Is “Luxury” a Four-Letter Word? Or is Luxury Overused?

Okay. Before I begin this blog post, let me clue you in on my holding back on posts for a while.

I wanted to write a post about Gun Control and why it is needed—but I’m still very angry over the fact that the republicans refuse to do anything about it—especially since they falsely claim to be “pro-life”.

This is Kid Rock. He is a “has been” sort-of musician but mostly a moron.  He got angry at Bud Light for supporting trans/gay/gender neutral persons. He got his special arms and shot the beer cans. I’m guessing that big gun takes the place of his teeny pee-pee.  And he is one of the reasons that guns need to be controlled!

Then I was mulling over a post regarding women’s rights being taken away. However, I’m still angry over the fact that republicans—especially overweight, unattractive white men and a few women, refuse to recognize women’s rights—especially since they falsely claim to be “pro-life” when they are merely pro-fetus. Once the baby makes the grand entrance into earth, they want nothing to do with the child.

Sarah Hoyt, front left, Olivia Spitznagl and Izzy Stewart-Adams, right, all seniors at West High School, attend a protest outside the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in response to the news that the U.S. Supreme Court could be poised to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationwide. (Amber Arnold/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

This is a photo from AP.  Women are voicing their opinions and marching for the rights of all us women.   Why would some overweight, balding, fake Christian man try to take our rights away?  TBH, I’ll bet their mothers are wishing they aborted those filthy old fat white men.

Then I was mulling over a post regarding banned books. This is atrocious along with the other posts I was thinking of writing.  The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank? What the heck???  The Giver?  Bridge to Terabithia?  Dr. Effing Seuss?  Madeline and the Gypsies?  Let us not even think about the naked statue of David that even the Pope realizes is art. I’m very angry over this.  Reading is a pleasure. It is educational and informative. I can’t even on this….

The reason for this ban is “supposedly” due to the fact there’s a passage in the book regarding young people comparing their bodies. I read this book. I’m not buying into that reason. I truly believe that these fake Christian, Conservatives and right wingers hate Jews and don’t believe in the Holocaust. Please buy this book if you have not read it. It is astounding and incredibly sad.

Seriously.  I’m still too angry to collect cohesive thoughts on these subjects. And as an aside, if you don’t agree with me, please stop following my blog.  Or…write your own blog.

year dear

Yes darling. If you don’t like my thoughts than take YOUR thoughts and prayers elsewhere. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside!

Now that that’s out of the way, I present to you today’s blog post.  I got the idea from an email I received.

Repetto - Paris tourist office

The email was from Repetto Paris.  If you are a regular or irregular reader of my thoughts and opinions, you are well-aware of my love and adoration of Repetto ballet flats.  I’ve been purchasing for about 16 years now and often treat myself to a pair when in Paris.

Back in the Saddle (Shoes) Again!! | Atypical 60

A few pairs of my old Repetto ballet flats. The black ones are the first ones I ever purchased.

The last pair purchased was on our November 2021 visit and I purchased an adorable metallic pair which I wear regularly.  I (*cough* I mean my husband) paid about $270 USD for them. At the time, I thought the price increase was a bit much as I’ve gotten them for less money quite some time ago.

My most recent pair purchased in 2021. Who knew these basic ballet flats are now a luxury, overpriced brand.

However, I almost dropped my cell phone when I saw the new price of the Repetto Ballet flats.  They are now $410 per pair.  Oh yeah. The vegan i.e. plastic version is $390.  I have now put a stop to my feet’s relationship with the brand.

And now, my shoes are $410.  I didn’t showcase the white leather ones that are now $440 USD.

Even at $270-ish, that was bringing my boiling point up but the shoes are well-constructed, I still have the first pair I’ve ever bought and I love the way they look on my feet.  At $410 though—it’s time to put a stop to this.

Yup. I almost didn’t buy these shoes due to the price.  I guess I’m a frontrunner of luxury shoes!

Don’t get me wrong.  I love good quality—but at a price that I can afford.

These wedge shoes were purchased in 2008 at DSW.  They are nowhere near luxury shoes. I had them repaired last week for a total price of $15.00 I love these shoes and will wear them forever!

And this is where the term “luxury”  has basically destroyed retail.  Once again, I blame the idiotic influencers splayed across social media from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook and the horrific TikTok.

