“Super” Sunday Musings from the Old Lazy–I mean, Old LADY!

February 1st is here. Spring is next month ( I love saying that)!Spring

In two months I’ll be 60 so I’ll enjoy these last days of my 50’s!

Today started out slow and relaxed. Coffee in bed. I must say Monsieur Bonaparte knows how to make a mean cup of Joe! On my lazy-day agenda: Go to the bank and run some errands.

I’m supposed to be on a “no-buy” these days. That means no clothes. No boots. No shoes. No bags. No more “house” stuff for a while. I get that. With my state of being unemployed, I certainly don’t need any more clothing. I’ve got enough. I’m even ok with not purchasing shoes because I’ll just save for another pair of  Repetto ballet flats when we’re in Paris later this year. It’s winter. I’ve been living in boots when I’m outside and socks in the house. My boot collection is sufficient.  For now.

My bags—they are at rest. I have an entire shelf full of bags, but I’m so “bag-lazy”. The process of taking all my stuff out of one bag to transfer to another is just too overwhelming for me. (Sound familiar?)

Boots and bag

Who knew the boots and bag would match so well?

I’m keeping everything in a Longchamp  Le Pliage bag—it sort of goes with everything because the bag itself is black nylon and the straps are brown leather. This bag is also indestructible. It takes a tremendous amount of abuse and goes well in my messy car.  In fact, my bag matched my boots today!

Dressed to go 2

The rest of the outfit was casual, Loft jeans. Let me tell you, these faded jeans were a steal at $18.00 on the sale rack. Loft jeans fit really well if you are a bit meaty in the thighs and hips! One of my favorite T-shirts, my Red Sox shirt, and my navy J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer completed the look. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bone-chilling cold today as it was yesterday!

Stila snow on my eyes another view

Did the eyes a bit different today. I applied Stila’s Snow eyeliner on top of my black eyeliner. Here’s a pic—but realize that I’m no professional makeup artist. The line got a little crooked there—must’ve been the caffeine from the coffee! It looks much better from far away. Hey, I’m no pro!Only NE team I like

I received the newest Ulta catalogue in the mail with a $3.50 off coupon. Looks like my “no-buy” is going to be a “semi-buy” today.   I’m out of my “Well Rested” and cannot live a day without this –it’s on my shopping list. Also added to the list is “Pistol” eye shadow from Urban Decay. It’s one of the shadows in my Naked2 palette and I’ve hit pan on it big time. Since I use this color almost on a daily basis, I figured I would go with the full-sized single pot. It’s also on my shopping list. Too-Faced cream blush in “Sweet Pea” has also hit pan to the point that I’m only left with product around the edge of the pan. I really need more. It is also on the list.

My living room sofas need some “umph” in the form of additional toss pillows. I’ve been looking for red but other than pillows with a “Christmas” theme, red is nowhere to be found. Toss pillows or covers containing splashes of red are also on my list.

Home Goods has a great selection of toss pillows, and it seemed as though every color was on display except for red. I ended up buying a two pack of off white toss pillows—one for each sofa. See the two long pillows in the middle of each sofa?  That’s what I bought. I know it’s a bit boring but we’re still decorating! They were a decent price at $29.99 for the both. I still need that splash of red. Eventually, I’ll find it. I guess today just isn’t that day. Lucky me, I found a Mauviel mold for $5.00. What a deal.

Mauviel Mold 5.00

Coupon in hand, I went into Ulta to search for my Well-Rested. I got the last one. Please Well Rested. Snagged the last one.Bare Minerals, please do not ever discontinue this great concealer.   After looking in vain for the Sweet Pea blush, the Sales Assistant told me Too-Faced discontinued it. I hate that. Why do cosmetics companies discontinue perfectly good products? This blush was the perfect pink and it is going to take a long time to find a match for it. ARRRRGHHH!!!

UD Pistol from Naked 2 and Black Velvet Eye PencilVelvet Eye Pencil is fantastic. Completely waterproof!

Pistol opened. Looks like a grayish clay. Really great neutral Better picture of Pistol from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay is having a giveaway. Spend $30.00 and receive a mascara. How could this old lady resist? Not only did I purchase Pistol eye shadow, but I also bought another eye pencil since mine is becoming smaller and smaller. The UD Velvet eye pencil is great for tight lining because the product is long lasting.

urban decay ad

I love Urban Decay products but it bothers me so much that their ad campaigns are completely geared to very young women. If UD only realized that they have a good following of “mature” women, perhaps they would add a few of us oldies into their ad campaigns!

Beauty doesn't have to be restricted adYes Urban Decay. Follow your advice and start using older women in your ads!

iT Je Ne Sais Quoi Looks clearAt the suggestion of my friend AnnaMarie, I picked up a lipstick from iT cosmetics. Vitality Lip Flush in “Je Ne Sais Quoi”—it looks colorless but turns into this ever-so-light flush of pink. It’s a mix between a lip balm and a lipstick. AnnaMarie. Thank you. I found a lip product that I’ll be using on a regular basis. That is until iT cosmetics decides to discontinue it on me!

But gives a nice flush of color

Booty in hand, I eagerly made my way to the cash register because I was so excited about my free “Perversion” mascara. I love presents and freebies! When I handed my coupon to the cashier she gave me a rather sad pout and explained that my $3.50 coupon could not be used. The cosmetics I purchased were considered “high end”. The coupon was for “drug store” items. REALLY???? That’s another pet peeve of mine—the exclusions on coupons are printed in the tiniest letters.

Magnifiying glass

Have my eyes gotton so bad with age that I cannot read the “fine print” anymore? I’m going to have to start keeping a magnifying glass in my bag. As if I am not carrying enough stuff around! Am I right?

My big present from Urban Decay.lWheres the mascara

My eyes obviously didn’t see my gift from Urban Decay either! What I thought was going to be a full-sized mascara was a tiny sample hidden in between a book cover of packaging. I swear more money was spent on the packaging than the actual product.

Here it is. Right into my travel caseAfter I finally found the tiny mascara, I stashed it in my travel beauty bag. On the bright side, I’ll have great lashes while traveling and I won’t have to worry about keeping a full-sized tube behind! Always a positive outcome.

My little man

A quick stop at Wegman’s for Guyere cheese found Chippy in a serious mood as I returned to the car.

Gorgeours 001

Superbowl isn’t a big deal with Bonaparte and me, but since it is Super Sunday, I decided to make Gougères, little cheese puffs that are the perfect accompaniment to our Kir Royales before dinner.

I got the recipe from ” The Everything Easy French Cookbook” by Cécile Delarue. It yielded about 24 little puffs and I froze the leftovers for next weekend!

Here’s the recipe:  Gorge on Gourgeres

Bon Appetit!

Since Superbowl Sunday, I’ll leave you with this queen song that’s been used more as a sports anthem. I miss Freddie Mercury and that adorable overbite.

Enjoy the evening!


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  1. Lori says:

    Love reading your blog! And just wanted to let you know that Ebay has some Too Faced Sweet Pea 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Lori! First of all, I’m so glad that you like reading my blog–and I’m incredibly happy to find out that I CAN get some of my beloved Too Faced Sweet Pea!

      • Lori says:

        Checking to see if there was any available is the least I could do for a fellow MUA Owl 🙂

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