The Long-Awaited Wig Post!

Lately I have been on the receiving end of emails and personal messages asking me to write a blog post about the wigs I wear and my “wig” story. I have also received quite a few messages and emails asking me what I think about those in the wig community who pontificate their Christian and political ideologies as well as thoughts on guns.  And yes, there are several wig-wearers who bring sensitive subject matter into their reviews on various forms of social media.

Let us go back a few years here..or “hair”  to see my wig evolution!

Let me address the second part of the inquiries.  I’ve unfollowed those who intertwine wigs with scriptures, Bible passages, politics and, if they are pro-gun, I do not follow. My personal ideologies and beliefs are meant for separate social media posts.  And, out of respect for the wig companies sending me product for review, any sensitive subject matter has no place in a wig review. I have also taken certain wig vendors off my follow list as they support the beliefs of those reviewers. It is as simple as that.  I don’t bad-mouth, I don’t start online arguments, I merely click and unfollow.

Was Jesus a hippie? 🙃✌️(my reflection in the comments) : r/ActualHippies

Hey. Jesus was a hippie. End of story. He didn’t wear a wig either. End of story.

I do, however, have issues with the use of filters, but I will discuss that later in this post.

Anyway, anxiety and stress have long been a part of my life.  It goes back to childhood and I am not going to elaborate on that for now.

nervous sweating

Add stomach aches, headaches, depression….and panic. 

It was around the time I was in high school, that my anxiety took the route of pulling on my hair.  Every time I felt anxious or stressed, I would head up to my room, put on some music (Jimmy Hendrix) and would pull strands of hair out.  Then I started to pick at my scalp until it bled. I’m not going to say I got satisfaction with this, but it did relieve some of the stress and anxiety.

Stay Home Betty Boop GIF by Fleischer Studios

Sadly, I still do this when I’m stressed. I cut my hair (what’s left of it) into a chin-length bob and I’m still pulling.

Because my hair was unusually thick and porous, it appeared that I had a ton of hair—which I did.  The pulling and picking would remain throughout my adult life.  I did not notice any changes in my hair until my forties.  And it was thinning.  My part became wider but it had not reached that issue—yet.  It wasn’t until one of my friends—or was it one of my sisters, who noticed a bald spot on the back of my crown.  I never noticed it because of the way I wore my hair.

The Hair Apparent. An Irresistible Solution to Female Hair Loss and Thinning! | Atypical 60

When I look back at this old photo, the damage had already been done.  Dying my hair disguised the baldness a bit.

When the bald spot was pointed out, I became panicky and made an appointment with my general practitioner.  She brushed it off as pre-menopausal and said that her hair had thinned a lot. Still not happy with her explanation, I kept pulling and picking and noticed that my once lustrous head of hair had become much thinner.  In fact, I started to notice that areas where I pulled my hair and picked at my scalp, the hair was not growing back.

Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling Disorder): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

I didn’t chew my hair nor did I pull out hair other than the hair on my head. But I would search out split ends.   Some people turn to drugs. I turned to pulling out my hair. 

It wasn’t until I changed doctors that I found out I had trichotillomania. A mental condition where hair is pulled out, one can pick their scalp or other areas of the body.  What I never expected was the permanent damage I caused to myself.  Trich is a form of emotional illness and it is a form of body mutilation.  I will not delve further.

My hair was still in okay shape though. With clever styling, the baldness was hidden. And with a clever hairstylist who talked me into long layers, my hair looked damned good! Adam worked wonders!  Then it got to a point where I had to use a product made up of fibers, and sprinkled on the head, to hide the baldness which had gotten progressively worse (and yes, I was still pulling my hair).   I would get my hair styled and Adam worked wonders with the product.

The Lost Weekend Chronicles–Friday With Fallon! | Atypical 60

Adam at Bleu Mousse salon in Wayne, PA was THE best hairstylist I had gone to in my life.  He was incredible and I miss the way he did my hair.

