Beauty My Way for 2023. And a Goodbye to Christmas 2022!

Okay. As we end 2022, I’m not going to post about my Christmas Holiday. That much!

Well….not THAT much. I’ll add a few pics!

Fact is, it was a pain in the ass. Literally. I had a hemorrhoid flare-up. And after the plethora of Preparation H (which I used so much of, I couldn’t even save any to use to subdue wrinkles on my face) gel and cream, along with Tucks pads and cream shoved up my back door canal, and sitting in a hot bathtub every night, I’m just now, after a week, beginning to feel normal again.

hemorrhoids GIF

Basically—I feel like this guy!

Add to the fact we all had colds, it was a very quiet albeit relaxing Christmas.

Sick 1980S Tv GIF by absurdnoise

The sofas were decorated with blankets, pillows , Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu and NyQuil!

I kept off Social Media as much as I could because, quite frankly, I’m getting tired of the subliminal bragging that is showcased. Equally tiring is seeing women over forty/fifty/sixty and over filtering themselves to fetal or marshmallow level.

5 Tips to Avoid Over Filtering Your Photos - Nine9

She’s really 88 years old. I got a bridge to sell yas!

Bragging Full Of It GIF by ABC Network

Honestly, MOST people are tired of seeing your annual new luxury cars, bags, shoes, jet planes, islands you own….

Also, I don’t need to see how you are dressed in a different ensemble every night sipping cocktails.  All that booze would give me the worst GERD on earth and I would ruin anything but old pajama bottoms and a tee shirt while cooking or drinking.

Welcome to my Holiday Wardrobe!  Old Navy PJ Bottoms, A tee shirt covered in dripped snot and  filthy, wet tissues stuck in the sleeve. I’m enjoying watching Netflix movies about look alikes switching places!

So here it is. The holiday look for my home in a nutshell.  I am pleased and quite happy with how everything looks. We didn’t get the biggest tree this year nor did I break out the “good” China. It was low key.

Table set for Christmas!

Set for three!

But…I did listen non-stop to my Christmas playlists on Spotify and Roman and I had a great evening at Longwood Gardens.

We did return to Longwood Gardens to see the spectacular gardens at night. It was gorgeous.

Oh! And we did manage a trip into NYC to visit Vincent’s nephew and family in from Paris!

Yup! It was a great day in the City! 

So on to beauty my way.  My blog, as small as it is, is almost eight years.   I was a newcomer to my ‘60’s and as I’m now at the end, I see that during this decade, I’ve noticed the process of aging has hit harder than any past decade.  My skin has definitely gotten a lot drier. The fine lines have grown deeper. The jowls hang from the sides of my jaw like mudflaps.  Where my eyelids were once perky, they are now drooping and tired looking.

Freckles have morphed into age spots.  The uneven coloring has become more uneven. Eyelashes are sparse as are brows.

And the tweezer remains my most-used beauty tool to pluck those surprise lady whiskers that pop up on a daily basis.

Revlon Perfectweeze Slant Tip Tweezers

Yeah. I have one of these babys in each purse and in my car!

Eight years ago, I wore more makeup. My eyes could handle heavier shadow and liner. I used to wear shadow and mascara on my bottom lids as well as the top.  Nowadays all that eye makeup looks hard and harsh. So, I apply eye makeup only to my top lids.

Not gonna lie. I LOVE the way my eyes look here but in the five years since this pic was snapped, my skin has aged. 

Do I miss the heavier look? Yeah. Not gonna lie. But now I need to do what works best for me. And come to terms with my aging.

It doesn’t do any good to get caught in a cosmetics rut of yesteryear because it’ll only age us more.  And it isn’t that I want to look like I did back in the day—it’s that I realize I no longer do look like that so it’s time for a change.

I think the biggest change in my overall use of cosmetics came this year. Realizing that heavier foundations were doing absolutely nothing for me, I started to research alternatives such as cream foundations and tinted moisturizers.

