was Walmart. I needed to buy more dirt. And Walmart has the best prices. I also picked up a little plant. Then, realizing how truly disgusting my nails are, purchased some stick-on nails.  Then, realizing we will be at the beach next weekend, good weather willing, I picked up sunscreen.

SPF that only I will use. The Frenchman refuses to put it on his body.

Press-on nails because you’ll see how disgusting my nails are later in this post!

Ohhhhhhhh, I forgot to tell you. I had my skin check. It’s so pathetic. Before I go, I get all stressed out. I take a magnifying glass and check my body. It’s sick. There’s really something mentally wrong with me. Anyway, I’m all scared but …my dermatologist was pleased that my skin is in great shape (except for the wrinkles) and I breathed a sigh of relief because I can go back to hours on end in the sun.

Every self-respecting hypochondriac needs a good magnifying glass. My husband was getting annoyed with my constant “Does this look like something”?

Ok. Then whilst wandering aimlessly around the Walmart aisles, I purchased cheap jewelry. I refuse to bring “good” jewelry on vacation.  I bring cheap stuff. If someone can see that it is cheap, they are standing way to close to my personal space—back off!

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a longer time, then you know that the Walmart Hoops are my HG for vacation. And after 10 years of old ones, I broke down and spent $4.88 for new ones! 

Then the thought hit me. Why not purchase another bathing suit? A two piece. I did. My husband can’t stand it because he said the bottom is too big. Doth he not realize that my gut will spill over into anything smaller?

My piggy bits are getting smaller and my fake tan application is all over the place and despite my husband’s hatred for this suit…

I like it because the top makes the titties look higher!

So, I texted my husband asking if he needed anything from Wegmans. He wanted pumpernickel bread to enjoy the tapenade and asked me to make more for tonight.  He also asked me to get water. I also added we needed new flowers. Off to Wegmans.

Yeah. My old lady strength hauled that big-ass bag of dirt from the shopping cart into my car.

I needed more strength so I shoved some surimi into my mouth. It was better than grabbing a donut!

Still full of pep, I arranged the flowers. They look nice–don’t they?

And when I arrived home, we finally, took down the fake Christmas tree that was in the family room. It was up since the beginning of December. My bright idea was to turn it into a year-round holiday tree but I stopped at Cinco de Mayo. The sunroom looks so nice and back to normal.

Ugh. After almost SIX months, the fake tree is now stored away. That little piano that was meant for Owen is now a permanent Object d’art! I REALLY need to get rid of those horrific Vertical blinds!

Then I decided to repot the other poinsettia and the little plant. So off I went to dig up the dirt from the bag.  I use my hands because my hands are the best gardening tools ever.

That big bag of dirt didn’t go such a long way!

My hands went from looking bad to looking worse than one could imagine.  But I cleaned them. They still look pretty bad but they need a rest from the acrylic nails.

I’m laughing at this most disgusting display of fingernails. It looks like I worked on an automobile all day..

Even a good scrubbing couldn’t undo the damage from the acrylic nails. That’s what the press-on nails are for!

I made more tapenade.

More tapanade! And let me tell you something. That little, mini food processer from Walmart was the best $9.99 ever spent! It works wonders!

Then I had a bit of a Pity Party/FOMO moment because I MISSED driving out to Long Island to attend the 100th year anniversary of St. Patrick’s school. I loved that school so much. I loved the nuns who taught me. I felt so…so LAZY by not driving out. But then thought about the traffic on the Belt Parkway–especially on this first weekend of fabulous weather. Beach traffic would be unbearable!

I’m so upset because I wanted to see people I went to school with. I hope my sister Germaine went. She lives five minutes away. 

So, tell me, dear friends—do we lose energy when we become old?

Soooo….do we lose energy? I think not!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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19 Responses to WTF? Old People Have No Energy?

  1. Diane B says:

    Wow, I am exhausted just reading about all that you do. I actually love a day of nonstop errands etc. but the next day have to take it a bit easier. So happy to hear that you are heading back to France and staying at your familiar apartment. I just got back from a week in San Diego and am ready for more travel…. well, except for the disaster at the airport. Three hours early and still almost missed the flight due to huge lines.
    You must have some tremendous will power, if I made all those delicious goodies, I would be eating them before thay got a chance to get to the freezer. Well done.
    I love that wig in the last picture, and am thinking I may have to look into one like that, maybe a bit shorter. The front is getting athinner all the time.

    • Catherine says:

      OMG. Diane. I never wish a missed flight on anyone. Thanks to the crappy schedules at O’Hare, I missed my flight to Australia and had to wait 12 hours at LAX. And another missed flight back to the US from Shannon when we flew Aer Lingus. Never again. Nevah again! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Love the idea of polaroids for journaling! You are correct, being older doesn’t have to mean being slower. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Julie. Yeah. I was thinking about a printer to be connected to my iPhone but I need wifi and wifi is limited so the polariod is so much easier! XOXOXOXO

  3. tonisoucie says:

    You are indeed a busy woman but I think being busy keeps us feeling stronger and younger. I admire how much you do given you are still working full time. I’m the same as as you, Cathe. Although I’m retired (I decided to retire from my job of 34 years when I turned 55 and my daughter had her first child so I could babysit) I am as busy as ever. My days are full and when there is a day that is “slower”, I get any. I average 8,000 to over 10,000 steps a day on my watch. I cannot wait to hear about your travel adventures when you go to France.