I bought a wig. I’ll never forget the first wig I purchased.  Scorpio by Revlon.  It was a bob and looked good but I was so anxious about wearing it to work or even out in public.  I did manage enough bravery to wear it to my sister’s house on a Long Island visit.  My niece asked me if I was wearing a wig.  When I told her that I was she looked at me and said “It looks nice” in a very non-judgmental way.

This is Scorpio. The first wig I ever bought.  I wish I hadn’t been so self-conscious at the time because looking back, this was a great little wig!

I continued to sit on the fence until I purchased a topper that I figured would solve my issue. At the time I purchased a topper from Uniwigs.  The topper, texturally was fantastic because it wasn’t silky. It matched the coarse texture of my natural hair.  I wore it to work, and if anyone noticed, nothing was said.  The issue with the topper was that I had to constantly adjust and re-adjust it. : Human Hair Toppers with 2 Clips in, 2.4"x 4.7" Silk Base Forehead Topper Hairpieces Hand Tied Wiglet for Women, 12" Dark Brown : Beauty & Personal Care

Toppers were a pain-in-the-neck for me. Constantly adjusting. It is just so much easier to wear a wig!

This was at a time when the women who had wig tutorials on YouTube and social media were women of color.  I owe so much to those women because these women   taught me how to wear and customize wigs.   I learned how to cut a lace front and how to widen a too-thin part by tweezing and adding concealer to hide any line of demarcation.

4 Sexy Wig Options for Natural Hair Women, Wigs under $30 Dollars for Black Women, Honest Wig Review - YouTube

I owe my wig education to women of color. Thank you!

Gradually, I became more confident in wearing wigs. And started my little way of reviewing them on YouTube.

TRESSALLURE MIA WIG REVIEW (@Atypical60) : A Wavy, Layered Winner! - YouTube

Head to my YouTube Channel to watch some wig reviews!  

I continue to review wigs on YouTube and Instagram but slack off during summer. On summer weekends, you can find me at the beach and not in front of a camera. And when I do get the opportunity to review a wig, you can bet your bottom dollar that review will be an unedited, unfiltered, totally transparent review.

No filters.  I do use a ring light to get the house lighting a bit brighter but you NEED to see my skin tone, my wrinkles and features! 

I do not filter my face simply because at 68 years, my face is wrinkled. It is textured.  I have redness that I cover with makeup. I am naturally cross-eyed.  I have a nose. I want you to see me at my worst because you need to see how a wig can enhance an older woman’s looks and add a nuance of youthfulness.

Getting ready to put a few wigs on for ya! I prefer to wear a nylon wig cap because it keeps the hair that I have in place and is rather comfortable. My wigs don’t shift when I wear this type of wig cap.

And that is what you need to realize when looking and researching wigs on social media. Whether it be on Instagram or Facebook, the lands of over-filtering and catfishing, or YouTube reviews where studio lighting added to filters are used.

Fans accuse Khloe Kardashian of over-filtering her selfies -

You will never see me without a proper nose or with over-photoshopped lips.  You need to see my at my worst!

What you need to consider is the shape of your face.  Is it square and angular? (Hello! That would be me) Has age gifted you with jowls?  Then you might want a wig with soft layers framing your face.  And take length into consideration. You do not necessarily want a short wig that is close-cropped.  Length does not have to be long. Shoulder to chin works beautifully on the mature woman.

This is Finn by Estetica Designs. The shade is Caramel Kiss.  My face shape is square and to soften my face, the layers in this wig are just beautiful.   Finn is a favorite!

What is your skin tone?  Are you warm?  Cool?  Neutral?  The color of a wig can make you look vibrant or washed out.    I prefer ashy blonds and caramel browns.  I can get away with reds if they tend to blend toward strawberry blond or have brown in the mix.  A true ginger does not look good on me neither does a bright platinum blonde.

My Favorite Wigs of 2018. The Bridge Edition. | Atypical 60

The burgundy color of this wig was difficult for me to wear. The photo looks okay but in real life, it was a challenge with my coloring.

A strawberry blonde works better for me. In fact, this Easton Wig by Inner Bellezza has me on the receiving end of many compliments at work.