Some creams are better than others. I do like the Seint cream foundations (which the company refuses to call foundations—referring to them as “highlight” instead) but you need a couple of shades for a look that isn’t flat.  Also, their contours are very good but the tutorials are horrific. I’ve yet to see any self-proclaimed Seint make up artist blend that stuff in.  Contour needs to be well blended to create the illusion of a shadow—but that’s another subject.

Actually, in 2021 I went a bit overboard with the Seint makeup–but I do like the creams–they need to be applied LIGHTLY though!

I love the Fenty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation but I equate it more with a tinted moisturizer. A little goes a long, long way.  (I love this so I’m sure it’ll be discontinued any day now) It gives a nice satin finish and the key is to use as little as possible.

This is excellent for mature skin–again, apply lightly and moisturize before using but it really is good.

The iT Cosmetics CC Cream is surprisingly, one that I really like considering I cannot stand the brand. The brushes fall apart, the other cosmetics leave my skin dry as the desert but this is really good. Again—just a touch is needed.

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ - IT Cosmetics | Sephora

I seriously cannot stand this brand overall–but this is one good product and it stays on all day.

This year brought about my admiration for Jones Road Beauty.  I think Bobbi Brown has done very well with her new “clean” brand.  The “clean” part really doesn’t move my needle. I’m not expecting any cosmetics that I buy to become filthy unless I don’t take good care of them.

It’s whipped and light and I’m definitely a fan.

Anyway, the WTFoundation is an airy, whipped dream of a foundation. There’s definitely a learning curve to applying but once you get it right—you’ll love it.  I also love the whole aesthetic of the brand.  Minimalist, simple and neutral. It’s a no fuss way to approach the makeup.

Here’s a face full of Jones Road Beauty. I’m even wearing magnetic false lashes here. I don’t even know why but I am–and they stayed put all day!

I’m gonna focus more on the makeup that I discovered this year—actually around September. I was really on the fence about it for a while, but the more I use it, the more I really love it.

Chanel Beauty Les Beiges makeup line’s three products I’m talking about are: The Water Fresh Tint; The Water-Fresh Complexion Touch and the Water-Fresh Blush.   The Tint and Complexion Touch both come with little brushes. I can give or take them but the purpose is meant to break up the little “bubbles” with the brush then apply to the fact.

The three Les Beiges makeup I purchased from Chanel Beauty. The Water Fresh Tint; The Water Fresh Corrector and the blush.  I used quite a bit of the water tint already–it’s because the product is very watery!

These products are very watery and the Complexion Touch is more of a concealer that does a great job covering up little flaws. The products feel like nothing but yet, last all day. It’s really weird—but in an excellent way.

This is the water tint. It’s extremely liquid!  Extremely!

The blush is very liquid as well. The corrector–more of a thicker texture.

The little brushes that accompany the corrector and water tint–used to break up the “bubbles”. Your fingers will work just as well.

My big issue is the price. These products are expensive—especially the Water Fresh Tint. If I used this every day, I would be broke—so I save them for when we have guests at work or if my husband and I are going out to dinner—or actually, I did wear these products a good deal during the holidays.

Here’s a Before and After. I used all three Chanel products on my face along with other items…

At first, I applied a ton of moisturizer. Then followed up with Etude Face Blur, which I’ve been purchasing from Amazon for Years: (Face Blur Link ) I love this stuff. Then I applied Charlotte Tilbury Flawless fllter for a hightlighted look.

Then I went in with this eyeshadow palette from Jones Road Beauty. The neturals are wonderful and last all day..


Next it was brows and eyeliner…

…and mascara primer and mascara!

Then I went in with this trio on my face.

Lastly, lipstick and gloss..

I don’t spend a lot of money on lip products. The inexpensive stuff works just as well, if not better! NYX  Butter Gloss remains a favorite as does Revlon lipsticks. I prefer pink to reds or corals!

Are these products going to turn back the clock?  No. They won’t. However, they will give you a nice glow and a nice look.  And at this point, all I strive to achieve is a look that won’t scare anyone. In all honesty, I am incredibly pleased with the Chanel products but it’s that price. In justifying—or at least trying to justify the price, I can honestly tell you that I’ve cut down a lot on purchasing makeup and beauty products.