They, with their ridiculously over-excitedness of word usage, and usually incorrectly  whilst exclaiming breathlessly and loudly “OH. MY. GOD!!!!”   “LITCH-RUH-LEE” (which only British can pronounce the word this way—otherwise it should be pronounced “lit-uh-ruhl-lee”) “THE GREATEST” “SO CHIC”  “THIS IS THE BEST”!!  And they say all this as they are unboxing product for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!!!  HTF can you say that after looking at a product for two seconds?

“OMG!! This  (insert luxury brand here) mascara/foundation/blush/bronzer is the BEST EVER! LITCHRUHLLY THE BEST! OMG!”

Anyway, I’m veering off course.  I get the distinct feeling that the Repetto brand is now in the process of narcissistically rebranding as “luxury”.  And the brand isn’t luxury. It’s a brand that originally made ballet shoes for ballerinas and still does.  But the other side of the brand is the infamous ballet flats, tote and handbags and clothing.  And while they company turns out excellent quality, I wouldn’t call them a luxury brand.

Repetto Soft Split Sole Ballet Shoes - Move Dance US

Repetto split sole ballet shoes. The irony? These are inexpensive. But the ballet flat “shoe” is now luxury-priced” Go figure.

Luxury is overused.  Charlotte Tilbury pontificates being a luxury brand, yet the brand collaborates with, quite possibly, the most vulgar and over-filtered influencer of all time, Mikayla Nogueira  This influencer trash talks, curses regularly, talks about intimacy with her fiancé and yet, this so-called luxury brand pays this person.

This is Mikayla, the influencer with millions of followers. That is not her real face. She uses facetune and photoshop to change her face. The photo on the right?  She photoshopped her entire head to look shrunken. Every other word out of her mouth begins with “f”, ends in “k” and the two middle letters are “u” “c”.  And luxury brands pay this foul-mouthed woman. Those luxury brands are trashier than she is.

Charlotte—you lost credibility with me—your brand is akin to drug store and I shan’t be making future purchases.

Oops! Mikayla filtered her face again. Here she is with Charlotte. To be honest, if someone filters their face after using your makeup–that isn’t saying much about the product. Charlotte Tilbury. Your products are worse than drug-store brands.

Ralph Lauren as a luxury brand?  No. Although he has a very impressive shop/restaurant on Blvd. St. Germain, his clothing comes across as too much of a costume—as though someone is trying too hard to look “wealthy” and it isn’t making the cut. Other than his button-down shirts for men, I’m not impressed with the quality of the clothing—and the prices are ridiculous. These clothes are mass-produced.  Why so expensive?

RALPH LAUREN | Polo Ralph Lauren | Polo Originals - YouTube

Ralph Lauren (and it isn’t Law-REN. It’s Lauren) luxury. I’ll give him credit for being somewhat diverse–where’s an old man? Like you Ralph. But honestly, if I ran across a group of men dressed like this I would side eye and realize they ARE trying too hard. This is way too costumesque. But–it’s luxury and people feel the need to buy into it!

Head to Nordstrom or Neiman’s where you’ll find Tory Burch. This is another “luxury” labeled brand and product are wayyyyyyyy overpriced.  When I worked at Nordstrom, Burch was more of a bridge brand—on the fence of luxury but not quite there. Now the brand has basically graduated to luxury prices and just not worth it.


On the left, the Tory Burch KNOCK OFF of the Hermes Kelly bag. And suburban women think Tory Burch is luxury. It isn’t.  Why does she get a pass for a knock off when others don’t?  Hermes is a TRUE luxury brand that basically none of us can afford.  Tory Burch is a FAKE luxury brand. Don’t forget that!

The handbags are cheaply constructed. The shoes as well. And trust me, I have a few pair that I purchased on my deep Nordstrom discount and regret buying.  The Miller Sandals feel like plastic and stretch out to kingdom come.  Real luxury brands shouldn’t do that.

I think the most horrific price increases are from the brand Louis Vuitton.  And here’s where I can come off as a tad hypocritical.  I happen to love the monogram bags. I love the aesthetic of the canvas and vachetta leather. I love the designs of the bags. I love that the monogram bags are, for me, neutral so they will go with any outfit.  The larger bags travel well and surprisingly even the medium sized bags hold a plethora of items.

I Did Another Thing. Bought a Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag and Cleaned It Up!  | Atypical 60

My first LV bag on the left. The Neverfull MM. Gifted to me by my husband in 2018 for my birthday.  It has since almost doubled in price in five years. Next to it is a vintage LV Bucket GM I got pre-owned for $200.

My first “new” LV bag was given to me five years ago on my birthday from my husband.  My second new bag was purchased the year the metallic Repetto ballet flats were bought. November ’21.  All others have been purchased pre-loved and pre-owned.

