Waiting for the Snow–Not Godot!

Like Vladimir and Estragon waiting for Godot, Bonaparte and I will, unfortunately, be waiting for snow. And—as in the absence of the elusive Godot, I sure hope the snow won’t show!

menunggu-godot-samuel-beckettI would rather wait for Godot than this awful snow!

In the meantime, The Milk Crumb for my Momofuku Blueberries and Cream cookies is made.

Milk crumb

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: “Please God, please do not make me be tempted by this luscious, sweet, delicious Milk Crumb. Please give me the strength to walk away and not pick at it, for if I do, there shall be non left for the Momofuku Blueberries and Cream cookies that everyone loves so much. Amen”

I’ve got a batch of Corn cookie dough resting in the fridge for baking, and Bonaparte will bring home some lemons after he sees his clients.

Corn cookie dough ready to bakeOh. and God. While I’m at it, can you give me the strength to not eat this salty/sweet cookie dough too?  Thank you!

The lemons are needed to make his Madeleines. I’ll be driving into New York on Sunday and I’ll bring some cookies for the kids!

The milk, bread, and eggs are at the ready for the snow that will be falling throughout the night.

milk bread eggsWe can have healthy egg dishes or low-fat, low-carb sandwiches of which Monsieur Bonaparte will not be pleased! He loves his fat and carbs higher!

Right now, it’s a mess outside. This is the ice on my deck—and the ice on the road isn’t any better.

The icy deckI could be skating on this icy sheet outside my door!

I’m tired of bundling up. I’m tired of wearing way too many articles of clothing just to take Chippy outside to do his business. I wish he could be toilet-trained!

What to do on a day like today? Well, I have to edit my contribution to FrenchEntree before I submit. Then, I will take myself downstairs, wrap a big blanket around my body, sit on my big ol’ comfy sofa, take the remote, click on the TV and do nothing except catch up on trashy TV!  When I tire of those shows, I’ll put some food in my brain and continue reading “My Father’s Glory” by Marcel Pagnol. Then I’ll finish off with my millionth viewing of my favorite movie of all time “Amelie”.

I'll be spending my day plopped hereI’ll be here–wrapped in a blanket and…..

real-housewives-of-beverly-hillsWatching this…..and..

and this movieReading this….then…..

waiting for the snow 007Watching Amelie for the millionth time and…….

Amelie and Nino kiss

Crying like a baby when Nino and Amelie finally kiss! 

Have you listened to the soundtrack of “Amelie”? Yann Tiersen’s music is haunting, and beautiful and never gets old. Have a listen to some of the beautiful music:

XOXOXOXOXO! I’m off to do nothing for the remainder of the day!

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  1. Maureen Aupperlee says:

    Coffee and Cathy every morning. Love your blogs!!!

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