As long as I don’t scare anyone when I leave the house, it’s all good!

I refuse to buy based on social media anymore. Those Instagram ads—those YouTube reviews will have you sliding down the deepest rabbit holes at a rapid speed.  I refuse—absolutely refuse to purchase products where the ads feature over-filtered women and men. I refuse to support any cosmetics company that supports this false advertising as well.  I’ll judge for myself and use the products in my own way.

I no longer follow any influencer who uses a filter. This one–the photo on the right shows how she looks without a filter and she’s an attractive woman. The left photo? Any cosmetics company who supports this false advertising should be fined.  My cosmetics boycott listing has grown quite long.

Best Anti-Aging + Skincare of 2021! - YouTube

I USED to follow Angie of Hot and Flashy. But she’s full of $$$hit these days. She’s old enough to know to use the phrase “Pro” Aging rather than Anti. And she’s pretty honest about the work that she’s had done–I respect that. But don’t sit there pontificating products when you’ve had regular work done. Nothing against her–I like her way , she’s just not my jam anymore.

Another “beauty my way” thing?  My nails. I’ve decided to grow out my natural nails. This one is sure to be a doozy because my husband has a “thing” about longer, perfectly manicured nails. Look. I can’t blame him because beautiful nails make for beautiful hands.

I cleaned up the nails a bit–I thought they would be in worse shape but they are paper-thin presently. It’s gonna be work to get them into decent shape!

However, when I think of all time spent at the nail salon and almost $100 including tip for a set of acrylics or a refill, I feel it’s high time to give my fingers a break (not literally).   And so, the acrylics were ripped off. (Yes. I know that is bad.) I filed down the residue as best as I could.  I ran to Target and purchased a cuticle cutter; cuticle sticks a big file and OPI Start-to-Finish which is a nail strengthener of sorts.

This stuff is all I need for now. 

Do my nails look great? Nope. Not at all.  Am I okay with the way they look? Meh—I know in a few weeks they will begin to look healthier. Actually, within the few days I’ve taken the acrylics off, they are looking slightly healthier.

Fact is, I’ve always admired healthy and natural nails but as a life-long, nail bender—not biter mind you, but bender, I’ve never been able to grow my nails to a decent length (BTW— “nail bender” –That’s when your nails get to a certain length and due to anxiety, you bend the nails mindlessly until they break.)

10 Tips for Healthy Nails – 100% PURE

My nail goal! We’ll see…

We’ll give it a go here and see how it turns out.  I can only hope and try to get my nails in decent shape. I’m not going to beat myself up over this. Just like I’m not going to beat myself up over losing weight…

That’s another thing I seem to go through each year—the false promise to myself that I’ll lose weight. I’ve done it before. Pre-covid era.  Then came Covid and the job that really messed with my mental health and the weight hung like a swinging pendulum.

Cartoon gif. A chubby Trixie Tang from The Fairly Oddparents chews a bite of a giant cookie, and her belt breaks.

I can’t do the emotional eating thing anymore.

Now, with a new job that I enjoy, I can only hope and try to stick to some phase of a healthier eating phase and rely less on emotional eating.

This Christmas was actually a decent start. Since we had colds, it was mostly soups and tea.

I made a ton of soup. In fact, I’ve more on the stove. Make a lot, put it in jars and you’re good to soup up for a few days!

Oh..I made quiches too!

In fact, the huge roast I purchased was cut into two, cooked for Christmas dinner and half is still in the freezer. Desserts were consumed in human portions and most of the cookie dough is still in bags in the freezer.


The Buche de Noel this year was smaller and decorated with candied cranberries and rosemary..

The last slices were consumed last night. A decent way to end the year!

And as I sit here at our dining room table on this first day of 2023, I’m looking at the Christmas tree in the living room. She has begun to wear out the welcome as the branches droop downwards. The Christmas music I’ve been listening so gleefully to, beginning right after Halloween, and sounded so happy and made me giddy with excitement, now have a nuance of sadness to them.