My Petit Noe purchased in Paris 2021.  I can no longer afford these bags. LV has become as unattainable for me as Hermes.  That’s why I love vintage. 

There is no way I’m paying upwards of $2,000 for a purse/pocketbook/bag/tote/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.    I just got my third bag back from LV repair. A Saumur 30 that was purchased for $240.  All Vachetta and hardware were replaced and they cleaned the bag for me.  Overall, with the cost of repair and the original cost, it was less than any new bag the brand has to offer.

My Saumur 30. It’s a 30-year old bag that I purchased from a seller in Japan for $240.  Even with the price of Vachetta replacement, the total is still less costly than any bag the brand now sells.  

Louis Vuitton has always been known as a luxury brand   but always maintained a few items that were within affordable range for the working person; and presently, all the brand’s offerings are officially out of my affordably bubble.  The same with Chanel, Dior and others.

Grained calfskin & gold-tone metal - Black, Small Classic Handbag — Fashion  | CHANEL

Pictured is the Chanel small bag. It retails for $9,600 and is currently sold out. Sorry, even if I won Mega Millions tomorrow, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a bag. I would buy a vintage LV bag from my favorite seller in Japan!

And about 15 years ago, I could have purchased a pair of Chanel ballet flats for about $500 but back then the price was ridiculously high for me.  Today a pair of lambskin Chanel Ballet flats cost $925 and upwards.   It’s insanity.

Chanel Cap Toe Ballerina Flats Review + eBay's Authenticate Program

Do I regret not purchasing these when they were “only” $500?  No! I don’t. Presently selling for $925 and upwards, I’m wondering just who has that kind of money to spend on such a simple pair of shoes.

Coach a luxury brand?  Well—influencers are calling the brand luxury. While I refer to the brand as “great quality” but not “luxury”.  I have a few vintage Coach bags and all of them cost less than $75.  When Oona was in high school through college, she worked at Coach and loved working there.  I still have a bag that was deeply discounted with her employee status and I love it. It’s a patent tote that I still use and has never failed me.

ww7-and-old-coach-bag | Atypical 60

This Coach tote has been with me since Oona gifted it for me when she was working there.  I LOVE this but consider Coach more of a pragmatic and useful brand rather than luxury. Methinks the word “luxury” is overused.

I don’t know when this “luxury” business will stop increasing their prices.  My take is they have become wise to the influencers and the average consumer and want to elevate their consumer from “customer” to “client”.  But at some point, I think it’ll backfire because ultimately the clients will be “new” money (however they get that money is sometimes questionable) and lottery winners. I just can’t picture old monied WASPS running to spend $5,000 on a Dior tote bag.

The Swinging 60s : Let Cher and Jackie Kennedy take over your closet

I’m sure Jackie was gifted a ton of Dior and luxury stuff. But this photo is a study of how a luxury outfit can be purchased for a less expensive price. Seek and ye shall find. It’s a basic two-piece ensemble and I love it. 

For me, I have enough LV vintage pre-owned bags. I have one more that I would like to have sent to LV repair for Vachetta replacement and I had better do so before there’s yet another price increase. Yeah. The repair for the brand increased their prices too.

Bitmoji Image

Morally and ethically, I can’t throw money out the window anymore. 

I’m just happy my favorite brand of sandals, Rondini, hasn’t gone down the road of luxury.  Less expensive than any luxury or luxury wannabe brand, the sandals are custom-made to fit each customer and the quality is stellar.

These. I cleaned and conditioned all my Rondini sandals this weekend. Every pair of these cost less than Tory Burch sandals, Coach Sandals or any other “luxury” brand. I’ll love this brand until I can’t walk anymore!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have any brands that aren’t luxury but are excellent in quality and price?  Please share!

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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42 Responses to Is “Luxury” a Four-Letter Word? Or is Luxury Overused?

  1. Susan says:

    I’m totally on board with your thoughts about luxury and the term being way overused! I was lucky enough to inherit 2 Bottega Veneta bags, 2 Guccis, a YSL and Judith Leibner. I have always collected a few saddle leather Coach bags and a black leather tote.and love them too. That’s enough luxury baggage for me. I just can’t justify spending hundreds for any more. Will I buy a cheapie trend clutch? Sure, once in a while. But better to use what I’ve got!
    And I am in total agreement with you about your political opinions. Ban books, not bullets?? It’s enough to make me gag, I hate what this party is turning our country into. Bunch of ball-less a holes that want to control everything about a woman’s body, and think if they scream their lies over and over people will believe them. ( and sadly, many do…). Guess what? My political donations will go to supporting abortion rights, and open libraries, and to gun control advocates.