  4. Barbara Burgess Contreras says:

    Clearly you don’t lose energy. You are a veritable fire cracker! I really get a charge out of your posts. This one had me a little nervous over your bounty of energy. And then I read the part about taking down your fake Christmas tree after a failed attempt to make it part of your year round decor. You are human! Enjoy your holiday in France. Thanks, as always, for giving me a glimpse into your life that is so very different than the one I lead!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much Barbara! Yeah. Taking that fake tree downstairs to storage nearly soaked my energy for the year. I can’t believe it’s coming back up to the sunroom in six more months. The real tree will be in the living room! LOL! XOXOXO

  5. Momcat says:

    The thing I hate is some of the younger influencers being so danged condescending towards us ‘older’ babes. What’s up with the Coastal Grandma thing? Every IG post from an under forty is about the CG style.
    Pleaseee…deliver me from these thirty somethings going on about how difficult it is being an ‘older’ mother like at thirty two? And how they are soooooo tired..this old broad had #1 at 37 and #2 at 42 ha! No time for tired with no help and a stressful professional career AND a husband who travelled for work most of the time. What’s with the ads featuring wrinkle free white haired folk? So fake. Yes I have stamina at 67 and I’m damn lucky considering many don’t. I cut myself plenty of slack though and guard the boundaries well. My time is MY TIME.
    You are looking fine young lady, keep it up🥰

  6. Fiona says:

    Yikes, you work long hours Cathe. Respect. I’ll be 60 this year and work twelve hour shifts, two days followed by two nights. It’s tiring, but I think working keeps you young. I’m not thinking of retirement any time soon anyway. Good idea to give the acrylics a rest. I only did them once and my nails were knackered underneath. I just use regular nail polish now.
    Although we’ll be in France at the same time I’ll be checking out your IG with interest.. Impressed with your planning, I’m just planning to get there! As I’m taking the ferry this time, the journey will be around 12 hours. Ouf.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fi! Yessssssssssssssssss! I do believe that working DOES keep us young! I go in and out of these retirement phases but the bottom line is I love work! Ugh. My hands are a wreck. I gave myself a pedicure this morning in that I took nail polish off and reapplied. It doesn’t look half bad. I can’t wait to get to France. I’ve already started packing! XOXOXOXO

  7. vavashagwell says:

    Great post, Cathe. I love reading your entries and have deep respect for your energy level. So excited for you going to France, what a fun trip that will be. I’ll travel vicariously through you. (We have an elderly kitty who needs daily heart medicine and have decided we don’t want to leave him alone during the days and relying on someone else to give him his medicine. Also, COVID has reared it’s head here as well so we are being as careful as possible as we see our friends and extended family coming down with it – very sick even after having been boosted.) Congratulations on your new job, I think I forgot to mention that last time!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Vava! I’m working my ass off and I absolutely love it. I have a lot of interaction with people and it’s so much fun. Thank you! XOXOXOXO

  8. Baa says:

    Cathe~ you have more energy than the battery bunny!
    Definitely more than I do @ 63 tho I do have several chronic
    Illnesses & pain that slow me to a turtle speed. I do what
    I’m able when & if I am able & happily thank God for each day. Looking forward to hearing/reading about your trip
    back to France.

  9. Susan D says:

    Wow, you really do have energy. I’m losing mine and do have to pace myself. But it’s ok, I’m still here, that’s the main thing!
    So pleased to hear you’re going back to France. We go in August and this time we’re staying in Mandelieu which is next door to Theoule which we just adore, so we’ll be able to go there more often. Enjoy L’Abbaye du Thoronet. We’ve visited several times and love it.
    Have a great time.
    Susan D

    • Catherine says:

      HI Susan! This will be the fourth time visiting Thoronet. I just love the serenity of the place and that little outdoor cafe across the road is so charming. But…………….in all our time in Theoule, we’ve never been to that chateau in Mandelieu. Have you been there? Actually the one time we were going to go, there was a private event. I’m equally excited to go to Geant Hypermarche!! XOXSOXOX

  10. Margaret says:

    Hi Catherine
    ,Long time and I can see you are as busy as ever. I will be 67Years on 12th July and feel as though there is life in the OLD dog yet despite constantlly being bombarded with negative stereotypes which sadly if you are not feeling 100 per cent on a particular day those stereotypes can win.

    • Catherine says:

      Margaret. I’m late to answering because I’ve had a 60-hour work week, and loved it! But I am working on a blog post about another stereotype. The Coastal Grandmother! It’s another stereotype that I find to be elitist and just pathetic and self-serving………..XOXOXOXO

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