The tree is drooping but I’m not ready to let go yet!

The wreaths and décor need to be taken down, wrapped carefully and nestled into tubs for next Holiday season.

Well..TWO of the three wreaths need to be put away, the one on the far right is realy. I’ll just strip the ornaments and ribbon off.

I’ll do that next week. I just want to gaze fondly upon the remnants of Christmas 2022.

Yeah…next weekend I’ll take it all down!

Happy New Year to all.  Have a healthy, safe and prosperous 2023.  Don’t worry about perfection. Don’t fret over unpromised resolutions. Just do the best you can.

Chippy is resting from an attack yesterday! He’s okay though. He’s a fighter!

With my love to you for 2023!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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37 Responses to Beauty My Way for 2023. And a Goodbye to Christmas 2022!

  1. Momcat says:

    Love you Cathe! You are the only blogger who could discuss hemorrhoids so openly…on New Years Day!! They are pretty common as we get older, my husband has had some major occurrences. Best advice he got was to up his water, fibre, do sitz baths and not sit or stand for long periods. It’s helped and he hasn’t had an issue in a couple years. Try taking collagen to get those nails going, it does work.
    I here you about the humble bragging on the blogs, more and more I find it hard to relate to these people and I’m in their target demographic!!! I think that we’ll all start to pare back our stuff, our addictions to social media and maybe get back to being real! Geez if people can’t get real in their late sixties what will it take??
    Happy & Healthy New Year/Bonne année! Lots of hugs to sweet Chippy. What/who attacked him?
    Hear you about the Christmas decor..ours is up until January 6!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Al, and the best for 2023 to you and your family. LOL. I love to touch upon the taboo subjects! OMG. I cannot stand that humble bragging. I don’t need to see your porche or your seventeen ensembles that you are shilling for New Years eve! It’s all about illusion. I would rather be real! XOXOXOXO

  2. Mary says:

    I totally agree with you, Catherine, that less and lighter make-up suits our aging faces better. I have recently started using Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Light Wonder’ and have received quite a few compliments on how well I look!! Thank you for your forthright opinions and for sharing the good and the bad and all in between! Have a lovely 2023 ❤️

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for the honesty, Catherine! I am in such a struggle with my skin, at 70, it is all changing again. It was, and is very oily, so I have to pick moisturizer carefully or I break out. Scar from basal cell carcinoma means mineral makeup only for a while, and I’ve yet to find one of those I like. I can’t make up half my face with a different kind, it looks weird . (I’ve tried!). So between pimples, scars, and droops, life with this skin is a birch! I do like the CC foundation some, and am seriously thinking about the Chanel. For when the derma says it’s ok.. the beauty counter ladies do not believe zits at 70 are a thing. And my mother lied when she told me when I grew up I wouldn’t have them anymore!😂😂😂😂
    Keep up the good work, I truly enjoy your blog. And happy new year, and a healthy one too, because without that it ain’t worth &$#!

  4. Bonnie Bolt says:

    Authentic, humourless, and from the heart – Happy New Year to one of my very favourite bloggers!

  5. Randi Bost says:

    Really enjoyed this blog post and agree with what you’ve said all the way through. I so appreciate your honesty and humor. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Happy 2023! I look forward to more from you this year. ❤️

  6. Maryellen says:

    I really, really like your comment, “Just do the best you can.’ My goal in 2023 is to be kinder to myself.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  7. Eleanor Ford says:

    I love your photos and content

  8. Colleen says:

    Loved this post! We’re truly all in this together. Happy New Year!

  9. Julie F says:

    Just doing the best I can. Wish you were my sister or next-door neighbor. Healthy & happy 2023 to all.