  2. Eleanor Ford says:

    Totally agree with your politics! Thanks for speaking out! And thoroughly enjoyed the luxury brand or not info!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Eleanor! I speak out because other bloggers are too scared to lose readers. I lose readers I’m better off if they don’t share my thoughts! XOXOXOXO

    • Leslie Lucas says:

      I, as the previous commenter, totally agree with your political comments. As a woman in my early 70’s, I find myself in disbelief over the dismemberment of women’s rights over their bodies. And guns? Who needs a weapon of mass destruction under the Second Amendment? Certainly not the average citizen, hunter, and certainly not
      classroom teachers. I have never, ever commented on line-ever, but your comments touched me and perhaps more of us should speak out.

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Leslie. And I thank you for your first-ever comment. I remember when Roe v. Wade was victorious in 1973. I was 18 years old. 50 years later, I cannot believe that we have regressed into less than a third-world country with it’s views on women. TBH, we need a revolution against these disgraceful right-wingers and lest we NEVER forget, the people of this country, women included, who are racist, bigoted and feel slighted are those who elected these vile people. We are now a country of violent pigs. I swear to goddess, I’m afraid to even give someone the side anymore because they will take their arms of mass destruction off their car seat and shoot. It’s an awful state we are in and these gd influencers are too afraid to voice their opinions because they fear losing followers more than losing their life. XOXOXOXO

  3. Marsha L. Calhoun says:

    As far as I can tell, the term “luxury” simply means “expensive name brand.” I have enough trouble finding decent quality clothing, but I do enjoy laughing at the ridiculous prices I see on brands that in prior times might have been justified in their higher-end prices by the quality of their workmanship and materials, but now have decided to charge four times as much for essentially the same stuff. And the few influencers I have viewed recently give new meaning to the words “superficial” and “shallow.” The whole fashion/brand world is so divorced from actual value, as demonstrated by the fact that almost everything falls apart before you can wear it out, because you are expected to replace it with something slightly different the moment another fashion rolls around. Yup – I’d rather direct my money to support gender equity, women’s rights, freedom of speech and religion, and child protection (particularly from weapons that have no other use than to harm humans).

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Marsha, Ugh. You are correct. Lately “luxury” means Expensive name brand and it isn’t moving my needle. It’s upsetting to me that influencers are getting away with making money off Like to Know It by having those with a Fear of Missing Out on what they deem fashionable. All those expensive items will not make one fashionable–it’ll make one look as though they are trying too hard. Discretion is a blessing! XOXOXO

  4. Elizabeth L says:

    I too align with your political views. As for luxury brands- I’ve never been a purse person (although I would love a LV tote, I’d never spend the $ on one) & find leather purses too heavy on my (70 year old) shoulders now anyway. I do love shoes but can’t justify spending more than $200 on a pair. I’ve never wanted to wear labels- advertising IMO. I’m trying now to be more discerning in my clothing purchases- will spend, for example, on Eileen Fisher for pieces that will last, but not for T shirts ($100+ for a t shirt? Really??). Having just moved & majorly downsized I’m highly aware of how much-too much- stuff I own, and am more mindful of what I need, and where I want to spend my $.

    • Catherine says:

      OMG. (I sound like an influencer here) but Elizabeth–$100 on a tee shirt is just not in my realm. Especially since I spill and get everything dirty. I’ll keep my J. Crew Factory Tee shirts that I get on sale! I love shoes too but as I advance in age, I’m discovering that heels aren’t cutting it anymore. And no matter how much I prefer ballet flats, I’m not spending a fortune on them! XOXOXO

  5. juliet says:

    Wow – my eyes were popping at those insane prices, quite frankly I suspect we are close to the end of the influencer (I’m so optimistic aren’t I), everyone is an influencer and quite frankly I look at these (usually) women and think ick, don’t want to look like you and that’s all gifted – no thank you…. generic, dull, a total pastiche of each other, a few surgical tweaks maybe here and there but so same-y, nothing interesting or attractive, bland and really not worth it. I’m hoping we are nearly done with this awful social phase of those boring dead-eyed nobodies.

    Politics? Yikes, we are in such a mess in the UK – and then I also look further afield at the US etc and am aghast. These old white men really are scared of women aren’t they, how else can you explain their nonsense… I cant even start.

