A Great Decked Out Weekend–But First, A Bit of Veni, Vidi, Venting!

Before I go on about my weekend, I have to vent a little bit. I know, at times I can be overdramatic and over reactionary but trust me, I’m getting all “I-wish-I-had-some-happy-pills“. Due to my unemployment situation, I applied for affordable healthcare. Otherwise known as “Obamacare”.


Trust me, they don’t make it easy to apply for this!

OK. Fine! The application process took hours because it was incredibly confusing. Eventually, a phone call was made, and, luckily, a very nice person on the other end walked me through the process.

My benefits go into effect May 1st. I paid American Express for the first installment and immediately after, called my Dermatologist to reschedule my skin check appointment to May.

A few days ago I received a letter in the mail from the Healthcare Company I signed up with. They need proof of my paltry income from PA Unemployment.   Again, a phone call was made. I spoke to another very nice person and happily stated that I have every single confirmation from my bi-weekly claims as well as my original confirmation of claims. (I’m really good that way. I’m an incredibly compliant person!). I was told, “No. You need to send us an original letter”.


I am still in the process of gathering documentation. Why can’t this be explained at the beginning of the application process?


Now I know why people have breakdowns. I’m not kidding either. This is no joke. I’m just about at that point! Sometimes I feel this will be part of my new wardrobe!

That being said, I called PA Unemployment. Thank God for the good people at the State unemployment offices. I was told that they would, in fact, send me a copy of the original letter that was sent to me. (I’m compliant, but I do lose things from time to time). I was also instructed to print out a statement with my history of benefits.

Done. Now I’m just waiting for the letter and I can send everything off to the healthcare company I signed up with.

Ya know, Obama care, theoretically, is fantastic. However, the process of application is a bitch. Seriously. What do people who don’t have a computer do? I’m floored. The process should be much simpler.


Barry. I voted for you. Twice. Can’t you make some things easier for us?

My mind starts doing weird things when I get all stressed. Then I think of Bethenny Frankel, crying and whining because she is the (in her words) “richest homeless person in Manhattan”. Screw you Bethenny, you entitled pig.

bethenny crocodile tears

Hey Bethenny. Ya want something to cry about? I’ll give ya something! Quit yer bellachin!

Screw you Andy Cohen for your twisted and fucked-up vision of “reality”. You want reality—try living on unemployment for 6 months and realizing you have no chance in hell of being hired at any time due to your age. Try wondering if and when you will ever be treated with the respect that older people should be treated with.  I hope you go to bed at night thinking about how bad ageism is! I hope you realize how unrealistic your franchise of “reality” is!

My vent is over. On to better and more fun stuff—like my weekend!

FINALLY! It was a bright and sunny weekend here in the Philly suburbs!!! Oh boy, you have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to a weekend like this. The winter was awful—and it still baffles me that there aren’t any buds on the trees. But that’ll come soon enough!

Saturday may have been windy, but I started to work on the beautification of our deck. We bought our home last year. Two weeks before leaving for France, so we didn’t have the time to “deck out the deck”. I took the old pots and got rid of the dead hyacinth plants.

The deck. Before

It’s time to turn this “Before” into an “After”!

I  kept the white lights from Christmas time on the deck. I thought it would be a nice touch when we are outside during the summer months!

white christmas lights

Truth be told. Bonaparte does NOT like these lights. I do. Who will win the deck lighting challenge?

 I “disrupted” Chippy from his zen moments of relaxation to accompany me to Lowe’s so we could get some pretty plants! Honestly, Chippy has the attitude of a teen-aged child! He was pissed that I told him to get off the bed. Check out his facial expression!

Chippy giving me the look

I’m sorry, but I thought you may like to take a ride in the car with me!

Feeling privileged to have Chippy accompany me, we drove off to Lowe’s!

Aat Lowes what plants to choose

So many plants…..

nice day nice way to spend a satuday morning

and flowers to chose from. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

To tell you the truth, I missed having geraniums last year. For years and years, I’ve had potted geraniums. Some years pink, some years white, but most times red! When I spotted some nice red ones  I grabbed them. I love geraniums because they are so darn hearty! They can last until November if deadheaded and given water when dry. I need to go back to get more!  Hosta is another plant I like for outdoor planting. They thrive in shade as well as sun so I picked up a couple of them.

Whenever I plant, whether it’s in the ground or in pots, I cannot stand wearing gloves. I like to feel the dirt—you know what I mean? I’m also pretty messy, so I prepped the table on the deck with a large plastic bag. Luckily Bonaparte was with clients so I was able to do all this without his stressful critiquing of what a mess I make!

protecting the deck

My work area. I’ll still make a mess anyway!

Geranium one in the pot



Hosta by the outlet


All make for a pretty deck!

cute little centerpiece

I also picked up this little baby!

I ended up enjoying a bit of relaxation on the deck until it got too windy.

Looks good

I also picked this up for the inside of the house. Another kitchen plant!

Dinner was my Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken.

Ready to eat

This spicy dish is one of our favorites!

Recipe in this link: Post for Lemongrass Chicken Recipe

Yes…and early Sunday morning. Around 2AM, I woke up with the first allergy attack I’ve had in years! My nose was running non-stop like a broken faucet. I think I may have gone through an entire box of Kleenex! I lay awake wondering….are their Weight Watchers points in snot? If so, I’m in deep, deep trouble! Disgusting but true. Hey, I think of strange things!

Do you like my OOTD for Sunday? Gap skinnies, yellow/orange Repettos (by the way, I love the color so much) and a cute little “cat” themed t-shirt I picked up at Loft. Very much the “dog” person that I am, this would have been great had it been dog-themed, but I liked the fit of the shirt so much that I couldn’t resist!

OOTD Sunday. I'm not a fan of cats but I like this shirt. Gap Skinnies and orangyellow Repettos

I love those shoes so much! They are super comfy too!

Sunday brought some even better weather. We took out little darlin’ for a nice long walk. He looks so sweet and obedient in this pic, but to tell you the truth, he’s a devil on a leash! Pull, drag, barking at runners and children and other dogs. Time for me to get my “Dog Whisperer” on and turn this leashed hellion into an angel so we can walk together in peace and harmony!

Chippy out for a walk

He looks like an angel on leash–but he’s a little devil!

We hung drapes in the downstairs guest bedroom. It’s amazing how a pair of window coverings will change a room. It’s also great that these curtains are room darkening. Look how much they darkened the room. I couldn’t even get a decent pic!


Sorry about the quality of the pic..and Chippy wrinkled the comforter!

My nose continued to run like Forest Gump so I ended up picking up some generic Clariton at Target.

generic clariton

Working like a charm!

Before I picked up any allergy meds, I had to ask the pharmacist if it would be safe to take this with an aperitif. I honestly felt like a lush asking this—but I don’t want to die as a result of mixing an OTC with Champagne and Crème de Cassis!

So with this…..

First outdoor aperitif of 2015

Cin-Cin! 2015!

I got to enjoy the first official outdoors Aperitif of 2015! Babysteps. It got too cold to eat our dinner outside, but it was great to actually have a drink al fresco!

Nice way to end the weekend—don’t you think? I’m off to run errands and check out my clean car. Bonaparte had it washed for me!


Speaking of Champagne—here’s Evelyn “Champagne” King! Remember this great oldie?

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