  10. First of all Happy New Year!Did you know that you look younger and delightful with your Less makeup. You really look good with this new technique. I agree with you about filters etc. I’m right with you. I’m 82 and I look like I’m 82. But I take good care of my skin ( no I don’t believe that any of this stuff will turn back time but I can at least look decent.) I’ve had lots of basal cell cancers but the doctor is so good you don’t really notice them.I’m so happy for your new job. You’re so right about Pro Aging. I’m right with you. I try and be honest and real on my YouTube channel. (that is not a plug. you can delete the comment if you’d like) I relate to your realness, love your cooking and love the realness of your Channel) To be honest I was worried about your working situation. I’m so thrilled your at a new place where the appreciate you and you don’t work as many hours.

    • Catherine says:

      Happy New Year Sandy! I love your YT Channel AND your Instagram videos! Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with looking our age! I only wish more women were honest on the SM! XOXOXOXOXO

  11. juliet brown says:

    Love your post – the Chanel stuff is fabulous, but really part of the appeal is I am no longer interested in a face full of slap, I dont want to see makeup moving about scrunching and cracking and in totally different direction/s to the face underneath. I cant stand those stupid filters and nonsense, its quite grotesque to look so freakishly blurry – have we (please oh please) reached peak influencer yet??? So hoping that 2023 is the start of seeing through the fakery and emptiness of certain people and all that stuff. Our Christmas and New Year are very low key and always have been, when we lived in Scotland, Hogmannay was a “thing” in our tiny village (it was awful, people on total benders which explains why Scotland is shut almost completely for 2 days to recover), being in the north of England has meant fewer fireworks, less fighting/shrieking outside and less footpath vomit, also the local food shop was open – much less fuss. I must be old as fuss annoys me in so many ways – anyway happy new year and all that from an old grouch.

    • Catherine says:

      OMG Juliet. I literally had to break away from Social Media for a while because I just can’t stand the influencer shit any longer. You think it’s bad with cosmetics–the WIG influencers are the absolute worst! They use filters to marshmallow their faces and you don’t even get a good look at the wig itself. And the wig companies keep sending them product that they turn around and sell–donating would be a good thing. I’m rambling!!! XZOXOXOXXOXOXO

  12. Joan Brown says:

    Happy New Year, Cathe! Thank you for keeping it real! I am always amazed at how closely our paths are aligned. I also streamlined my makeup and love the Jones Road products – so natural! I applaud you for embracing your true self and living an authentic life. I enjoy your posts so much!

  13. tonisoucie says:

    Happy New Year, Cathe. This was a wonderful blog. When the pandemic hit that was the end of me going to the nail salon for over 30 years. I removed the acrylics and nurtured my nails back to health over 6 months. Now they are strong. After trying so many nail products, I wanted to share how phenomenal Essie Gel Couture nail polish is. It is gel like polish but lasts me at least 6 days. The topcoat seals the deal and the best part is the nail polish is removed with nail polish remover. Two light coats plus the topcoat provides great coverage. The polish is about $12 each bottle but compared to what the cost is for each fill at the salon, it’s a bargain!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Toni. When I went to Target to buy the nail stuff, they were pretty-much out of almost everything. Essie had NOTHING! I was also looking for OPI Nail Envy but none available. I’ll be on the lookout for the Essie stuff. As I write this my nails are looking raunchy but starting to feel stronger! XOXOXOXO

  14. Rebecca says:

    Keep being honest! 🙂

    Gasp about poor Chippy having an attack. 🙁

  15. Holly B says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for always keeping it real! That’s why I love to follow you.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Holly! I’m so tired of the fakeness on SM and even with blogs. I barely read other blogs these days because I’m so disgusted with the BS and fakeness. HOnesty is always better! XOXOXOXO

  16. Susan D says:

    Happy New Year. Only you could start a blog about haemorrhoids!! So sorry you were all ill over Christmas, but on the good side it meant you didn’t overindulge. I agree as you age you have to change the way you make up – too much and you look even older, which is not the aim. You look much prettier with less. So glad you are enjoying your new job and I hope it continues so.
    Wishing you, Vincent and all your family a very happy and healthy 2023.
    Susan D

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Susan. Ugh. I swear the Hemmorhoids get worse with age. I’m tired of sticking Preparation H up my ass! LOL. But I definitely agree that less is more with the makeup. Happy New Year! XOXOXOXO