    Not sure what the answer is, but my money isn’t flowing towards these influencers or these appalling and overly entitled idiots, I suspect if WE pulled together as a force we would have more power than we think, if you look at history – everything has a season…

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. I’m seriously hoping we are at the end of the influencer game. Even the ones that are “older” are full of shit. It’s all about click bait and making a buck. These influencers like you to believe they are your friend when in actuality, they don’t give two shits about anyone except themselves. I’ve seen it all and it is ugly.
      I cannot imagine any country at this point being in more dire straits than the US (OK–Ukraine). Our right-leaning congress sucks. Absolutely sucks and the people who elected them in suck more than ever. That’s all I can say without reaching my boiling point! XOXOXO

  6. Debra says:

    First of all, I’m with you – on everything.

    Regarding ‘luxury’ brands: I highly recommend the book “Deluxe” by Dana Thomas. The author, a longtime fashion writer based in Paris, discusses how big conglomerates like LVMH have ‘democratized’ luxury fashion. One could say that this democratization is a good thing because just about everyone can have a little luxury – like a Chanel lipstick or fragrance – in their lives. On the other hand, it’s led to a reduction in quality, because in order to meet demand, luxury brands manufacture their products in places where production is less expensive, and they’ve streamlined or automated the production process.

    The main effect of the democratization of luxury fashion is that it’s made a boatload of money for companies like LVMH. They have a wider range of customers, and can charge more for their higher-end products as people get ‘hooked’ on a brand. Maybe as a consumer I don’t like it, but I have to admit it is a smart business strategy.

    I have a few high-end pieces, some that I’ve purchased new and some that I’ve purchased second-hand. I do think there are some luxury brands that still are worth the price – for example, I paid around $1,200 for my Alexander McQueen ‘Curve’ bag and I think it was worth every penny. Other things, I want badly but refuse to pay their ridiculously high price. For example, I really want a pair of Gucci loafers, but they’re now $920! That’s crazy and I just can’t do it for a pair of shoes. I agree with you, the Repetto price is crazy, too.

    I enjoyed this post – thank you!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Debra. I’ll definitely have to sleuth this book down. It’s right up my alley. And you make a lot of sense. I love my Guerlain lipstick and makeup. I won’t lie about it. But with the LV bags and the constant price hikes–the quality is no longer there. That’s why I love vintage. It appears we are on the same page here! XOXOXO

  7. Fran says:

    You always make me chuckle! Another Great, Candid post which is Much needed these days. I have never been one to jump on the luxury bandwagon, but many of my relatives are. There was one family member in particular ( who has since divorced from family) who would throw her kid a birthday party and upon opening the kid’s gifts ( usually clothes) around her guests, would look at the tag FIRST and then comment in front of everyone, usually a lot of eye rolling and head shaking happening. I always thought that was SO TACKY! Anyway, I find as the years role on, a lot of these so-called luxury brands are making their clothes and shoes in the exact same factories in Asia as the cheapo brands. People are essentially just paying for the NAME with a lot of these “luxury” brands. Seems like product quality and quality control has been thrown out the window these days. It’s sad, but It is Life, so consumer Be Aware.

    • Catherine says:

      LOL Fran. I have to say, there are women in my family who do the same–i.e. look at the label first. It’s vulgar if not downright disgusting! XOXOXOXO

  8. Stephanie says:

    I have been enjoying your blog
    I like your style
    You are now my all time favourite best blogger ever
    You are SO brave
    The courage of your convictions
    Hooray for you

    • Catherine says:

      Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Stephanie. I really appreciate that. It’s a slippery slope to voice your opinions these days but I won’t stop. It bothers me that so many influencers will take your money with a click but are afraid to voice how they feel. Thank you! XoXOxo

  9. Bonnie says:

    I so agree that the lux brands are trading on their name. We used to buy my husband, Ralph Lauren polo shirts at Marshall’s for $40.00. Now, they are almost $100 – if you can find them discounted at all. We switched to polos from Land’s End this year and paid less that $30.00, on sale. We think the quality of the fabric is as good as with RL’s. Is the logo important? Not to us. Quality should match the price, not the brand name.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bonnie! *stands up to give a standing ovation* YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The Lands End Polo shirts are a far better value than the overpriced Ralph Lauren. It’ insane how these brands are charging ridiculous prices these days and quite frankly, they will lose their core customers! XOXOXOX

