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The Best Appetizer You’ll Ever Make

I think.  And let me tell you, I was thinking about this all day!  It started with an Instagram photo that my friend (I’m delusional-remember? I have pretend friends.) Anthony Bourdain posted.  He looks incredibly thin these days.  I hope … Continue reading

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How Dough I Love Thee? I Can Proof It To Ya!

For most of us, the time leading up to Christmas is spent trying to deal with the crowds and mayhem at the mall.  Long lines at the cashier.  Pushing and shoving.  Cursing the driver that snuck into the parking space … Continue reading

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Wanna Share a Cuppa Cawfee And Tawk With Me?

Such a true passage……. Ya know, Bonaparte is so good to me. He always makes the best cuppa Joe every morning. He treats me like the pretend royalty that my delusions have me believe I am. I really am lucky! … Continue reading

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