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Don’t Call Me A Liberal. I’m a Humanist!!!!!!!!

Ever since I’ve been associated with my desire for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to be elected President of these already great United States of America, I’ve been labeled a Liberal. I’ve also been called a “Snowflake”.  A term … Continue reading

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I’m Officially Running for President of These United States– Move Over Donald and Hillary!

I’m throwing myself into the 2016 presidential race.  Why would I do that? You ask. It’s because I’m sick and tired of the smear campaigning that is currently taking place.  That’s right! I’ve had enough of the smear campaign that … Continue reading

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A Revisit “Atypical 60’s Open Letter To Society” Our Gun Laws Need to be Changed!

America. I do love her, but she’s GOT to wake up! YESTERDAY! Sure, we have our freedom and we are lucky suns of bitches to have that.  Unfortunately, we have TOO much freedom when it comes to the right to … Continue reading

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Atypical 60’s Open Letter To Society

Hi Society, Or should I say “High” Society? Seriously society, what the hell has happened to you?  I mean, you used to be so classy and proper and cultured and intellectual! Baby, you used to care. You had high standards! … Continue reading

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