  10. Diane B says:

    Yes,yes, yes to you! This is why I follow you, and love your posts. The gun thing makes my head hurt, I saw a 3 year old shoot a deer with a shotgun and his parents were sooo proud. What kind of world does this and then posts it for the rest of the world to admire!!
    On the ‘ luxury’ items, how can the companies give so many away for the influencers to push and then expect the rest of us to afford subsidise them. Just NO. I love a well made item, but the name is not important, and finding it in thrift or consignment is a thrill for me.
    Love, your chats with us.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Diane! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you are with me on all points. Personally, I think it is absolutely disgusting and a disgrace as parents that those morons would be proud of a three-year old shooting a deer. Only in ‘Merica! It’s vile and we need to take our country back and get rid of guns. Especially from the uneducated idiots!
      The thrift. I just purchased a pair of used made-in-Italy ballet flats from J. Crew. A lot less than Repettos! XOXOX

  11. Laurie says:

    So true about so many things . I did read more about the book banned about Anne frank which I believe is not is not the book you posted or the book so many of us have read . It’s a graphic novel about the story of Anne Frank with situations added that were never in the original story. I don’t understand why the true story was altered to have parts in the book about the characters baring breasts to each other . I know I never read that in the book .

  12. Sheila Clarke says:

    Hi – I’m Canadian, but I can relate to much of what you said about politics. Truthfully I think the US has become a scary place. I’ve quit planning trips to the US. Gun control is a part of Canadian life – but having said that, we have a problem with illegal guns. And of course, all the gun control in the world won’t stop knife violence. What has happened in our world? And don’t get me started on the ‘reproductive rights’ issues down in the US. Who are these people to decide what any woman does with her body? You’re right – old white men on the whole. About ‘luxury’ items – I have a few friends with way more money than I who have several LV and other designer bags (they were all bought new). They are very well dressed (but I can’t say they flaunt it, thankfully!). I was brought up in a family that was poor – looking back, I realize how poor we were. I’m retired now but I was an RN so not a CEO of any major corporation with a big salary. My aspirational bag was always a Chanel bag with the chain handle (I don’t know what they are called). I’ll never be able to afford one, besides I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on something like that (what would happen if I dropped it in the slush while getting out of my car???). I like nice clothes – most of us do – but I’m not willing to overspend on something that I think is trendy or poorly made, etc. I don’t buy ‘fast fashion’ but I do buy fairly good quality clothes. I used to LOVE shoes but my body has betrayed me. No more heels or flip flops due to severe arthritis in a foot and ankle. BUT there are some mighty cute flats, etc that I buy. I don’t think you can apply the ‘luxury’ label to Coach or Ralph Lauren (I did like his bio on TV though) or Tory Burch, etc. Overpriced, some are nice but….. not luxury labels. I spend my time on IG looking at Scandinavian gardeners, people with cats, and things that make me happy (including your posts!). I don’t follow the influencers. Thank you for your posts, they are a bright spot in my life.

  13. marsha57 says:

    I’m a very small blogger and did write a post about the gun violence after the school shooting in Tennessee. I just couldn’t do one more post about clothes because there’s a real problem in this country when a damn gun is more important than the lives of nine year olds. I expected to lose many subscribers (and when you have less than 100, you notice). Surprisingly, I didn’t lose any in the days following that. I did lose a couple in the last few days. One of my subscribers emailed me and said not to worry about the ones who left…worry about the ones who stay. That’s why I stay with you. You write about the things that bother me as well as writing about products for women with our particular needs.

    I cannot believe how many steps backward this country has taken since Fraudy-Five and his ilk took office. I don’t particularly ascribe to conspiracy theories, but do you find it strange these abortion bans, revocation of LGBTQ+ and trans rights, and idiotic gun laws have taken place during the current President’s tenure? It just occurred to me as I wrote this. You would have thought they would have taken place prior to January 20, 2020. And, book banning…this sickens me because I used to be a teacher. Some of the books I used are now banned. It amazes me how parents scream they want a say in their kids’ schools. In most places, parents can be directly involved in the selection and adoption of textbooks. But, we always had to beg for that to happen! But, try to teach about what really happened in this country…as the saying goes, “The victors write the history books.”

    I digress…I don’t own any luxury apparel or accessories. I haven’t ever had the desire with the exception of owning a Chanel purse…quilted and with a chain handle. That’s more because I find Coco Chanel fascinating. My biggest splurges are on Brahmin purses I buy from Macy’s when they’re on clearance or occasionally receive one as a gift from my husband. I do buy good shoes as in really good arch support because of (what I consider botched) surgeries to correct a fallen arch. I envy you your slim feet and wish I could wear sandals like those you have custom made! I happen to love Old Navy and buy lots of things there. I’m careful with my clothes and wear them for years. I know Old Navy is fast fashion, but if you wear it for five or six years (if not longer), is it really fast fashion?

