The Movie Starts at 10:30? In the Morning??????

It’s finally happened. I’ve crossed the line into the world of “Old People”. It never occurred to me that this would be one of the rites of passage in my lifetime. After all, I’m vibrant. I’m hip. I’m cool. I wear skinny jeans. I wear my eyeliner retro-style. I wear pointy-toed stilletos!  And now, I’m officially an old fart! We went to the movies earlier today. I’m not talking no matinee at noon, baby. No siree! I’m talking ’bout going to the movies at 10:30. A. M.! In the morning. I know—Bonaparte practically had to drag me to the car screaming and kicking like a ten year old on the way to a dental appointment. Who freaking goes to see a movie THAT early in the day? The only people who go to movies that early are the people whose turkey necks are worse than my own. Am I right???

Here’s the story:

Monsieur Bonaparte wanted to see “American Sniper” in the worst way. I’m not one for American Sniperwar movies nor am I a fan of any film with violence. This has nothing to do at all with my politics; I just get creeped out when I see blood, missing body parts, or bandaged heads. I would much rather see a romantic foreign film or something sophomoric that makes me laugh so I can be content in my delusional world of make-believe. However, me, being the giver that I am, agreed to see the movie. (Besides, I can use this as ammunition on a later date.) And I agreed to see it at an ungodly early hour!

The theatre was crowded. And the theatre was crowded with the “older” set. But I have to tell you–it was such a comfort to be in the midst of my newly found age group. There were no hungry babies screaming to be changed or fed. There were no teens checking their phones for texts or engaging in loud conversation. Nobody in our row kept getting up to go to the candy counter or bathroom repeatedly. No interruptions. I rather enjoyed this morning at the movies. It was more fun than a midnight showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” or “Reefer Madness”! (Wow, I really did cross that line—didn’t I?)

As an aside, this movie was fantastic. Bradley Cooper has been nominated for the Oscar three times now.   I hope he wins this year—he’s proved his chops as a great American actor!  In addition, he wears a University of Texas Longhorn Baseball cap in the film. (Hey. I’m a proud Longhorn mom! Hook ’em Horns!)  Bradley just looks too cute  in that

Burnt Orange cap! bradley-cooper-texas-longhorn-on-american-sniper-set

What’s next for me?  The Early Bird dinner special? No way!! I may have crossed a line by going to the movies at 10:30 in the morning, but I draw the line when it comes time for dining. You will never catch me having dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon! Not now. Not ever. Never!

Dinner SaturdaySpeaking of dinner, last night I made a really great stick-to-your-ribs dish of “Poulet Valée D’Auge”—chicken and apples in a creamy Calvados sauce. The apples I used were Granny Smiths and they cooked up so nice and caramelized and firm–not at all apple saucey. Cooked apples. Look Like potatoes Lots of flavor and perfect for a cold winter’s night. I served a nice Bordeaux with it. I love a good red wine!  The recipe I used is from Bon Appetit. If you are looking for a different kind of hearty dish, this is a great, great recipe. It’s also a nice dinner-for-two!  Here’s the link:

Poulet Valee Recipe

The pound cake I made is still going strong.  Monsieur Bonaparte has polished off quite a bit. I’m glad I made two cakes. Bonaparte's Treat

…and in honor of Bradley Cooper’s outstanding portrayal of Chris Kyle in “American Sniper” here’s a video of my favorite group of all time, The Kinks, and their homage to Hollywood. “Celluloid Heroes”!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I’m off to write some cover letters to accompany my resumes and send them off to corporations that won’t get in touch with me!


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