This ashy blonde (I cannot recall the color) of Gabor Wigs “High Society” is another color that works well!

Color makes a difference as we age.  Although my natural hair color was black, a wig that dark looks harsh on me these days.  A few years back I could get away with it because my hair was dyed black.  Now that I’ve stopped coloring my hair, I’m more comfortable in lighter shades.  My opinion but I think older women look much better in a lighter shade.

Oops. Actually this shade “Chocolate Smoke” by Estetica Designs isn’t harsh at all. The wig is my favorite bob “Jamison” and I have her in many colors!

What I'm “Hairing”! | Atypical 60

Back in 2017, this black wig (shade 1B), Storm by Model Model was my favorite wig.  Storm is no longer made and six years later, my skin and coloring have changed to the point this would now be too dark for me.  Dang–I loved this wig!

Decide which type of wig you feel more comfortable with.  Basic cap?  Lace front or mono top?  Human or synthetic hair?  Take these into consideration.  Some love a basic cap.  For me, a lace, or mono top works better because I feel they are more natural looking.  I do have a couple of basic cap wigs that I love and wear quite often and they give off a very natural appearance.

This is a basic wig cap. Note the absence of a true part and a lace front.  At times basic cap wigs can appear “wiggy”.

Harlow by Noriko. This is the shade Chocolate Frost. She’s a basic cap wig but I love her. She looks good for a basic cap. I purchased her on the cheap on a “buy two, get one free”.  This is where you need to research. I’ve seen this wig as little as $111 USD  up to over $200 USD.

Lace front with Lace part. Looking more natural.  Note the silicone strip along the front of the lace.  This helps to keep the wig in place.

Again, the Easton Wig, it’s the lace front and part–incredibly affordable and very well-constructed!

Raquel Welch Bella Vida Wig.  It is a hand-tied, extended lace front and mono top with the new Luxlite cap. Honestly, this is THE most comfortable wig cap ever.  You can’t feel it.

Bella Vida by Raquel Welch Wigs! The Perfect Wig has been created! - YouTube

Here she is.  Bella Vida. Honey Pecan.  I recently reviewed on my YouTube Channel. Here is the link if you would like to see:  Atypical60 Bella Vida Review

Some prefer human hair wigs.  And I’ve noticed there is a slight snobbish aspect of this.  Those who prefer human hair tend to pooh-pooh synthetic wigs.  Here’s my thoughts.  I LOVE synthetic wigs. And I love them because they are easy and convenient.   My bio hair took a long time to wash, dry, and style. It was so thick that it took nearly three hours. I’m not putting myself through that again.  And plopping a synthetic wig on my noggin is so easy!

This is Pandora by UniWigs LaVivid line. It was the only human hair wig I ever owned. I wore it to the beach and went swimming.  It dried wavy and it took forever to get it back to being straight. I have neither the time nor patience to deal with this anymore.

What size is your head?  Some brands will fit better than others.  My head is average to slightly large due to the weight of the hair that I still have.  Estetica Designs, Raquel Welch and Gabor wigs fit me the best.  Other brands favoring a smaller skull can work but toward the end of the day feel tight and I don’t like that feeling. Examples of the smaller wig brands are Jon Reneau and Envy.  Both are very tight on my head.  The best thing you can do is measure the circumference of your head to get the best wig fit for you.

This is Estetica Designs “Alden” in Caramel Kiss. It’s the longest in length that I’ll wear. And I love this wig. Very Julia Roberts. I wore Alden to Oona’s wedding!


“Sage” by Estetica. This is the shortest I’ll go. I love the fullness and I can’t remember the shade!


Gabor Wigs “High Society”  I believe this is the Champagne blonde color. I have three of this model.  Gabor makes a great wig!

Same Gabor wig in a gray shade!

Review by @Atypical60 of Upstage by Raquel Welch Wigs! - YouTube

“Upstage” by Raquel Welch in Cappuccino SS.   