    Thanks for being so unadulterated you!

    • patty says:

      Sad to tell you, but Coco Chanel was known to be a virulent anti-semite.

      • marsha57 says:

        Thank you for the information. I did not know this about her.

      • stillmmers says:

        I also didn’t know this! Thank you for this information.

      • Catherine says:

        Yes. It’s well known but many don’t speak about it. I believe I mentioned that a couple of years ago on the blog. XOXOXO

      • Momcat says:

        Sadly also a Nazi sympathizer and most likely a spy. Hard to know if she had always been anti semite or went down that road due to her association with her Nazi buddies. She was also a huge homophobe. There’s a great book called Sleeping With The Enemy about her war activities.
        Chanel was a pretty sketchy person.

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Al, Yeah. I know all about that. My husband informed me many moons ago. That’s basically why I find the brands clothing untouchable. XOXOXO

  14. cathe says:

    Thank you for taking a stand for gun control and against overpriced merchandise! LOVE it!
    When I was in college I visited the Coach factory in NYC. I remember the reason I purchased one of their small shoulder bags was because it was timeless and well made. It was all about craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Now days the sales pitch is “its an investment” to spend 10 gran on a handbag. Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

  15. BellaGP says:

    Kid Rock is the biggest a hole. I have an ex friend who was very close to him. Kid grew up wealthy and entitled (his father owned car dealerships) and he tried to come across that he was from the streets. He’s a loser who parties like he is 18 and chases sex workers. In regards to the Republican Party, they have collectively lost their minds. Going after reproductive freedom, banning books, non CIS folks and refusing to have any discussion about sensible gun control is not going to move the party forward. Their whole platform is anti woke. What does that even mean? I am a Realtor and had an inspection yesterday with my long term inspector. He’s a Republican and even he has had it with current direction of the party. So glad that I live in Michigan where we have more sensible elected officials. However, in my town (Grosse Pointe) the school board has a majority of crazies. The community is standing up to them. Even school board races have consequences.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bella, The sad thing is that Republicans who have “had it” are still going to vote for Shitler and support him. I was watching MSNBC last night and two Republicans who despise him said they would be loyal to their party. That is fucked up! Seriously. I’m so happy I’m an independent. XOXOXOXO

  16. Momcat says:

    Well I stand behind you my friend on both topics. You guys ( I am not a U.S citizen) need to do something about gun control, fast. Unbelievably there is a blogger of a certain age who wrote a blog post extolling the virtues of her lil hand gun and how she’d shoot if she was in trouble. Like shoot first and ask questions later…she even told a reader (who had a strange guy knock on her hotel room door) that if it had been her she would have let the guy have it right through the door…like don’t call security or the cops..just fill ‘em with lead. I wanted to laugh…and then I thought this woman is serious, this woman is dangerous, this is wrong.
    On the pseudo luxury front also agree. Girl I am also seeing bloggers link dumping with more and more expensive brands as in ‘if you buy this I get a small commission’ situation. OK no worries if links are a mix of the budget priced and the 400.00 flats. I signed off one blogger today because she linked to eight different garments totalling more than 2000.00! That’s crazy! >$300.00 jeans! Sorry no. I am sooooo tired of conspicuous consumption in the guise of ohhh ‘ but the cost per wear will pay for itself’ yeah? When I’m 125 years old? It’s disgusting in the young and reprehensible in the old.
    We do not NEED $400.00 flats or 1200.00 bags.
    While I’m up here on this soap box…I had a cringe worthy moment today reading a blog written by a privileged white woman commenting on learning how to cut watermelon while working with “impoverished” young girls who were grateful to receive paper blankets. From where this woman lived at the time I assume that these young girls were most likely black. Don’t know if this blogger was drinking when she wrote this or is just plain outta touch but eeeuw her choice of words then her brilliant segue to a sale at JCrew made me vomit into my mouth a bit. Her optics are really off so I’ll drop her too…I’m down to three bloggers now that aren’t self congratulating, pompous, outta touch with current reality…and Cathe you’re one of my three!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Al, Don’t even get me started on those “mature” influencers. They are so full of shit. That one with the gun? She cares more about her conservative followers so it gives you an indication of what her moral compass is—or isn’t. Most of them are like that. There’s one who is on every form of SM and I actually find her YouTube videos pretty good–her taste is a bit too “Talbots” for me, but otherwise, she’s decent. I wish she had the balls to speak her mind socially. None of them do. I’ve been warned by Instagram, banned for months at a time from Facebook but I will continue to speak my mind.
      LOL. That influencer I just wrote about–she has a giveaway on her YT which is very generous–but on the other hand, she offers a discount code for some sort of electronic face mask–the thing is over $300. My advice to great skin? Hydrate. Don’t smoke. Get plenty of sleep. Stay out of the sun. There–I saved people over $300. THAT’s an investment.
      I’ve dropped most of the older influencers save a few that I liken to my hate-watching of Emily in Paris. I refuse to add links for overpriced stuff except for Amazon. The offerings are affordable and if I wear them–it’s good quality. $300 jeans? Never. $400 shoes. Nope! I save my old shoes and have them repaired! Ugh. Don’t get me started-LOL! OXXOXOXOXO