  17. Felechia says:

    Hello! I don’t think I have ever commented before but I have been reading your blog for months and you always make me laugh 🙂 Have you tried the L’Oréal Infallible ProGlow foundation? It’s my favourite. I’m 61. Ruth Crilly calls it a dupe for one of the Chanel foundations but I can’t remember which one. Thanks for writing about the real stuff. I am going to stop reading about people remodelling their beach houses in Ventura. Lol.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Felechia, and thank you for the suggestion. I’ve been a fan of L’Oreal for years but due to the fact that L’Oreal sponsors Mikayla Nougiera, who never discloses she is collaborating and uses filters up the wazoo. I’m disappointed in the brand for collaborating with a truthfully-challenged beauty influencer! XOXOXOXO

  18. Flaneuse says:

    Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and an abundance of happiness, health and wealth! I alwaya enjiy your blog and writing style. Keep on keepin’ on my dear!

  19. Miss Bougie says:

    Thank you for yet another great post! You really made me laugh out loud. 😂.
    I was never a big foundation user. I have some red areas around my nose and chin and use CC Red correct by Erborian. That usually does the trick for me. When I go wild, I use tinted moisturiser (which adapts to my skin tone) by Origins. I mainly take good care of my skin with serums and moisturiser.
    Concerning eye makeup you are absolutely right. Less is more. No need to get all that stuff into the wrinkles. But as I wear glasses I need to accentuate some with a darker colour, generally a plum shade. Otherwise I just disappear. I don’t do smoky any more; I leave that to my daughter now.
    Love that pic of you with the Jones Road Beauty. Very classy!
    Wishing you a peaceful New Year filled with lots of joy and many memories with your loved ones. Stay healthy and be kind to yourself. It goes without saying that these wishes are also directed at all the other ladies, and gents, who are part of this community.
    Hugs. Brigitte

  20. cathe says:

    I’ve been waiting for your Christmas post and I missed it yesterday! Thanks for all the good info. I gave up long ago on makeup. You have such a knack for it though.
    I broke my foot right before Christmas when I was on a vacation. The doctor told me at my age it may not heal without surgery. Ugg when did I become someone who’s referred to as “at your age.” Thank god there are so many inspiring people of all ages out there. Certainly not influencers in my book.
    Looking forward to more of your great posts in the year ahead. Happy New Year!

    • Julie F says:

      In 2010 I broke 3 middle toes & a metatarsal in my foot. The doctor used that term in saying I might not heal well. He was so young, looked like he was skipping his Study Hall period. He really didn’t want to insult. Bless his heart.

  21. marsha57 says:

    This is why you’re one of the first blogs bookmarked on my iPad! You’re so honest even while you’re hilarious! Those doggone hemorrhoids! Truly a pain in the ass! We go through so much Prep H…I should have bought stock years ago! As for makeup, I haven’t worn foundation in so long I’m not sure I’d know how to put it on! But, I’ve seen the Chanel reviewed by Nadi, and he really struggled with it. So, I thought, not for me! Then, you give it such high points! Do I need this? No. Do I now want it? Yes, yes, I do!! I’m still going with the heavy eye makeup because my eyes seem to disappear without it (I still wear glasses). I play with colors and crayons all the time. My daughter recently started using cream blushes (like they’re something new, right) so maybe I’ll give that a go…but chances are I’ll end up looking more like Baby Jane than Jane Fonda (who has had a thing or two done)! Thanks for a giggle, honest reviews, and just a really good post!

  22. Tracy says:

    Cathe, I loved this post…I’ve been following you for a few years now and wish we could be friends in real life! You’re an inspiration to me. I’m so happy you love your new job.
    Love you!

  23. thefiftyedit says:

    I don’t wear foundation that much anymore either. I’ve become quite used to using tinted BB or CC creams. I did try the iT CC cream, and I find it too thick and that it doesn’t spread well. I will finish up the tube, however, but I mix it to thin it out a bit.

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