What’s your budget.  This is something you need to be mindful of.  Price increases abound, you should not go into debt because you are being pressured by an influencer that you need an expensive wig.  One of my most-worn and favorite wigs happens to be a very affordable on. Easton by Inner Bellezza.  This is an affordable and stunning wig with a ‘60’s vibe that wears very well!

Back with “Easton” by Inner Bellezza.  This won’t break the bank!

I also love The Wig Company’s in-house brand, Statements.  Not only does The Wig Company offer brand-name wigs, but their house brands are very good.

“Luxurious” by Statements, the house brand of The Wig Company. She’s lightweight and incredibly affordable!

You do not need to experience hair loss to wear a wig!  Remember back in the 1960’s and 1970’s when falls and other hairpieces were popular?  Nobody thought twice about wearing them! There was no stigma. Hair enhancements were fun! What happened over the years to make women balk at wearing wigs for convenience or fun?

HEY LADY! YOU NEED A WIG!!!!! | Atypical 60

Falls and other hairpieces of the 1960’s should have gotten more love decades later. I personally love the look of these falls!

Vacations are a great example.  You are away for a week. You are swimming in the ocean or lake or pool.  All day.  Then you go to dinner.  Imagine the time spent showering and drying and styling your hair.  With a wig, just plop it on and go.

In France this June.  I wore Finn by Estetica quite often. Swim in the morning, wig in the afternoon!

Events are another example of wigs being your best friend.  When my daughter, Oona, was married, all I had to do was plop a wig on my head after my makeup was done. No time spent having my hair done. I took it out of the box then went on my merry way.

My Favorite and Best Wigs of 2019! | Atypical 60

Took less than a minute to do my hair for my daughter’s wedding. I plopped Estetica’s “Alden” in Caramel Kiss on my noggin!

We Attended a Wedding! We're on the Way to Normal! | Atypical 60

For my girlfriend MaryBeth’s daughter’s wedding, I wore “Jamison” by Estetica! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

At work, everyone knows I wear wigs.  It is no big deal.  Some of my co workers have their favorites.  Some like my wavy wigs and others prefer my straight-haired wigs. Either way, it’s always fun!

HEY LADY! YOU NEED A WIG!!!!! | Atypical 60

“Avalon” by Estetica is another favorite of co-workers!

Sometimes I receive compliments from strangers on my hair style.  When they find out it’s a wig, the shock sets in. It is important for me to try to normalize wearing wigs. And usually these conversations last quite a while. It is good to educate others on wearing wigs.

Aging hair.  Let’s face it.  Not all of us have hair that ages well.  The hair that I do have is dry. It is porous and is coarse. The shade range runs from charcoal to white and makes me look washed out.  Cover that aging hair with a wig.  It will boost your confidence and wake up your face a bit.

My bio hair. After two hours of setting, blow drying and adding fibers to cover the bald spots. It’s too much work for me. Wigs look better. With age comes wigsdom!

Do this for you!  If you experience hair loss, hair that hasn’t aged well or just want a bit of change without cutting your hair, wigs are the answer.  This isn’t the time to ponder what others think. This is selfish time. Do it for you.  And have a sense of humor about it.  My kids started calling me Moira Rose after the infamous Schitt’s Creek matriarch who wore wigs daily.    One of my coworkers recently saw the movie “80 for Brady” and said she thought of me when Jane Fonda’s character opened the trunk of her car and it was filled with wigs.  I got a big giggle out of that because I saw that movie on a flight to France this summer and thought of me too!   Honestly, it’s fun when little things like that remind people of you.

Schitt's Creek: Meet Catherine O'Hara's wig stylist Ana Sorys |

Moira Rose and her wigs. I just love her!

Upkeep.  I take good care of my wigs. And I think that’s why they last for a long time.  I use a wide-tooth comb after every use and place the wig inside out back in its box.  Before wearing, I “comb” with my fingers.

After taking my wig off, I run a wide-toothed comb through it..

…then I turn inside out and place… the box!

Then she goes into the wig closet!