  17. Judy says:

    Dear Catharine, Firstly I just want to say how much I LOVE your blogs, realistic ,funny and so lively. It’s like having a good friend who lets off steam with a real chat!
    I agree so much about the gun laws in your country, it’s so scary to think anyone can just walk into a shop and buy a gun ! Over here in the U K our current problem is knife killings ,especially among young men,and how do you stop people buying knives? Also your abortion problem shouldn’t involve men AT ALL ,it should solely be the mothers choice,and everyone knows how hard that decision would be .
    And now the discussion about that abused word Luxury! To me this doesn’t involve clothes or cosmetics. I think true luxury can’t be bought. It is a cosy bed with fresh clean sheets, a walk in the sunshine looking at the beautiful spring blossom, a meal cooked by someone else ,not me! And a surprise bouquet when you didn’t know it was coming. Apart from that, what we should be looking for in clothes shoes bags etc is QUALITY. And that is not always the most expensive item I adore clothes and costume jewellery and always try to go for things which appear to be well made, I like things to last and look good for several years. Very best wishes to you and look forward to our next chat ! Judy from Brighton UK

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Judy. Yeah. In AMERICA you need proper ID to buy a bottle of wine, yet you can just walk into a gun store and purchase a shooter. Shots vs. Shooters. Our country, at this point is a disgrace. The democrats need to ease on the far left progression–I’m all for progressive ideology but they need to veer more to attract moderates. Baby steps is what it takes. The far right is a cancer and bigots, racists, white supremists and nazis who are NOT patriots to this country are the ones who elect these things who want to eliminate our democracy. Men have NO RIGHT to tell a woman what to do with their bodies. I would love to take their “manhood” away and see how they start crying with their voices higher in tone. It’s disgusting and influencers, I’ll say it again, care far more about the number of followers. As far as luxury goes–It isn’t always price–it’s quality! XOXOXOXO

  18. Bravo to you. I’m right with you about your whole blog!!! You go girl!!!

    I do have one important question. How can you wear those shoes with out arches????

  19. tonisoucie says:

    Cathe…..I so agree with you on the politics. Honestly, there are days where I just feel like I want to move to another country because of all the BS but, of course, that will not happen. It’s frustrating and scary. Hopefully, in the 2023 and 2024 those who believe in democracy will get off their butts and vote. As for luxury items, I don’t own any but do love your LV bags.

  20. Margaret says:

    I agree with every single point of yours, and as I always say, it seems like in order to become a politician these days, you have to be a liar. It’s the criteria now and George Santos is the latest poster boy, but not for long I’m sure. The vegan shoes, handbags, etc are such a joke and I’m not falling for it either. My favorite brand for shoes WAS the original Clark’s, but then they created a new line called Cloudsteppers which was even more comfortable and I went with that. Then they developed another line called Clark’s Collection that has rock-hard insoles and no comfort at all, but they charge the same prices as their Cloudsteppers, which is ridiculous. The final straw with Clark’s is that they sell a very nice looking summer thong sandal that they brag has been a top seller on QVC for years and comes in 15 colors, but only in medium width. So those of us with wide (me) or narrow widths are excluded. They can’t make one or two colors for us? Something’s wrong with this picture, lol. Manufacturers just aren’t thinking straight anymore.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Margaret. Ohhhhhhhh I agree so much with the “liar” component. I grew up with my parents stating there is nothing worse than a liar. So did most of us–along the way, that ideology faded and lying seems to be social acceptable. It isn’t. Not now. Not ever. NEVER!
      Don’t even get me started with the “vegan” clothing/shoes/bags bullshit. It’s plastic. And yet, luxury companies are charging an arm and a leg (that’s not vegan). I so agree with you! XOXOXO

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