Plumping My Big Mouth, Burning Rubber and Some Faux Channel!

Oh boy. This is a good day! You know, the past few days that I’ve been out and about driving in my car, I noticed the scent of rubber. I noticed this smell again today and I started to freak out. At first I thought that my car was burning from the engine. I pulled over and didn’t open the hood because my car is dirty from the winter weather. But I looked over the hood to see if anything was burning. All was fine.

car smokeWhat is that rubber smell?

Then I checked the tires—hey, maybe a tire was starting to burn. Who knows—right??? Tires were fine.

burning tire

Whew, not the tires!

I checked the back seat. I thought perhaps Chippy got bored while I was in a store and started to eat the car’s seat down to that rubbery foam filling. Nope!

Chippy waiting to go out with meThank goodness Chippy’s palate is discerning!

My hypochondriac thoughts started to get the best of me. My memory took me back to fourth grade. St. Patrick’s school library. I read a book about Louis Pasteur. One of his children died of a brain tumor. He realized the child had a brain tumor when complaining about smelling rubber. And there was no rubber to be smelled! Isn’t it amazing how certain things stick in your mind throughout your life?

Naturally, I thought the worst. Well, to make a long story short. The scent of rubber was coming from my Hunter boots. I’ve been wearing them because I don’t want to ruin my leather boots in this snow, icy, slushy weather. I hadn’t realized how rubbery the boots smell—or how sensitive my nose is!

The Rubber CulpritsThe rubber-scented culprit! Boy do they stink!

I’m feeling much healthier this afternoon!

While cleaning organizing a small closet, I found yet, another tote bag. In this tote bag I found “rediscovered” a lip gloss that I never realized I had.   The brand is “fc”, “femme couture”.XXL Plumping Gloss Lip Shine. I seriously had to Google this because I could not for the life of me remember where I purchased it. I bought it at Sally Beauty Supply. This gloss was an inexpensive purchase at $4.99.   The pink color is very pretty so I figured I would apply it today while I was getting ready.

Femme Couture XXL  Plumping Gloss lip shine

In the first place, I have big ol’ fish lips. The mouth that was rather fetching when I was in my twenties hasn’t aged well. Due to having the dermatologist freeze-burn many little “things” above my lips and those little tiny lines, my big mouth has seen better days!

What the heck, perhaps I could achieve Lisa Rinna lip status without the surgery—right? ( Lisa is my favorite Beverly Hills housewife. I love her!).

lisa_rinna_lipsShe has a bigger mouth than I do–shocked?

Take a look at my before and after pics. No difference.

They look slightly plumper with the assistance of a clear coat of Neutrogena Lip Smoother.

Additional clear glossAn additional coat of clear gloss. Neutrogena Lip Smoother–looks a bit more plump but no real difference in size!

What I will happily attest is this—The Femme Couture XXL Lip Plumping Gloss has remarkable staying power. Here’s a pic an hour and a half later.

An hour and a half after application it's still on!Kisses! An hour and a half later and still going strong! We have a winner–and an inexpensive winner at that!

The gloss also has a nice texture—it’s shiny without the gloopy gloppy heavy feeling of many other glosses. This is better than high-end glosses that I’ve used. We’re expecting a wintry mix tonight and snow tomorrow afternoon, but if we get a break, I’m driving to Sally Beauty to pick a couple more of these tubes. The price and quality can’t be beat. So what if it doesn’t plump the lips—the staying power is good enough for me!

Being stir-crazy from the weather, I loaded my Chippy into the car and off we went to the mall. Old Navy is having a 30% sale today and I wanted to see if I could pick up some basic summer t-shirts. I couldn’t find the fitted shirts that I like, but tried on a white sleeveless eyelet shirt. It looked much better on the hanger. My body type really, really looks much better in fitted clothing. The shirt was too short and was shapeless.   Way too baggy across the torso.

unflattering blouse at ON

Nice shirt, but not a flattering look on my body type!

Sweaters and some tops can look great if the fit is generous—but still needs to have shape. Clothes with no shape at all don’t flatter anyone. Just my opinion!   Here’s a maxi skirt I ended up purchasing. I love the way the fabric falls—there isn’t too much fabric so you won’t get lost in the skirt—and it won’t look “Duggarish” I like the slits on the side because the skirt won’t be confining in ninety-degree weather. It’s a nice purchase for a summer evening. Paired with a fitted white or navy tee and it’ll be perfect!

A nice white or navy tee and thin, flat sandals will give this maxi a great summer look! Chippy looks bored!

Next stop-Nordstrom Rack. I found “rediscovered” an old Nordstrom gift card in the bowels of my wallet—I thought it may be for a couple of bucks—but I later found it was worth $20.10. Nordstrom Rack is the type of store in which you need time to look through everything. Since I had Chippy in the car, my time was limited. I checked the shoe racks out but they were such a disgusting mess I couldn’t go on. However, I did spot a very cute “Channel-esque” jacket for $22.20. It was a Medium Petite but I tried it on anyway. It fit beautifully. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that Petite sizing can be great for coats and jackets. The arms are cut shorter and can make for a better fit—no tailoring!

My 2.10 buy of the year.

Two Dollars and Ten Cents worth of versatility!!!  I love this jacket!

I also love the look of jackets like this. The versatility of the jacket allows for a great look at the office, for a night out and is great to dress up a pair of jeans a bit. I know this jacket will get lots of use. Thanks to my forgotten gift card, I only paid $2.10 for this gem of a jacket. The deal of the year—so far! You have no idea how much I love me a great bargain.

Random Notes: A day later and the leg on the left, the Neutrogena gradual tanned leg, is darker than the Jergens gradual tanned leg.

One day latert he neutrogena left leg is looking more tan

Left leg is definitely darker!

Had a nice five Point Lunch.  Thinly sliced smoked salmon atop thin Rosemary-infused crackers! Yum! ( Rosemary crackers–9 of ’em are 1 point!)

The 5 point lunch

Delicious and healthy!

Have a great afternoon. Here’s some Doors. Since I’m waiting for the next snow storm, enjoy some “Riders on the Storm” (I know it’s about rain, but we’re getting that too!) XOXOXOXO–from my big, glossy mouth!

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