I don’t wash my wigs often either.  Since they are synthetic, they really don’t need to be washed often. And when I do wash them, I do not use fabric softener to condition.  I ruined a beautiful Wren wig by Estetica Designs by conditioning it in fabric softener and that was a huge mistake. The wig stretched out; the fibers just hung. It really was a huge mistake.

This is the wig I destroyed by conditioning. I love Wren by Estetica and was so angry with myself when I ruined her..

Here’s my blonde Wren. I’ve had her for a few years and I think I washed her twice. Take care of your wigs and you don’t need to wash them often!

HD fibers don’t wear as well and at times, the ends can get frayed.  Two solutions.  Steam the wig or cut the ends off.  But be careful doing both.  Remember to cut up into the wig and not across.

This is Raquel Welch’s “Current Events” wig. It’s an HD Fiber wig and a number of people don’t like the way HD fibers wear. I’ve had no issue.

That’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this little journey and take these tips into consideration.  Remember—this is for you.  And enjoy!


The most important thing is YOU!  YOU will wear the wig. Not your mother, sister, daughter, friend. It’s you–so be a bit selfish!  And I hope this helped a little bit!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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27 Responses to The Long-Awaited Wig Post!

  1. Thanks so much for taking us all on your wig journey. This is such a good thing to be aware of whether wanting a change without cutting my biological hair, or if hair loss occurs due to age, cancer treatments or whatever. I love all your wigs and they make you look absolutely fabulous! – Amy

  2. Thanks for normalizing wigs. I worry about the heat of a wig. I had a cousin whose hair I always admired. It was straight with bangs and was always perfect. I couldn’t figure out how anyones hair could be that perfect looking. Great color also. Well, after she passed i mentioned her perfect hair and was told it was a wig she wore for religious reasons!!!!! Now I know she could not afford an expensive wig. But the one she wore was gorgeous for years!!! It was so perfect on her!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandy! I love that story about your cousin! Don’t worry about the heat of a wig. Honestly, I wear my wigs in the extreme heat of the south of France with no issues and here in the Northeast the weather is humid to more humid and hot to hotter and they are fine. All you need is a comfortable wig cap and a lighter weight wig!

  3. Elizabeth L says:

    I have always wondered about your use of wigs. Thank you for your candor and for your unapologetic rundown of why you’ve made the choices you’ve made. You always look terrific!

  4. Susan says:

    Love your wigs! I bought four while waiting for my hair to grow back after chemo. I still like the wigs better, my natural gray makes me look washed out. Thinking of getting another wig, with lace front. And I love the RW wigs the best!

  5. Julie F says:

    This was so interesting! I’m such a bumpkin; always wondered why I couldn’t see a line or edge of a cap but explaining & showing the inside construction of your wigs helped me understand how they work. And you always look great! Wish you were my neighbor so maybe I’d learn more stuff. Thanks!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Julie! Yeah. The lace front wigs are practically undectable and look so natural. It’s nice to be able to wear them. Oh if we were neighbors we would have a great time!

  6. Pat B says:

    Thank you for such a personal and helpful post. I did have a great wig in the early 70s which I wore to a wedding and for the travel and visiting relatives on the trip.
    You look great and I can understand the fun and confidence to enjoy new looks.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Pat. Yeah! The late 60’s/early 70’s brought about great fake hair and nobody was shamed for wearing those fun pieces. Now everyone is either too serious about it or… many wig “influencers” are in it to make a buck. I’m in it because I need to wear wigs every day! Great for travel and I’ll be packing a few for our upcoming trip back to Paris in November!

  7. Ann BurkeLCSWR says:

    Tks for the normalization of a solution to many hair woes that women struggle with whether it be fr cancer treatment Or as a result of untreated anxiety disorder. As a mental health professional this was a very useful article to educate around choices without stigma. Tks!
    Ann BurkeLCSWR
    NYC, NY

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ann, and thank you for finding this blog post useful. You have my absolute permission to share this post with any of your patients who might be experiencing the effects of Trich or anxiety! I appreciate your comment!

  8. Bridget says:

    I love all your blogs, and of course this one too. I have very fine hair due to a thyroid problem, and naturally fine hair anyway, that certainly doesn’t get better with age (not taking after my mom who passed at 91, and the nursing-home salon in Ireland, would lament that ‘Peggy has such thick hair, it’s hard to style!) so, I do wear a topper at times, especially when my roots are very visible. Also, since Covid I have become a total weirdo, I was once the gal who went to the hair salon every 3 to 4 weeks, with a chin length bob. I now have long hair, that I trim and color myself (v. badly) with demi-permanent color. I will however venture to a salon soon, as we are leaving for Europe in a month’s time, first trip since Covid (your packing tips were appreciated, I also always over pack) If you ever feel up to it, I would love to hear your story about anxiety. I have had GAD since I was 23 yrs. of age, and I am now your age, so I know how it is, we have that added dimension in our lives, that makes just about everything that bit more complicated. Continue your great work, both in your blogs and on Instagram, I follow you every day. Love, Bridget

    • Catherine says:

      Bridget thank you so very much. LOL. All my relatives in Ireland have the most incredibly thick hair. It’s astounding. My grandfather had a full head of hear even on his deathbed and so did my grandma. We are kindred spirits here. I will work on something anxiety-related at a point but it’s so difficult to put it all into writing—it’s like a novel of thoughts!

      • anniebridgie says:

        So true Cathy, a novel of thoughts is a great description, but we know! I think if you’ve never experienced an anxiety disorder, it’s tough to comprehend. Anyway, I’m delighted to be your ‘kindred spirit’ I know, my maternal grandfather Paddy Courtney 🙂 had the thickest hair on anyone’s head, it wasn’t even entirely gray at 90 + my grandma too, like their daughter, my mother. My dad was Irish also, but genetically I must have inherited my wispy locks from his side of the family, he had fine hair, I never saw my grandparents on that side of the family, they were gone before I was born.
        I do agree though that folks in the ‘auld country’ are blessed, generally, with great hair. Please continue to keep us entertained, I read all your blogs, and follow you on IG. B XOX

  9. JULIE HICKS says:

    I can’t wait to share this with a friend who has been experiencing thinning hair. I would love to have a wig or two to switch up my look – after reading this, I just may do it!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Julie, If I can be of any assistance, please share away!! Thinning hair is very common these days and what better way to combat it than with a wig!

  10. junedesilva says:

    This is a brilliant post because we never know when we might need to wear a wig. It could be for all sorts of reasons, health, hair thinning or just because we want to! I’ve pinned this post because it is positive, practical and inspiring xoxo

  11. Toni Soucie says:

    Cathe….what an excellent blog and you so perfectly explained all the aspects of wig wearing. I’ve been wearing wigs since 2016. After my hysterectomy in 2016, my hair thinned out and never recovered. I now wear a wig every day and feel and look my absolute best when I wear a wig. I, too, am 68 and honestly wearing a wig takes years off me. It did take awhile to stop thinking that everyone was looking at me but I know it was just my insecurity. Now, I know no one notices nor cares. I am so grateful there is the option of wigs and I do think that more and more it is being accepted (of course, I don’t care what anyone thinks).

  12. cgcopy says:

    Way to go, Catherine — you look terrific in all your wigs. BTW, what lip color are you wearing in most of these photos? It’s very pretty.

  13. Juliet says:

    You look wonderful – I think we need to work on normalising a lot of older womens style and stop feeling defensive. We have permission to be here, just as we are and Im not feeling like I need to apologise for that 🙂 Im just going to say that when you have longer wavy dark-ish hair you are an absolute cross between two very formative style crushes/icons for me (Jaclyn Smith and Mary Tyler Moore) and when you have straight sleek hair and a fringe (bangs?) as in “Pandora” you have a fabulous semi French vibe going on a bit Carla Bruni / Jane Birkin. fabulous

  14. Sandy Humphreys says:

    When you have your wigs on you don’t look your age, I was astounded that you are 68 I am from wales in the UK from Sandy

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